Thanks guys that was fun! Time to head to the ACC to watch the Raptors take on Lebron and the Cavs.

"KidPoker" will premiere on December 1st @ 8:30 pmET on TSN4


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kylejack360 karma

How is it that FanDuel and DraftKings can get away with advertising brazenly on NFL games (and even official partnerships with the NFL), and calling themselves a game of skill, but online poker can't get any traction on legalization? It seems like a totally unfair double standard.

Daniel_Negreanu412 karma

It's silly of course

Pardonme23329 karma

What's a common tell amateurs have?

Daniel_Negreanu864 karma

glancing at their chips quickly when they like the flop

DvK315 karma

I'm convinced that you're psychic. What cards am I holding?

Daniel_Negreanu490 karma


cpal90211 karma

If you could design a Hearthstone card what would it be? What name/class?

Daniel_Negreanu584 karma

a 0-1 stealth card for Shaman that gives Totems +1 attack at the end of your turn. Sick huh?

AvoidMyRage170 karma

Hey Daniel, big fan.

Here is my question: Let's say you would commit all your time, energy and money to making as much money playing poker, what/where would you play and how much do you think could you average a year?

Daniel_Negreanu303 karma

I would play in Macau and think I could average $7 million a year.

andrewwink166 karma

you have a reputation of being a really friendly player. has that outgoing personality help during actual play? like have you noticed more players will show you their cards because they find you fun to play with?

Daniel_Negreanu288 karma

Absolutely, and I'd much rather play in a friendly environment anyway so it's natural.

KoningKorky154 karma

Is there currently a significant other in your life? If no, are you actively looking for one? When being a known figure in a certain world can make it more difficult I can imagine.

If I were you, I'd rather find someone that has no idea who you are, rather than someone that knows your as 'that guy from poker'. What is your view on this?

Daniel_Negreanu599 karma

Girl I'm dating had NO CLUE who I was! First time we met out at a Starbucks someone asked for a picture and her eyes got wide and she said, "Who are you?" She thought I set up the whole thing HAHA.

DayMan13139 karma

Who would play you in a movie about your life? Definitely Edward Norton right?

Daniel_Negreanu153 karma

He is perfect!

walkerjr127 karma

What did you think of Schwartz and his actions at the WSOP his year? Some of his antics were questionable at best.

Daniel_Negreanu256 karma

It was awkward. I focused on empathy with him. He has a lot of demons so I could never understand the pain he is in.

krosell24122 karma

what procedure did you go through to get your hair back? serious question. it looks great.

Daniel_Negreanu362 karma

Ha! Pretty common procedure these days. Just moved it from the back of my head to the front! Ever see anyone bald on the side or the back? Nope. That hair is strong like bull.

Butcherandom83 karma

If you HAD to put numbers to it, what percentage of poker is skill and what percentage is luck?

Daniel_Negreanu228 karma

It's hard to say because time is a factor. In one hand for example it's 100% luck, but over a million hands luck would play less than 0.000001% of a role in your results

CaptainTacoface177 karma

Who's the most fun to play with on the tour?

Daniel_Negreanu221 karma

I'd say Phil Hellmuth. He is quite a character and beating him in a hand creates a lot of fun. I can't help but laugh at him he is OUT THERE! haha

kjhgfd3471 karma

Do you think the fairly boring final table may impact the growing popularity of poker from a broadcasting viewpoint?

Daniel_Negreanu122 karma

It certainly didn't help.

Captn_Aubrey71 karma

Is Phil Ivey as intense in life, as he is when he is playing cards? Thanks for doing this, been a huge fan of yours for years. Cheers

Daniel_Negreanu114 karma

Not at all, he is actually hilarious and a ton of fun to hang out with.

ohcowboy12go67 karma


Easy question. F, Marry, Kill? Liv Boeree, Joanna Krupa & Annie Duke?

Daniel_Negreanu180 karma

You couldn't have possibly made this any easier:

Marry Liv, she is smart and cool F Joanna Krupa, she is Joanna Krupa! Kill Annie Duke, gladly. She is awful lol

hydroburger64 karma

Well met Daniel! I want to thank you for bringing legitimacy to a dumb game I play.. Hearthstone. What differences do you find between high level players of poker/wizard poker?

