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Why is Chipotle so anti-science with the “GMOs are bad” narrative? More scientists agree on the safety of GMOs than they do about human caused climate change.

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HI Jon, on twitter Steve Lehman said you approached his jazz group first about doing the session. Could you talk about what happened there? I love the vinyl!

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Thomas Lennon would make a great live action Gillette even though he already voices a character on the show!

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I refuse to support corporations that don’t believe in science and they do a disservice to their customers and the public by continuing to spread lies and myths about the safety of food. GMOs are already proven to help grow food in areas that are negatively affected by climate change. This is no different than the anti-vaccine crowd, and they shouldn’t be given any serious platform for their propaganda.

Chipotle also has a long history of making their customers sick by not following proper health and safety codes in preparing their food.

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Did you ever take Famotidine? I had urticaria for about two years and took that with Zyrtec everyday, was exhausted all the time, sleeping too much from the drowsy meds. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with it, hives really suck!