It’s really good to see you all again. Just got back from my hometown of Boise, Idaho and now I'm pumped to be here at Reddit headquarters to promote my new action-thriller Triple 9, hitting theaters TOMORROW. Check it out and see me with the rest of the bad ass cast: Norman Reedus, Woody Harrelson, Kate Winslet, Casey Affleck and Anthony Mackie.

Check out the Triple 9 NSFW trailer:

Buy tickets now:


Alright…let’s do this.

*Edit: Hey thank you Reddit! Thank you for your questions, thank you for your time… I love doing these AMAs and I really appreciate your love and support. Thanks! [peace sign]

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akdigitalism4264 karma

Do you ever get tired of having to say BITCH all the time?

theaaronpaul5402 karma


itty531070 karma

Followup question:

Do you ever get tired of being called bitch all the time? Ever come close to swinging on someone for it?

Chappelle once made a skit after the "rick james" skit took off where he elaborated how tiresome it was that people would just walk around him saying "Hey! I'm Rick James, bitch!", no matter where he was. I dunno how well I could keep my cool after that all the time.

theaaronpaul3139 karma

You know, you gotta take it with stride. I feel when people call me a bitch, I think it's a term of endearment... I hope!

Breaking Bad became such a cultural phenomenon, and I feel so blessed to have been a part of it. I've had grandmothers come up to me and ask me to call them a bitch, which I think is awesome! You know what I mean?

A little odd, but, pretty great as well.

CMelody4128 karma

Welcome back, Aaron! Did your Triple 9 co-star Woody Harrelson give you any advice on promoting films via an AMA?

theaaronpaul5830 karma

Yeah… you know, Woody really wanted me to bring up this film "Rampart". He wanted me to focus, really, on this project.

Do not mention Rampart.

Dandeloin2929 karma

Hey Aaron! I love you on BoJack Horseman! How do you like voice acting compared to being in front of a camera? Also, any good stories/memories with the cast?

EDIT: Thanks for the reply, Aaron! May all the awesome things happen to you.

theaaronpaul3874 karma

Oh it's great! What's up u/Dandeloin?

I love voice acting, because normally I look like shit, and so I can go into work and not have to deal with the whole make-up of it all... trying to make me look somewhat presentable. So I can go to work in my pajamas, and hang out. I can read my lines rather than memorize them.

Thank you so much for watching BoJack, I'm super proud of that show. I've been a part of that show since the birth of it. It was really a 6, 7 page spec treatment. They approached me to voice in it, and also help develop the show with them. So I signed on as a producer. Super proud of the show. Yeah I love it. It's a lot of fun.

crabcakesandfootball2853 karma

Are you open to making an appearance on Better Call Saul?

theaaronpaul4825 karma

Crabcakes and football? That sounds awesome.

Yeah of course! I'm such a huge fan of Better Call Saul, and of course everyone behind the show. So, who knows?

... maybe I already shot it?

... it might be airing this season?

I don't know.

Well, actually, I do know, but you'll have to watch and see. But yeah, I'd absolutely be opened to it and we have discussed the possibility.

ComeForthLazarus2041 karma

You seem to really love your wife. I think it's my favorite thing about you. What is your advice for married couples keeping it 100?

theaaronpaul3937 karma

You know — thanks for saying that, first of all — and yes, my wife is just so unbelievably perfect in my eyes. I'd say, for any words of advice to a married couple: don't treat it like a marriage, treat it like a brand new relationship. Stay in the honeymoon phase. Any time I go to a wedding, I always write a little note and slip it to someone and say "never forget the moment that you realized, and don't take it for granted". You two obviously fell in love for a reason, so hold onto that. Keep that magic very much alive.

Yea, and just romance the shit out of them. So all the guys out there, romance the shit out of your girls because that's very important.

That first moment I met her, I was just so drawn in by her. She, of course, had a boyfriend. She was taken, and so we became friends. We were friends for exactly a year. I fell in love with her pretty much instantly, but you know... I was in the "friend zone."

I loved what she represented, I loved what she had dedicated her life to doing. So then, a year later, she and her boyfriend had split up and I moved in.

Yeah, it was awesome!

SaltySarcasm1596 karma

Has anyone ever said "Hey you're that guy from the Korn music video!" ?

theaaronpaul1716 karma

Yes! Quite a bit. That was so long ago, but yeah, I love that video!

