Porn: The Game! is a novelty/casual drinking game with adult references and puns.

It was released almost two years ago and has been met with positive responses, support from Gamers, Artists, Actors, and the like. We've taken feedback and improved what we can, in an attempt to grow by utilizing: UV Coated Cards, Thicker Stock, More Details Instructions, along with the release of our first Expansion.

It seems that there's no true demographic to Porn, Drinking, and Casual Gaming, as we've seen the deck enjoyed by College kids in the U.S., to Welsh Grandmothers, and many others in the world.

We've had the pleasure of being featured in Penthouse Magazine -NSFW, have partied at the Playboy Mansion (years before creating the game, by some lucky chance), and have hit other milestones which could have never been possible without the awesome online community of friends and supporters who dug this silly and smutty concept.

We didn't reinvent the wheel, and have no intention on doing so; we're having fun, getting laughs, and seeing our random and bizarre game come into fruition.

Let's sip some coffee, kill some time, and have some fun: Ask away and Happy Friday :)

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neonjesus133711 karma

What's the nastiest thing you've seen on the internet, and has that inspired you in any way?

WeArePORNTheGame16 karma

I think everyone's had a moment where they stop watching porn, close their browser, and think "WTF was I just into?". I can't say any of that has been an inspiration; sans the fact that the internet has allowed people to appreciate their niche-kinks, comforted in the knowledge that others may share such interests. It's allowed people to take back what they find attractive vs. the 80's/90's of Comso Magazines [and the like] dictating what's "Sexy".

As long as everything is consensual and legal, Salute ;)

neonjesus13373 karma

Great answer!

WeArePORNTheGame5 karma

Great Question ;)

titsnass019 karma

How do yuo feel about th,e situation in venezuela?

WeArePORNTheGame16 karma

High inflation, crime and the shortage of certain essentials like milk, sugar, and toilet paper is a situation and combination of issues that no country should have to endure in modern times.

grapefields7 karma

Any thoughts on Kanye West and his portrayal in the news?

WeArePORNTheGame3 karma

Hard to tell what's real and what's fake when it comes to celebrity news. Especially when the headlines are always about some histrionic event or statement which means little to nothing in most people's lives. People in such power and idolized states should do a better job at influencing others in a positive direction - i/o pandering to the public's thirst for gossip and other insignificant things. We'd like to see Kanye play nice with others. lol

Fairway3Games5 karma

You're delivering/producing this game via The Game Crafter. Do you feel like this limits your ability to sell the game widely?

Do you feel like the subject matter of your game makes it harder to produce and sell via traditional game channels?

WeArePORNTheGame3 karma

TGC was a godsend. They helped us greatly and its a fantastic company. As answered in another question, it does limit us based on what it costs to make the deck, rendering wholesale as a challenge. Howeber, even if we leave the manufacturer/platform for another [for wholesale or other projects], we will always be somewhat involved in their company. They really do provide an amazing service to game developers. ...the rest is up to you. There is no easy way, in any business or form of art. The tools are available to us all. How we use them is key. That's on the individual company, person, or creator.

The subject of the game is its best-friend and worst-enemy. There's a strong duality based on the opinions of sex, independent art, and the "offensive". Some people love it / Some people don't. From the very start, the goal was to create something of our own.

Joanna Angel said it best when receiving an Award at the 2015 Inked Awards which we attended: [Paraphrasing here] -- basically, don't let any industry put you in a box and tell you how things go. Make your own box. It takes time and is harder, but it's yours and your rules.

Weft_5 karma

Drink of choice?

WeArePORNTheGame6 karma

It used to be Jack Daniels, on the rocks. All the time. Too much of that, over too many years, can definitely give you some stomach issues. These days, a pint of Guinness does the trick -that, or a Bloody Mary. Nothing does day-drinking right, like brunch and a Bloody Mary ;)

Sw4rmlord5 karma

I have never heard of your game. Can you tell me what it is like and whether or not I should buy it?

WeArePORNTheGame8 karma

It's a casual game, that plays in a somewhat-similar fashion as UNO. Everyone starts with 4 cards. Each card has a unique rule or mini-challenge that involves trading cards, drawing cards, drinking, executing a mini-game and other such moves. The point is to unload your entire hand, while others keep screwing you with more cards and other trickery (which you aim right back at them). The images are digital illustrations (quite hardcore) in parody fashion, paying tribute to oldschool smut. The taglines have nods and references to pop-culture, and there are some easter-eggs among the text. If you're a serious gamer, this may not be for you. If you like to laugh with friends, goof around with flexible rules, play a few rounds, have a few drinks, and take it from there -then you may dig it.

