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I think I know how you can fuck them up? (Question mark added to make sure this passes the filter)

I believe the laws in CA state that adult film stars must have STD tests on record. Sounds like you didn't. Couldn't you report them for this? That would shut them down for future coerced shots.

GDP276850 karma

There was never any STD testing done.

theworstisover11929 karma

You might actually want to look into this. If you find out he's right an they never had this stuff done for 300+ videos they might get shut down.

GDP276562 karma

Good point!

TheAeolian525 karma

Given the choice between the two, would you rather have a high-powered lawyer help you destroy them legally or a talented psychiatrist help you overcome it altogether?

GDP276643 karma

That's a cool question.

If I can't have both, I'd pick the lawyer.

Like I said before, I never want another girl's live to be ruined because of GDP.

TheAeolian280 karma

That's pretty selfless of you. I hope you do get both.

GDP276224 karma

Man, me too. Wouldn't that be nice?

CaptnSave-A-Ho141 karma

I know you mentioned lawyers cost money, but have you talked to any? Maybe one will take it for free or at least give you a jumping off point.

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Someone just gave me this advice:

If what you are saying is completely true and you have reason to believe many (although not necessarily most) of the other models were treated similarly, you should talk to a personal injury attorney attorney who would be willing to take the case on contingency. If your attorney asks for a copy of your contract, I'm sure they will provide it quickly.

It is probably true that the contract is airtight. But that does not make it legal for them to lie to you and tell you verbally things that are contrary to what the contract says. This is particular true when you had no part in negotiating the contract. They wrote it and told you to sign it. Any ambiguity would be resolved by the court in your favor. You would need a couple key points to prevail.

You must be telling the exact truth--no exaggeration or wishful thinking. You need corroborating evidence. This would mean other models--hopefully a lot--that were treated similar to or at least consistent with your claims. The WILL be able to probably show many models that were treated "fairly" to demonstrate you're making it up, and they will be able to provide evidence that you or other models that make similar claims are not telling the truth--this would include videos and email--so make sure the other models joining you are not lying and just trying to get in on some money.

Your attorney will be able to depose them under oath with detailed questions about their business practices. If they lie under oath (and it can be proven) that's perjury which helps your case and could send them to jail. If you or your witnesses lie, the same applies to you. The deposition will likely be painful and embarrassing to you and your witnesses, but it is also something GDP would want to avoid because it would generally be made public. This alone could entice them to settle and change their business practices.

Alternately, you could sue them for up to $7500 in California small claims court. In that case you don't get to have an attorney present your case--but neither do they! A group of aggrieved models could each do this at the same time (with an attorney's help behind the scenes). But GDP will get better at defending themselves after each case.

I would think that a bunch of pretty teenagers whose lives were ruined would be very sympathetic plaintiffs.

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I'm actually hoping a lawyer just happens to run across this AMA and offers some advice.

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Sorry to hear about your experience, it sounds like you're finally on the road to emotional and psychological recovery, that you're in a better relationship now? How much time elapsed during the "trip" and how many of these motherfuckers were involved? Were there other women there when you were? Have you met anyone that went through this since? It sounds like they had enough legal knowledge to really limit your options but have you spoken with an attorney? Sorry for the formatting, doing this on mobile.

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The trip was less than 48 hours. I never saw the beach or went shopping, I didn't get to see any of California, really. I wish I could though! I met 5-6 different guys. I only know them by first name. Johnathan, Jordan, Dre, Michael, and another austrailian photographer but I forgot his name.

There were no other women.

I haven't personally met anyone but I want to.

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Why was Dre choking you throughout the scene? Under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Ideal age for a guy? Ideal height for a guy? On the whole, are you outgoing or shy? How would you encourage others to become confident/outgoing? What would you tell a young guy/girl regarding the first time doing something sexual? What was the last thing you laughed at?

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  1. I think probably because I wasn't as cooperative as most of the girls.

  2. Both, at the time of shooting/signing the contract.

  3. 22-24. I'll be 21 in a few weeks.

  4. I like tall guys! 6 foot is always nice.

  5. I'm pretty outgoing I suppose. Girls don't really tend to like me - and I've lost a ton of guy friends because their girlfriends are extremely uncomfortable with them hanging out with me/someone who has been in porn.

