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Hi Aaron! Excuse me while I gush, but I am such a huge fan and I adore you. I'm terribly excited for this film as I'm a big Hillcoat fan (loved The Proposition). How did you get involved with this project? Was the part of Gabe offered to you or did you get a script and audition? And also, instagram pics during shooting made it seem like you guys had a great time on set. How was it working with this insane[ly good] cast?

oh, and I love you.

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Hello, gentlemen, and thank you for doing this AMA!

Jonathan, you've been pretty vocal about your ideas for Mike Ehrmantraut's past, and whether its in line with what Vince and the team came up with or not. I wanted to ask you about your first reactions upon reading the script for 'Five-O'. Did it make perfect sense to you? Other than giving you an incredible opportunity to really showcase what you could do in some intensely emotional scenes, how did you feel about the reasons behind Mike 'losing his soul', so to speak?

And Gordon - how did you and the writing team approach Mike's enhanced background?

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Ah, thanks so much for the link! I had not seen that yet, but I too was so intrigued by Hank's and Gomez's comments about Mike's time as a cop in Philly. Loved that all of you finally gave us an answer!