Original post yesterday

I left on February 27th in the Pacific Ocean (here's me on day 1). I had quite a few requests for an AMA yesterday and today I have some downtime so I figured I'd put one up.


(Instagram is where I update every day).

Here's the rough planned route. I'm hitting Kansas City, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston. Each time I get to a city, I'm doing small meetups. The times and dates for those meetups are announced when I'm close enough to each city to know when and where they'll be. Announcements on Instagram.

Today is day 74 and I'm thinking I'll finish Saturday, July 23rd.

I'll be answering questions on and off all day.

Edit: I might not answer EVERY question asked. I underestimated how much it hurts my wrists. But I'm going strong.

Edit 2: I've gotta call it quits for the night, but I'm on all the time, so I'l be answering questions over the next couple weeks. Follow on Instagram, if you're into that sort of thing, for regular daily updates and meetup spots in major cities.

Edit 3: I'm too old for Snapchat but sometimes I use it: bendavis401

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english_gritts1858 karma

How many times have people made Forrest Gump references?

delvis4012248 karma

Too many, bro. Too many.

brosefstallin181 karma

Have a nice day!

delvis401161 karma


Mano211060 karma

What is your budget?

Where do you stay at night?

How do you stay safe?

Do you walk in day time only?

delvis4011563 karma

  • The goal is $1 per mile, but I overspent in the first few weeks. I estimate it will cost ~$5,000 total but it can be done for much cheaper if you're willing to truly rough it. I'm a sucker for a hotel and hot shower every few nights.
  • My tent/sleeping bag, a hotel if I feel indulgent, lately strangers and Instagram followers have been opening their spare bedrooms for me, which is really cool. I've been blogging/writing for about eight years, so I know people all over.
  • I've never felt threatened really. I have a big knife, but have never felt the need to reach for it. No guns.
  • Daytime only. I walked once a few hours past dark, but it was when my brother had joined me for a few days and we felt safe together.

csonny2951 karma

I have a big knife, but have never felt the need to reach for it

How I'm imagining you, if you get into trouble

delvis401788 karma

Just a little chubbier.

brickmack608 karma

How is one chubby after walking 1600 miles in 74 days?

delvis4013138 karma

I started out more chubby.

chrispt616 karma

How difficult is it to maintain your existing relationships being out on the road for the length of time you have been already and will be before you finish?

delvis4011198 karma

It's hard. We met and started dating about 3 months before I left so it was really tough still being in that puppy love stage. We talk/text/facetime/skype every day which makes it a lot easier. And she's coming to KC to spend a few nights with me for my 30th birthday this week, so that's going to be awesome. I had this walk planned for about 6 months before we met and I had envisioned it as me being alone and unattached, so it was a game-changer in that regard, but having her be so supportive back home, and having someone to talk to every day, it's made a huge difference mentally.

MightyMinx274 karma

I am totally going to crash your KC birthday party.

delvis401367 karma

Let's GOOO

m0heat610 karma

how many times have you listened to I'm gonna be (500 miles) by the proclaimers?

delvis4011237 karma

Zero. Never have liked that song.

Edit: If you count people singing it to me, then I've listened to it roughly one million times.

MattBaster498 karma

What brand & type of footwear are you sporting?

delvis401722 karma

New Balance, 450V3 running shoes. I come from a running background, so it's what I feel best in. Since I'm on the highways/pavement all day and night I don't really need proper hiking boots. Just standard walking/running shoes.

Starpulp446 karma

Why did you choose a cross-country hike with a stroller as opposed to an 'in the woods' hike with a backpack like the Appalachian Trail?

delvis401876 karma

I liked the concrete goal of ocean to ocean.

wanderingscrew438 karma

What was the reason behind doing this?

delvis401869 karma

The adventure. I was in a place in life where I had the freedom to do it and once I had the idea, I realized I didn't want to end up at 80 years old wishing I had done it. The prospect of regret spurred me to research and start planning. I'm so glad I did. It's been the time of my life, truly.

8utt157 karma

How long did you plan this for before leaving? What was your planning process like? What advice about planning would you give to someone considering something similar?

delvis401280 karma

There's not a whole lot of planning. Just reading previous walkers gear list. A lot of it can be made up as you go since you're always near big towns early on. I'd just recommend reading some material about long highway walks. There are a few books about coast to coast walks.

basec0m2 karma

So happy to hear this and not some "to bring awareness to.." bullshit. Good luck to you and safe travels.

delvis40115 karma

Yeah, everyone is entitled to their thing, and I respect people's charitable causes, it's just not my style I don't think.

patrickmurphyphoto3 karma

Hey Ben, So I assume you have spent most of your hours walking alone. What are you thinking about most of the time? I feel like this is an awesome personal journey, Have you learned anything about yourself, how you want to live the rest of your life, or anything else along those lines.

