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I know you mentioned lawyers cost money, but have you talked to any? Maybe one will take it for free or at least give you a jumping off point.

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That's awesome! Now you just have to get the ball rolling. Just be aware that GDP might try and drag you through the mud if you go through with it. I'm not trying to talk you out of it, I just want you to be prepared. Have some close friends or family you can lean on for support. You also have reddit too. I hope for your sake that you do get some resolution from this. Good luck!

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Realistically, do the doctors think its possible you'll have 100% functionality?

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How did you get into this line of work, and what kind of education does one need for this line of work?

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Not a bad plan. It also occurred to me that some lawyers work for free to you and just take part of the settlement if there is one. Good luck, I hope it works out for you.