  6. Find that inner 'tude and rock it. It doesn't matter who you are as long as you're okay with who you are - and that's where confidence comes from.

  7. Make sure it's something YOU want and not something people tell you you should be doing.

  8. I honestly don't know. There was an elderly lady in my section at work the other day with bright pink hair. That made me smile.

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Why do you think people has so malicious? People who run your industry and then strangers who do not know you, make it all worse.

GDP276-1 karma

I have no idea. I can't trust anyone :/

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You know if they are truly like this, you can start a movement and destroy them if you want. I'm sure news and anti porn organizations will want to hear your story, and soon some of the other girls will come out too.

Anyway, I hope you're doing better. What music do you like?

GDP2762 karma

I'm not so sure news outlets are concerned with the porn industry!

I'm a huge hip hop/r&b/rap fan, it gets me in that "I don't give a fuck what you think of me" attitude lol

Also, being from the south, I love country. Older stuff though.

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Wow. What a great write-up about such a horrific event. I can't begin to imagine what all this must be like to go through. Thank you for taking the time to expose those douchers for the pieces of shit they are. I truly hope that you can find peace after this experience. Your boyfriend sounds to helping you in the right direction. I know that with time you will find your peace from this.

So I need a question then...what meal in the kitchen do you consider yourself best at preparing?

GDP2763 karma

Thank you for the kind words.

I make a mean veggie pasta primavera :) Also love to make "pepperoni pizza pasta" !

comhaltacht2 karma

Has working in the porn industry ruined or reduced the pleasure of sex "off the job"?

GDP2765 karma

I don't trust most people, and in turn, get scared that people are only having sex with me so they can have sex with a "pornstar"

It comes to mind a lot actually.

I'm in a relationship now though.

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I've seen a few of the videos but don't really like watching because I know that they're really shady. Do you think most of the girls do it because they're attracted to Dre, or do they just do it for the money? I can't tell. Could it really just be anyone, not him?

GDP2769 karma

I don't know. I don't think Dre is attractive at all.

celtic162 karma

Thanks for clarifying. I just assumed that all the girls really liked him and that's why they did it.

GDP2766 karma

You'd have to ask more girls I suppose, to get an accurate consensus.

celtic163 karma

Well good luck. I hope something comes out of this. You could probably tweet at someone like Stoya. She would amplify your voice.

GDP2763 karma

I feel silly - but who is Stoya?

celtic165 karma

She's a pretty famous pornstar but is an outspoken advocate for women's issues, especially rape.

GDP2765 karma

I'll try and find time to contact her soon! Someone should link her to this page though.

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You are a smart, amazing person and you deserve to have a good life. You shouldn't have to be afraid. I hope you have a good, successful life. Maybe try http://www.womenslaw.org/ or http://www.safehorizon.org/page/rape-and-sexual-assault-13.html to find free legal help. I have to ask a question for this post to not get removed, so, uh, what show that isn't on Netflix do you think they should have?

GDP27617 karma

GAME OF THRONES. Just put it on there already. lol

Dookiestain_LaFlair7 karma

Do you think Sandor Clegane and Ser Gregor Clegane will ever fight each other again?

GDP2769 karma

Oh Gosh!!! I hope so! They hinted that someone "we'd never thought would return" would be back! My heart hopes for Ned Stark, but knowing that's impossible, I'm thinking it's definitely the Hound. Everyone already knows Jon Snow is returning <3

sheepbassmasta1 karma

Hey do you live in Austin? Not trying to bang. My GF and I just moved here and are making friends. Pm me.

GDP2763 karma

DFW area.

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Why are your tattoos on the left side in the picture, and on the right in your GDP video?

GDP2763 karma

One is a lion and the other is a quote.

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Why are you still visiting that other forum? When did you have your first kiss? Do you smoke weed? What was stopping you from thoroughly reading the contract or declining? Is it possible they were bluffing when they said if you declined, you would have to be reimbursing them? How tall are you? How much money did you make camming?