I feel like spending that amount of time alone, conquering goals, getting to see the country and becoming aware of how small my little corner of the earth is would make me have some pretty deep internal conversations.

If you feel comfortable sharing any revelations I would appreciate it! Good luck Ben!

delvis4015 karma

I spend only an hour or two per day listening to music. The other 12-14 hours I'm just thinking. All sorts of shit. All the time. Weird hypothetical situations, introspective reflections, am I a bad person? Am I a good person? How could I better myself? Is that a goat?

OmnomnomKippur364 karma

Are you using any kind of GPS-tracking of your route? I love looking at the maps after my walks, and your maps would be on a whole new level.

delvis401477 karma

It chews up my battery like crazy. I did it in the desert for my mom's peace of mind, but not anymore.

falafelwraptor340 karma

What's the funniest experience you had so far?

delvis4011250 karma

I was in the Mojave Desert, middle of nowhere, and my phone was getting no signal for miles and miles. When the sun starts to set you want to camp somewhere with at least voice calling service. A drunk dude with three girls in the backseat pulled up and asked if I was okay. "YOU ALLRIGHT?!" he yelled. "Yeah, I'm good! Hey, do you happen to know when I'll get cell phone service?" He laughed as he drove away, "OH FUCK MAN, WHEN PIGS FREEZE OVER!" He laughed as he sped away. I chuckled at that.

TinmanTomfoolery520 karma

Did being in the Mojave almost make you wish for a nuclear winter?

delvis401379 karma

God it was brutal. It just goes on and on and on and on.

razzloo297 karma

1.) Were there any moments when you wanted to give up? How do you keep yourself motivated?

2.) Was this adventure planned or was it pretty spontaneous?

3.) Which food/restaurant was the best you tried so far?

delvis401467 karma

  1. Never wanted to give up. It's too much fun.
  2. I started planning at 381 pounds on my 29th birthday last May.
  3. Town and Country in Florence, Kansas. BACON SO THICK

razzloo127 karma

Make sure to wear sunscreen!! Hahaha

delvis401163 karma

Every hour!

SoundBearier108 karma

A shower must feel absolutely amazing, getting all that caked up sunscreen and grit off.

delvis401269 karma

Sunscreen+bug spray combo is so gross after 25 miles.

ciphilly244 karma

How mad would you be if you realized now that you forgot your keys?

delvis401511 karma

I have no keys! My triple pocket tap has become a double tap. I sold my car and my apartment lease was up. No keys for me.

ikeandtinatuna244 karma

What an awesome adventure! Thanks for sharing! Do you wear a Fitbit or a step tracker of any kind? If so, can you share some stats?

delvis401483 karma

65,000 steps per day on average!

filthadelphia13242 karma

The path you have set to go, do you have hotel reservations or just going by when you feel comfortable to stop?

The nights you spend in a tent, did you ever feel like you were in danger?

Thanks for doing this!! Good luck with the rest of your journey!

delvis401476 karma

Hotels happen spur of the moment.

I'm always scared in my tent after dark. It's a mind game thing. I always hide out pretty well and far off the road, so logically nothing is going to happen (I'm scared of Criminal Minds type murderers, not animals) but it's just ... eerie. I don't like being out in the wilderness alone.

Lately I've been putting headphones in and listening to classical music all night so not hearing the wind and random tree noises helps.

Excel_and_Coffee237 karma

What we're you doing, career wise, before you decided to walk?

Plans after you finish the walk?

delvis401371 karma

Writing. My first book was published in 2013 (Do Life) by Penguin. Then some technical writing and marketing for firms in Little Rock.

lrn1995230 karma

What have you been doing to pass the time? do days pass where you were incredibly bored all day?

delvis401464 karma

I rarely get bored. I listen to music occasionally. Red Sox games. Hypothetical arguments in my head. I write a lot in my journal.

logkearn889 karma

I've got a Sox ticket with your name on it when you get to Boston, man. Message me once you make it. Godspeed.

delvis401556 karma

Dude. That would be awesome. I grew up in Fenway.

