Hey Reddit! This is Titus Welliver, I’m ready to answer your questions (well… within reason.) I currently play the iconic detective, Harry Bosch, on the Amazon hit drama, “Bosch,” based on Michael Connelly's bestsellers. You can check it out on Amazon Prime now: http://www.amazon.com/Bosch-Season-2/dp/B01AB17IGQ. You may also remember me as The Man in Black on "Lost," Silas Adams on "Deadwood" and Glenn Childs from "The Good Wife". I'm ready.. SO ASK AWAY!

PROOF: https://twitter.com/welliver_titus/status/710147953315319808

UPDATE: Thank you all for your great questions and of course, your amazing support of Bosch. Thank you for your continued support of projects I am in, it means the world to me. Without your support, I'd still be playing my harmonica for change in the New York City subway (which I did in fact do). Enjoy your day!

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liamquane119 karma

What was going through your head as an actor when you were The Man in Black? :~)

TitusWelliver335 karma

Hawaii is so beautiful, what time is lunch?

BrutallyHonestDude92 karma

Hi Titus.

Are you able to respond to the reports of a Deadwood movie? Is it going to happen? When? Is everybody returning?

TitusWelliver96 karma

Nothing has been confirmed and I have not been contacted. Certainly would be fun to do but beyond somewhat abstract press, I know nothing beyond that.

BrutallyHonestDude30 karma

Oh man, my hopes have been dashed. Thanks for answering.

3zahsselhtiaf39 karma

Mine too. This series was done a great disservice by being cut so short. Now I'm going to open some canned peaches and stare at some fuckin hogs.

TitusWelliver35 karma

That being said, it's all up in the air.

SNOTcorn73 karma

Was the Terry O'Quinn suit that you had to wear on the last season of Lost well ventilated?

TitusWelliver59 karma

yes, thankfully.

liamquane70 karma

To you, what was The Man in Black? :~)

TitusWelliver153 karma

A profoundly tragic and misunderstood character. I wish I had more of his story to tell. I really loved playing that character.

nopooshallpass59 karma

Hey Titus,

About 6 months ago I ran into you at LAX. My dogs jumped on you and you said your girlfriend had 3-4 and you didn't mind. I was on a bar of Xanax at the time and my wife was in the bathroom, to this day she doesn't believe me. So much so, Im not sure if it happened now.

Can you recall this happening?

PS. sorry for such a shitty question, just want to make sure I'm not losing my mind.

TitusWelliver87 karma

That was me! I love dogs.

Ketochewchew57 karma

Hi Titus, I think Deadwood is pretty much the best thing ever happened to television. Can you tell me what to watch to fill the void deadwood left?

TitusWelliver62 karma

There is truly only one Deadwood. Certainly Bosch but I get a similar subsistence from Game of Thrones as one got from Deadwood

joecbloom37 karma

Hi Titus,

My wife and I have really loved you in everything we've seen you in, which for us started with Deadwood. We were stoked for you to have a series lead in Bosch -- love the show!

My question is, had you read/were you a fan of any of Michael Connelly's books prior to becoming involved in Bosch? If so, do you have a favorite?

Also, I am 90% sure my family spent a week at a beach you were also visiting in 2011 or so (obviously I won't mention where). Never introduced ourselves, so as not to interfere with your vacation, but it was a thrill. If it was in fact you, you looked like you had a ball with your dog and your paddleboard. :-)

Best wishes and thanks for all the great performances.

TitusWelliver48 karma

Thank you very much. I had only read one Bosch novel many years prior to reading the Bosch script and thoroughly enjoyed it. I since then continue to digest those books not only for work but more importantly for pleasure.

I know the beach of which you speak and yes that was me and my dog.

daledo630 karma

Has there been any talks with Marvel regarding the Felix Blake character lately?

TitusWelliver45 karma

Yes, stay tuned.

MyNewNewUserName28 karma

What do you see as Harry Bosch's tragic flaw? How do you approach that as an actor?

