princess_headband565 karma

I've seen you in Portland twice and both times the crowd was made up of a bunch of assholes screaming "DANGER ZONE" at you. Do you hate us? Because I hate us.

ArcherHJonBenjamin633 karma

I actually like Portland very much. It's Philadelphia and Brattleboro Vermont I really hate

Garrett141438 karma

So are you not doing "phrasing" anymore?

ArcherHJonBenjamin732 karma

It may come back. Phrasing. Well, there it is. it's back

pdtfka384 karma

Hey Jon! Thanks for doing this.

How was working with Aziz Ansari in Master of None?

ArcherHJonBenjamin619 karma

He is very nice and the show was fun do to except for the scenes with the biohazard suits, since my fan was not working- there was a fan inside the suit. But, now, at least I can empathize with Disney mascots

kittenbong327 karma

Hello H. Jon Benjamin. Just wondering how the hell you convinced the fine folks of Sub Pop records to release a jazz album when you don't listen to jazz nor play piano?

ArcherHJonBenjamin313 karma

well, it's true that they should be more discerning with their choices, but that being said I know many of the folks there and I did pitch them the idea hoping they wou;d steer to a label that might do it and instead, they agreed to do it so I'm not totally to blame. That also being said, I'm very happy they did it and that they believed in the message

perry79605289 karma

Hi, Jon! If you were cast as a cop in a buddy comedy and the producers allowed you to select the actor or actress who played the other cop, who would you choose and why?

ArcherHJonBenjamin820 karma

that's funny because I did have an idea to do a cop comedy with Aisha Tyler but she was too busy. In real life, we look really funny standing next to each other

taste_like_pennies281 karma

Hi Jon! What was it like being a Can of Vegetables? How was it working with the cast of Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp? Any funny stories/memories you can share?

ArcherHJonBenjamin544 karma

It was a lot of fun. the only story i remember was bumping into Janeane Garofalo in a supermarket and I've never seen her happier because apparently she loves supermarkets

workingtimeaccount243 karma

How do you practice the "angry yelling" voices?

Wouldn't your neighbors be like "hey man, stop yelling?"

ArcherHJonBenjamin426 karma

I'm commonly very soft spoken with my neighbors. As a matter of fact, last year I gently asked my downstairs neighbor to turn down the music and he shut the door in my face. I didn't even knock again

FMABrendan195 karma

Hi Jon!

Out of all the fictional characters you have voiced, who's life would you most like to live and why is it Coach McGuirk?

ArcherHJonBenjamin330 karma

well coach mcGuirk was a pretty sad character if you applied any reality to it. I guess Bob seems pretty happy most of the time. I wonder how Jason from Home Movies has aged. maybe him. i feel like he works in Silicon Vally now and makes a ton of money at some tech company

SanshaXII184 karma

Mr. Benjamin, what are your thoughts on FX's decision to drop the term 'ISIS' from the show, due to possible association with then-becoming-famous extremist group?

ArcherHJonBenjamin1125 karma

well, i think they probably didn't have a choice. It's an unfortunate association. I'm sure it's happened at some point with other shows. I think the Love Boat was originally called The Hitler

[deleted]160 karma

From which side of your family does your distinct voice originate or is unique to you?

ArcherHJonBenjamin381 karma

Well, I'm not sure whose voice I share more with but I assume my father because he and I are both male. he has a prominent Massachusetts accent which I don't have though

Frajer156 karma

do you still have a van ?

ArcherHJonBenjamin218 karma

No more van unforunately. Someday I hope to get a camper

dr0ne_134 karma

How much alcohol do you consume on a daily basis?

ArcherHJonBenjamin500 karma

I'm somewhere in between 3-17 glasses of a wine a day

iHateNumbers123123 karma

Hi Jon, i'm a huge fan. Do you have an plans for creating another one of your own TV shows, or would you like to?

ArcherHJonBenjamin174 karma

I am working on a couple shows now. One is a comedy show with Leo Allen who I worked with on the van show on comedy central. i hope that works

kmofosho122 karma

Is the name of ISIS going to change on the show? also: next season of archer???

ArcherHJonBenjamin823 karma

I'm not sure they officially changed the acronym. I think the spy agency is called DAESH now.

