Thanks, friends, for tuning in. I hope I didn't scandalize anyone here. Now, be sure not to miss me in my show in NYC, Allegiance.

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aintgottaclue3228 karma

Hello George. On your Facebook feed, how much of that is you? How much is an ad firm/assistant and how can I tell the difference?

RealGeorgeTakei4825 karma

I have staffers who help me source and collect much of what is on my feed, as obviously it is too much for one person to handle. The commentary is mine.

Graumm369 karma

I must admit that I stopped following you on Facebook because of how click-baity the links are. The fact that every link goes through tracking-redirection is just salt in the wound. I really enjoyed it early on, though!

RealGeorgeTakei60 karma

We had to add link redirection as a security measure because of hackers. It's a long, sad story, but a necessary step. Thanks for understanding that as a high profile page, mine comes under all forms of attack.

hurdur1801 karma

As an addendum, how many people actually run your FB feed? Because if it's just one or two, that's pretty impressive.

RealGeorgeTakei2195 karma

I have four staffers helping out. They are terrific. And underpaid.

Jesterotr1130 karma

One of them typed this, didn't they?

RealGeorgeTakei2750 karma

No, Brad did.

ThePieGuy2034 karma

Pizza or hotdogs?

RealGeorgeTakei5489 karma

Pizza. But I do love a good weiner.

MacduffFifesNo1Thane1890 karma

You are pretty open about your experience in the internment camps. The musical deals with that terrible time in history.

Was there a moment in rehearsal or in a performance that really brought out those feelings or made something clearer for you?

RealGeorgeTakei3628 karma

Every night when I speak my final monologue. It is an apology to my father.

PenguinWithaMustache1571 karma

Hi, I know this question may seem a bit weird but are there any books that brought you to tears that you'd recommend?

RealGeorgeTakei2762 karma

Yes. The book is called Snow Falling on Cedars. It was very touching, of the post-internment years of Japanese Americans.

mvartan1567 karma

You've seen so much change in your lifetime regarding human rights. What do you hope to see in the next few decades?

RealGeorgeTakei3263 karma

Transgender equality. Income equalization. Care of our planet, which is a human rights issue.

Crimsonfoxy1267 karma

Have you been asked to have anything to do with the new Star Trek series?

RealGeorgeTakei2746 karma

No I have not. But I have my wish: That I could come back as an alien being and play a different role.

Chengweiyingji1267 karma

Two questions:

1- Who was your favourite person to work with on any Star Trek thing?

2- Could I get an autograph???

RealGeorgeTakei1937 karma

  1. I enjoyed Jimmy Doohan. He was a wonderful actor, down to earth friend, and a guy who taught me a lot about drinking.

  2. Come to the Allegiance stage door!

momof2poms1241 karma

Hi, George! My husband and I are major Star Trek fans, and he would like me to ask: Were you able to keep any uniforms or any items from the sets?

RealGeorgeTakei2184 karma

Gene Roddenberry gave me my Star Fleet uniform as Capt of the Excelsior and my costume in Star Trek IV as gifts. I've donated them to museums.

DoctorDeath1168 karma

Why don't they make another Star Trek movie with you as the captain of the Excelsior? That was my favorite part.

RealGeorgeTakei2501 karma

I think it's a great idea. You show excellent taste. Please let Paramount know.

ghostFaceKillah1871024 karma

Almost midnight here in germany, cant sleep, have any tips?

RealGeorgeTakei3685 karma

Take a hot shower, drink some camomile tea, and turn off the porn.

BenDBones824 karma

Mr. Takei,

I currently facilitate comprehensive sexual education to middle school aged kids. What do you wish the 12 or 13 year old George Takei could have learned about in terms of acceptance and equality?

RealGeorgeTakei1199 karma

I wish that we could even THOUGHT of talking about such things. I knew that I must NOT talk about it. If I had a wish, I would have wished society was advanced enough to receive compassionate guidance from an adult.

R0DAN786 karma

What planet is the coolest?

RealGeorgeTakei1199 karma

I think Mars would be fascinating to visit.

PM_ME_YOUR_META734 karma

Oh this is nice, first time on the sub and one of my heroes is doing an AMA... Excuse me while I fangirl out for a second - OK now my question, how do you come up with those funny responses to homophobic posts and such, like this?

Edit: Also my mom grew up to Star Trek and is a huge fan, she says Hi.

RealGeorgeTakei1096 karma

Humor is the best way to take care of trolls, hands down. Don't fight them directly, just knock them back under their bridge with irony, or similar weapon.

contraptionfour668 karma

Hi, what do you think can be done about America's seeming reluctance to cast Asian actors in prominent, positive roles?

I should add that being half-japanese and growing up watching Trek, I remember really appreciating you taking the captain's chair!

RealGeorgeTakei789 karma

We need to make films or shows that cast them into successful projects. It is a commercial arena, and we must succeed commercially.

VictisHonor613 karma

Would you happen to have a favourite joke, if so would you care to share it?

RealGeorgeTakei2276 karma

Knock knock. Who's there. Obama. Obama who?

O-baaaa-maaaaa self....

claybobclay529 karma

Hey Noww...

George - I'm a big fan of yours and really enjoy when you sit in with Howard Stern. My question is - who is your favorite Wack Packer and why?

Thanks and Baba Booey to you.

