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Doesn't this contradict what you said about the Italian Job scene not being possible where you can control the lights from a central location?

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I've asked you this in person before, but you kind of dodged it. Don't you think the fall of Digg can at least partially be attributed to simply reaching a critical mass? And if so, do you think reddit will suffer the same fate at some point? Granted, the subreddit ecosystem very effectively disperses that "mass", but I think its inevitable at some point.

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Like two years ago you sold a big portion of your One Drop buy-in to anyone interested in buying (i.e. your fans). Any interest in doing something like this again? Was it successful (other than placing 2nd :P)

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This is exactly the response I wanted, and not at all what I expected, thank you. I feel like I'm being left behind and everyone else is unaffected. It's really nice to hear that you find yourself in a similar mindset. Granted, we're on completely different levels of skill.

I'm hoping that after a lengthy break I can come back reinvigorated and and with a vengeance :).

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Probably too late but I'll give it a shot anyway.

Krantz, and the others still in the US, obviously you can't play online anymore. Do you still study? I can't get myself to study when I know I can't play, and I can feel all of my skill and knowledge slowly dissipating into a black abyss. It's very frustrating. The few times a year I get to play live I'm angry at my play and sad that I'm losing it.

Any words of advice here?