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MileHighCard129 karma

Is there sex in the champagne room?

strippercrossing276 karma

No, but I would if it weren't for our counterproductive and dangerous sex work laws. I wouldn't have to worry about my student loans.

Durbee115 karma

That is a shockingly honest response.

strippercrossing76 karma

Thank you.

Skanky7 karma

Your boyfriend is OK with this response?

strippercrossing14 karma


bonnielovesclyde81 karma

How do you keep your skin looking good? Workout routine? Do you shave everyday? I'm not s stripper, but I'd love to look like one.

strippercrossing139 karma

Most strippers are pretty bad about both those things haha. Vodka and pizza are bad for your skin and body...try to drink a lot of water, and moisturize after almost every shower. Get plenty of sleep, that's very important. Try to avoid eating a lot of carbs before work. Soda is always bad.

As far as working out, cardio and core is pretty important. And squats I guess. I'm not the best person to ask about fitness, I should start going back to the gym...

EducatedLazyKid12 karma

Hi I'm a male, and terrible with taking care of my skin. How do I moisturize my skin? Only my body, or my face as well? What product do you recommend? Thanks.

strippercrossing17 karma

Face and body. I use cocoa butter on my body and a clean&clear moisturizing gel that's light and refreshing on my face (but theres way better facial moisturizers out there). Just rub it all in until you feel soft. :) If you put a little too much on, just rub a little off with a towel.

epgenius12 karma

My girlfriend uses a lot of coconut oil. Also she uses glycolic cleanser on her face and it works really well.

strippercrossing12 karma

I'll take note! I don't like the way coconut oil feels on my skin...I like cocoa butter.

epgenius6 karma

She has very sensitive skin and is allergic to salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Her lotion collection is fucking disturbing in its quantity and mass but I think through a balance of shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and dozens of every other lotion known to man, she gets a good result. She also swears by Trader Joe's spf 15 face lotion and body lotions... cheap but just as effective as other, more expensive creams.

P.S. Sorry for clogging your inbox haha :)

strippercrossing14 karma

Your gf is more diligent than me..

epgenius8 karma

I think she's just addicted to lotion... Every time there's something new next to the sink, I send her this link:


She's battled acne her whole life and is constantly looking for something more effective (and usually natural).

strippercrossing9 karma

God that's hilarious.

Good for her though. The search for the perfect product is never over! I'm that way with lipstick.

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What brings you more personal satisfaction - taking off your bra/top or panties?

strippercrossing40 karma

Strange question...

apflex51 karma

That answer works for me!

strippercrossing98 karma

Haha. I guess I like being topless with panties on more than having a top on with no panties, that just looks weird.

Paradox206377 karma

Like a man in socks and shirt, but no pants.

24HourBreakfast51 karma

It makes a man look scary. Like a chicken

strippercrossing34 karma

My boyfriend and I like to ask "do you like my outfit?" when wearing or not wearing strange combinations of things. Like if I'm getting dressed in a weird order and only have a crop top and my Ugly Walgreens Sandals on.

TheJohnMacena72 karma

1) How did your boyfriend react when you told him you wanted to become a stripper. How is he handling it? What about your friends and family?

2) if you had a tip to give to another girl about the profession what would it be?

3) what led you in that path?

4) Do you ever fear being seen at the clubby your fellow students or you just don't care at this point?

strippercrossing148 karma

  1. I was stripping before I met him. How is he handling it? It's a lucrative job, not a terminal illness. We have a really strong relationship and he doesn't care about my job. My family knows they can't criticize me bc they aren't paying my rent and shit. Everyone just wants me to be safe.

  2. I have tons of tips for lots of really specific stuff. Most importantly, be firm and comfortable standing up for yourself. Don't let customers (or anyone really) push you around. Be careful with personal information. Delete your information off of Spokeo. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH YOUR DRINKS. I've been roofied even while being careful with my drink (I'm okay, my friend got me home as soon as she noticed my change in behavior).

  3. It's not a path, it's a job.

  4. I don't care. My friend was in last night.

imaghostmotherfucker27 karma

I've been roofied even while being careful with my drink

Is the pay really worth the risk? Having both a job and being a full time student sucks dick and all, but holy shit... if someone fucking roofied me at my job I'd be applying to McDonalds the next day.

strippercrossing63 karma

It's something that happened, and I am safe. And yes, it is worth it. I make a lot and barely work.

