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PietNederwiet1053 karma

Hi Wim! Did you know you have family on reddit? haha. I found out a while ago that you're my grand uncle! Do you know Marga? She's my mom. And Giel is my grandfather. Just wanted to say i really like the work that you are doing. Hopefully i could join you one day on a trip. I loved the cold since a kid, and i hate warmth. Maybe it's a bit in our blood too?

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I'm sorry to inform you that our all mighty lord Cthulhu is not available right now, he's busy destroying some pesky Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean. Check back later with another offer to him.

May Cthulhu be with you

PietNederwiet389 karma

Ja inderdaad! Het is maar een naampje voor reddit. In het echt heet ik Jesse. En wellicht gebeurt dat wel eens een keer. Nog Succes verder!

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Unfortunately the swedes lost a lot of lives in the great battle against r/The_Donald/.

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Ja that is inderdaad funny zo one random ontmoeting! It's best a grote family so dat is probably waarom i Wim unfortunately nog never heb ontmoet.