Daniel_Negreanu97 karma

Well there is no bluffing really

dangers9363 karma

How does playing live compare with playing online? Which do you find easier?

Daniel_Negreanu137 karma

Online is definitely more convenient, but I find live easier because I can base my reads on the person rather than the numbers.

JustJeka62 karma

Hey Daniel, big fan of yours, was heartbroken to see you out in 11th from ME, but you seemed to handle it well. What was going through your mind at that moment?

Just one more - how did you keep yourself motivated at your life's lows?

Daniel_Negreanu91 karma

That was tough. It really hit me hard when that last card hit, but right after that I was fine. It was a hell of a ride.

NotMovingYourFridge61 karma

What would you consider your greatest accomplishment outside of poker?

Daniel_Negreanu132 karma

Honestly, accomplishing the goal of living out my dream life that I envisioned in my late teens and early 20's. Exceeding those dreams really.

howcomeineedusername40 karma

Can you please tell my husband to help me with work around the house before jumping on the computer to play poker? Maybe he'll listen to you, he's a big fan.

Daniel_Negreanu82 karma

Tell him I said it's OK to enjoy your passion but make sure she plays a big role in that passion or you will be sleeping on the couch!

ThatWasaLebens38 karma

Do you enjoy poker now as much as you did when you first came onto the scene? Also, what about the game do you derive the most happiness from?

Daniel_Negreanu67 karma

Probably not. It was different back then because I was grinding and it mattered more financially. I still love to play.I enjoy the competitive aspect of the game.

GlitteredCunt37 karma

Daniel, big fan. I've recently got into playing poker and I'm astonished with your ability to read hands so well.

Is it luck or is there a certain give away that gives you the ability to read hands like their moves on the table or even body movements? What would you tell someone trying to get better at reading opponents?

Daniel_Negreanu98 karma

I would say PAY ATTENTION. To all details. What they wear, do they seem honest? What do they do for a living? Then for physical tells, look for literally anything that sticks out and relate it to the cards they turn over. Grab as many clues as you can and they might help you in the crucial moments.

Alficor133 karma

When you meet a new person, do you tell them first about choice center or that youre a vegan?

Daniel_Negreanu28 karma

Neither but eventually I think both would come up!

pizwall30 karma

Who is your favorite to take the Stanley Cup this year?

Daniel_Negreanu54 karma

I liked Anaheim to start the season but they have started really slowly. Kings look pretty good too.

stanl2230 karma

Have you read Dutch Boyd's book "Poker Tilt"? And if so, do you agree with the comments he made about you?

Daniel_Negreanu53 karma

I didn't read it. Did he say nice things??? If so then yes lol

RedRounder29 karma

How much money was on the line when you beat elky HU in the Hearthstone match? What kind of odds did he give you?

Daniel_Negreanu119 karma

We bet that if I lost I had to go to PCA in an Annoy-A-Tron outfit and since he lost he is going as Sludge Belcher! haha

Maxmichael27 karma

In a tournament table draw, who would be your two favorite people to be sat between?

Daniel_Negreanu199 karma

Two people who have never played before lol

rottinguy24 karma

Considering the statistical unlikelihood of success, how were you able to get over the "bad bet" that is the decision to go pro?

Daniel_Negreanu39 karma

It requires resilience and drive. I got kicked down many times before i succeeded but I just never gave up.

Jason_is_here24 karma

Hey Daniel. What's been going on with Tom Dwan? I'm a fan of his for sure. I haven't really seen a lot of him lately and he's seemed to have kept a low profile.

Daniel_Negreanu46 karma

He plays cash games in Macau

Jadepop23 karma

Also, i apologize for double posting, but on the off chance you'd be replying to my comment before i edited it i figured i'd make another one. How do you value physical wellness in terms of being happier/being able to be a better player, a better person, how important would you rate it?

Daniel_Negreanu85 karma

Very important. Book called The 8th Habit talks about how there are 168 hours in a week and if you spent just 1.5 hours a week exercising it improves your happiness and the quality of the other 166.5 hours.

mattfresh22 karma

What's your favorite board game?

Daniel_Negreanu47 karma

I used to really like Risk, but recently been playing Taboo with friends and it's quite fun.

xdavidleex18 karma

Daniel, What's the best way for a beginner to become a good poker player?