Reddisaurusrekts32 karma

Can I just say I love your attitude? The whole no-nonsense, 'shit is what it is, stop thinking so much into it' thing you've got going.

strippercrossing17 karma

Thank you. I mean it's a little embarrassing to open up about all the garbage I've had to deal with, but people need to know these things. It's a job with really high highs and really low lows. It can be seedy and dangerous, but there's also a lot of people in there to protect you and benefits to sticking around. It's a tricky subject.

conners_captures11 karma

My family knows they can't criticize me bc they aren't paying my rent and shit.

to clarify, do you mean you aren't being forced to care what they think? Because they can certainly still criticize..

strippercrossing43 karma

My family knows that constant criticism about the life choices of a girl who works hard, gets good grades and takes care of herself will push me away. Family is supposed to lift you up and help you, not make you feel like garbage about yourself.

And no, they can't. No one has the right to criticize a person making an honest living if they're not supporting them and paying their bills. Of course I take what my family says into consideration, but if anyone told me to find another job I'd totally ignore them.

faladu6 karma

Did you at any Point consider doing erotic Webcam Shows?
If so what was the reason not to do them?
Would have thought it would eliminate the risk of a spiced drink or other things.

strippercrossing5 karma

Good point. I've tried it, didn't make enough money.

Badger_Ass_Face71 karma

What am I supposed to do with my hands when receiving a dance?

strippercrossing75 karma

Great question! Ask the girl if you can put your hands on her hips (don't just ask "can i touch?" because she'll think you mean her bits). Some clubs don't allow any touching.

JoeyJoeC14 karma

I got told to sit on my hands the first time I went, and from then on just assumed that's how you're supposed to do it. For clarification, I wasn't doing anything, she told me to sit on my hands as I first sat down.

strippercrossing23 karma

Huh. I find that a bit rude, but maybe I'm speaking out of turn...

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Have you ever accidentally farted while stripping?

strippercrossing90 karma

Oh yeah.

buttjugler10244 karma

Any details?

strippercrossing357 karma

I farted.

MyParentsAre_Cousins8 karma

Did he like it?

strippercrossing32 karma

He didnt say anything. Probably didn't want to embarrass me :)

Edit: that was for the comment below

Zoidbergluver9 karma

How could someone not fart for that long? Strippers are still human, she probably also takes shits at work and goes back on stage 5 minutes later.

strippercrossing42 karma

Strippers are not human. We wake up--natural makeup, perfect hair, no body hair--from our Stripper Cots in the back (we don't have lives outside of work), go to work because we love men and their cocks, and go right back to sleep. :) And we NEVER poop.

bustindustin62 karma

Did you ever have anything super crazy happen while you were working?

strippercrossing123 karma

OMG someone smoked crack IN the club last night. That's fucking crazy. They got thrown out, of course.

flapjack00954 karma

Does it make a difference to you if a customer wants to talk to you or is completely silent?

strippercrossing79 karma

No conversation makes me uncomfortable. You gotta say a little something at some point.

Edit: "no conversation" meaning a silent customer

j-sap46 karma

Why did you start this AMA during game of thrones? Are you crazy or something?

strippercrossing25 karma

Haha! I don't watch it but I want to start.

MyParentsAre_Cousins9 karma

Oh fuck, I forgot about the new episode tonight.

strippercrossing8 karma


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strippercrossing73 karma

How many people do you know that carry around Pleaser heels, bras, many loose singles, and body sprays in a duffle bag??

Keepcounting33 karma

Why do you do it? Did you meet your boyfriend from before or after the job? How do you deal with "handsy" customers?

strippercrossing60 karma

  1. money, flexible schedule (I come in whenever I want)

  2. shortly after.

  3. You have to be bossy, you have to be comfortable with "NO". Calling a customer out in front of all of his friends and embarrassing them is also a good way to get them to behave. I don't mind hands on my hips or something like that, but guys are handsy all the time. There's also bouncers. If a guy is really rude to me or other girls, or is very handsy after being told no multiple times, I'll ask a bouncer to kick him out.

abo_3ali28 karma

Would you ever consider posting on /r/gonewild?