Notmyrealname225 karma

If you decided to turn around and walk back to where you started, would you consider it a failure?

delvis401588 karma

I would never do that. The desert followed by the Rockies, followed by the prairies. The three hardest parts. So desolate. If someone put a gun to my head and told me to turn around, I'd ask them to just end me there. It's too daunting to do again.

WhatWhenWhyWhere203 karma

Do people ask you why you are pushing a baby in the middle of nowhere with that stroller like contraption?

delvis401210 karma

Yes, a couple times a week, lol.

bbergs171 karma

Do you have a set goal of how far you intend to go for the day? Or do you just sleep when you get sleepy?

delvis401274 karma

The goal is always at least 25 miles per day. I'll go up to 30 if theres a town ahead.

Frentis149 karma

What kind of shoes do you use?

What's some of the things you have learned doing your time walking?

What advice do you have for someone interested in walking a long distance? Not across the US perhaps, but doing something on a smaller scale for a holiday?

Lastly you must have experienced some weird stuff, got any stories?

Anyways keep it up and thanks for doing this!

delvis401806 karma

  • New Balance running shoes
  • I've learned to appreciate the small things and live minimally. When all you have is not a lot, not a lot becomes plenty.
  • Take plenty of breaks and plan out water. Sometimes people overpack water because they think it's super important (and it is) but if you're going to be passing a gas station after 20 miles, you're not going to need 4 gallons of water to get you there. Water is heavy and you can refill basically anywhere. This is highway walking mentality though. If you're going to do the Appalachian Trail or PCT, plan accordingly. I take rest breaks every couple hours and make sure to get my legs elevated.
  • The coolest thing that has happened is I walked into a McDonalds in Garden City, KS at the exact same time another cross-country walker was walking in. We had the exact same stroller model. He was going Tallahassee to Seattle and we just happened to cross paths at a random McDonalds.

czhunc201 karma

When all you have is not a lot, not a lot becomes plenty.


delvis40153 karma


thecoachtaylor147 karma

Favorite place you've been so far? Place you're most looking forward to?

delvis401312 karma

Wolf Creek Pass in the Rockies was amazing. Here's my camp at the top. I'm just happy to be east of Wichita. It was so desolate once I hit Mojave Desert in California and it really is only starting to get civilized. Flagstaff was cool. Durango, CO was cool. Northern Arizona was not cool.

pleaseholdmybeer147 karma

How are you walking for five months straight but complaining about exhaustion from answering an AMA?

delvis401169 karma

Good point.

CrumblyCrawdad120 karma

Hey I watched your weight loss video yesterday when somebody posted it in the comments. Approximately how much time had passed from the day you began your weight loss journey to the day you ran the marathon?

delvis401210 karma

10 months. 365 pounds on Jan 1, 2009. down to 220 on October 18th, 2009 for the Denver Marathon (4:45)

CreamNPeaches118 karma

Are you stopping for BBQ in KC? If you do, let us know where you went!

delvis40192 karma


EliVlach109 karma

How's the weather been?

delvis401158 karma

So good! I've been really lucky. Only one rainy day. (and a windy snow day in Kayenta, AZ)

Bananaberralada95 karma

Thanks for doing this, Ben! I started following your story yesterday and think it's great inspiration to take chances and live in the moment.

What has the hardest part been so far, outside of missing friends and family? Has anything surprised you about the trek?

delvis401259 karma

I've been surprised by how easy it is. When you look at the map it seems so big. But when you look at it in the micro, it's really just manual labor 7-9 hours a day.

Hardest part is being scared at night, the paranoia. The isolation.

Qexodus86 karma

Ever have a bad day, and just want to get a ride to an airport, and go home? Another way to phrase it could be - Is it hard to stay motivated?

delvis401282 karma

Very rarely do I get discouraged. I had a bad day from Dodge City to Cimarron, Kansas, just hated every step, but then, as usually happens, I get picked up by the kindness of strangers. The woman who worked at the hotel in Cimarron walked Delaware to San Francisco and gave me a free night in the hotel out of the rain. It was magical.

iamelphaba86 karma

How much are you carrying?

delvis401198 karma

Computer, tent, sleeping bag, air mattress, computer, a couple cameras, portable USB charger, food, clothes, some first aid, a big knife.

iBleeedorange78 karma

How do you charge your phone daily?

delvis401148 karma

Insignia portable power charger. When it's fully charged it charges my phone up to 8 times. Also, shoutout to when we used to farm together in Diablo (2012-2013).