Daniel_Negreanu66 karma

Study and practice! No substitute for putting in the work. You can even start playing for free on PokerStars to improve.

trackonesideone17 karma

Any fun stories from the set of X-Men Origins: Wolverine? It was a nice surprise seeing you in the movie!

Daniel_Negreanu64 karma

Yeah, Hugh Jackman was such a gentlemen. He knew the name of every extra on the set and was genuine and kind.

Siwix17 karma

Hi Daniel, Always been a fan of your antics on and off the felt. You are a great ambassador for the poker world.

I know it is impossible to tell but how do you think you would have fared at the final table?

Daniel_Negreanu43 karma

Based on what I watched I think I would have done extremely well.

Jadepop17 karma

What would you describe as a key to success? Work-ethic? Being self-aware? Confidence? Being self-conscious? Would loooooooove to hear your input.

Daniel_Negreanu60 karma

Self awareness is key. It's important to read other people and how they play, but it's just as important to understand how they THINK you play and disappoint them!

brockblaze15 karma

As a fellow Canadian, which NHL team is your favourite?

Daniel_Negreanu32 karma

I grew up in Toronto so always hope the Leafs can finally right the ship, but when Las Vegas gets an NHL team I'll be a Vegas fan for sure!

Chrisortiz14 karma

How much has poker suffered from Black Friday? And is it obvious to everyone how it was an orchestrated move for the U.S.-based casinos to control the online poker market?

Daniel_Negreanu32 karma

I don't think it was. I think the NFL is to blame but that's a lounge story.

majorblockhead12 karma

My father and I both enjoy watching and playing poker and we each have a question for you. I want to know how you stay focused during long tournaments and don't have big letdowns? My dad wants to know how you deal with annoying players at your table for the long term?

Daniel_Negreanu27 karma

I make sure to prepare by getting 8 hours of sleep every night. As for annoying players, I actually meditate on a word: COMPASSION or KINDNESS

Tkzn12 karma

Hi Daniel, can you tell us what are your thoughts on the new VIP programs that PokerStars offer.

Do you think it will affect so much the pro players that they'll leave the site ? And if so, will the recreational player gained overcome that ?

thank you for your time, big fan

Daniel_Negreanu16 karma

I would have made changes to the program years ago, but if I were in charge I would have made sure I gave ample notice that the changes were coming. They are essential, but I wish they would wait until Jan 1, 2017 to implement them and I wouldn't target high limit players by removing their VPPs

cutchemist4212 karma

Do you follow any of the DFS news? I know legally, they have to fight the not-gambling argument but to you is it clearly gambling?

Daniel_Negreanu38 karma

Of course it is gambling! Walking across the street is a gamble with your life. Opening a restaurant, buying stocks etc are ALL gambling. It's silly.

thah4aiBaid6nah811 karma

Hi Daniel, I'm a big fan. Just so you know, the only reason I trust Pokerstars is because you allow your name to be associated with them.

If you ever became aware of underhanded things happening there, would you disassociate yourself from them?

Daniel_Negreanu38 karma

Yes immediately

chris698711 karma

Is poker still a viable career for someone to aspire to? or is it too close to reaching a point where everyone plays so close to optimally so no one can have an edge.

Daniel_Negreanu18 karma

Depending on your skill set I still think there is plenty of money to be made, you just have to find the right situations.

WSOPFan10 karma

Who was your favorite player at the WSOP Final Table this year?

Daniel_Negreanu38 karma

Tom Cannuli. What a great kid.

ThrowawayCallsYouOut7 karma

Hi Daniel. I used to play with you in some of the underground clubs in North York. Do you still keep in touch with anyone you played with before you were famous?

Daniel_Negreanu9 karma

Absolutely, lots of the guys. Pat Pezzin, Zvi, Sam, Tyson, etc.

augspreadhead6 karma

I'm a huge, huge fan! First question is what was the moment you knew you were good enough to be a pro? Second, I've seen you've been playing a lot of soccer, do you watch? If so which club do you support?

Daniel_Negreanu17 karma

I knew in my early 20's. I watch Toronto FC in the MLS!

Bulseye65 karma

Hi Daniel, thanks for doing this! You mentioned a few weeks back that you could double dip next year and be a hearthstone and poker pro. Do you think you could actually pill this off, or do you think hearthstone would drastically impact the amount of money you could be making just playing poker?