Xanza14 karma

She's a stripper. A professional who takes her clothes off for money. Why would she spread her body around on the Internet for free?

strippercrossing12 karma

I like your reply, but I have posted on there before, before stripping. Maybe I will again. :)

I'm pretty desensitized to what people say about me while I'm at work, but there's something about compliments from a photo online that feels nice. Idk. That'd be an interesting study.

kingkratos1128 karma

What's your stripper name? Please don't say Candy.

strippercrossing37 karma

Gwen. I had a few before but I like this one.

lostprudence23 karma

Who are the best and worst customers? Are they easy to spot?

strippercrossing36 karma

Not really. You can tell the bad apples as soon as you start interacting with them though.

thistlemitten21 karma

What enjoyment do you experience while dancing?

strippercrossing39 karma

The thrill of selling many at a time, the excitement of getting the booth with the fan, and occasionally good conversation and knowing I made someone's night.

nootrino16 karma

Funny you say good conversation.

Friend and I went to Vegas back in 2010. We went to a strip club, first time I had ever been in one. I think it was called Cheetas, or something. Anyway, on the middle of the day, they were doing some carpet work inside because I guess there had been some water leak, or something. Friend and I sat down and a couple chicks came up to us. Got a dance each. Then they stuck around with us for a bit, since there weren't very many other people in there. After a bit, one if the guys that worked there told us we were gonna have to move to one of the premium areas that you normally had to pay for, but we didn't have to, because they had to do work where we were. Not like we were complaining... The two girls followed us up there and stuck around for a while and we were all just talking about stuff the whole time. We kinda got to know them a bit, they both seemed genuinely really nice and I really did enjoy just having a conversation with them. Still got another dance after that, though...

strippercrossing24 karma

Those girls enjoyed talking to you. I genuinely like a lot of the conversations I have. Interesting stuff.

thistlemitten13 karma

Probably more than night, actually.

strippercrossing16 karma


LilyBentley21 karma

So, I'll bite. Been considering that or webcamming myself.

What's the daily grind and average income per night? I know obviously a Friday or Saturday will being more people than a Tuesday, but the overall pay? Do you ever get stalked by wierdos?

strippercrossing62 karma

Income can be wildly inconsistent and is entirely dependent on your perceived confidence and sales ability. I mean you have to be pretty, but you don't have to be a 10. I can't give you an "overall pay" because it's different all the time. I usually bring in a couple hundred every shift and mostly work weekends. Not stalked, but plenty of weirdos, usually in a good way (most guys like back sweat, luckily).

traderftw27 karma

This got ten upvotes and no one asked about back sweat?

strippercrossing36 karma

Last night a customer patted his face with my sweat like aftershave. Very sweet man though.

SellingCoach2 karma

sales ability.

Ha. I'm a sales consultant but used to be a sales manager at a fairly large IT company. One of my best hires was an ex-stripper (I didn't know she had stripped until maybe a year or so after I hired her).

She went through our sales training like all new hires but her drive and self-confidence put her at the top of the leaderboard pretty much every month.

Small sample size and all that, but I can see the connection.

strippercrossing2 karma

Correct! Thanks for your comment.

IronicDuke17 karma

So the obvious questions... 1. How did you get started? 2. You obviously enjoy your job so have you always been comfortable being naked or did that take some getting used to? 3. What's the best line someone's tried that made you pause before turning them down!

Thank you for your service Ma'am!

strippercrossing26 karma

  1. I was lucky enough to already have a good friend in the industry, so she helped me. Just went in and auditioned.

  2. I've always been very comfortable naked, I prefer being naked.

  3. I don't usually turn guys down, considering I'm trying to sell dances and it doesn't matter if I'm interested in them or not. And honestly I'm really bad at remembering conversations. I did have a guy ask if he could smell my asshole in a private room once! There's a lot of kinksters in strip clubs, I think it's because it's a place where they may be able to pursue kinks they may not have the opportunity or confidence to do in a real relationship.

1978Throwaway1215 karma

Did you let him smell it?

strippercrossing34 karma

I was going to answer until I saw you were the same guy asking about anal. :/

Madcow_Disease15 karma

How about the ones who didn't ask about anal?

strippercrossing34 karma

I guess I'll answer. It was pretty funny he remained a respectful distance from my butt parts and I did the spreading myself but yes, he was allowed to get a quick whiff. :) I'm more willing to put up with strange requests if you're respectful and spending a lot of money.