GDP2760 karma

  1. I suppose to see the backlash, and to see if any other girls are posting there.

  2. I think I was 12 or 13.

  3. No comment. lol

  4. They tell you to hurry up and that it's just a standard contract. Plus you're under the influence and you have all this pressure on you. I asked for a copy of the contract after the shoot and they threatened to sue me.

  5. It's entirely possible, but I wasn't thinking about that in the moment.

  6. I'm 5'1 1/2" but I like to say I'm 5'2 :)

heeving1 karma

What a horrible thing you have to go through. I guess you're in a better position now, because you do this AMA that will only increase the exposure? Maybe if you do find the other girls, you can all team up and sue their asses. Good luck and have a nice life!

GDP2766 karma

Quite the opposite, I'm not in a great position at all. I just don't care anymore and want to see that GDP never robs another girl of her identity/dreams.

I hope I do find the other girls, I really do.

exitvolume1 karma

How do you feel about people out of your age range viewing your vid(sub 18 or 30+)? How old would you say the GDP staff was? Would you rather be in your current financial situation BUT happy, or be extremely financially stable and feel the emotions you have now? If someone offered you a considerable amount of cash(50k+) to have sex and it wouldn't be filmed would you do it?

GDP2766 karma

It's disgusting, honestly.

Mid 30's maybe. Dre is young. 20s.

I would rather be happy than have money. But right now I have neither so I guess that sucks.

No. I'm not a prostitute!

watafaggotcake0 karma

What do you do in your free time? How much of your time do you spend working? Dre is such a loser, he posts pics of himself with the girls on facebook acting like he pulls them himself, when he just pays/tricks them. How do you feel when people don't tip you? Did you feel like hooters was degrading? Did you always have large breasts? When was the last time you were happy? When was the last time you've had sex? Do you genuinely feel that your life is ruined or just this "section" if you will? How are you 20/21 but people mistake you for being 14? How long will you be answering questions?

GDP2761 karma

  1. I watch a lot of Netflix. Just finished The 100, Making of a Murderer, and Reign. Loved them all. I also read.

  2. At my old job, I was there 6-7 days a week. Now I only work 3-4 because the shifts are like 10 hours long.

  3. All waitresses feel shitty when they get stiffed!

  4. Hooters isn't as bad as say, Redneck Heaven or Twin Peaks, etc. It is technically a family restaurant lol. It was degrading though. Guys used to ask me all sorts of awkward/uncomfortable questions.

  5. Uh, yeah, I guess so?

  6. Happy is a weird word. I can be happy to get a phone call from a friend on a day when I was terribly depressed. Do you mean when was the last time that I was happy with my life? It's been years - since before GDP.

  7. I'm not answering that. Sorry!

  8. Yeah, I do, and I tried for the longest time to avoid saying that because I felt it was dramatic. But I really, really do.

  9. No clue, I just look young! I'm 20. My birthday is in a few weeks though.

  10. I guess until people stop asking them!

[deleted]-1 karma


GDP2763 karma

ALL the time. People usually assume I'm around 13-14 years old.

I'm a waitress so the dialogue usually goes something like this:

"Hey, my name is M**** and I'll be taking care of you-"

"Are you old enough to take care of anyone?!" or "You know they have child labor laws, right?"

watafaggotcake-1 karma

How do we know you are MVT? Couldn't you have taken those links posted by the real one and just copy pasted them here? Did you or the mods delete your thread on that other website(won't name site for obvious reasons)? Why don't you live with your parents for a bit? What exactly are your plans for the future? Why are you just speaking out now, nearly two years later? Why would you complain about personal info being leaked, and then link your instagram here? Do you prefer the users here or on that other site from ~5 hours ago? How was it working at Hooters? How long did you work at Hooters?