TitusWelliver54 karma

Harry cares, if you could call that a flaw. Much of Harry is internal rather than expressed through dialogue, I do my best to project some of his inner turmoil without words.

liamquane27 karma

What was it like working with Michael Emerson on Lost?

TitusWelliver40 karma

I never had any scenes with Michael but know him a bit and love his work.

aidanb0123 karma

Hi Titus, have there been talks yet of a season 3?

I appreciate you've just done season 2 but this is so good and it is worth more

TitusWelliver30 karma

Thank you! We await the word of renewal from Amazon for Season 3. Fingers crossed.

devilsrevolver23 karma

Hi Titus,

I know you collect comic books so I was curious, if you could pick any comic book role, what role would you choose?

TitusWelliver40 karma

Nick Fury from another universe

cizzlewizzle21 karma

For the record, I don't think you look like your mother fucked a monkey.

You do however seem like a very tempered actor/person who says a lot with very few words, but what could cause you to absolutely lose your shit either personally or professionally?

TitusWelliver115 karma

A Donald Trump presidency.

Escapegoat0721 karma

Hi Titus!

Loving you as Bosch and hope you can do at least 3-5 more seasons. Are you as much of a jazz fan as your character on the show? If not, what sort of music do you dig and is your record setup as badass? Thanks for doing this AmA!

TitusWelliver22 karma

I do love jazz as much as Harry but do not have his level of knowledge. I love many different types of music and there is music playing in my home constantly.

ihateslowdrivers17 karma

Hi there Mr. Welliver!

Thanks for taking the time for this!

My question is has anyone ever told you that you look like a skinny Tom Sizemore?

TitusWelliver28 karma


Barely_Boosted0716 karma

What were your thoughts going into filming Bosch knowing that it would only be available online? Do you see this as the way of the future?

TitusWelliver32 karma

Yes, it would seem that is the direction entertainment is moving towards. I have been slow to warm to it, as Harry and I share the same fear of the new, but am now a true convert.

liamquane16 karma

How dd you find playing a twin in Lost?

TitusWelliver38 karma

Mark Pellegrino and I are long time close friends, like brothers so the closeness of that relationship was real and did not require the fabrication of a relationship.

liamquane14 karma

What is it like working with Ben Affleck as a director?

TitusWelliver28 karma

Art at its highest level. He is one of the finest directors I have worked with in every aspect and hope to continue to make many more films with him.

RizzMustbolt14 karma

Why did you turn down the role as Dr. Strange?

I assumed you turned it down, since any rational person would have come to you first to cast the role.

TitusWelliver22 karma

I was never offered that part or I would surely have accepted it, but a good rumor!

inconsssolable13 karma

Do you have any sort of "dream role"?

Also, I just want to say you were genuinely incredible in Gone Baby Gone, and I'll pretty much watch anything if I see you're in it.

TitusWelliver21 karma

Something with Tom Hardy

ghost-from-tomorrow11 karma

Hi Titus,

You're one of those actors who, once I found out who you were, I began to see EVERYWHERE -- which is understandably a good thing! Anytime I'm watching a show and the guest star titles are at the beginning, I always get excited when I see your name (this happened most recently with, I think, reruns of Star Trek: Voyager). Thanks for all you bring to each role.

Anyway, here are my questions:

1.) It's amazing to think that the entire cornerstone of Lost mythology was actually the man in black / smoke monster / aka "you." In finding this character, did you create any personal theories for the character that maybe wasn't shown on the show? Or any potential insight into the character that we, as viewers, aren't aware of?

2.) You have such a versatile and rich tapestry of characters in your acting career. In a perfect world, are there are specific roles/ IPs/ characters you'd love to play?

Thanks again for all you do. Knowing you're the leading man in Bosch has made me make sure to watch!

TitusWelliver12 karma

  1. I cannot lie, no.
  2. Well written ones

Thank you very much!

liamquane10 karma

I know this question has probably came up a lot and there is probably no answer but because Ben Affleck is rumored to be directing The Batman movie, would you be collaborating again on it?


