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What do you see as Harry Bosch's tragic flaw? How do you approach that as an actor?

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You're doing it exceptionally well. I've been a fan of the books since 1992 and you've nailed the nuance.

Do you share his extensive love of jazz?

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Have you ever taken a role and later regretted it? Which one and why?

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I'm 42 and still paying off my own student loans, and my husband (who did not graduate from college) makes the same salary I do. All my degree has landed me is debt.

We will never be able to afford to pay for my kids to go to college, and I don't want them to end up 42, saddled with loans, etc.

Question: Is a college education still worth the investment?

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My kids have been arguing about this song ever since they heard it. One insists it means "with no hands" and the other insists it's literally "no handlebars," which of course starts a fight and someone gets called stupid....

I'm going to show them this and settle it once and for all!