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I have an investment in solar power that pays me like an annuity

I don't understand this part. If you aren't connected to an electrical grid, no one is paying you for the power your system generates. Or are you meaning that based on what you would have paid for electricity in the city, eventually the solar system will be paid off and you'll have free power?

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Ah, so this larger solar system is not on-site at the cabin. I remember that program - the gov was paying more per solar KW/h than they were charging residential grid-tied customers. Didn't seem self sustaining and after a short time those rates started to climb.

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Barrage of questions incoming:

How much cash do you keep on hand? What methods of payment do you find most widely accepted? Where's the best place to exchange to local currency?

Is free wi-fi pretty standard now?

Have you ever couch surfed? What was that like? What about air bnb or similar in other countries?

How are you getting around once there: car, bus, bike, taxi?

Thoughts on organized tours versus winging-it?

Edit: how common are laundry facilities?

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People often underestimate just how big Australia is. Have you seen all you wanted or are there some places you'd want to visit?

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One of my favorite shows was High Stakes Poker on GSN (the seasons Gabe was on anyway). Also the Cash Games on Poker After Dark (didn't care for the knockout format). Why aren't games like this still televised? What would you do to bring their popularity back to the viewing public?