Daniel_Negreanu6 karma

It wouldn't hurt my poker but it would require a lot of time and study. I already play daily but I don't study really. I just learn on my own.

haewood5 karma

Daniel you stud, did you watch the Hearthstone World Championships? Do you think it's too niche to ever make a splash like hold-em?

Daniel_Negreanu14 karma

Pingpingho is the MAN!!! Best interviews ever. Yes I watched.

ChoiceCenterHype4 karma

Why don't you play more poker tournaments in Canada? Have you ever been to Alberta?

Daniel_Negreanu13 karma

I typically play the higher limit events worldwide and Canada hasn't had any. I have been to Winnipeg and took in a Jets game. They CRUSHED the Leafs that night lol

Mozzerrr4 karma

Huge fan Daniel, & not just on the felt. What do you think is the most redeeming quality a person can have? Or possibly the most unique feature that is hard to come by these days?

Also for someone who doesn't know their passion in life: what advice would you give?

Daniel_Negreanu15 karma

Best quality would be one who lives a life in service to others. To find your passion, you may want to start with the end game. Right out a page and answer the following question: what is your vision for your life? In great detail 5-10 years down the road.

Senotonom2054 karma

Daniel, thanks so much for doing this. I think it's great how active and available you are to fans and the poker community as a whole. My question is, what do you see for The future of online poker in the United States, especially considering recent charges brought against daily fantasy sites such as Draftkings and Fanduel. Do you think online poker will ever bounce back to pre Black Friday?

Daniel_Negreanu7 karma

Yeah I think it will be back and the DFS stuff likely increases it's chances since they have a similar skill based argument.

GustavLeander4 karma

You've obviously become a face outwards for Poker sort of like an ambassador, how important do you think being more outwards at the table means for poker in general?

I believe it was Colman who won the 2014 Big for one drop tournament and he refused to do interviews until the tournament was over. He did end up winning so it could have made his chances winning bigger but a lot of pros seemed to disagree on this act.

Also whats your favourite fun hearthstone card? :D

Daniel_Negreanu12 karma

SLUDGE BELCHER is da bomb! I don't think Colman had any responsibility to do anything honestly, it's a personal choice

ultrarich3 karma

Hey Daniel, it was only yesterday that I read an article written by you about your dad. I am sorry that you lost him so early in your life, I'm sure he was a wonderful man/father. The question is, what are the traits you think that you got from your dad, that made you successful in poker ?

Daniel_Negreanu8 karma

My dad was a people person for sure. The life of the party always, and that requires empathy and that helps you in poker.

toasttothewin3 karma

My 11 year old poker player son wants to know: what is your strategy for reading people? Any advice for a kid wanting to learn more and more about poker?

Daniel_Negreanu3 karma

Take it slow and have fun with it!

youreap3 karma

What's your advice for someone who loves cash poker and has played for years and tried and tried to get better but just never showed any improvement at all? If it's "give up" i'm way ahead of you, but damn I miss the game. I guess my question is how can someone get better without going broke?

Daniel_Negreanu2 karma

Studying is free! Thats where you really learn to get to the next level.

GojiraKid3 karma

If you had to switch poker skills with someone, who would it be? Who would you next like to see in the poker HOF? [Besides yourself]

Daniel_Negreanu23 karma

Phil Ivey. Phil Ivey.

theredditasker3 karma

what would you have done if you didn't discover poker?

Daniel_Negreanu9 karma

maybe be an actor?

TalkingBackAgain3 karma

Mr. Negreanu, HUGE fan here, I've always been intrigued about whether you only play other, invitation-only poker games, or that you also play at open-to-the-general-public games [aside from the big tournament events]?

  • how do you tell what cards someone has and do you enjoy the look of terror when someone can't shield the fact that you just read them?

  • I understand there's been a few controversies surrounding poker in recent years, does it affect the amount of people coming to the game?

  • What is Phil Hellmuth like away from the table?

  • What's your favourite aspect in poker [aside from winning a gazillion dollars]?

  • do you socialise with other poker stars or is it really just a professional relationship?

  • Do you enjoy living in Vegas [it looks LOUD] or would you prefer to live in Canada [but you're not doing that because nobody plays poker there]?

