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I'm still trying to get rid of the fleas from a thousand camels. Worth it.

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You made an awesome kid's movie, my friend. One that held a love that was deeper than moon-eyes and trying for a first kiss. One that had danger, and fear, and sacrifice in a way that didn't insult the young, but didn't try to give them too much at the same time.

Hrmm...questions...what was your favorite movie as a child?

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Not all of the pilots involved in this job are, for lack of a better term, real pilots.

Was it always this way, or did this change at some point? I was under the impression that all UAV pilots had to be certified "real" pilots as well. (That actually was going to be my question - your impression on what I guess is not really a rule.)

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Currently on the front page of Reddit is a story about a world-class violinist playing on the NY subway for 40 minutes and only being recognized by one person. Do you think such lack of recognition is from people not recognizing world-class talent, or because there isn't much difference between "world class" and "really good?"

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What is it like to be almost exclusively known for a single type of character? Is it a conscious decision to always go for parts that are "awkward milksop," or do casting agents just seem to overlook you for different roles? Have you ever considered a more dramatic or villainous role, or do you prefer to always take on similar, comedic characters? If you were to branch out, which direction would you take?