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That depends on how pregnant they are to begin with.

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I think I know how you can fuck them up? (Question mark added to make sure this passes the filter)

I believe the laws in CA state that adult film stars must have STD tests on record. Sounds like you didn't. Couldn't you report them for this? That would shut them down for future coerced shots.

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Can you file a protection order or something? Seems like they're stalking you...

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I can. I'm a manufacturers rep for about 30 water and wastewater lines.

anyway.. First thing is without power nothing will work. You have lift stations in every system that have electric pumps that pick up shit from low points and pumps shit to higher elevations so it can continue on down by gravity to the plant. Most of these pump stations have backup gensets but only 48-72 hours of diesel fuel.

At the plant in most cases it's gravity (except the treatment process itself, naturally). You have clarifiers that are just giant settling tanks. you have sludge presses, pumps, blowers, etc. But none of that really matters if you don't care about treatment. itll just overflow onto the ground and into whatever discharge the plant effluent goes into.

In many areas there are few pump stations. sometimes they're down in gullies, etc. In that case you can keep flushing because shit is just going to overflow there (the lowest point).

what you really need to be concerned about is fresh water. That's where you have about 48-72 hours tops. So first thing you do is fill up your tubs, buckets or anything else that'll hold water.