WE DID 2 HOURS WOOP WOOP. Thank you for all your Q's, and i hope you were happy with the A's. Let's do this again sometime, but i'll call you, you know, meetings and stuff. Let me get you a cab whistles for a cab Okay, i'll see you around. OH YEAH! I mean yeah, of course i'm gonna call you. That's what I said I'd do... J x

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Aaronpaull32 karma

Hey jack!!! Is this your AMA? I love you. So, my name is Aaron Paul and you have played in my living room a few times. Do you remember me? I really hope so. We have hung out a lot and I really hope we can do that again sometime soon. So here's my question, do you think you would ever shave off your beard? If so would it be a straight up clean shave or would you do something fun with your face? Mustache? Cowboy beard face? 70's chops? Where would all of the hair go? Would it be kept safe in a jar somewhere? Or donated to the Rock and roll hall of fame? Or maybe handed to a friend of yours who likes beards? Side note...I love beards. Just saying. Ok, that's all. Thanks for doing this AMA. Love you Reddit!!

JackGarratt15 karma

OH HEY! Yeah, I remember. You were the guy in the all silk onesie, right? With the diamond encrusted sailor hat to match? How are you!!

In answer to your question, yes, I would consider shaving my beard, but on ONE SIMPLE CONDITION:

Wherever I shave, you have to GROW.

So if I shaved it into a handle-bar, you would have to grow everything APART FROM a handle-bar.


J x

Aaronpaull11 karma

I am so into that

JackGarratt11 karma

who's gonna tell the others...


Masta_Gee15 karma

Hello! What do you find the most difficult about making/producing music?

JackGarratt31 karma

Getting through the dips. It's always so elating when you make a beat or write a chord sequence that hits you and you KNOW you're supposed to be writing whatever it is you're writing in that moment. But that feeling can suddenly disappear, and the most difficult thing for me is having the strength to stop and take a step back. The song, or the idea needs to be respected and it's up to me to realise when it needs to be left alone. That's just as important as actively working on an idea.

J x

JackGarratt13 karma


Thank you for all your Q's, and i hope you were happy with the A's.

Let's do this again sometime, but i'll call you, you know, meetings and stuff. Let me get you a cab whistles for a cab Okay, i'll see you around. OH YEAH! I mean yeah, of course i'm gonna call you. That's what I said I'd do...

J x

jenwren_7 karma

Just a sidenote before I shoot off a question, but a couple of weeks ago, I was going to take a trip from Vancouver to England to intern at a radio station, and the only thing I was looking forward to was finally finding your album over there, but unfortunately I didn't provide the correct visa so I was sent back to Canada :(. I still can't find your album here ANYWHERE... Which is great for you I suppose :). Still searching for it. ANYWAYS!

If you were to have an interview with Nardwuar the Human Serviette, what's one thing you'd be terrified of him bringing up about your rise to fame (if it's super embarrassing)? You don't have to say what it was, maybe just an item that would directly reference it. Thanks for making some of my favourite music ever!

JackGarratt6 karma

AWESOME Q. I love Nardwuar. I honestly don't think I could ever know. That's the thing that ALWAYS gets me, the people he interviews are genuinely SO FRICKIN SHOCKED about the stuff he brings up. Maybe if he knew the name of my dad's old band or something like that. I'd run. I'd run far.

J x

czdl7 karma

Can you tell us about your beard grooming process? How do you keep it looking so full and lustrous?

JackGarratt14 karma

I find the best way to keep a beard like mine well kept is with a rigorous, yet necessary course of orphan tears and puppy hair. That's how you get the shine!

J x

czdl4 karma

Any particular breed of puppy? All tips greatly appreciated!

JackGarratt9 karma

I find spaniel works best. Any kind.

ilega_dh6 karma

Hi Jack! I just saw you this Wednesday in Amsterdam! Great performance as ever!

The AMA description says "Singer-songwriter" which you are, of course, but not a regular one with an acoustic guitar and love songs. What (or who) inspired you to basically become a one-man band?

Thanks for your music and stay awesome!