dangergranger74 karma

What unexpected physical, mental or just plain bizarre situation have you encountered so far? What has been the most surreal moment so far?

delvis401214 karma

The first night I camped out in a city was Riverside California and around 4 a.m. I got so sick of bad sleep from being scared that I just got up and started walking. I walked by an adult book store in east riverside and a strange dude standing outside it started calling after me. "HEY, COME HERE" I told him, "I'm good" and kept walking, trying to play it cool. Dude started following me with his grocery cart, and yelling for me to come over to him, that he had to show me some stuff. I'm pretty good with regular crazy people but this guy just seemed, threatening, so I started running. He half-heartedly jogged after me but gave up. Adrenaline was going pretty good.

johnkphotos74 karma

Hey man! I applaud your effort to complete your journey. Mad props.

Do you get to camp out where it's super dark? How's seeing so many stars at night? I'm a photographer and have tried to get away from Florida's light pollution but it's tough.

What's the closest you've come to quitting?

delvis401102 karma

The stars are so amazing in the Mojave Desert and in the Rockies (I went through wolf creek pass). God it's cool. Never come close to even thinking about quitting. I've only had one or two bad days and even those were nothing compared to how fun it is.

sign-here69 karma

I know you said that you want to write about your journey, but I was wondering what happens when you finish. Are you going to hang out in Boston for a while? Have a big party? Are you going to fly home and start working again?

delvis401119 karma

Party happening in the ocean around noon and then a proper bash at a nearby locale. Everyone is invited. Tons of people follow along in New York and Boston and the Northeast in general and have said they're coming in for the party.

WhatWhenWhyWhere65 karma

How much water do you drink a day? If you're coming through Cincinnati drop in for some Skyline Chili!

delvis40143 karma

A gallon or two.

stephenlloyd_dot_net59 karma

Hey Ben! Started following you yesterday and this whole thing has been super inspiring. Question: did you map your route with the shortest horizontal distance in mind (not worrying about mountain passes, hills/valleys, etc) or are you circumventing any extra vertical terrain like that? If someone were to plan their own route (however long the distance) what tips do you have for starting out and following that correct path?

delvis401105 karma

For the most part, the shortest distance. Mountains don't scare me too much. I did want to hit a few big cities, so I made sure to put those into the route. Google's Walking Directions work pretty well but they sometimes put you on "restricted" roads. Never go down a restricted road. I've had some very bad experiences trying.

kcohle55 karma

How much toilet paper do you have on hand at any time?

delvis40178 karma

Just one roll. No reason to have more since I go through towns all the time.

drod201552 karma

How many changes of clothes did you bring? I saw you're wearing New Balance shoes, but how many pairs did you bring and how often are you switching them out, if at all?

delvis40180 karma

I only have one pair with me at a time.

A few shirts, two pairs of shorts, 5 underwear, 6 pairs of socks, rain jacket and ponchos to keep my stuff dry.

MajKoSS48 karma

How do you not go mad?

delvis401273 karma

Sometimes I do. I talk to cows a lot.

Impetus3747 karma

Have you had any unpleasant experiences with other people during the trip?

Did you work out in preperation of this trip?

How does your legs feel?

delvis40180 karma

Yeah, a lot of weight loss and running. I was up to about 35 miles per week running. About a month before I left for the walk I started doing 10-12 mile walks a few times per week around Little Rock (home) but I'd say the first couple of weeks of the official walk was the main training. Now I can do 25-30 miles each day.

chopkins4794743 karma

What kind of foods do you carry? I want to do the AT one day. I recently moved just outside of Boston. Great weather today, I hear it's even better in the summer. Enjoy the rest of your trek, and stay safe!

delvis40167 karma

Trail mix, M&Ms, dried fruit, beef jerky, occasional poptarts. I don't have a stove but I get hot meals at restaurants regularly.

BMAC552243 karma

Where are you right now?

delvis40165 karma

Ottawa, KS

zidanetribal39 karma

What silly side show attraction would you recommend out west to see?

delvis40164 karma

I liked Joshua Tree national park. Pagosa Springs, CO is a nice spa town with natural hot springs. That was fun. Tsegi, AZ is a weird place that's worth staying in for the night just to see what it's like to live without wifi or cell phone service. Stay at the only Inn in town, Anasazi Inn.

TheMagicBambi27 karma

Have you thought about doing any other giant excursions like this one? What advice would you give to a sophmore in college if they are wanting to do similar trips?

