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Hello H. Jon Benjamin. Just wondering how the hell you convinced the fine folks of Sub Pop records to release a jazz album when you don't listen to jazz nor play piano?

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That's so great. Thanks for all you do (comedically and now musically), sir!

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Hi Scott,

I've been a member of your site for about a year and haven't been able to take advantage of it yet. I'm planning a trip from NYC to (hopefully) Amsterdam for my 40th birthday. Unfortunately my birthday falls in August (the 19th) so it's a pretty popular time to travel. Any tips on when I should really consider buying flights for myself and husband? Are there any other cities I should consider (we'd like to go somewhere that won't be as warm as NYC as we tend to walk around a lot). Thanks so much for your service! Have been trying to spread the word with friends when they mention that they're planning on taking an international trip :)