JackGarratt10 karma

I write songs and sing them, so in a loose sense of the term I am a singer songwriter I guess. But I find pigeon holing can be restrictive. The people who inspire me are the people who care about the details of their craft. Stevie Wonder, Prince, David Bowie, Tom Waits to list just a few. It's important to me that every beat and melody is made and written with care and confidence, so you guys get the very best that I can do in that moment! Thanks for your Q!

J x

2344bobby6 karma

Hi Jack! Big big fan, saw you at glasto last year and was blown away. Your album was similarly incredible. Just wondering who, if you could choose anyone, you would like to collaborate with? Best of luck for everything in the future!

JackGarratt17 karma

Right now there's a huge list of people I would kill to work with. People who are honestly changing the music scene on a global scene. Hiatus Kaiyote Chance The Rapper Kendrick Lamar Little Simz Robert Glasper Sylvan Esso James Blake Nao KAYTRANADA BadBadNotGood Mura Masa Lianne La Havas Låpsley

that's literally a handful of the people i would love to work with in the future. We'll see.

J x

tjcoutts2 karma

Jack have you ever been in the studio and thought bloody hell how am I going to play this live?

P.S The record is FIRE

tjcoutts1 karma

Care to elborate Jack ?

JackGarratt3 karma

pretty much exactly that.

I had about 2/3 days to put it together so I could play it at SXSW that year. At that time, it was taking me up to a week to get a song to 'live' standard. IT WAS SO TERRIFYING.

Thekennelly2 karma

Jack! First things first. The album is incredible. Thank you. Also thanks for taking the time to do an AMA, we can watch interviews all day long, but reddit asks the real questions.
1. I know you were looking at putting out an album sooner, and it seems as though it would have been accoustic, what catalysed the change? I think it was a good decision by the way. 2. Could you tell us a little more about Margaret? (thats his sexy stratocaster). 3. Whats your favourite place to play? And why is it Bristol? (I think its the DUNGAREES DUNGAREES DUNGAREES)
4. Your shows jump between incredible performances to hilarious interactions with the crowd, whats been the funniest moment on stage? 5. Whats your favourite lyric from Phase? Thanks again Jack. Keep making the musics!

JackGarratt3 karma

Thank you! I'm glad you like the album! 1.The change in genre came with my change in personality. The old album was written when i was 18, that was 6 years ago. A lot can change in 6 years. 2. Margaret is a beautiful fender strat named after my Grandma and given to me as a gift from Fender. She's my everything on the road. 3. I don't have a favourite place to play, because the audience always changes. But Bristol does kick-ass. 4. Funniest moments on stage always come from people who forget they don't have a microphone. 5. Favourite lyric from Phase is on fire: 'I can feel the darkness in me. No Martyr, only a disaster waiting to be set fire to and set free from my anatomy. '

J x

nathanham2 karma

Hey Jack. Love your music bro. Will you ever play 'Cool Cats' ever again? Also...how good is CHANCE THE RAPPER?!? (Collab please)

JackGarratt1 karma

now that is a blast from the past! There's a lot of songs I've left behind from that time, but they didn't connect with me like they used to! I'm still very proud of them though. They all exist in a very nostalgic part of my memory. I have a unique fondness for them.

J x

The_Sensational_Man2 karma

Hey Jack! Super big fan! So I absolutely love Phase and your previously released material, and would want to know about what you think the future looks like for you? As in, do you want to focus on something else (I.e. A different instrument as the main focus) for your next album?

JackGarratt4 karma

I'm already writing new material, but i'm not sure what it will become yet. i'm still waiting for it to tell me.

J x

MannequinFlyswatter2 karma

I think I heard one of your songs once before. How's your day going so far?

JackGarratt6 karma

If i'm honest, there's only one of them worth listening to tbh. And i'm average to middling. How are you? J x

Big_Bean222 karma

  1. Would you please come to Nashville soon.
  2. Would you ever do a video/vlog of you gear setup and the details of how you perform your songs? Music tech nerds like myself would love that.

JackGarratt4 karma

Hopefully I'll be in Nashville soon! I love it there.

There may be some videos of exactly what you're talking about coming soon... but you didn't hear it from me...

doffs cap, turns, lights a cigarette and disappears into the Parisian night

Orage382 karma

Hi! I’m quite new to /r/IAmA to please forgive me if I go about the question-asking the wrong way, but as I’ve never spoken to a musician before (or anyone on here, for that matter) I wanted to ask…

How does it feel when you hear your own music compared to hearing music made by others, and how do you feel when you hear your music being played by someone other than yourself in particular (e.g. when you hear it played somewhere like on the radio, TV or in a shop rather than your putting on a CD yourself)?

JackGarratt4 karma

It's like somebody jumped into my head and took the songs. I keep forgetting that the songs are out and people can listen to them. Honestly, it's unbelievable. It's such an elating feeling. I had it happen at a coffee shop in Amsterdam a couple days ago. I was being my normal social anxious self and ordering a coffee, and then The Love You're Given came on and I froze. They thought I was joking when i said it was my song! It's so incredible, to know the songs are getting out there and that people are listening to them.

J x

HavidReddit2 karma

Hello Jack!

I absolutely love your music. Your productions are unique and your live performances are incredible. Loved seeing you in Brussels in 2015. Got a couple of questions for ya!

  1. In which direction do you plan on going with your career/music?
  2. What was the most bizarre thing you've ever experienced on tour?
  3. Are there any more instruments you plan on using in your live shows?
  4. One horse-sized duck or hundred duck-sized horses?
  5. Lastly, I worked a year on this fan-made music video on one of my favourite songs of yours, 'Lonesome Valley'. It's an animation, would you mind checking it out? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKGnQLAKFkI (I've also made two other music videos on your songs, one of them you've already seen and the other got taken down because of copyright)

Also, a big thank you for making 'Surprise Yourself' - it really helped me in life. Keep up the fantastic music and I wish you a wonderful career/future! Greetings.

JackGarratt4 karma

HEY! first of all, thank you for your kind words.

I'm just gonna blast thru these Q's: I'm hoping that my music is gonna take me. I'm already working on new shit that sounds nothing like Phase. Bizzare moments on tour have included playing in Aaron Paul's living room and hugging Missy Elliot at a party I played at. OH! And some dude jumped up on stage in Rotterdam last night which freaked me out. Horse Sized duck. I'd train it and be INVINCIBLE. MWAH HA HA HA. I'm sorry that your work has been taken down, it's something i want to change. Artists shouldn't be penalised for expressing creativity. But I'm looking forward to seeing the animated vid for Lonesome Valley!

J x

capjanie1 karma

Hi there Jack! I was at your concert in Nijmegen, Doornroosje with a broken hand. You were incredible man. My question is, what is your favourite song? Like, which one is extra special for you?

Your song 'Worry' has pulled me through a really difficult time. I'm actually thinking about using that song for a tattoo. Thanks for your music!

JackGarratt2 karma

I'm so glad Worry has touched you like that, thank you for telling me!

I have a very soft spot for FarCry and My House Is You're Home. They both make me feel the same way I did when I wrote them.

J x

mbees191 karma

Why don't you ever take off your hat on stage and let the mane roam free?

JackGarratt2 karma


I think you answered your own question there...

J x

Hodderman1 karma

Jack, I recently saw you live in Toronto and it was a total transformation of the way your songs are on the album and captured a stronger energy, live, through your stage presence. What helps you get amped for a gig, especially when you're feeling like. "fuck it, I don't even wanna play"?

JackGarratt2 karma

You have no idea how often 'fuck it' floats into my head, even mid-show.

Ultimately, it's you guys. I would be nothing without the support of the people who support live music. I owe it to every single one of you to go out on that stage and leave my baggage behind. It's my baggage, not yours. I love to perform, and I love you guys.

J x

DecantedOrange1 karma

Hey Jack, I absolutely love your new album it's so so sick, I was waiting eagerly since you released your EP. Was just wondering whether you saw a tweet from Dillon Francis a couple weeks back saying he wants to work with you? A collab between you would be so sick and I heard you say that you're new stuff is very different so who knows!

P.S. why no Liverpool on the tour?!

JackGarratt2 karma

No I didn't see that tweet. There's a lot of people i would love to collab with at the moment, so fingers crossed.

I'll be in Liverpool again soon! No dramas.

J x

the_trynes1 karma

Hi, Jack! Aspiring musician and fan. I was wondering if you would ever consider having a backing band. As someone who makes music himself, what do you feel about letting other musicians in the creative process and have you considered collaborating with other artists/musicians?

JackGarratt2 karma

Yes to all of the above, but I care a lot about what I do. I find it hard to share the work load, and I find i judge myself more harshly when i'm around other people which is counter-productive.

BUT, I am trying to get better. I'm hoping to expand the 'band' by the end of the year.

J x

ChecksUsernames1 karma

We will find anything incriminating against you in the Panama papers?

JackGarratt2 karma

i mean... where do you think i got this beard?

milkymelon1 karma

Are you married?

JackGarratt6 karma

Aye, to the sea. She be a harsh mistress but she needs me, and I her.

Rezarector1 karma

Hey Jack! Your album came out at the prefect time. I was going though a break up and your music helped me so much! Thank you for making great music, it helps more than you know! Are you ever gonna tour in canada?

JackGarratt1 karma

I'm really glad it spoke to you like that! Honestly, that's so heart warming to know.

Hoping to be back in Canada soon!

J x

DFFRD1 karma

Hi Jack, big fan. Do you get recognised in public often? If so, what is the weirdest place a fan has introduced themselves to you?

JackGarratt2 karma

Not often, but it has happened more and more in the last couple of months, especially in London.

I had somebody run up the wrong way on an escalator in a tube station once to say hi and grab a photo which was pretty lolz.

J x

CGS_1 karma

Hey Jack, I'm a big fan of your music! I made you this, and would be awesome if I could get your opinion? would mean the world, Thanks! :) https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CiWSEx-WwAA_Yhm.png:large

JackGarratt1 karma

It's always incredible when people send me art like this! It means so much to know you felt the urge to create. I'm honoured.

J x

Upliftmof01 karma

Hey Jack, two questions for you!

1) what do you think helped you breakthrough into mainstream - can you accredit to a single moment or relationship, or perseverance?

2) What time signature is 'Surprise Yourself' written in? 9/8? Did you have any reservations/thoughts about writing music for the masses in odd signatures?

JackGarratt3 karma

I knew signing to Island was going to be incredibly important, but it was in no way going to determine mainstream success. I've never searched for mainstream success. My goal has only ever been make music that I love. I've never pandered to the masses or released a song that I haven't been absolutely proud of, but I think that's why people have responded to it in the way they have. My greatest inspirers have been people who openly challenged genre, and pop music. All I would ever want to do is make music that I'm proud of.

J x

JackGarratt2 karma

Oh, and I always count SY as alternating between 6/4 and 3/4, but yeah that's the same as 9/8.

r_mcph1 karma

Hey Jack

How is it?

What songs are on your playlist when you travel? and apart from recording and everything do you listen to your own music?


JackGarratt2 karma

I listened to Phase a lot when it was finished, but I perform the songs every night so I don't listen to it so much any more.

I tend to listen to albums when I'm on the road, but I have playlists that I make for before and after my show. I'm gonna put them up online soon i think.

J x

jhurley981 karma

Are you excited to come play at electric picnic later this year ? Can't wait to go see you live.

JackGarratt2 karma


JackGarratt3 karma


sorry, I got excited.

mbees191 karma

what's your most favourite song to play live?

JackGarratt1 karma

Switches between Fire and The Love You're given.

Both are FUN AND LOUD.

J x

ThatNerdyGingerOne1 karma

Hi Jack! Sorry, little late to the party! Just wanted to say I'm a huge fan! I saw you supporting Mumford and Sons in Cardiff. Did you anticipate the huge success, and in particular the Brit Award? I'm hoping to see you in November in Cardiff SU :)

JackGarratt4 karma

You're aren't late for anything! A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to.

I didn't anticipate any of it. I still don't consider myself to be successful, i'm just keeping on keeping on.

Hope to see you in Cardiff!

J x

Nicshift1 karma

Seen you 3 times now. You've brought me to tears with happiness every time which has never happened with any other artist. So props for that! What are you thinking when you're in the moment when performing?

JackGarratt3 karma

Thank you! That's so very kind of you.

When I'm performing, I'm trying to understand and appreciate every lyric, and every beat, and every note. I want to play the song as honestly as I can.

J x

TheoAJC1 karma

In terms of guitar playing, where do your influences lie?

I must say I absolutely love your Maida Vale BBC session.

JackGarratt2 karma

I learnt everything i know from my Dad, and from watching videos of SRV growing up. I learnt every solo and lick on Texas Flood.

Thanks for your kind words about the Maida Vale session!

J x

dowens771 karma

Hi Jack,

Came to your concert in Bristol O2 Academy and we were blown away. How do you maintain such consistent enthusiasm in your performances whilst on tour?

Thank you for an amazing night and for producing such incredible music!

JackGarratt2 karma

First of all, thank you for coming and asking q's and being super nice.

Secondly, I try not to strain my body or over stress when i'm not on stage. So it's early nights, and not a lot of drinking, but it means i get to MELT FACES MOTHER FUCKERRRRRRRRRRR

J x

holymojo961 karma

  1. First off, I'm a massive fan of yours. You’re a maniac of a musician and Phase is one of my favorite albums of all time. My girlfriend and I are even dating because I took her to your show at the Troubadour last year, so thanks for that. Anyways, so I was at your show at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood a couple months ago, and my friends and I were sitting at the front of the balcony. Who was sitting directly in front of me you ask? Aaron Paul! I also realized that he and his wife were also at the Troubadour show. Using my super sleuthing skills, I’ve deduced that you guys are friends and Weathered is dedicated to him and his wife. BOOM, gotcha. I just detectived the fuck out of you. So how did you guys become friends?
  2. Are you a fan of Hayao Miyazaki? I noticed you have Laputa by Haitus Kaiyote on your Spotify playlist, so I've wondered. I ask because I'm a big Miyazaki fanboy and I have nothing better to do.
  3. Lastly, if Far Cry is your favorite song, why didn’t you play it at the show? Haven’t quite figured it out live yet? It would have been sick to hear it live.

JackGarratt4 karma

hahaha, good skills detective.

Aaron saw me at a small show in LA about a year ago and we've become good friends since. I always dedicate that song to him and his wife because it's about death and my messed humour thinks that's lolz. I haven't actually listened to Hayao Miyazaki but you aren't the first person who's said I should! I'm gonna have to now and let you know what i think! But yeah, i dig on Hiatus Kaiyote REAL hard. Farcry wasn't ready to play at the LA show, but it will be next time! Promise!

J x

apc02431 karma

Hi there, I'm sorry but I honestly do not know who you are. So my questions are: who are you, why should I listen to your music, and what one song would you want me to listen to having never heard of you before?

JackGarratt2 karma

There is no need to apologise. There is no expectation for you to have any idea who I am, but thank you for being a part of this Q&A!

If I were you, I would listen to the album I put out a couple months ago. Every song is a little different from that last one, so if the first one isn't your fancy, the second or third might be.

Thanks again for your question, and happy listening.

J x

carlyannsm1 karma

You are stranded on a desert island with the Muppets. In order to survive you have to choose to eat one of the following - which do you choose? a) Kermit b) Fozzie c) Pepe

JackGarratt1 karma

Is it too late now to say Fozzie?

Coz it would be Fozzie. More stuffing.

J x

Taycormcat1 karma

What is the craziest thing to ever happen at a show?

JackGarratt1 karma

I had EVERYTHING break when i supported Mumford at the o2 in London. That was terrifying, but it can't get much worse than that! So it was pretty confidence boosting in a way.

J x

thespiralsage1 karma

Hey man, just discovered your music recently, its awesome! My question is who are your biggest musical influences?

JackGarratt1 karma

This is just a handful but: Stevie Wonder, Son lux, Hiatus Kaiyote, Tom Waits, David Bowie, James Blake, Paul Simon..

J x

redditmanor1 karma

Do you notice people building on your sound? I find that the music scene has changed rapidly in recent years and I wonder if you have a take on what kinds of music you would like to see more of.

JackGarratt2 karma

I feel there's a huge resurgence of HipHop using Jazz and Jazz using HipHop, like there was in the 70's/80's. The whole LA scene with Kendrick Lamar, Robert Glasper, Kamasi Washington, Thundercat, Flying Lotus... People who are actively taking Jazz and use it to bring more emotion to HipHop and Rap. I'm really excited about it!

J x

JaiAlai1 karma

Hi Jack! You seem like a swell guy with a real passion for music.

After listening to your music (which is awesome by the way!), I was also really pleasantly surprised with your Spotify-playlists by your diverse taste (which in many ways mirrors my own). I mean Hiatus Kaiyote, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jaco Pastorius in the same playlist, who you trying to impress? :P

Anyway, I noticed you had Vulfpeck in the same list, a band I absolutely love! So I'm wondering if you had a hand in bringing them to London to play their concerts?

JackGarratt2 karma

hahaha, thanks for the compliment on my music taste. I think it was in there somewhere...

i had no part to play in bringing them to the UK, but i got my tix and i CAN'T WAIT.

J x

sonnysonnyboy1 karma

Hi Jack, I saw you at the Albert Hall in Manchester and you were incredible. Your performances are one of a kind! Thanks for doing this!

  1. What upcoming artist do you really love, and you think is next to go big?

  2. What's your favourite video game?

  3. Will you be my friend?

JackGarratt4 karma

  1. Seramic. only two songs exist online but they're both incredible.
  2. Favourite video game South Park: The Stick Of Truth.
  3. We're already friends! Remember? That camping trip? I told you all those things about my uncle... you said you'd never forget?

yodasbear1 karma

Super sick that you're doing an AMA! Remember the first time I saw you while supporting Ben Howard and I remember thinking two things: 1. This guy is fucking good 2. Fuck. This is the kind of sound I wanted to create.

Anyways, how do you usually start writing a new song? Beat or melody?


JackGarratt1 karma

Thanks for the kind words man!

I usually start with a beat. I find the lyrics will come to me once i get my head feeling a certain way.

J x

rossojam1 karma

Hi Jack! Firstly just wanted to say your show at 02 academy Brixton was amazing! One of the best live performers i've seen in a long time. Now for the actual questions -

1.Fav James Blake track? 2. How do you think a young producer/ songwriter should make themselves known in a time that is so oversaturated with artists on the internet that sound very similar? I feel like platforms like soundclound have become almost ridiculous now - It's so difficult to be heard even if your work is of a good quality.

P.S. Do you have an email address that someone could send demos to? I know you are a big inspiration to many from all aspects of production to performing.

Thanks man! Keep Killiinn itttttt!

JackGarratt3 karma

Thank you, Brixton was a special show for me! Glad you could have been there.

I wish there was a magical answer I could give you but there simply isn't. BUT, that is not a reason to feel like you can't keep trying. Mis-informed people like to suggest musicians like me stumble into this industry, almost like an accident, but the system wasn't even remotely better 3/4 years ago when I was making demos in my bedroom and trying to get noticed. I did not stop. I worked myself harder, and concentrated on making the best music I could for myself, not for anybody else. That's when people started to listen. I still make music today with that same level of honesty and self-worth. If it's not good, I won't release it.

Best of luck with everything though!

J x

chisel_1 karma

hey man,just a message to say I fucking love your music. Discovered 'the love your given' about a year and a half ago and listened to it pretty much every day since. the rest of your stuff is great too and I'm so happy my pals have finally discovered you and your new album recently too. Have you listened much to glass animals? always thought you's could do a banging track. Found them around the same time. Seeing you in Glasgow later on in the year, buzzing out my tits for it. cya then, cheers!

JackGarratt2 karma

I haven't listened to any Glass Animals, but i'm always looking for new music to love! That's for the tip!

J x

dopelucifer1 karma

Hey Jack

Are you ever stage fright- if so, how do you overcome it?

JackGarratt2 karma

I feel anxious, and scared, but I use the fear to make the best show i can.

J x

TheBlk11 karma

Hey Jack! You Multi-Talented mofo. Excellent beard btw.

I'm currently trying to get my musical foundation together. Record my songs ect

How should I approach the whole marketing and get everything out there?

Any tips on what I should do/ What was your approach?

JackGarratt2 karma

I wish I had a magical answer, but I don't think there is one. My journey to where I am right now took a lot of trying and a lot of 'no's and a lot of falling down. But if you continue to find passion and love for music then that's never gonna disappear. That's what's important. Take care over, and respect your art. It's a part of your history.

Best of luck.

J x

MagicBoy11 karma

Hey Jack,

Thanks for doing this, on to the question. My favorite song from you is the love you're given. And my favorite part of the song is when changed the entire dynamic of the song about half way through. What made you decide to do that?

JackGarratt3 karma

It's my pleasure.

I honestly just knew the song. I wanted to take it somewhere new, and going into that kind of ending made total sense to me. That whole song was written and produced within a week, it just happened. I think i was just lucky enough to write it, it's been wanting to get written for a long time. That's what it felt like, at least.

J x

Instajjj1 karma

Hi Jack,

Would you rather experience a sharp pain in your eye each time someone says your name or have a bell sound each time you are aroused?

:) Jen

JackGarratt1 karma


J x

thepostman3331 karma

Why are you perfect and why did I just recently discover you?

JackGarratt3 karma

I... I don't know... Wait, i'm perfect? Who said that? WAS IT BECKY?! THAT BITCH. GOD DAMMIT BECKY.

Ray_Del_Mundo51 karma

How do you make music? Me and a friend of mine had a crazy idea of making music but since we come from a poor neighborhood and family, we don't have the money to get the equipment so we just imagine having that kind of experience however we don't fully understand how making music works. We would have gotten a dj set kind of thing with like a drum pad but we weren't sure how it would work and how we would use it. Anyways I was wondering how do you make music?

JackGarratt3 karma

It's incredibly unfair that you guys aren't able to express yourselves because of that! Depending on where you're from there are some incredible youth programmes that encourage people to make music. Have you looked into anything like that? If you have the music in you, you should let it out! No matter how you do it. There's no right or wrong way to make music!

J x

Evansha031 karma

Hi Jack looking forward to seeing you at Leeds Fest this year! My questions for you are, how did you get into music? What drove you into your career? What would you be doing now if you were not a musician? Much love, keep up the great work!

JackGarratt3 karma

Thank you for your kind words! I've always loved music. It's always been around me, ever since I was tiny. But i originally went to Uni to become a Music Teacher. Then when after three months of that i realised I was in the totally wrong place in my life, I left Uni and moved to London to focus on writing and producing. That was 4 years ago and I've never looked back.

J x

admancb1 karma

Hey Jack, awesome you’re doing an AMA!

I saw you in Rotterdam last night and you killed it. It’s the second time I’ve seen you perform in 6 months and I noticed that when you play your songs live they’re always slightly different between each show (and live performances I’ve seen on Conan and youtube). It almost feels improvisational. Do you perform this way to keep the songs fresh or is the way you write and perform your songs hard to replicate live?

Anyway, I love you live, love the album and I’m really happy you included your EP songs on the bonus disc. The first song of yours I ever heard was ‘I Couldn’t Want You Anyway’ and before I knew who you were I was walking around humming that tune and singing the first couple of lines and it bothered the hell out of me not knowing what song that was and who sung it. I finally found it (and you) after googling the only lyric I could remember “bad times are coming coming” and now I can finally listen to it whenever I want! Can’t wait to see you play again.

Btw. what was up with the guy jumping on stage?

JackGarratt5 karma

Thanks for being so kind! I love being able to make every show different. I play alone which could be restrictive, but my favourite live acts play the same songs every night and always seem to make it feel like the first time. The RHCP, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Son Lux to name a few. If one of you guys left a show of mine thinking 'I could've just listened the the album at home' I would hate myself. Live music and recorded music are two completely different things, at least I think they are!

J x

Vaxuite1 karma

Hi! What made you choose to play Strats over other types of guitar?

JackGarratt3 karma

I've always played strats better, as weird as that feels to say! I learnt to play by watching SRV videos, and he played strats. The tone I was looking for, I found on a strat. I fucking love that guitars can do that. They either work for you, or they don't. It's like trying on a new limb every time I pick up a new guitar, it's got to connect and work alongside the limbs that already stick out of your body.

J x

richardinmyear1 karma

Hey Jack,

Going to see you later this year in Cardiff! My housemates brother's band mate is currently on tour with you as your technician. Anywho, if you could only pick 3 albums to listen to for the rest of your life what would they be and why?

Cheers, keep up the good work!

JackGarratt3 karma

hahahaha, i'll tell him you say hey! Right now? jeez, that's a fucking hard Q.

Still Crazy After All These Years - Paul Simon

Songwriting is untouchable.

Early Riser - Taylor McFerrin

Production is untouchable.

Untitled/Unmastered - Kendrick Lamar

Attitude is untouchable.


J x

Oprahs_Mingie1 karma

Hi Mr. Garratt,

What is your "Go-To" kinda beer?

JackGarratt2 karma

Punk IPA if i'm in UK/EU Goose Island 312 if i'm in US.


MrPandasaur1 karma

Hi! Saw you in the Cardiff Motorpoint Arena last year with an excellent performance/Spongebob hat on. Where do you find such awesome headwear?

JackGarratt2 karma

When you have hair like mine, you learn to keep an eye out for good hats.

They're out there... always watching... always...

But that hat in particular was a gift, but it's made by Hype.

J x

frzr-csgo1 karma

Hi jack long time fan, I saw you in Shepard's bush there must have only been a couple hundred people there. All the way through you were thanking your family... How much did they support you through the early years where it was a possibility music maybe wouldn't be able to pay the bills?

JackGarratt2 karma

My family have been my emotional backbone and a constant support my entire life. When I was just starting out in London they would visit and check in on me, but they understood the importance of allowing me to make my own choices. I was living month to month making music for River Island's online advertising, and doing wedding band gigs with my mates. My parents did what they've always done since I was a child. Loved me and my siblings, and supported us in anyway they could. I'm so lucky to have the family that I have, and I'm proud to love them.

J x

rydwaen1 karma

How was your experience in junior Eurovision?

JackGarratt3 karma

It was... interesting. (lol). It taught me a lot, about the industry and about trusting people and sifting out the untrustworthy as early as possible. But I only really listened to those lesson once i'd gotten over the emotional weight of what happened. It was strange being that young and putting this one song I'd written up for scrutiny. Music isn't a competition. That's what it taught me. And to find people who also believed that, and cared about good, honest and truthful music.

J x

JeanOver1 karma

Hey Jack! I am an avid listener and I absolutely love your music. I forced all my friends to listen to you and now they love you too. Since you made songs called Fire and Water are you planning on making an Earth and Air to finish out the elements?

JackGarratt5 karma

The plan is to then do a world tour with Earth, Wind and Fire. I can be Water. I ain't picky.

J x


Jack! Massive fan!

Me and my girlfriend have been wondering whether or not you sleep on the tour bus? Also, did you share it with the support act? We were going to shout this at you as a question at your Leeds show but we thought it'd be a bit rude.


JackGarratt3 karma

hahahaha, yeah I sleep on the bus. I got to otherwise I won't get to the next show in time! Yeah, i shared the bus with Kacy Hill and her crew in the US and i'm sharing with Martin Luke Brown out in EU right now!

J x

czdl1 karma

Are you a redditor (when relaxing in the studio, etc)? Any favourite subreddits?

thetofso1 karma

Jack, are you ever gonna put up the lyrics for the Phase CD 2 songs anywhere? Remnants has been an enigma to me for 1,5 years...

JackGarratt3 karma

What lyric do you want to know dude? I can try help?

J x

mbees191 karma

biggest celebrity crush?

JackGarratt3 karma

Michael McDonald

DiegoCroxatto1 karma

Hi Jack! congrats on everything you´ve accomplished so far, you deserve it and you´ll get way further. Have you thought about touring in South America? We are really crazy when music is envolved... Greetings from Chile

JackGarratt1 karma

I cannot wait to come to South America! I'm hoping to be out there soon. I've heard such incredible stories from friends of mine who have gigged out there, and I can't wait to come and see it all!

J x

shahkabra0 karma


JackGarratt3 karma

I ask myself the same question EVERY morning.

J x