Also thanks for keeping us updated on this, its super cool and inspiring! Good luck on the end of your trip!

delvis40135 karma

I can't look past this trip since I'm still so far from the goal, but I love doing triathlons so I'll definitely get back into that. Just plan a trip and do it when your apartment lease runs out. Go over summer break. You'd be amazed how far you can walk in three months (90 days x 25-30 miles per day by foot or 100+ by bike).

caillumknowles27 karma

What are you gonna do when you get to Boston?

delvis40173 karma

Jump in the ocean and eat a lot.

philsherry26 karma

Have blisters or chafing been a thing?

Total envy of your journey, btw; I've wanted to do something like this for years now. Keep it up and stay safe.

delvis40190 karma

Chafing is my #1 source of pain. No blisters, but I need to lose some fat around my ass/thighs because holy shit...

firestorminside24 karma

Could you tell us about the experiences on the restricted roads?

delvis40144 karma

One was leading into a Native American reservation and it wasn't clearly marked. The guy in the booth wasn't pleased at all that I was walking into the reservation. I tried to ask for alternate routes and he just simply told me to back up and turn away. He wasn't very nice.

Th3_Admiral22 karma

Where do you sleep at night when you aren't near a campground/state land? Do you just pitch the tent in a random field? Surely there must be some large gaps in your trip where you just aren't near any public land.

delvis40142 karma

I go a few hundred yards off the road. Lately in Kansas and Colorado everything is barb wired off so you can't. In those cases I camp in culverts under the highway.

Incubus91020 karma

What's your average day looking like? Do you spend the entire day walking, or do you stop in certain cities to experience their culture? What are you eating along the way?

delvis40143 karma

I walk 25-30 miles with a few hours of rest so most of the daylight is taken up by that. I stop in every town I go to and talk to the locals. I'm writing a book about the journey so I love meeting new people and seeing how they live life in their respective towns.

RemoteViewingTrainee15 karma

Why Boston instead of the Atlantic ocean?

delvis40130 karma

I'm jumping into the ocean when I get there.

acefrehley1200014 karma

How do you weather storms out? Also how has weather effected you?

delvis40117 karma

I'll walk in rain and snow as long as it's not too cold or windy. Otherwise I'll just wait it out in a hotel or someone's house.

lojer13 karma

How are your knees and ankles holding up?

delvis40123 karma

Knees are good! Ankles get sore at the end of the day.

csonny210 karma

I saw that you said that you're following Google maps walking directions, but are you going off the route at times to visit major cities? What's been the coolest thing you've seen?

Congrats on your journey, and good luck! I've always loved the thought of just up and traveling around the country; gotta say I'm a little jealous. Before anyone says, "just do it then"; I am the sole provider for my wife and 2 small children, so couldn't really just drop everything to travel.

EDIT: Thought I would post this photo of me from a Halloween half marathon a ran a few years ago as motiviation

delvis40167 karma

Yeah, I'm lucky to be without child and my girlfriend is super supportive.

Coolest moment: I lost my wallet somewhere between Las Animas and Lamar, CO. I met a farmer at a restaurant and he invited me back to his house to stay with him and his wife. They made me dinner and gave me a place to stay. I worked on the farm for them for a day. I needed a new ID and the DMV in Little Rock was telling me they would have to ship me some forms for me to fill out and send back. Farmer just said, "Take my truck and go down there and get it all sorted out. See your girlfriend while you're at it." So I took his truck to Little Rock and drove back when I had everything replaced. A nice break and then I came back and they gave me a bag of homemade cinnamon rolls for the walk out of town. God those were so good.

burn_the_calories7 karma

What's the craziest animal you have encountered in your journey so far?

delvis40117 karma

Cows and Coyotes.

erikarew6 karma

Has anyone offered to join you walking for a stretch? Is the solitude a major factor of the journey?

delvis40119 karma

My brother joined for 6 days over his spring break which was amazing. My dad has walked 5 days (2 and 3 in different sections). Isolation and loneliness are the hardest parts. Having data helps.

Draculas_Dentist6 karma

What are you listening to as you're walking?

delvis40139 karma

Third Eye Blind and Lorde and Taylor Swift and Brand New, for the most part.

Meshakhad4 karma

Why did the Norse Greenland colony fail?

delvis4013 karma

I don't get the reference :(

RobbyTheSeal3 karma

What would you say is the thing you like the most of the journey? Are you motivated by achieving something this crazy or it's just for the sake of the adventure?

delvis4013 karma

The satisfaction of knocking down state lines is a lot of fun. And the statistics. I'm keeping meticulous stats and data (calories, miles per hour, miles per day, weight loss, inches lost, etc) and those are fun to chart.