ItsJustEoin117 karma

Hey Jon, any hints as to what this big Woodhouse plot is going to be in season 7?

ArcherHJonBenjamin180 karma

Much like some of the Archer seasons, there are some momentous changes, but shoulnd't give it away now

elgrandorado98 karma

Hi Jon, I just have to ask, who is the funniest person in the studio for Bob's Burgers?

ArcherHJonBenjamin231 karma

I would say Mark Desimone, the audio engineer. He's a hoot and a half

asoiahats84 karma

Hi Jon, thanks for being here. Would you say that your relationship with your own mother mirrors Archer's relationship with Mallory?

Also, who is your favourite Archer character, and why is it Kazak?

ArcherHJonBenjamin168 karma

Well, my mother I assume is spy for the government or maybe she just wore overcoat alot

ItsJustEoin76 karma

Will we be seeing you in season 2 of Master of None?

ArcherHJonBenjamin294 karma

I'm not sure. Aziz I believe has not formulated an idea for what happens next but I hope they do they more. There's an endless number of all black movies my character can be the sole white guy in

suaveitguy72 karma

Did you know Doug Stanhope growing up? He's from Worcester, Massachusetts and is about your age.

ArcherHJonBenjamin106 karma

I have met Doug after Wrocester (A.W.) but I didn't know him in Worcester

SinewaveZB72 karma

If you could overdub any movie what would you choose?

ArcherHJonBenjamin347 karma

I have always wanted to be the english dub in a Miyazaki movie. Maybe someday. I am going to Japan in a week so if they need me, i will be in town


Howdy, Mr. Benjamin. Longtime fan here!

Your repertoire consists of a fantastic array of vocal performances. Are there any that were briefer than expected, shows you wish had lasted longer?

ArcherHJonBenjamin101 karma

yes. Freak Show on comedy Central only lasted one season and I was definitely hopeful that it would have lasted longer.

juggilinjnuggala55 karma

Hey there sir, I listened to our local community radio DJ go on a thirty minute rant against your album and I got really upset by it. Then I heard the song he played from it and fully understood. Good on you for trying at least. Anywho.... Is there any talk of Dr. Katz coming back for a season on like Netflix or Hulu or anything?

ArcherHJonBenjamin254 karma

well one of my goals was to annoy local community radio so good on me

edro_fallen49 karma

The girl friend and I are huge fans, I started her on Bob's then we moved to Archer, when she saw you on masters of none she was super excited, so when I was in pure shock you were doing an ama I asked her what to ask, so here goes "what is your favorite sandwich?"

ArcherHJonBenjamin142 karma

what's with all the sandwich questions? Everyone knows I can only eat soup

ElfMage8347 karma

What kind of tea do you like?

ArcherHJonBenjamin75 karma

I do drink a lot of tea. mostly black, some green. I can tell right now I'm drinking McNulty's Russian style

smileymn40 karma

HI Jon, on twitter Steve Lehman said you approached his jazz group first about doing the session. Could you talk about what happened there? I love the vinyl!

ArcherHJonBenjamin43 karma

yes, i got steve's name through Ira Kaplan and it was just a scheduling problem I think that prevented him from doing it, but he was interested as I recall

bvdizzle38 karma

Will you smoke a joint with me?

ArcherHJonBenjamin109 karma

oh no. no no

ImRichieDagger37 karma

Hi Jon! When will you be getting more Mystery Sacks in stock at your Flotsam General Store?

ArcherHJonBenjamin58 karma

we are trying to make another round. opefully, we can coordinate something for next year. it's hard to exploit labor

yshwindandfire30 karma

What kind of mindset did you have coming into the studio for recording and do you think you can beat what you've done in this record?

ArcherHJonBenjamin52 karma

well, there was no preparation involved. we set it up where the trio would play and I would just try and keep up to capture that improv spirit that eptomized jazz and if you listen to all the songs in order (i don't recommend it) you can hear me getting progressively better. I actually think I can't play Piano part 4, i am not all bad

TheDuskDragon18 karma

What is currently your favorite TV show that you have not worked on?

ArcherHJonBenjamin45 karma

well, I'm just finishing watching The Knick which I like alot