Frentis1163 karma

Hello Aaron Paul

Firstly thank you for doing this AMA, I missed your first one, so this is great. I really enjoyed you in Veronica Mars and, yes, Breaking Bad. Say hi to Bryan from me, if you get the chance. He was lovely in Trumbo.

My question is: If you to take one thing from Triple 9 and keep it forever, what would that be?

Thank you for doing this AMA!

ps. what's your favorite kind of pizza?

theaaronpaul1944 karma

Oh, what a sweet, sweet note and question that is! Thank you so much. I will tell Bryan hello.

Ummm, I'd love my bike. They didn't give it to me, and I asked for it. (Open Road — maybe?)

Also, I know it sounds weird but, those decapitated heads were so realistic. It'd be so funny... it's also kinda creepy... is it weird that I want one of those heads? You want one of those heads? Yeah everyone wants one of those heads!

I have the Gustavo bust when Gustavo, Gus, blows up in Breaking Bad. Gregory Nicotero, who did all the special effects, he gave me the bust of Gustavo's head all melted off on one side, and it's great. It's downstairs in my media room. When people go down there and they don't know it's there, they don't notice it right away. But when they do, they start to panic! But yeah, it's so great.

plantspants1133 karma

What were some of the major changes you've faced in life now that you've become a house-hold name?

theaaronpaul2946 karma

Well I don't know if I'm a household name, but you're a sweetheart for saying that!

I dunno, people call me a bitch a lot. People showing up at my house, all hours of the night, knocking on my door, and scaring the shit out of me. Yeah, that's pretty much the only difference. Tour buses come to my house.

Oh and I have Gus Fring's head in my basement.

fuckshar1079 karma

The ending of breaking bad was very ambiguous to the fate of what happens to Jesse, what do you think happened to Jesse after he drove off?

theaaronpaul2365 karma

God, I think there's 2 stories.

I'd like to think Jesse got away. I like to think he kept driving. But we all know he has no money, he gave it all away, and we also know his fingerprints are all over everything where Walt was found dead. They’re gonna be searching high and low for Jesse, so I don't know. I like to think he was building something in Alaska...but he could be locked away in a prison somewhere. But we don't like to think about that version of the show.

So, I think he's living happy on a lake somewhere in Alaska, fishing a lot, making things out of wood, probably kicked the habit of meth.

BustaHymez871 karma

Who is your favorite author?

theaaronpaul1845 karma

Shel Silverstein, I'd have to say.


I love him, I love Stephen King. There's so many. But I'm such a huge fan of the classic children's books that are timeless.

Jyel865 karma

Thoughts on Norman Reedus?

theaaronpaul1462 karma

I love that beautiful man.

I've been friends with him for so many years, and it was nice to finally be able to show up to work... see him in the his process... watch him put on makeup.

It's great, he's such a legend, and I'm super stoked to share the screen with him.

fooloverb732 karma

Hey Aaron! Huge Fan! I swear everything you touch turns to gold!

What kind of upcoming projects do you have on the go? Are there any series or movies that you are dying to be a part of?

theaaronpaul1607 karma

Wow, I love you! We should be friends.

This is probably my mom saying this. She logged into reddit and she's like "everything you do is gold, honey". You're a sweetheart, mom.

Yea, I've got some new projects, the first of which is Triple 9. It comes out tomorrow. You should check it out because it's a really great film. Brutal, grabs you by the throat at the beginning and never lets go. It's really just an honest story of this crazy world.

I've got a new show for Hulu. I'm going back to the small screen in this show called The Path. I'm very excited about it. It centers around a family in the middle of a very controversial religious movement that is being followed by the FBI.

My character, Eddie, in the pilot episode starts having doubts about his faith, but he can't vocalize those doubts because, in this movement if you have any sort of doubt, you are thrown to the curb and your family will leave you behind.

Michael__Pemulis674 karma

What does Bryan Cranston smell like?

theaaronpaul1763 karma

What doesn't he smell like is the question.

You know, Bryan Cranston is such a whimsical creature, you know. It's hard not to be attracted to the man. I don't know. I think I've been quoted before saying Bryan Cranston smells like a freshly bathed unicorn, but I don't know. He smells like a combination of baby powder, dirt, and just straight up musk.

