Hi, I’m Wim Hof. I can voluntarily raise my blood pH through the use of a breathing technique, directly influencing my immune system. This has been verified by SCIENCE.

I hold 21 Guinness World Records. Some of the crazy shit I’ve done:

  • ran a half-marathon barefoot in midwinter
  • ran a full marathon in the Namib Desert without water
  • climbed 7400m of Mount Everest, in shorts
  • climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in two days, in shorts
  • completed a full marathon above the arctic circle, in -20 Celsius
  • repeatedly broke, and currently hold, the world record for full-body immersion in ice: 1 hour, 52 minutes, 42 seconds

Vice did a documentary on me.

I have developed the Wim Hof Method to help others harness the power of breath and cold. This method is growing increasingly popular, and we are in the process of expanding into the US.

You can learn more at www.wimhofmethod.com/video-miniclass or by asking me!

Proof: https://imgur.com/XfjlRHe For sake of transparency: someone else is typing out the answers for me.

Hey guys, scientific studies are ongoing. We do not only believe we are right, we prove it. Have love and self-confidence. I have to run now! This was great, thanks again! Wim.

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PietNederwiet1053 karma

Hi Wim! Did you know you have family on reddit? haha. I found out a while ago that you're my grand uncle! Do you know Marga? She's my mom. And Giel is my grandfather. Just wanted to say i really like the work that you are doing. Hopefully i could join you one day on a trip. I loved the cold since a kid, and i hate warmth. Maybe it's a bit in our blood too?

iceman_hof694 karma

Hey te gek Piet. Vreemde manier om mekaar te ontmoeten. Wellicht gaan we in de toekomst een reis doen. Cheerio man!

Teamroze710 karma

Hey Wim, I watched your Vice docu and your interview with Joe Rogan. I recall you mentioned that you were studying the medical implications of your method with top medical universities in the USA. How has that progressed thus far?

Groeten uit Groningen.

iceman_hof338 karma

We're still talking.

redditrazz423 karma

How many hours of sleep do you get on average?

iceman_hof441 karma


Amb1valence148 karma

What do you think about the flexibility of sleep and its purpose in general? I'm into polyphasic sleeping and it's pretty interesting because under the right circumstances, it works wonders.

To me, sleep is just a more unconscious version of the act of rest, which can be achieved in degrees with meditation and other mindfulness methods that "organize the mind's filing cabinets". So, applying the same philosophy you have towards withstanding cold (actively devoting your attention towards it in order to be at peace with/conquer it) do you think that could be done with sleep, to more efficiently compartmentalize it?

iceman_hof187 karma

Yes, it is possible. Because it's all about the melatonin-serotonin cycle, and we are into the endocrine system.

baaaaarca81 karma

How do you feel about melatonin supplements?

iceman_hof914 karma

I don't know anything about exogenous intake of supplements. I just make them all myself. Breathe, motherfucker!

pandafoxshark301 karma

Oh man. I thought you were this guy.

Umm...do you have any tattoos?

iceman_hof246 karma

I have no tattoos. But soon I will be with the Maori, and you know, the Maori, they get you fully covered with Maori signs and shit.

pandafoxshark91 karma

For real? What's that about, being with the Maori?

iceman_hof255 karma

They are going to perform a ritual which they didn't conduct for a hundred years. It is about making me a member of their tribe, and cooperating in a tribal consciousness all over the world. Caring and sharing. The heart.

IntheDarkoftheNight127 karma

Hey Wim! Were you ever hospitalized after any of your stunts? Did any of them give you injury such as frostbite or hypothermia? If so how long did it take to recover from the injuries?

iceman_hof142 karma

I was hospitalized for frostbite, after running half a marathon beyond the polar circle, barefoot. I had self-inflicted frostbite on my leftforefoo. But healed a lot faster than the doctors thought, using the breathing techniques and focus.

Draksi122 karma

Are the cold showers and breathing exercises the main part of the method and yoga is secondary, or is yoga just as important?

iceman_hof154 karma

With yoga you mean physical postures. And yes they are secondary.

discountbuddha73 karma

What do you think about smoking tobacco?

iceman_hof301 karma

The indians did it. The natives do it. I have no prejudice. Although not smoking is better. It was a ritual, now it's a habit. The power of the ritual is gone, and we smoke it away. Make it special again. Love.

SAMAKUS67 karma

Do you have a special diet to help contribute to the meditation?

iceman_hof129 karma

Eat vegetarian/vegan and/or conscious.

pimpslap5564 karma

Which Ice Age movie is your favorite?

iceman_hof111 karma

All of them. If there is a way to express how to be or to go nuts —and I love nuts anyway; special favorites: cashew— then it's the crazy opossum. Breaking the ice a lot better than I do. Amazing.

Smooth-Monkey45 karma

Hey Wim, this is actually something I've been trying to find the answer to.

In your breathing technique I breathe in and out 30 times and then on my last breath I EXHALE and hold my breath. What if I were to inhale rather than exhale on my last breath and hold my breath from there? Does this ruin the technique? (Sometimes I like how much longer I can hold my breath and sometimes get more intense effects from doing it that way).


iceman_hof52 karma

After exhaling and refraining from breathing the magic in the brain is happening. If you like to do the same after inhalation that means holding your breath just do it; the effects are not the same.

