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I was an underpaid intern on the hill, can you please delete by browser history.

Interns need some help, they are the ones opening up the Hustler magazine every month.

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If I ever worked in the Capitol I'd probably make a game out of hiding weird non-threatening items in suitcase to put through the x-ray machine. I interned on the hill a few years ago and a lot of the Capitol police were really chill and had a good sense of humor. I always wore a large western style belt buckle with my school logo on it and most of them just let me through. I had a couple give me a hard time for being an A&M fan. And there were a few who would just be fussy with me because I had a belt buckle on.

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Do you think foreign countries would be able to handle a mass influx of defectors?

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How long did it to take you to become accustomed to the new culture? Is there anything that you still find odd or shocking?

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Haha, yeah as far as I can tell. I got all 14 fingers and toes and I can count up to 10 if I use them all.