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Why do so many children (and adults) hate advanced math? Is it how it's taught, or what is taught?

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My wife admits she has a crush on you. What is a flaw about yourself I can tell her so that she'll be disgusted with you and once again attracted to me?

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John! I love the Gabfest and Whistestop podcasts, and I've been refreshing this page for 15 minutes waiting for your AMA to post!

Anyway, you are obviously a huge fan of history and it seems like that informs the lion's share of your political knowledge. "Pivot" is a word used often in PoliSci to explain an attempt by a party to capture a segment of the population it has previously neglected. Do you think we are seeing a fundamental pivot of the Republican party right now in response to Trump and that in response the Democratic party is pivoting to some more conservative ideals? How do you think this will shape the parties going forward?