Hey everyone! Kendra Lust here ready to do some Q&A with all my fans. I'm a little nervous but super curious for all your questions!

To continue the fun after the AMA I will be on Camsoda.com so we can talk live!

Proof: https://twitter.com/kendralust/status/701148586277404672

I'll be answering questions here from 5-6pm PST. After I'll go live on Camsoda.com at 8pm PST. Make sure you don't miss me! We'll have a great time.

EDIT: My flight has me stuck at the airport waiting for my bag! It was lost on my flight and was supposedly on the next but it still has not come in! I'm working on putting together a new time for CamSoda right now. I'll post an update on here and tweet as soon as I have a new time.  

EDIT 2: Ok guys, got a time for you! I'm going to be on Camsoda.com tonight at 1am EST (yes technically Monday morning). Thanks so much for understanding. For the trouble I posted a little free treat at the bottom of my profile here.

See you soon! xoxoxo

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Vodicka412 karma

I will ask this question for Alexej who is good buddy of mine who work in trucking industry. He always mention you as favorite lady to view on the computer internet. So I call on him to let him know of news of seeing questionnaire on popular internet reddit site and he tell me to ask if you would accept ride in Volvo FM8 2009 truck for carnal relation with friend Alexej? He is not bad looking man with both Czech and Dagestani blood so its good combination for maximum strength and optimal performance. He awaits response.

camsoda_com212 karma

Tell him I said thank you and I will do almost anything once😜

phatblackdude154 karma

What's that one thing you won't do in porn?

camsoda_com319 karma

Anal fisting

Hateblade154 karma

Does it creep you out that practically every guy on The Internet thinks of you as their step mom?

camsoda_com485 karma

Go back to your room!

drivano143 karma

least favorite part of the job?

camsoda_com234 karma

Poor manscaping

shitForEars76 karma

What style of manscaping do you prefer?

camsoda_com223 karma

Not a sasquach

Too_Hot_To_Handle_137 karma

Kendra, big fan here. How do you think porn affects the general perception of sex for young people? I personally think that it is somewhat similar to the disney princess effect on young women, with how it gives them unrealistic expectations. Do you think porn is giving young men unrealistic expectations?

camsoda_com239 karma

I like the analogy that you used! I think it can be deceiving in some way. Sex isn't always long and hard and not all men are 7 inches or more. Sometimes sex is spontaneous and guys don't last more than a few minutes. Girls don't cum every time or wear sexy lingerie so I think so..

SecretTempAcct93 karma

What sort of direction does the director provide on shoots for sites like Brazzers/Naughty America/etc. for the talent such yourself? Is it just "do this position, then move into that this one before the going to the next" or is there more to it?

How many days a year do you shoot, on average?

Who came up with the idea for your parody of the break the internet video? - it was hot!

In general, how does a 'no list' work? Is it something between you and the producer about who you will not / will work with, or is public knowledge and actors know who won't work with them?

camsoda_com143 karma

Scripts are given to the directors for most companies by the corporate office. Talent is chosen by directors but ultimately approved by corporate if it applies. The script dictates what positions and performers and directors then figure out how long and when to transition into different positions. The Breaking the Internet parody was initially offered to me by Brazzers however, due to scheduling conflicts I was not able to do it for them and because I could not do it they had to find a replacement. 2 weeks later Bang Bros hired me for a scene and the night before the scene I read the script and it was The Breaking the Internet parody. I was excited because as fate would have it I have I was offered the part yet again!

camsoda_com119 karma

Lastly, a "No" list is a list of performers that talent chooses not to work with for whatever reason. Our bodies and our choice

Hateblade21 karma

Who writes your scripts and how can someone get into that line of work? I've a couple of ideas I'm bouncing around and have started on, but they are nothing more than fun side projects for now. I'd love to have someone look at some of it though.

camsoda_com50 karma

I would DM them on twitter and send them some examples. Maybe they forward them on if they are good. Orrrr maybe share one with us? ;-)

irregularcog85 karma

How'd you choose your name and what were some of the options that didn't make it?

camsoda_com154 karma

My best friend chose it. If you move the letters around in LUST u can figure it out. Mya Bell was almost the winner though

edtehgar369 karma


camsoda_com177 karma

That made me literally LOL

Angoth89 karma

Benedict Cumbersnatch?

camsoda_com88 karma

LOL. Sounds like a breakfast cereal.

Youdontrealise76 karma

Do you ever climax for real on camera or is it all acting?

camsoda_com170 karma

Absolutely! Not always but I'm pretty in tune with my body so I get what I want most of the time:)

Brian_N65 karma

What is your best tip for guys trying to eat pussy out?

camsoda_com205 karma

Be gentle, don't rush, listen to her moan, and understand that the average woman requires 20 min of oral to cum so be patient

kyrgrat0861 karma

Have you ever kept in touch/became friends with anybody you've done a video with?

camsoda_com102 karma

Of course:) we are a small industry so we all pretty much know each other on some level

Panzerx61 karma

What would be your perfect sunday?

camsoda_com143 karma

Sleep in, watch football, hot sex and eating something unhealthy :)

DizzleH458 karma

What amount of inches would you consider too be to small to fuck with?

Too_Hot_To_Handle_266 karma

I can't speak for Ms. Lust, but if we're talking about things that are not to be fucked with, Wu-Tang Clan should be mentioned.

camsoda_com121 karma

Lol that's awesome! We-Tang for life πŸ‘πŸΌ

camsoda_com100 karma

Hmmmmm 4 inches seems small to me 😳

SoCalDan93 karma

Dang, and I thought I had a chance.

camsoda_com149 karma

Got a turbo tongue? ;-)

3_if_by_air56 karma

If you had to play a professional sport naked, which would it be?

camsoda_com155 karma

I love basketball however, that could be painful with these jugs;) I would say fishing because at least I could get a sun tan😁

bboytriple753 karma

Milk chocolate, white chocolate, or dark chocolate?

camsoda_com103 karma

I never turn down any chocolate! White chocolate is actually my favorite though

onlyaskredditonly49 karma

Was there anything sexual that you tried first in porn? 3 somes, anal, etc?