TitusWelliver20 karma

In my dreams, certainly.

liamquane10 karma

Did you have to shoot Suits in Canada or New York?

TitusWelliver9 karma


liamquane10 karma

Hi Mr. Welliver, Huge fan. Can I ask, what was it like working with Michael Bay? Thank you! :~)

TitusWelliver15 karma

I had a fantastic time working with Michael. He is a force of nature, his commitment to detail is awe-inspiring. I hope to work with him again, many, many more times.

DRUMWIZARD1019 karma

Hi Titus.I have only seen you in LOST but plan on seeing Bosch which looks really cool.What was the actual name of The Man In Black?

TitusWelliver14 karma

There isn't one.

liamquane9 karma

How do you adapt to each new director when they change within a series?

TitusWelliver8 karma

Many of our directors from Season 1 have returned so we have a great collaborative relationship and a kind of shorthand in communicating.

ClipFH9 karma

Hello Titus.

First want to say huge fan of your work. Now for the question, what was it like with the cast and working on Deadwood? I always read it was one of the best and closest groups in TV history. Got any good stories on set?

Thank you.

TitusWelliver21 karma

Thank you! It was a very tight knit cast, everyone got along beautifully.

Wu's pigs really eat people.

El3ctr0G33k9 karma

Hi Titus, I'd like to start by saying that you have done some great work, particularly as the man in black in Lost.

How hard was it to put on an Irish accent for your role as Jimmy O'Phelan in Sons of Anarchy? I certainly saw some moments where it looked like you struggled - when going for a role, do they look for people who can already do an accent, or do they cast you, then hope that a voice coach can get you to where you need to be by the time shooting begins?

P.s. haven't seen Bosch yet, but will be starting it off at the weekend, heard great things!

TitusWelliver10 karma

Accents are difficult, I was cast one day and on a plane the next morning. Not much prep time for Jimmy O.

msl_atl8 karma

Hi Titus, love your work on Bosch, it's one of my favorite shows on TV!

What do like the most about playing the character Harry Bosch in comparison to the other roles you've had in the past?

TitusWelliver9 karma

Thank you, glad you enjoy it. Harry is a very nuanced character, flawed, vulnerable, and tough. There is a fragile inner life with Bosch that is very interesting to play.

klamonic18 karma

Hi Titus, who was your role model growing up?

TitusWelliver26 karma

Bruce Lee and Steve McQueen.

BrutallyHonestDude8 karma

Titus, I know you do impressions of people. Can you do any of your co-stars? Like Ian McShane's Al Swearengen, including the cursing?

TitusWelliver13 karma

Yes, I do Ian and I do pretty good Jamie Hector and Lance Reddick impressions.

liamquane7 karma

What is the best thing a director can do for you on set? :~)

TitusWelliver9 karma

Let me find my way and come up with some inspiring direction.

ZeroVizard7 karma

Hi! I'm really loving Bosch so far and its great to finally put a face on Harry Bosch, how did you come to get the role as Harry Bosch?

TitusWelliver7 karma

I met with Michael Connelly and the producers and was blessed to be chosen by them.

n_mcrae_19827 karma

I think I saw you in the cast list for an upcoming Agents of SHIELD episode. Is there hope that we'll finally see what happened to your character, who apparently sat out all the big changes to Shield?

TitusWelliver4 karma

Stay tuned!

chtucker187 karma

What advise would you give someone who wants to make it in the entertainment industry?

TitusWelliver27 karma

Keep your head down. Focus on what is necessary, discard that which is not. Show up on time and know your lines.

chtucker186 karma

I will use this advise for now on. Thanks!

TitusWelliver12 karma

You're welcome. I hope it's helpful.

falcona147 karma

What is your next project?

TitusWelliver16 karma

I just finished Live by Night with Ben Affleck. I am writing a script for myself and reading other scripts.

JustoBX6 karma

How do you create the chemistry on screen where your character and Jamie Hector's character seem to have a real bond of partnership ?