Iamajay201516 karma

What changes have you noticed in yourself or in your personal, sexual or social life since you started working?

strippercrossing38 karma

Great question. Many changes. Happiness as a result of greater financial security and independence, confidence in my ability to be very firm with people and pursue what I want, amazing makeup skills haha. As far as confidence for my appearance goes, it's a strange combination of feeling sexy and knowing the power my looks give me, but becoming much more aware of my body, weight, tan etc. I am definitely very confident but also tend to be very critical of my own body (work on this, slim this, define this). Strange.

My sex drive has been fairly low for a while, before stripping even.

I have a fairly slow social life for reasons that have nothing to do with stripping, but I've learned that strippers are some of the funniest, most caring and most generous people you'll meet your life.

In my opinion, contrary to popular belief, I feel like dating became easier because of stripping, as I can detect very early in the relationship the people that want to change me or have nasty things to say about a woman's autonomy.

Iamajay20155 karma

Yeah that makes sense.. on a side note amazing make up skills , my mind read it as amazing make out skills .. haha

strippercrossing10 karma

I'm good at that too. I love a good makeout sesh.

TwigRTS16 karma

How physically strenuous can stripping be? Are there a lot of really zealous moves you do are is it pretty much shimmying around the pole?

strippercrossing27 karma

Combination of moves and shimmying. People spout nonsense like "strippers just walk around the pole/dont know how to do anything" blah blah, but who wants to see and girl flying around and spinning and working out for three songs in a row? The "unskilled" stuff is us dancing or moving slowly and sensually, which is what men want to see.

isaristh13 karma

What things can customers do that you appreciate and causes you to treat them special, minus throwing their wallet at you?

strippercrossing15 karma

Just be very kind. Most guys are pretty ok, but some are outstandingly respectful and kind, and I notice. Thank me for the dance, tip a couple bucks on top of the dance fee, be gentle with me, be honest and don't keep me hanging around while you think about getting a dance with me. Ideal dance etiquette is kind of similar to third or fourth date etiquette, I like to think.

DR_OOSTER12 karma

What skills that you have acquired during your stripping career will you carry into your future career????

strippercrossing24 karma

Good question. I have amazing interpersonal and sales skills. I'm flexible and a quick thinker. I can care for others and read people very well (that's more of a me thing than what I learned stripping though).

DR_OOSTER9 karma

The reading of people was the exact response I expected, I imagine you would pick that up very quickly, or in your case, enhance it. Good luck, hope everything works out for you, you're cute and smart, so I'm sure it will xo.

strippercrossing5 karma

Thanks love :)

ClwNza11 karma

I lived with/dated a stripper for a few months last year.

Something that I found truly fascinating was how she was able to switch personalities. Almost as if she truly believed in her alternate personality.

Do you find that you are able to turn on and off different personalities? Beyond just the job, do you ever rely on the alternative personalities to get you through whatever tasks or challenges during the day?

strippercrossing17 karma

Yeah, she sounds experienced and clever.

I'm more stripper-y when I want something from someone.

Lizard-people10 karma

How did your parents react when you told them you were a stripper? Were they mad at you at first? Or were your parents okay with it from the start?

strippercrossing13 karma

My mom suspected it and was like "I don't love it, but I'll deal with it." She just wants me to be happy, and I am noticeably happier and calmer. She told my dad, he felt the same way. He made a (non-offensive) joke about it at one point. I do have a cousin I no longer speak to because he was the first one I came out to and he was a dickhead about it.

Iamajay201510 karma

Does your work affect you emotionally at some level ? I mean your work require dealing with strangers at times you have to act distant and not get emotionally attached.
do you have a routine/activities you do after finishing work so that you are ready for your everyday life?

strippercrossing32 karma

It doesn't really affect me emotionally unless a customer is really awful with me. I once had a customer try to beat me up because I didn't want to date him and expected him to pay for his one measly lapdance. Luckily I'm a scrappy little girl and after I landed a few hits the bouncer took him outside to..."talk" to him. :) The details of it all still make me very mad, but it's over.

I just shower and plop into bed and play games or sleep.

EDIT: I did NOT get hurt, just frightened! He did get hurt :)

avesinclair9 karma

what advice do you have for a student interested in getting started?

strippercrossing27 karma

Just do it. Call the club and ask how to audition. You learn along the way. I also had some safety advice posted on other comments.

Be sure to get proper footwear. I only wear Pleaser brand. Very comfortable and durable. If you try to wear normal girl heels your feet are gonna kill you.

Don't underestimate box lingerie from sex shops, that shit rocks.

Practice dancing in the mirror, and don't try to do a bunch of pole stuff you're not good at at the expense of not paying attention to tippers. Face-to-face interaction makes the most money on stage.

Write dance and room prices on a little sticky note that you can look at in the dressing room, so you don't forget and you start to remember faster.

Laurendoesit5 karma


strippercrossing10 karma

I had TERRIBLE stage fright. I was very visibly terrified, but made it anyway. The only auditions I've ever known have been like the other girls' sets, during normal operating hours. Some clubs like skinny girls, some mostly hire black girls, etc. Be sure to find that kind of stuff out, as well as attire expectations, before auditioning.

Keeganwherefore13 karma

Fellow stripper here, DONT call the club. Seriously. Don't do it. Most clubs (in Texas, Georgia, and NY anyway) will tell you they're not hiring over the phone. This is because some girls show up and are turned away (because of their looks or their demeanor or we have too many blondes or whatever), and then throw a tantrum when management says "we actually aren't hiring". Your best bet is to get dressed up (well-fitting dress or shorts and a nice top, nothing too fancy but nothing too casual either), visit the club on the shifts you want to work (if you want to work days, come in on a dayshift, if you want to work nights show up at 5 so management can get your paperwork ready before they get busy, etc), and don't show up on a Friday or Saturday, many clubs will not hire on Fridays and Saturdays.

Box lingerie can be okay, but you WILL 100% need a proper t-back to dance in clubs in almost all states. A t-back can be ordered online or bought from a house mom in the clubs, or if you have a dancewear store near you, you can get it there. It's normally a spandex thong that's double lined. They're comfortable, wash well, and come in a million different colors and styles.

You can wear whatever. Seriously. I did my first audition years ago in a pink bikini. Later on I wore box lingerie with knee high black boots. Then it was cheap cocktail dresses I bought at Charlotte Russe. Now I dance in floor length bedazzled gowns. Some girls wear slutty Halloween costumes, some girls wear a bra and panties, some girls wear cut up tshirts. The most important thing is to figure out what YOU are comfortable in and what works best for YOU.

Edit: your audition could be many things. It could be working a full shift, it could be one song on a stage, it could be as simple as going in the dressing room so they can see what you look like naked. But NEVER EVER agree to give a manager a lap dance as part of an audition. It's highly unprofessional and really creepy of management to ask for that. If they ask for that, thank them for their time and get out of there ASAP.

strippercrossing4 karma

Better answer than mine! Thanks!

luckyleeny9 karma

How do you stay in heels that high for so long comfortably???

strippercrossing17 karma

The platform. The hight of the heel does't matter as much as its relative to the platform. Think about the angle that your foot is at in a platform heel. It's not so bad.

IxWoodstockxI8 karma

which customers do you like going after? 1. Drunk Men or 2. Unattractive men?

strippercrossing15 karma

Both! Haha. In all seriousness, it's my job to make these unattractive guys feel special and wanted (As long as they don't want lots of personal time with me for free. That's rude.). It's a nice thing. Drunk guys are a little tricky to talk to and sell a dance to sometimes bc they can't focus.

Bardfinn8 karma

Two questions, related:

Favourite song to strip to, and why?

Least favourite song to strip to, and why?

strippercrossing28 karma

"Primadonna Girl" by Marina and the Diamonds. I love to celebrate the vapid and shallow woman I can be at work. I make more money when I'm just a liiiiiitle bitchy. >:) That song makes me feel powerful.

"Crazy Bitch" by Buckcherry. Combine all the nasty feelings and assumptions men have about strippers, and there you have it--this fucking song.

Paradox206314 karma

Crazy Bitch" by Buckcherry

This was my ex's favorite song to strip to. ಠ_ಠ

strippercrossing24 karma

Yikes. 😰 My best friend likes to strip to white trash anger rock too.

MauiAntoinette8 karma

So, as a female, I struggle daily with body image issues. How do you view yourself mentally? It must take so much self-esteem (one would think) to get up in front of a crowd and do what you do. Mad props, by the way. :)

strippercrossing16 karma

Thanks! You and I have to understand that we're not going to look like this girl or that girl or whoever. We're going to look at other girls and think "I want her X" but we're not going to have it. And that's okay because it's not possible to be perfect. I wish I had a slimmer tummy and neck, but I don't, and I'm still pretty. A lot of insecurity stems from us focusing on small details and trying to reconstruct what would be beautiful on us in our own heads. Try to focus on what makes you feel pretty and desirable and know that no one on earth loves EVERYTHING about themselves.

