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  1. Do you ever see minis from your users and think, "[email protected], that's not what we expected to see? I need that?"
  2. You have a feature request tool now, but what missing feature do you want most in your own system?

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Now I'm going to look for this as a stock pose next Tuesday.

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I've probably referred dozens and dozens of game designers at The Game Crafter to use TTS. A few of us even use it to remotely playtest our games and there's an idea for a paid service to get a playtest. Some of those have even been uploaded to Steam Workshop (like my game, Sneeze.

The process involves lots of duplicative steps. And keeping them in sync requires some amount of work by the designer.

Have you considered how you might make TTS even more usable for would-be game designers or users of sites like www.thegamecrafter.com to get their games on TTS?

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You're delivering/producing this game via The Game Crafter. Do you feel like this limits your ability to sell the game widely?

Do you feel like the subject matter of your game makes it harder to produce and sell via traditional game channels?