... that was so stupid.

direwolf71604 karma

Hi Aaron. With a role as three dimensional and long-lasting as Jesse Pinkman, do you feel like you've carried any of his persona with you into real life?

Also, can you ask Woody Harrelson if he really did crash that prom party and get back to us?

theaaronpaul2059 karma

I don't know that I really carried anything from Jesse with me into my day-to-day. I definitely say "bitch" a lot more — that was never really a word in my vocabulary that I used. Now — I've said this before — I feel like it's a term of endearment.

You know, I'm the one, sole person that lived and breathed every moment of Jesse Pinkman's life, onscreen and off. So while shooting the show I would have nightmares as Jesse, which was interesting. But I kinda liked it for some strange reason.

But yeah, I say "bitch" a little bit more. A lot more. Way more.

And I will ask Woody about the prom party.

I crashed a prom once, with my friend Tanner in Idaho. We were in Idaho and went to a cousin's wedding. There was a couple taking photos and we asked why they were dressed up. They said they were going to a prom. I turned to my friend and I said, "We should go to this prom!"

We showed up downtown at the college where they always have proms (they’re in the Student Union building) and we just said that we were there on the chaperone list (we didn't realize that there was a chaperone list). They checked to see if our names were on the list, obviously it was not, but as they were checking I just looked at the student list and I said, "Oh I'm so-and-so's brother. My mom really wants me to come down to make sure he behaves himself."

It was great. We went in there, we danced around a lot, we had the DJ dedicate us some songs. All the students were like, "Who the hell are these old people?" But then they asked us to jump in their student pictures with them. We ended up getting escorted out by the principal because he said, "Listen, your so-called 'brother' just came in and he said that he doesn't have a brother. You guys need to leave. What are you doing here at a high school prom?" I'm like, "We're just partying, man! We're just hanging out!".

As they're telling us to leave, all the people and the kids at the prom started saying, "No! Let them stay! Let them stay!" Like chanting it. It was straight out of a movie. I felt like a god. I felt like I was prom king for a moment. If only that were true.

But we did make their yearbook!

BASED_GOD_1490 karma

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

theaaronpaul1039 karma

Is a hot dog a sandwich?! Of course not! What are you talking about? A hot dog is a hot dog, and god I love hot dogs.

What are hot dogs made out of though? That’s the question. You know when they say "all beef" hot dogs? And you're like, "Oh, well, it's not steak...what does that mean, 'all beef' hot dogs?".

I mean... I know there's a line in Breaking Bad: "pig lips and assholes." And I think that's what it's made of, pig lips and assholes. But... literally butt.

But no, hot dogs are not a sandwich, but great, GREAT, GREAT question!

zoidboob482 karma

Hello Mr Paul

It's time to cook, yo! What's your speciality dish when cooking at home?

theaaronpaul1306 karma

I like pizza.

My wife, my angelic creature of a wife, got me the greatest gift one can get which is an outdoor pizza oven, and it cooks pizza in like, 60 seconds. I use it probably far too much. I feel like I have a 7 or 8 month old baby growing inside my stomach that needs to give birth now.

So yeah, I love pizza.

HelloThereEarthling307 karma

How did you enjoy your time on Monday Night RAW when you made your appearance in Chicago?!

I was there & you were awesome...bitch.

theaaronpaul478 karma

Oh you silly little bitch, you.

u/HelloThereEarthling. I love that name.

Yeah, it was great. It was so nice to kinda see behind the curtain of Monday Night RAW, and see truly what a family that whole cast of characters are. I mean that's what they say — they say they're just a traveling circus. And it was so cool, they're living out their dream and it was just... they're doing such a great job at it.

So yeah, I had a blast. I felt very honored to be there.

duggy87274 karma

Do you have any funny stories from filming Triple 9?

theaaronpaul576 karma

Sup, duggy?

Man, we just had a blast, I can't think of any right now. I'll tell you, Norman Reedus and Clifton Collins Jr., we'd been friends for 15 plus years, so it was so nice to be able to go to work and hang out with these guys. And rob banks.

I think that was the highlight for me on this film — putting on a mask and running into a bank with a gun and not getting in trouble for it. It was great. Cops and Robbers on the biggest level possible. Chiwetel Ejiofor beat the shit out of me one day on set. It was great. In the scene — he didn't really beat the shit out of me. He's just kind of a method actor, so when he's punching you, he's really punching you.