Arathian7 karma

Favourite video game?

Everyone has one!

strippercrossing33 karma

Oblivion or Skyrim. Cliché I know. I just didn't like how all the quests in Skyrims were "go into this dungeon and kill these guys to get this thing". Oblivion was more interesting in terms of quests.

I like Animal Crossing and Pokemon a lot too. I was IV breeding for a while.

Hamtaro Ham-Ham Heartbreak helped me cope with crippling childhood depression so that's another favorite.

archimedes_principle7 karma

Any famous people come to you? I know Dennis Rodman didn't tip my ex or her coworkers after being at the club all night.

If you work at Mardi Gras, tell Ramona flowers she can shove it, she broke my damn heart.

strippercrossing6 karma

Skrillex was in shortly before I started working there, my friend motorboated Lance Bass. I don't think I've ever met a famous person. My club is famous in the area but pretty small. I'm also not in a city like New York or Atlanta.

raz0rbl4d36 karma

How difficult has it been to keep out of the more nefarious activities that might present themselves? Drugs/VIP parties/"Special requests" ect? Considering how much money potentially could be made where do you draw the line?

strippercrossing10 karma

Good question. I'm not interested in trying drugs so there's no temptation for me there, and drinking too much is a more common problem anyway. I'm pretty good at not allowing myself to look or sound sloppy, but I've had nights where I should have had less. The adult industry does have its risks.

And like I mentioned earlier, I have no moral objections to full service sex work but it's easy to get arrested for stuff like that so I'm not willing to risk it.

And I've NEVER entertained the notion of "after parties" or anything like that. Very dangerous.

Wyzegy6 karma

Do you have a preferred song to dance to? What about like..."special moves".

strippercrossing19 karma

I gave my favorite DJ a mixtape a while ago, he always plays my favorite music! I like to dance to early 2000s pop for a good mood, electronic music similar to AlunaGeorge, Empire of the Sun, The Hics...I really like Bryson Tiller right now. I also love this disco revival we have going on right now.

He plays me a set with "Primadonna Girl", "Homewrecker" (both Marina and the Diamonds) and "G.U.Y." by Gaga if it's a little slow. :)

Most of the music for the night is house and electronic or rock though. Music intensifies and starts to kind of blend together into one really long EDM song as the night gets later.

As far as moves, I'm an ass girl. I have a really big butt.

rogerrabbitrocks5 karma

Bus, Cab or uber?

strippercrossing2 karma

uber, but i usually drive

Iamajay20154 karma

Did you ever hook up with anyone you met in strip club while working ? What did you like about him/her or was it just a financial transaction ?

strippercrossing11 karma


PapaBurgandi4 karma

What's it like up there? Seems hard but looks fun if the crowd weren't perverted fucks and we're instead art admirers

strippercrossing16 karma

Stage is very fun but people are rudest on stage. Like a non-tipping spectator from last night, who shouted "Leave a mark!" at me last night while twerking on the tripping rail in front of customers. I stopped dancing and stood there and asked him in why in the world he would think that's OK and he's like "No, not them, I mean spank yourself and leave a mark!"

.........wtf. These morons take all the disgusting behavior they hide from girlfriends and wives, and proudly display their misogyny and idiocy to strippers at work. Give me a break.

And the amount of people who think my pussy and asshole are a piggy bank blow me away. Why would I want a nasty $1 bill on my pussy?????? why would you shove anything there?? I'm getting mad just writing this.

However, most are very nice men who just want a show. :)

PoppyOncrack4 karma

What are your, erm, measurements?

strippercrossing17 karma

36-33-41. My breasts are like, weirdly perky though. Very very firm. I'm curvy and very strong.

mpf3153 karma

if i put the song sister ray on by the velvet underground would i only get charged for one song and how the hell do you make that erotic?


strippercrossing2 karma

Haha there's NO WAY you'd only get charged for one song with that.

joshmanzors3 karma

What Neil Young song would work best as music to strip to?

strippercrossing6 karma

I'll keep looking but I'd recommend a different artist. :)

Squishfish253 karma

Have you ever had to give a lap dance to someone that reeked terribly of BO or can you refuse anyone you want?

strippercrossing3 karma

I won't try to sell a dance to a really smelly guy. :( I can refuse if I'd like.

strippercrossing2 karma

Hm...music, video games, stuff I study. Stuff I actually like.

Mangus_Maximus1 karma

Hello strippercrossing. My question is: What have you learned from your job?

strippercrossing3 karma

A lot! How to dance, how to do makeup, how to be a bad bitch, how people behave in terms of context, etc.

traderftw1 karma

If someone paid you what you make currently to study for school, would you?

strippercrossing4 karma

Could you rephrase this? I'm not sure what you mean.

PaleArrows1 karma

I think they mean if someone asked you to quit your job, and they would give you the amount of money you usually make to study for school instead of strip, would you do it.

strippercrossing4 karma

Would I quit if someone offered to pay my tuition and bills...? Hm...probably not. What if they cut me off? Or were really needy and got in the way of my relationships with others?

epgenius1 karma

Do you have any strategies for doing VIPs without customers demanding or expecting sex? Also, if you do have a strategy, how do you make sure they don't get violent or how do you prevent them overstepping the line if you refuse to give them anything "extra"?

Thank you!

strippercrossing3 karma

I don't mention sex unless they ask, and I make it clear I won't perform extras. As for keeping them under control, try to establish a "I'm in charge....but still cute and sexy" attitude. If a guy pushes it with me, I'll snap and yell at them to stop or I will kick them out and they'll still have to pay...and immediately snap back into a very cute and sweet act. It confuses them and makes them nervous, but the sweet act gets them back in the mood soon. Also, don't be afraid to yell for a bouncer if things get scary. You're the priority, not the dance!

SidDriver1 karma

Do you work in a local establishment? Close to where you live? I have some friends that are in the business but usually travel to other cities to avoid running into people they know. I'm also wondering if you get a lot of guys asking for your number? I've been asked a few times to exchange numbers but have never really been up for it. I know you have a boyfriend but do the other dancers give out their numbers?

strippercrossing3 karma

I live pretty close because my uni and the club are close. I live near uni. I have before, but be sure to use google voice or something. It's a way to gain regulars.

SidDriver1 karma

Ah regulars... yeah, that makes sense. Cool, thanks for the info. And on behalf of myself and the rest of us guys, thanks for doing what you do! hehehe ;)

strippercrossing3 karma

Sure thing!

ConstableCornelius1 karma

As a person who has never been to a strip club, how much money should I bring in to not look like a cheap douche?

strippercrossing2 karma

Good question! Enough to tip by the stage for a while, and maybe get a dance if you'd like to. You don't have to be a baller, but you have to tip the girls at least a little.

catcroissant1 karma

Okay so, how do your Pleasers fit? I've heard a lot of people tell me they run small but I don't want to buy the wrong size. Also, if you have more than one pair, which do you prefer (i'm deciding between Sky and Adore)?

strippercrossing1 karma

True to size! They don't run small but they are tight. they need to be. I've had quite a few pairs, I'm currently wearing Sky in pink, I love them! I need ankle straps on my shoes.

Are you using these for pole, work, or just want a great pair of heels?

epgenius1 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA!

My girlfriend is an exotic dancer. She didn't tell me for the first few months we dated but it came out during a fight she was having with her brother as he tried to defame her in front of me. It's been a little tough to get used to but I love her and trust her, and I appreciate that she's a very clean dancer who (in addition to making pretty good money) enjoys the sensation of still being able to dance into adulthood.

I was wondering if you have had any issues with your club, or clubs, labeling you as an independent contractor but trying to dictate your hours, and days worked per week. I'll soon be graduating from law school so I'm naturally litigious and press my girlfriend to be forthright with her managers because they pressure her to work more days (she's a full time student), charge her larger fees if she comes in later or leaves earlier, and threaten to fire her all the time. If she was an employee, they could do all of that but, as her work agreement specifies her as an independent contractor, that conduct is well out of their range of abilities. Although her club is classy and has treated her better than any other that she's worked at, the owners and managers are coke heads for the most part and talk openly about how they're constantly getting applications from new girls--I presume to hold it over her head. She's scared to talk about it or stand up for herself, and when I ask if she can get the other girls to stand up with her (somewhat unionize) she scoffs at how competitive it is, and claims they'd just try to get her in trouble. Have you ever been in a similar situation with a club, and would you say her experience with the other girls (a few of whom are friendly with her but not actual friends) is typical? I just want the best for her but she's afraid she'll lose her job.