TitusWelliver5 karma

Jamie and I have become close, we enjoy each other's company. Lucky us.

ImNotThatIntoYou6 karma

Hi Titus, I love to hate you when you play the bad guy, really like your character in SVU. What kinda hobbies do you have while on set?

TitusWelliver6 karma

Learning my lines for the next day's work

colarian6 karma

How many times did you get killed by A list B movie actors (Jean Claude Van Dam, Bruce Willis, Walker Texas Ranger played by Chuck "Balls of Steel" Norris, for example) in the 80's and 90's? Oh and good job in Deadwood.

TitusWelliver12 karma

I have been killed by some of the best

FlightyGuy5 karma

Are the tattoos real. So many. So sudden. If they're real; what made you go "wild" all of a sudden?

You had a birthday very recently. How's it feel, you old goat? Wait. Is that why you got all the tats?

TitusWelliver4 karma

Yes all my tattoos. Are you suggesting a midlife crisis? Cheaper than a sports car.

mnmagnus4 karma

Hi Mr. Welliver, Thank you for doing this AMA. I am a big fan of your work, and have been a longtime fan of Michael Connelly's Bosch series of books. Anytime I see movies or tv based on books I enjoy I am always worried that they wont live up to the source material, but you are outstanding as Bosch, and I can't wait for more. Now for the questions.

  1. How did you prepare to be Harry Bosch?

  2. Were you worried about how your portrayal of Bosch would be received by longtime fans of the books?

TitusWelliver7 karma

Thank you!

  1. Given the short amount of time to prepare because of my shooting schedule on Transformers, I was really only able to read the source material to get to know the character. Fortunately, Michael Connelly was on set throughout the entire pilot process so I was in constant communication with him regarding my interpretation of Harry.
  2. You will never please everyone so I just had to jump in and stay true to the core integrity of the character from the books.

citizenpuppet4 karma

Titus, what was your name supposed to be on LOST!? Most of us of course know you as Man In Black, but what was his actual name?

TitusWelliver7 karma

He didn't have a name

time_traveling_bunny4 karma

Greetings, Titus!

I would like to thank you for your outstanding work in LOST. In fact, if you answer my question, you will have made my year. (For real.)

So my question is--how much fun did you have with Mark Pellegrino filming those Totally Lost youtube shorts? Dr. Smoke cracked me up, and it just looked like you guys had so much fun shooting those.

Also, I love your Red Sox sweatshirt. ;)

Thanks so much!!

TitusWelliver3 karma

It was a blast, mostly improvised. We nearly pissed ourselves doing it-glad you enjoyed it. Go Sox!

SpaceJamMartian4 karma

Did you ever watch "The Wire"? Asking because I see some of the same actors in Bosch. I just finished the second season, great show.

TitusWelliver5 karma

yes, every episode, every season. Many friends in that cast.

liamquane3 karma

What is it like being the lead in a series such as Bosch? Brilliant work by the way! :~)

TitusWelliver5 karma

Thank you very much. A bit more responsibility, perhaps a bit more investment and longer hours.

jwarnaar3 karma

What does your day consist of?

TitusWelliver4 karma

Wake up, get my daughter ready for school, have breakfast with my wife and daughter, go to work.

BFG_90003 karma

Hi Titus,

I just started watching Bosch today - and I think I'm already hooked.

I was surprised to see Jamie Hector playing the part of a cop - having only ever seen him as Marlo Stanfield before (I'm assuming you've seen 'The Wire'?) - does this kind of thing happen to you - when you meet or work with someone that you've only ever seen playing a part, do you find it hard/confusing separating them from their character?

TitusWelliver5 karma

No because I'm an actor too

Dongo6663 karma


I am a big fan of the Bosch tv show and of the books. Have you read any of the books?

Do you think there will be a 3rd season?

I think the show is just fantastic. Great acting, great cinematography and writing.

TitusWelliver3 karma

I've read many of the books and continue to do so.

God willing and Amazon!