This video clarifies a bit:

There are also a few podcasts (audio and video) which played the game and reviewed it. Some of these NSFW articles provide some detail as well:

Sw4rmlord7 karma

lol in that video "I wanna play the butt plug"

"BAMM! I just buttplugged you."

So this is basically a drinking game/party game you pull out at a frat house?

WeArePORNTheGame5 karma

We've seen it rocked at dive bars, house parties, in Central Park, and during outdoor movies in Bryant Park (NYC). It's interesting, because there's no real demographic; the spectrum is quite wide.

Also - that scene is from our online spot (which was Edited/Directed/Produced by a very talented Redditor who we came across, having seen his work on this very site)

sujal454 karma

Where is the most surprising place the game has been purchased?? Rock on!!

WeArePORNTheGame6 karma

Malta, Singapore, South Africa, to name a few which caught our attention.

icegnomey4 karma

A few months ago Steve Lemme from Super Troopers/Broken Lizard tweeted about this, not sure if you knew that happened. Do any other celebrities have the game or have any endorsed it?

WeArePORNTheGame4 karma

IF we remember right, Steve saw a tweet from Bert "The Machine" Kreischer, where he sent out an image of the game which he had ordered and we sent his way.

There have been other actors, comedians, and awesome people who have showed us love; Lloyd Kaufman from Troma, Debbie Rochon, Many-Many pornstars - and even a few Pop singers (who we can't mention, as many of them stated in emails that "We'd love to send you a pic of us with the game: but our manager refuses it." lol

After all, who wouldn't want to get a shot of an artist or celeb with your creation? No harm in asking, right? :)

It's been a mixed bag; no official endorsements though. We don't have that pull or cash yet -but, when we do: GARY BUSEY AND BETTY WHITE, here we come!

  • Edit: Lil Dicky too. That would be a beautiful match ;)

FuckKnuckles3 karma

Paging /u/Lil-Dicky

WeArePORNTheGame2 karma

We can dream..... ;)

Bhockzer3 karma

Waffles or pancakes?

WeArePORNTheGame3 karma

Now you're talking our language! ;) After a night of drinking, we'll take a Waffle - Lumberjack Breakfast / Applewood smoked bacon, ham, country sausage links or turkey sausage, hash browns and two farm fresh eggs. Add Half Grapefruit, bottomless Coffee, and a tall OJ -and we're good to go.

RoyIsBlack3 karma

Have you ever thought of collaborating with another company? Like the people who made Cards Against Humanity.

WeArePORNTheGame4 karma

Because we're Adult-Themed, most people stray away from such concepts. On the flip-side, the XXX Entertainment industry welcomed us with open arms; models posed for the game, sites and companies helped plug and promote us, and we've made very good friends and business associates along the way.

We have a feeling that other game devs snicker at the concept, because we're "filthy-smut" peddlers. Most people know better though :) It's all in good fun. Especially in an age where print-media/physical media [in porn] is somewhat dead, but anyone can access things far worse than what's on our cards within 2 seconds of being on google.

We're looking to grow and expand but, naturally, certain companies and industries would refrain from jumping into bed with us. ..You know, because PORN IS BAD!

(Meanwhile, Sex and Porno teases us in society -everywhere we go. And violence, of course - is totally cool by almost everyone in every age demo) Strange Paradoxes. In the end, if the cheese stands alone, we'll stand alone proudly. --but, of course, we'd love to team up with those who'd like to.

We thought about censoring the cards for a Special "Censored" Edition - but we'd be hypocrites. The game is called PORN ;)

ShorelineBlvd2 karma


WeArePORNTheGame3 karma

Well, at first it's exciting but (butt) nerve-wrecking. It takes a while to get comfortable with others taking control -but (butt?) once you build trust and like the way they work, you start to relax and everything feels good and right.

PmMeYoPantiesFemale2 karma

Favourite porn catorgy? And also. Who's your favourite porn actress?

WeArePORNTheGame1 karma

Favorite Category changes all the time (honest answer). Sometimes a certain something sparks your a hormonal rage on a given day and, then, on another night, you find yourself going just as crazy for a different category. Sex, Arousal, and our Desires are ever changing and evolving ;)

Favorite Porn Acress? Hard to pick: especially with the above, given, answer.

Favorite "oldschool" acress would have to be Racquel Darrian. :)

xXxGorg212xXx2 karma

Are you going to make an other game like this one?