JXCoucelo35 karma

Hi Mr. Wim Hof, I am a medical doctor and I incorporate your method to some extend in my own life. I also follow a specific diet. What's yours? Do you stay out of potatos, cereals and grains? Do you rather eat fresh fruit? Raw vegetables? As for protein, fresh wild fish and grass grown meat? Drinking? Tea and water? Concerning physical exercice, do you train at all? High intensity training intervals? core? strength? A bit of all together? Curious to know, you did bring something new, but I am interested to know how do you complement with the other key issues to bring health together as an all. Cheers and thank you in advance for this opportunity.

iceman_hof80 karma

A ketogenic diet is good. Deprivation of any type of food for some time makes the body more effective. Any bear in the woods knows what is good, smells what is good. We can learn that as well. To make the right choice; what is good for us. Furthermore I eat once a day, after six o clock, and have done for the last 35 years. This is my way. And it works. Physical movement, exertion; I have no regular training. It is as the food; when I feel the need to exercise, to move, I do it. Quite extremely. Because I get my mind into it. Thanks.

Draksi25 karma

Have you got any more crazy stunts planned or are you focusing on teaching the method now?

iceman_hof53 karma

There's more focus on teaching the method. No crazy stunts.

dickeroonie25 karma

Hey Wim, I'm loving your method. I've been doing it for several months and it's vastly improved my well-being.
My question for you: I love cold training, but I find that it's very taxing. With weight training, I do best with only 1-2 days of cold training a week to avoid accumulating fatigue.
Do you have any tips for increasing the frequency of cold sessions?

iceman_hof32 karma

Do them beforehand. Big difference in doing them before and not after is that you do not evade the supercompensation to take place.

Anthony_Padildo17 karma

When you take a shower, do you set the temperature to cold? If not, what is your ideal temperature?

iceman_hof44 karma

Ideal temperature is cold. Though sometimes I take warm showers, and the most comfortable temperature is 40 degrees Celcius.

TakeawayIsNiceM814 karma

Do you like pancakes?

iceman_hof84 karma

I'm the best pancake baker of the Western hemisphere. I flip the pancake four times.

TakeawayIsNiceM814 karma

what topping should is put on next time?

iceman_hof59 karma

Mix it with apple or any other fruit. Tomato secci, or anything your mind comes up with. Make four flips. Cinnamon is also nice. And maple leaf syrup. Yeah.

StruggsMcGruggs14 karma

I believe on Joe Rogan's podcast, you mentioned that you had hung between 2 hot air balloons with one hand. Is there any video/photos of this? Would love to see it. Love the work you do.

iceman_hof39 karma

Here is the video, starting at 3 minutes in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcEvotOB9wA

Frajer14 karma

What inspires you to do something like climbing Everest in shorts ?

iceman_hof30 karma

Going into the unknown. Undone. And then just do it. Going past fears, and feel which goes past what we think we are able to do. Following my gut feeling, it was not really difficult.

Addictedtoiron11 karma

Hi Wim, thank you for everything you're doing. You're truly inspiring.

It's known the warnings to practice the breathing exercises in a safe environment due the risk of fainting. What is your recommendation to combine the breathing exercises with weightlifting?

iceman_hof19 karma

Just do the breathing specifically 30 times deep in and then letting go, and then go weightlifting.

StruggsMcGruggs10 karma

Any plans of hosting a retreat in the US?

iceman_hof87 karma

I don't organize the trips, the Hoffice does.

BFHawkeye8 karma

Hi Wim, been following your exploits for years. I practice your breathing technique when I get stressed. It helps bring calm.

Now for my question. Do you enjoy coffee? Does it ever play a role in your training, whether taking it before, after, or during?

iceman_hof19 karma

Yes, but not too much, anymore. One or two cups a day, max.

Draksi8 karma

Do you think it is best to do the breathing exercise before, after or during the cold shower?

iceman_hof22 karma

Before, and while you're in the cold shower follow the breath.

igeneric5 karma

When I practice your breathing techniques, after retention I inhale and hold for 20-30 seconds. What happens during those seconds?

iceman_hof11 karma

The brain gets an oxygen shot and the brain stem is then activated. Inflammation and/or anything related to the immune system is being affected.

nightcn4 karma

Hey Wim , I love your work and contribuation to our well-being. My question is : while using your method for a long period of time , did you developed some sort of a sixth sense ? I mean by deepning your mind body connection is there some new capabilities you have found out about ? besides being a superman of course.

iceman_hof13 karma

I love what you write about me. My ego is bursting. Haha. Seriously now; actually, I have. Not only a sixth sense, but a great sense of belief and self-confidence. Love, Wim.

SenorMasterChef2 karma

How were you able to train your body to withstand such a beating?

iceman_hof5 karma


TheOriginalJerBear1 karma

I am living by your quote "It's as simple as just breathe motherfucker" lately due to the stress in my life and need a daily reminder so i am tattooing it on myself. Can you please tell me how to write it in your native language so I don't have to explain the swearing to my five year old? Thank you for your time

iceman_hof1 karma

I've been really thinking about this but there is no suitable translation. I don't want to just invent something, because you'd have it as a tattoo, which is an honor for me. So I love you man.