IoSonCalaf3 karma

What was it like being on Star Trek: Voyager?

TitusWelliver6 karma

A lot of fun, great cast

proust-3 karma

Three questions:

  1. The name Titus is unusual. Any story behind it? Ever get made fun of?

  2. Says you grew up in New Haven, which is known to be a very rough area. Were you the only white kid who didn't grow up poor? Ever get into trouble because of how seedy that area is?

  3. Opinion on your appreciation of and willingness to do 'nerdy' shows, like Game of Thrones, and other nerdy fan favorites at Comic-Con and such.


TitusWelliver14 karma

  1. I'm named after the painter Rembrandt's son, Titus. Yes tortured as a child as you can well imagine.
  2. My father was a professor at Yale. I only lived in New Haven until I was 4, so my memories of that time are somewhat vague.
  3. Being a huge nerd (as if that is a bad thing!), I love Comic-Con and would certainly participate in one. I am an avid toy and comic book collector, so I would have to bring my checkbook as well.

StringOfLights5 karma

I'm named after the painter Rembrandt's son, Titus.

Wow! Did you ever think you'd end up playing a detective named after a different Dutch painter?

TitusWelliver10 karma

No, it would seem serendipity at play as I am married to a Dutch woman. One of Bosch's producers is Dutch and also the son of a well known Dutch painter. My stunt double is also Dutch. And as a teenager I was constantly in dutch. Dutch, Dutch, Dutch

daledo63 karma

Are you currently reading any comics? If so, what?

Thanks again.

TitusWelliver3 karma

Avengers, Time Runs Out

siahbabedblsiah3 karma

Titus: Did you ever get into assembling old monster models as a kid?

TitusWelliver6 karma

hell yes! In fact I have built Polar Lights Aurora kits with my kids

TitusWelliver5 karma

That he is.

qksilver993 karma

So do you like dealing with your fans on social media?

TitusWelliver4 karma

Very much so! I really appreciate the kindness and support.

arifterdarkly3 karma

Hello Titus, do you have a dream role you'd like to play?

TitusWelliver2 karma

I feel like I'm doing it right now with Bosch.

clare_l_c3 karma

Hi Titus, it's Clare here!
Can you tell us about the funniest 'gag reel' moment you had whilst filming series 2? Also, what TV shows are you currently enjoying and do you binge quickly or savour them?? Thanks! :-)

TitusWelliver5 karma

There are so many moments that are deeply hilarious on the Bosch set, nothing comes to mind specifically but we laugh a lot.

Netflix Daredevil, Gotham, Man in the High Castle, Hand of God, Transparent (not just because they are Amazon shows, but because they are damn good).

Really depends on the show.

eternaldoubt2 karma

You roles (as far as I know them, maybe I miss the odd one) even when not clearly villainous often have a darker streak, pragmatic, harder, meaner types. Is this by design or just something your know for (arguably for very good reason)? Ever desire the sunshine guy role or a the loveable fool?

TitusWelliver2 karma

I'm not partial to either though I'd love to sing and dance

dont_worry_im_here2 karma

Funniest on-set story in your career? Most star-struck moment?

TitusWelliver6 karma

Most starstruck moment? Meeting Toshiro Mifune

Funniest story? The actor opposite of me farted very loudly and no one acknowledged it and I burst out laughing uncontrollably.

BrutallyHonestDude2 karma

Do you think Leo deserved his oscar for The Revenant? How was this role better than the others he was nominated for and missed out on?

TitusWelliver3 karma

I thought his work was and always is excellent. Hard to say why this above his previous work.

kblommer2 karma

Hello there Titus.

Can you include anything on the reports of a Sons of Anarchy prequel movie? Is it going to happen and when? Who is playing JT?

TitusWelliver3 karma

Don't have a clue.

st_nex2 karma

Hi Mr. Welliver,

Your portrayal of Harry Bosch inspired me to check out the book series and now I've become a huge fan of it and the show is fantastic you and the whole production are doing a fantastic job.