WeArePORNTheGame2 karma

We have a few avenues to explore here:

  • Another Expansion
  • A Deluxe Deck
  • An entirely New Game to add to our catalogue

In addition, we've been interested in hosting various events and parties, expanding P:TG into other areas of art. Ultimately, would be great to put something together which preserves and pays homage to the smutty films and era of the 70's and 80's. The way people react today, it's as if many have forgotten about such forms of art which represented their times. Low Budget Movies, The release of VHS, Rental Stores, Go-Go dancing, Double-Billed screenings, the rise of Hustler Magazine, hiding said magazine under your bed, and all the things that are often forgotten, under-appreciated, or drowned out by modern-noise.

BlueSky18772 karma

What other card games have you played and liked?

Doing any sponsorships with comedians (some are pretty awesome)?

Thoughts on the last episode of Game of Thrones?

Thanks for the AMA!

WeArePORNTheGame1 karma

  • CAH is always fun; it's madlibs : everyone loves madlibs (there's a reason that company rules the mainstream/card-game world)

  • We were talking to Jeff Schaeffer from The Mancave Podcast about doing something like that: an afternoon of chuckles, booze, and games -showcasing some known and unknown talent. It would probably be in New York. We've sponsored award shows and film festivals and are always looking to see what else we can tie together.

  • We didn't see it yet (ducks from the Angry-Mob throwing bricks).

  • Thanks for the questions. Happy Friday :)

BlueSky18772 karma

Nice! That was my fav drunk game ever.

Jeff Schaeffer from The Mancave Podcast

*adds new podcast to list* wtf is he not on soundcloud? :( I had to ask cuz I love Bill Burr and he has the most fucking random ad plugs in the world. Some great, some wtf lol.

One more random question!

Do adult actors ever do sponsors?

I never really see product placement on PornHub videos, if ya know what I mean.

WeArePORNTheGame3 karma

Some of the beautiful models who have posed with the game: NSFW

samwise09122 karma

On a personal level, what is your favorite movie of all time?

WeArePORNTheGame3 karma

Taxi Driver, Scarface, Basket Case, Frankenhooker, I Drink Your Blood, Zombi 2: We're suckers for the vintage-flair; especially with films that take place in oldschool Times-Square NY (as with a few we mentioned above). Too many to list. At the heart of it all, we love classic Horror, Exploitation, or films that represent [and are] products of their era without apology.

Empigee2 karma

Has the game's title created issues with getting it into stores, advertising, etc.?

WeArePORNTheGame3 karma

Many stores, on an international level, have wanted to stock the game; As of the moment though, being made POD and in the USA has made it difficult to justify and provide competitive rates for wholesale.

We're looking into that via new printers and partners yet, to date, we've held it exclusively for online sale.

With enough support, the eventual goal is to: Cut Costs, Improve the product, Make it cheaper (would have to print outside of the US though), and build on the things that people are enjoying *Investors

Example: The ED deck (expansion) is more about drinking and drinking games. It makes things more active and fun for parties.

Going deeper into your question: there are MANY times that, just because the word PORN is in our site, many advertisers (Google Ads, etc) will reject and decline services to us. This is, of course, despite that we have kept our landing page simple - censored - and without any real vulgarity (no more than what you'd see or hear in your average Primetime Sketch-comedy)

againagainagainx22 karma

Love your videos. Anything new coming soon?

WeArePORNTheGame1 karma

We plan on doing some more Street-Reaction clips, along with a "Pornstars react to Porn: The Game" video. We've learned that the internet hates long videos. With Vines and Gifs dominating media, you have to get right to the point. People click -- watch a few second, and then click somewhere else.

It's a fine, balanced, art. In a world where a 5 second cell-phone clip of a cat farting gets millions of views, it makes one think twice before investing a lot of money [and time] to produce a skit, or ad, with a cast, film crew, lighting guys, etc etc and all the things that come with those "professional" productions. In the end, someone will watch a few seconds - say "cool" and move on. Also, people seem to prefer videos of other people, and not actors in a role/skit. So, we plan on focusing more on that vs. putting out another one of these (which we had a blast doing).

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WeArePORNTheGame1 karma

Proof: Provided in above text/twitter link :)

DaburGats1 karma

How much research was required in the making of this game? Don't be shy. 😜

WeArePORNTheGame7 karma

There was research in terms of Sexual terms, properly and respectfully representing all Genders, Interests, in a sex-positive, fun way; there was research in obtaining our USPTO trademark, Manufacturers, approach, Legalities and all that jazz.

  • EDIT: Screw all that. We'll give you the answer you want to hear.


uzishootingbees1 karma

how do i make a video game?

WeArePORNTheGame5 karma

We have no idea. This link we googled may be of some assistance though: