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Do you like Trap and will you ever make Trap music? (I'm not a Trap lover but I'm just wondering since all artists start to make Trap music these days)

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Can't wait to hear that story xD Edit: If Tristam isn't your real name what is it? ;o

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What were some awesome memories of your childhood?

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Hello Jack!

I absolutely love your music. Your productions are unique and your live performances are incredible. Loved seeing you in Brussels in 2015. Got a couple of questions for ya!

  1. In which direction do you plan on going with your career/music?
  2. What was the most bizarre thing you've ever experienced on tour?
  3. Are there any more instruments you plan on using in your live shows?
  4. One horse-sized duck or hundred duck-sized horses?
  5. Lastly, I worked a year on this fan-made music video on one of my favourite songs of yours, 'Lonesome Valley'. It's an animation, would you mind checking it out? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKGnQLAKFkI (I've also made two other music videos on your songs, one of them you've already seen and the other got taken down because of copyright)

Also, a big thank you for making 'Surprise Yourself' - it really helped me in life. Keep up the fantastic music and I wish you a wonderful career/future! Greetings.

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Are you good at diving? ;) lol