  • What ambition do you still hope to realise in poker?

  • What is an absolute social faux pas in poker, as in: what is totally unacceptable behaviour [to you, or to poker in general], aside from outright cheating, which should be obvious?

Good luck with your show!

Daniel_Negreanu12 karma


vlade21divac3 karma

Whatever happened to Kirk Morrison?

Daniel_Negreanu5 karma

Good question! No idea.

5Oshadesofgreg2 karma

Top three favorite movies and are you a Game of Thrones fan? Love watching you play!

Daniel_Negreanu15 karma

American History X Good Will Hunting Remember the Titans

Game of Thrones is awesome!!!

Rlydude2 karma

Have you ever had to deal with anxiety?

Daniel_Negreanu4 karma

Not really. Can't remember it ever being an issue.

SuperMeatGurl2 karma

Hi Daniel, Do you travel with your dog to poker tournaments? Would you consider him your good luck charm?

Daniel_Negreanu3 karma

I did when I first got him, but now my assistant takes care of him when I'm on the road.

Ch3rry_C0ke2 karma

Why do you think more women don't play poker and what can be done to encourage more women to play? Any behavior you notice around the tables that needs to be changed?

Daniel_Negreanu27 karma

For the same reasons that men represent a small percentage of romantic novel sales. Generally speaking, I think men and women are drawn to different interests. Not as a rule, of course, but we just have different interests mostly.

DoctorDoogy2 karma

Which do you like playing more and why: Poker, Hearthstone, or Soccer? :)

Daniel_Negreanu14 karma

All of the above! But Hearthstone for sure right now

Stommped2 karma

Hi Daniel,

Were you worried about getting embarrassed when Elky steamrolled you in the first game? You showed great poise and confidence in the next 3 games and didn't make any mistakes even though I imagine the pressure was high even though it was just for fun.

Daniel_Negreanu4 karma

Yes! I was nervous and was just hoping to win 2 out of 5 so I was ecstatic to win the match!

Se7enDwarves2 karma

What do you like about your mage deck in Hearthstone?

Daniel_Negreanu4 karma

Tempo and Flamewalker fireball fireball fireball!!!!

Paulcardonav2 karma

┬┐How much of your winning strategy relays on reading just the gestures of the people on your table?

Daniel_Negreanu6 karma

For most it's insignificant, but for me it plays a large role.

830Res2 karma

Do you think there still should be a November Nine? Or should the WSOP be trying other ways of building up the Main Event Final Table?

Daniel_Negreanu9 karma

I like the Nov 9 concept but we need to make adjustments to speed up play.

tbird242 karma

Like two years ago you sold a big portion of your One Drop buy-in to anyone interested in buying (i.e. your fans). Any interest in doing something like this again? Was it successful (other than placing 2nd :P)

Daniel_Negreanu7 karma

It was successful for them of course! It was a bit of a pain to deal with the taxes

Myers34032 karma

Any plans to quit poker and become a Hearthstone World Champion?

Daniel_Negreanu3 karma

Ha I wish!

coastalman1 karma

You're my favorite poker star, been watching you for years! What are some of your favorite hobbies when not playing poker?

Daniel_Negreanu2 karma

HEARTHSTONE and playing soccer!

_jdawg1 karma

Have you ever gone in debt when you were starting out as kid poker? How did you deal with it?

Daniel_Negreanu3 karma

many times!!! many lessons learned as a result.

gruven7221 karma

How do you feel about the incredibly well built Steelheads finally being trouble to your rapidly falling Cheap Thieves?

Daniel_Negreanu2 karma

Go eat a "you know what kind" of pizza.

Mogg_the_Poet1 karma

Do you ever sit down in a local game and go unrecognized?

Daniel_Negreanu4 karma

Where would I find a game like that? LOL

SineadBR1 karma

What colour socks are you wearing today?

Daniel_Negreanu2 karma

Was supposed to be blue, I wore those in the morning then put the wrong ones on and went with red.

chrislopez_1 karma

Do you consider yourself an athlete?

Daniel_Negreanu3 karma

Ha gosh no

Souche1 karma

Aside from Hearthstone, what's your favorite videogame ever?

Daniel_Negreanu2 karma

NHL 93!!!