MelissaTallbutt270 karma

Hey Aaron! Hey bitch, are there any awesome one liner catch phrases in the new movie?

theaaronpaul595 karma

What's up bitch? You beautiful bitch.

Man, I'm sure there are. Woody Harrelson has a line that’s "insta-google-tweet-face" that's pretty spot on. His delivery is perfect, so I think that's a good one. Insta-google-tweet-face-reddit-face.

So yea, that's a good one.

Donkey_Puncha_Rello254 karma

What would a dream date with your wife entail?

P.S. Love you, bitch.

theaaronpaul824 karma

Aw man, I dunno. We keep it pretty chill. I think my favorite is ordering Thai food from Kung Pao Bistro and just laying laying around watching Netflix. That's really our favorite thing. We're the boring married couple. But it's the best. Nothing beats takeout and chill/hang with the wife. Maybe play some backgammon.

Yeah. Netflix and chill, people.

chronorunner208 karma

Loved you in Breaking Bad. Is there a possibility we may see you in Better Call Saul? And what is your favorite beer.

theaaronpaul579 karma

My favorite beer…

That would have to be Dogfish Head 90. So good. I hope they're tuning in because I would love a free six pack. Not asking for much! But a nice six pack would be fantastic.

Jay0253184 karma

What superhero would you love to portray in a movie?

theaaronpaul358 karma

Oh man... I dunno! I would love to play one that maybe flies around. I like flying.

I dunno, what do you guys think? What superhero that you think I would be good at?

Maybe I'm a superhero that's addicted to caffeine, or powered by caffeine. Or maybe a human Google or Reddit that has the knowledge of the internet?

eva_brauns_team179 karma

Hi Aaron! Excuse me while I gush, but I am such a huge fan and I adore you. I'm terribly excited for this film as I'm a big Hillcoat fan (loved The Proposition). How did you get involved with this project? Was the part of Gabe offered to you or did you get a script and audition? And also, instagram pics during shooting made it seem like you guys had a great time on set. How was it working with this insane[ly good] cast?

oh, and I love you.

theaaronpaul215 karma

Thank you so much for this kind note.

I had a great time on this shoot. We all did. A lot of us knew each other before shooting, so that just added to the experience. This film came to me out of nowhere. It just was one of the films on my desk, and it was an offer, and the first name I noticed was John Hillcoat. Huge fan of his ever since Proposition. He's such a brilliant, fearless director that tells such intense, gritty, dark stories, but they're all honest, human stories. He just gives us a different look at it.

And so I read the script with sort of what I thought his vision would be, and I was so excited to jump on board. It was very hard for me to not say "yes" before reading the script, but I forced myself to read it first and then I quickly said yes.

thatonetallguy621158 karma

How cool was driving the mustang in need for speed? If you actually got to drive it

theaaronpaul298 karma

I loved driving that Mustang. It wasn't my favorite car in the film to drive. I mean all the cars are a lot of fun to drive; the Koenigsegg was great to drive. But, we were shooting in the middle of summer in Atlanta, and that car that has no AC... it was god awful. The '69 Gran Torino was my favorite car to drive.

BlakeNyan145 karma

Do you play any video games ? :) if so which ones you loving at the current time? Love your work bud

theaaronpaul343 karma

I am not playing any video games right now, but I love video games. I haven't played in a long time. I used to really love Mario Kart... I mean who doesn't love Mario Kart? I have a stand-up Pac-Man machine. I play that sometimes.

ldcoldwell123 karma

Hey, Aaron! Q: How do you stay humble??

theaaronpaul291 karma

I don't know, I hope I'm humble. You know, never forget where you came from. No matter what you're doing, as long as you're doing what you love, you've got to appreciate that and don't take it for granted.

BipsyButtpunch95 karma

What's your go-to karaoke song?

theaaronpaul345 karma

What's up u/BipsyButtpunch, how are you? Oh man, what a great name: Bipsy Buttpunch. What's that mean? I love that “Bipsy Buttpunch” all of a sudden entered this person’s mind and he was like "Yes! Hopefully that's not taken."

u/BipsyButtpunch, I love it.

Well I have a terrible voice, but I'll do karaoke every once in a while. I think that Journey is a good go to karaoke band.