Thank you!

strippercrossing2 karma

Great comment. I've never worked at a club that told me which hours to work. And unfortunately, because she's an independent contractor, they can easily refuse to sell her space in the club (fire her) without any complications. Club managers love to fire girls over stuff like trying to change things, so shes right about that. But if they wanted to fire her they would have already, so she should just ignore them when they say all the stuff about new girls etc.

epgenius1 karma

She's a big money maker for the club considering she's clean and doesn't do any VIPS. She has a perfect hourglass and is pale which contrasts with most of the other girls who are super skinny and tan, so she fills a niche that I don't think they'd soon like closed. They'd have to give her a month's notice if they wanted to end the contract and can't fire her on the spot without cause. I'm somewhat giddy at the thought of fighting the club in court but she doesn't want it to get out that she's a dancer (she'll soon be applying to grad school). There's been a litany of recent case law that has emerged in several states (Nevada, Arkansas, Florida, New York, Missouri, etc.) in which courts have found that the dancers are actually employees, are owed back pay, and the clubs have to pay a shitload in unpaid taxes. There hasn't been a big case yet in California (where I am) but Spearmint Rhino settled out of court with a bunch of its dancers for $13 million which shows a sign of the times. I don't know where you are but, if any issues arise, it's good to look up dancers' employment rights in your jurisdiction, and I'm a big proponent of dancers unionizing to demand fair compensation for what they do. With club owners just providing space, expecting girls to tip out everyone (bouncers, bar maids, even managers sometimes) and trying to dictate hours, they're making a lot of money while illegally evading tax liabilities, as well as dancer compensation.

strippercrossing2 karma

You're very right. Scarlet's had a big case with that too. And yeah, your gf isn't getting fired, lol.

Averagecanadianbrah1 karma

What's your favourite song on views from the 6?

strippercrossing1 karma

Feel No Ways

throwthisaway41x1 karma

have you ever seen any racist dancers at your club?

strippercrossing2 karma

Edit: misread the question.

I haven't. Racist customers are more common.

PeekAndPie1 karma

I've been wanting to start stripping for a long while now, but I have 2 things holding me back. 1) Family have all just kind of taken the idea as a joke and are entirely dismissive of it/very much think I'm an idiot for wanting to do it, and 2) I'm a chubby girl (I'm pretty, but I know myself and it is what it is). In your opinion, how important is it to be quite thin/fit looking? And how did you help your family/friends accept that you do something you want to do? That it wasn't just acting out or trying to get attention or something?

strippercrossing3 karma

They know me well enough to know it wasn't an attention/acting out thing. I don't think I've ever met a girl who started stripping because of that anyway.

I'm not thin either, guys love it. I'd say give it a shot if you feel ready, but some clubs are picky about weight. Try to stay away from clubs that are known for "babes" or really thin girls. And don't let a "no" make you feel bad! It happens! :)

thedoorsareclosing0 karma

Assuming you aren't vegetarian or vegan, etc.

What would you prefer on a nice slow-cooked Easter ham? Would you like syrup glazed along it and slowly baked into the meat?

Would you like it covered in Mandarin orange slices along the top and surrounding the bottom of the ham where it meets the pan?

Would you like Pineapple doing the same as the Mandarin oranges?

I tried all three last Easter dinner but never got a straight answer from anyone regarding the different cooking methods on the ham chunks so I'm hoping an outsider would help me figure out which would be the best course of action.

By the way, kudos on stripping. That must be a tough job and something that really gets under your skin no matter how thick it is.

strippercrossing1 karma

Fantastic Question! I feel like the fruits would compliment the ham nicely, I've had neither oranges or pineapples on them, but I would assume...oranges sound the best. :) I am a big fan of a brown sugar glaze.

Good point, even thick-skinned girls can get their feelings hurt. I don't know if I've ever been really really hurt, but I do get mad quite frequently at people who feel like they can do whatever they want. It bothers me, like "This guy is going to be an asshole for the rest of his life and he feels like it's okay."

kaante0 karma

Hey, how you doing?

Fave simpsons character?

strippercrossing1 karma

Marge :)

[deleted]0 karma


strippercrossing1 karma

Haha, I think he did an okay job. I like his wife a lot too.

A lot of the odd stuff is kind of predictable and not all that odd, like guys who like sweat, feet, or hair. There was the asshole guy but even that isn't, like, super crazy.

[deleted]1 karma


strippercrossing1 karma

Haha, I mentioned him earlier