GDP2766 karma

  1. I can take another timestamped selfie if you'd like.
  2. I suppose someone could have, but I can prove my identity.
  3. The mods deleted it. GDP has a strong reach especially when it comes to that forum.
  4. I moved out of my parents house for personal/space reasons, and also because I was scared. My address was leaked.
  5. I have no plans for the future. I'm currently trying to figure that out. It's a weird feeling - not knowing where you're going or what you're doing.
  6. Because I'm still being harassed almost daily, and because the video is still affecting my life and will continue to. I also had a dream last night that I met some of the other GDP girls on the beach in Hawaii. It was a cool dream - persuaded me to try and reach out to some of them. That was when I realized there are 300+ other girls going through the exact same thing.
  7. Because my Instagram has already been leaked. Anyone with a mediocre knowledge of Google could find it.
  8. Here. They ask better questions, and there aren't so many people "slut shaming" (although my inbox is another story! ugh!)
  9. Hooters was alright. Good money but working there gave me the creeps. I used to think regulars knew who I was and were there to stalk me. I would get scared very easily there when customers asked the wrong kind of questions. Who knows if they actually knew or not.
  10. Only about 3 months. Video got leaked and the harassment from the girls was intolerable. Those girls are the worst.

matterofprinciple0 karma

How do you know theres 300+ other girls?

GDP2761 karma

There are roughly 350 GDP videos - they are numbered. I'm just assuming the number is accurate.

GDP2761 karma

Another selfie: http://imgur.com/6hsbiFu

xssi-1 karma

Why don't you move to a different country, new identity and new look? Maybe some village in Switzerland or something the world is so big there has to be some place where you can fuck off to live free from being recognized.

GDP2761 karma

It takes money to disappear! Trust me, I've thought about it a million and one times.

watafaggotcake-1 karma

Why don't you link the gofundme here? Can you take another timestamped selfie please? How did you get a 33 on your ACT? Tutor? Yourself? Have you had jobs other than being a waitress? How big was your highschool? How big was your hometown? You said you get contacted 5-7 times a week, do you block them everytime or ever respond to anyone? Were you in financial trouble prior to the video? You mentioned 5-6 guys, what were they doing(besides Dre + cameraman)? Someone said they make ~50k per video. If that is true, how do you feel about being only paid 2-3k? What did you post in the girlsdoporn sub reddit prior to it being deleted? If you're trying to be lowkey, why post here + that forum? Objectifying yourself at hooters didn't bother you? Sorry for so many questions lol, wanted to ask these earlier but forum mods felt otherwise.

GDP2762 karma

another selfie: http://imgur.com/6hsbiFu

Nerdofnight-2 karma

I always wanted to ask this...what's your point of view on normal relationships do you date people or dating someone? Edit: I am sorry I did not read the whole story now that I have I realize you do not do it professionally still are you dating anyone what is their take on it?

GDP2761 karma

I'm not sure what you mean.

Nerdofnight1 karma

I meant to say are you dating anyone? What was their reaction about it?

GDP2762 karma

I'm dating someone I've known since high school, so obviously he already knew about it. We ran into each other again a few months ago (hadn't seen each other in years) and we really just clicked. He's got an interesting past as well so it's a common grounds thing. He's very supportive.

ignoreth-4 karma

Can you post your back story or whatever you had in the last ama?

GDP2763 karma

Someone just reposted it here!

Itsismylife21 karma

Cool mabye you should copy that content and post again since it's missing.

GDP2763 karma

I did

[deleted]-4 karma


GDP2765 karma

Hell no.

ihopethisisntracist-5 karma

What's your opinion on a straight axle front end suspension set up? I'm currently running the stock gm independent torsion suspension but I feel like I'd get better articulation with something like say a Dana 44? Thoughts?

GDP2764 karma

Waaaaay over my head. My car needs a new fuel pump though! lol

theClutchologist-7 karma

Do you feel your videos would be more watched if you hopped onto the "I do porn ama" bandwagon earlier or do you think you're dead on?

I ask because I don't think you've missed your mark but I haven't looked at your photos and based on the top responses and questions it seems any guy will worship a woman 120-175lbs based on height but after that it's just weird fetishes, people who need to hit the gym and guys with dicks so small I see more ass than penetration

GDP2761 karma

I don't want my videos to be watched.. I'm confused by your question. Rephrase?

BestFapStuff-19 karma

Do you have an imgur gallery of your nudes?

You know, as proof you actually do porn?

GDP2768 karma

No, I don't. And *did porn. Not do. You can google girlsdoporn 276 and hit "images" and find me, then compare them to the selfies I've provided as proof here.