My question to you is how familiar are you with firearms? Is there much training you have had to do for the shooting scenes? Most interesting to me is that you seem to be left handed yet you shoot with your right hand and left eye. I've known a few people who have had to train that way because they have a crossed dominant eye/hand.

TitusWelliver2 karma

I've been shooting weapons since I was a little boy. I have had a great deal of firearms training over the years. I am left handed but am as you say cross dominant, so many things I do right handed.

daledo62 karma

Hi Titus,

Stellar work on Bosch this season.

With the numerous roles you've done, what is it that you get recognized for the most in public?

TitusWelliver4 karma

Thank you. Hard to say, everyone seems to have their personal favorite. Certainly due to the scope of advertising Bosch, at this point it's definitely Bosch.

siahbabedblsiah2 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA, Titus!

Being that you only worked on LOST toward the end of the series, what are you final thoughts on the show? Did you love it as much as the die hard fans? Were there questions you still have that are unanswered? Do you have a particular character you empathize the most with? Do you feel bad for what you did to mother?

Follow up: I'm a high school band teacher. I'm curious...did you ever play an instrument?

TitusWelliver3 karma

I like questions left unanswered in that universe. I genuinely enjoyed the mythology of Lost in its totality.

No she killed my birth mother with a rock.

Yep, drums, clarinet and still play blues harmonica.

sambalaya2 karma

Do you ever wish you had a second go at playing a character you didn't feel you quite nailed the first time? If so, which one and why?

TitusWelliver2 karma

No, I try to make good choices and stick by them.

naimnotname1 karma

Did you cheer like the rest of us when Jimmy O got murked by Chibs?

TitusWelliver2 karma

He had it coming

dotcomaphobe1 karma

I'm a big fan of you and of the Bosch novels.

Given the extensive body of source material, were you intimidated by playing such a well-defined, already beloved character?

TitusWelliver3 karma

No, I just had to jump in and run

iownachalkboard71 karma

Hey Titus. I just wanted to say that you might be my favorite actor. I love the movie "Once in the Life" as well as "Riff Raff" and practically jumped out of my chair when I saw you on LOST. Thanks for all the great work you have put in. Any advice for a young actor trying to break into the scene?

Edit: just saw that question was already answered. I guess Ill ask about"Once in the Life" and what it was like having to really hit the degredation and depravity of that character. Did you do any particular research for that role?

TitusWelliver2 karma

Well having lived in the East Village in its heroine heyday, I certainly saw more than my share of that behavior. That character is a heart breaker, very difficult place to go.

Egon881 karma

Hi Titus. Your impersonations are some of the best I've ever seen. Is that something you work on a lot or is it more of a natural skill?

TitusWelliver2 karma

I've been a mimic since I was a little kid. I have never really actively practiced, just seems to pop out of my mouth.

Fart_Kontrol1 karma

How did you like your experience working on Supernatural? Was playing the part of "War!" hard to get your head around?

TitusWelliver2 karma

It was fun, the boys are sweet and producer, Bob Singer, is an old friend

massacra1 karma

hi i really want to ask a question just so i can say i spoke with someone who was in deadwood, because i'm a huge deadwood fan, but i don't know what to ask

actually here's a question: did the atmosphere of the set of deadwood feel any different from other sets, considering the show was so phenomenal? what i mean is, since the show turned out to be so exceptional, did you feel at the time that you were working on something completely different? did it give you a strong sense of pride at the time of working on the set (rather than being proud in the final product)

TitusWelliver3 karma

Yes, yes and yes.

BrieAndGrape1 karma

At the time of filming the season 5 finale of lost, where you a fan of the show?

And did you understand how important the character was going to be?

Where there any scenes that Terry O'Quinn got while playing the "man in black" that you would have liked to do?

TitusWelliver2 karma

Yes I was a fan of the show.

No, had no idea where the character was going.

Not that I recall

iBurnedTheChurch0 karma


TitusWelliver1 karma

Not sure what the question is?