What is your favorite type of scene to shoot?

What's your favorite scene?

Who are your favorite porn stars to work with?

camsoda_com77 karma

I never tried anal until I started porn and I actually tried it in my personal life and not on film. Too many scenes to choose just one of my favorites I love shooting BBG scenes most:)

Brian_N49 karma

What's your most awkward experience getting recognized in public?

camsoda_com417 karma

I was in Target and this guy kept following me around to the point that it became a little weird. He then tweeted me later that evening! πŸ™ˆ Also if you would please up vote my answers I would appreciate that :)

nastienate1546 karma

What made you want to get into the industry? Do your parents know? And how did they find out if they did?

camsoda_com82 karma

I started webcamming. I told my parents and I figured why not make money doing something I love to do. I also thought it would be better if my parents heard it from me rather than someone else

pwndras43 karma

hi Kendra, how did you get started in the industry?

camsoda_com75 karma

I web cammed for a few months and thought why not give porn a try?! So here I am having fun almost 4 years later :)

jhurley9841 karma

What's your opinion on the dad bod?

camsoda_com202 karma

Men and women should maintain themselves if they are going to be naked on film....period

shigogaboo38 karma

How does/has your career affected your romantic life, if at all?

camsoda_com99 karma

It has enhanced it however, after a long day on set I do not feel like having sex sometimes. I do porn and LOVE to have sex however, I am still human

Who_Ordered_Pie35 karma

At what age do women start being referred to as "milfs", regardless of their maternal status?

camsoda_com165 karma

In porn it is usually 27 or 28 unfortunately

ghostdogryu34 karma

When will you retire from performing in front of the camera? When might you be done with the adult industry entirely?

camsoda_com105 karma

Not sure when I will retire. I think I will gauge it as I go. No plans of doing it anytime soon! Not ready to hang up my G -String yet boys 😜

TornadoApe31 karma

How did your family react when you let them know you were in the industry?

camsoda_com58 karma

Shocked however, they accepted it and all is well

captainwaller30 karma

What is your favorite band?

camsoda_com55 karma

Too hard to choose just one! I love hip hop and dance music:)

Brandeez29 karma

How big is too big?

camsoda_com73 karma

10 inches is a lot to handle!!!

Brandeez26 karma

Have you ever watched your own videos?

camsoda_com61 karma

I have watched a clip or two but honestly, I don't like to watch how I perform. I don't want to change anything I just want to have fun when I perform

Brian_N26 karma

Weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse?

camsoda_com53 karma

Hmmm that's a tough one.. Give me options

a_friendly30 karma

baseball bat, mace, longsword, hand gun, machete, bow an arrow, bowling ball or cinder block on a rope

camsoda_com256 karma

Anal beads

Brian_N25 karma

Which performers do you want to work with most that you haven't already?

camsoda_com58 karma

Jessica Drake

AKDominator24 karma

What do your parents or extended family think about your lifestyle choices?

camsoda_com102 karma

They are very supportive. It has not changed who I am as a person. I still do the same things. Ultimately, a career does not define a person. How a person behaves on a day to day basis and treats other people is a better indication of their true character :)

Brian_N23 karma

If you were the last person on earth and you knew it, what would you do?

camsoda_com100 karma

Run ever damn red light like a boss.

AlBacon197422 karma

Thanks for the AMA! Saw you in Detroit a few years back at a club. You were very nice and sat for a minute with me and a buddy. Do you have any plans on coming back to Michigan?

camsoda_com42 karma

Hopefully soon!

LordFluffy19 karma

Best and worst fan experiences?

camsoda_com80 karma

Fans who are really close talkers. I like to have a little personal space. Best fan experience is giving a big fan of mine a birthday visit at his surprise party:)

shitForEars19 karma

Did someone take you to see Deadpool on Valentines day? or have you seen Deadpool yet?

camsoda_com44 karma

No I have not seen it yet! Def want to check it out

neguz15 karma

What is your favourite pizza?

camsoda_com54 karma

Cheese and pepperoni

shitForEars15 karma

Do you smoke weed? If so, do you dab? Also I love your booty

camsoda_com46 karma

No I do not smoke. Thank you :)

illbroadstreet14 karma

In a career with a such a high turnover rate, what has kept you motivated? Did you see yourself performing this long?

Also, come to Philly some time, we have a ton of love for you here

camsoda_com40 karma

Focusing on new projects and really the incredible support from my fans!

Derpyblur11 karma

Who's your favourite porn star right now?

camsoda_com18 karma

This one is way too difficult to narrow down!

behporn10 karma

Favorite movie?

camsoda_com32 karma

It's hard to narrow it down to just one movie! The Hangover is awesome!

koeno5469 karma

What is your favorite scene?

camsoda_com29 karma

Too many to choose just one

rawdfarva7 karma


camsoda_com24 karma

Def a beef bowl! Lol! I like meat..go figure?! I have a female fan in mind

JFAKD7 karma

How did you told your parents that you were doing porn? How they react?

camsoda_com47 karma

Shocked yet supportive. Please up vote my questions/answers thank u so much

koroshitakuba4 karma

What is your Star Wars films list from the best to worst?

camsoda_com23 karma

Honestly nothing compares to the original Star Wars!

BrutalFuckingTruth3 karma

What's it like being extremely hungover doing your line of work?

camsoda_com18 karma

I don't know I try to be on my game when it's time to throw down so I drink when I don't have to work the next day😜