PlugOnePointOne2 karma

With no other roads and trails are you forced to use highways as a medium to travel through?

delvis4013 karma

There's almost always a highway. I've had to take the interstate twice which is illegal, but I did it to shave off some annoying out-of-the-way miles on the highway.

cvf0072 karma

This is great man. Started following your journey yesterday great instagram pics. Your almost to Boston good luck and stay safe!

If Hollywood were to make this journey of yours into a movie who would you cast to play you?

delvis4012 karma

Jonah Hill?

lightningsugar2 karma

Will you be passing through/near Pittsburgh?

delvis4012 karma

I think about 40 miles south.

TheCrimsonWave2 karma

What if you had left the oven on?

delvis4013 karma

Lease was up and there have been no reports of the apartment burning down.

pipsdontsqueak2 karma

What's your opinion of the film Forrest Gump?

delvis4016 karma

I am fond of it.

Kowalski4162 karma

What valuable lessons have you learned from your trip so far?

delvis40111 karma

Living simply is easier than we think.

Turtle_Shaft2 karma

What is the legality of walking down the highway? Does the police stop you or anything like that?

delvis4016 karma

Highways and roads are legal. Interstates are not.

TugMyJohnston2 karma

What does your meal plan look like, Have you been keeping up a regular diet from before you left or has it completely changed? Have you noticed weight gain/loss or any muscle definition? Also what was your family & friends opinion when you first told them about your journey! Other then that your doing awesome man, I hope to do the Pacific Crest trail someday so I can relate to your thirst for adventure and living. Followed you on insta as well, Goodluck with the rest of your journey! Good vibes coming from Ontario, Canada!

delvis4013 karma

Answered food question earlier. I'm down about 25 pounds. Should be more but Colorado/Kansas biscuits and gravy are .... good to say the least. My mom was highly skeptical and didn't understand the point, but now she loves it and is my biggest fan. My dad was always enthusiastic and excited to help. My brother was in between. My girlfriend was worried I wasn't planning enough, which I might not have been.

ENTECH1231 karma

Where/how do you use the restroom?

delvis4012 karma

You just look for some privacy. When I pee I just walk 25-30 yards off the road and pee. No one cares.

MisterTyTy1 karma

How sore are you? 👲🏻

delvis4012 karma

At the end of the day I'm pretty sore, but it resets every morning to nearly 100%.

dennenoandrew1 karma

Are you employed? Or were you employed before you started this.? If so what was your job?

delvis4011 karma

Writing, technical writing, marketing. Books.

Medicalkush1 karma

What character do you play on Skyrim?

delvis4011 karma

The only games I've played in my life are Diablo and Mario KartL Double Dash. I cracked World top 150 in Double Dash back in my heyday. Here's me in action.

firestorminside1 karma

Hi Ben! I've been following you or several years (since the beginning) through the ups and downs.

How many people generally offer you a ride everday? Have you had any amazing experiences with a complete stranger, extremely generous? Any encounters with wildlife?

delvis4013 karma

Thanks! I'd say 2-3 people per week stop and offer a ride. I thank them and ask if they happen to have a McDouble they can give me instead. They never have one :(

JelliedHam1 karma

How many miles do you average per day?

delvis4011 karma

25 on days I'm walking. 21.3 total including rest days.

ISIXofpleasure1 karma

Do you ever have trouble getting motivated. You ever wake up and think "screw this I'm going home?"

delvis4012 karma

No, it's way too much fun.

American-Bully1 karma

What do you do for a living? How do you make money?

delvis4011 karma

Writing, technical writing, marketing. Books.

Cho-Chang0 karma

Place you're glad you walked away from and the best food you've had on this trip so far?

delvis4013 karma

Riverside, CA. I told the story in another response. But I was walking toward a sketchy hotel where no cars were parked. The sign said "knock loudly and we'll wake up." It was a frightening motel, like House of Wax style. I noped out.

Madlutian0 karma

Integrating back into the everyday grind. Are you looking forward to it, or are you dreading it (or something else entirely)?

delvis4012 karma

I'm excited to be back home with my girlfriend, but I have a feeling I'm going to miss the simple life of the road. I know when I take a day off, my mind yearns for the grind.

Lordballzonia0 karma

Why don't you have a job?

delvis4012 karma

Writing is my job. I left a job to do this.