RealGeorgeTakei484 karma

High pitched Eric!

slycon457 karma

Hey Boner! Why didn't you invite Fred Norris to the opening of your play?

RealGeorgeTakei451 karma

I love Fred, and would have loved to have had him, but there were a limited number of tickets. We barely could get Howard and Robyn and Gary in.

terrible_medic456 karma

What was your favorite moment from the Howard Stern show?

RealGeorgeTakei1241 karma

Judging the most beautiful penis contest. Brad didn't talk to me for a week after that one.

shivan21451 karma

What do you think were the best moments of Sulu in ST?

RealGeorgeTakei935 karma

When he achieved his own ship and captaincy on the U.S.S. Excelsior.

seismicor449 karma

Hi. What is your opinion on the announcement of the new Star Trek TV series? Will you watch?

RealGeorgeTakei676 karma

It's a great idea. I'm eager to see what these imaginative futurists come up with.

Challengeaccepted3443 karma

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

RealGeorgeTakei1458 karma

Go to the theater. Or troll trolls in my FB feed.

theArnoldFans1440 karma

George, I understand Brad is working out more…what exercises do you both like to do AND do you still lift some weights?

RealGeorgeTakei629 karma

I do lift weights. Brad is now working out with a trainer named Michael Prince here in NYC and he is thrliled to get a Body By Michael.

theArnoldFans1411 karma

George, are you excited to see the new Star Wars film? DO you already have your Star Wars tickets and what you think of The Terminator franchise? Do you like time-travel films in addition to space science fiction? If you could time-travel to any year of your life, what year would you relive?

RealGeorgeTakei843 karma

Yes. I don't have tickets yet. And if I could time travel, it would be to this year, in June, when the Supreme Court ruled for marriage equality for all in the U.S.

Fox248340 karma

Do you have any pets?

RealGeorgeTakei1362 karma

Outdoor cats. There are five of them. I'm not even kitten you.

Pokemon_Jesus334 karma

What is a place that everyone should visit at least once?

RealGeorgeTakei1324 karma

The bathroom.

roolies420276 karma

Hello Mr. Takei, who is your celebrity crush???

RealGeorgeTakei748 karma

Currently? Michael Fassbender.

robinburks234 karma

How do you consistently maintain such a good attitude on the Internet, which is, obviously, full of a lot of trolls and haters?

RealGeorgeTakei713 karma

You can't take things too seriously, or too personally. Life is full of comedy and foolishness. Especially the Internet. Here I am, for example, on Reddit, where millions of people waste a lot of time.

schlupsandbups231 karma

Hi George, what advice would you give to LGBT youth?

RealGeorgeTakei499 karma

It is still a struggle: Be confident, prepared and strong.

charleston_guy223 karma

Mr. Takei, big fan.

What was the most surprising thing you encountered getting your work on Broadway? Also, what is your guilty pleasure food?

RealGeorgeTakei530 karma

Guilty food: Deep, dark bittersweet chocolate. Lots of fat and sugar (on top of the antioxidants)

On Broadway: The size of my dressing room. It is tiny. It used to be James Franco's. It is a closet.

Warlizard209 karma

Heya George.

Quick question: Are you happy?

I know you went years being someone you weren't, known by everyone but known by very few.

So I'm wondering now, are you happy?

RealGeorgeTakei409 karma

I'm happy, because I have Brad in my life, I get to perform Allegiance 8 times a week, and I'm in the center of the defining city of the 21st Century, New York City.

quasiuseless206 karma

I am sad George. My city of Houston, TX voted against an equal rights ordinance (HERO). The citizens of the suburbs got duped by the mythical problem of men in women's restrooms. Is there anything you can say to cheer me up?

RealGeorgeTakei854 karma

Progress is inevitable. We will win. I've lived through Jim Crow and race lynchings, and now we have an African American President. I was closeted for decades out of fear of losing my career, but now I'm out, proud and married to the love of my life. We will win.


If you could say two words to Donald Trump, what would they be?

RealGeorgeTakei682 karma

Shut up. Or "you're fired." He said that to me once.

Bolorian196 karma

What do you think of Wil Wheaton?

RealGeorgeTakei338 karma

He is a funny, witty guy, as well as an innovative guy.

NotANestleShill172 karma

Hey there George! I was wondering about the animosity between you and Shatner, over the years, have you been able to work it out, and why or why not? Thanks for doing the AMA!

RealGeorgeTakei435 karma

I did invite him, via handwritten note, to the Opening Night of Allegiance in New York. I know he received it because his assistant confirmed it. We got no response, which is typical of Bill. Two months later, I hope he doesn't rant and rave publicly that he was never invited. (This is what happened in 2008 with my wedding, you see.)

Maddie_N161 karma

Does the increasing diversity in Broadway thanks to shows like Allegiance and Hamilton reflect a trend in society towards shows that are more inclusive of different communities? Are there any communities that you feel are still underrepresented?

RealGeorgeTakei232 karma

When Allegiance proves to be a commercial success, this will lead to more producers willing to back such projects. Hamilton has opened the door to a lot of new genres.

Fox248148 karma

What's your favorite animal?

RealGeorgeTakei567 karma

Dog. (As pet) Cow. (As food)

infinitysnake144 karma

Coke, or Pepsi?

RealGeorgeTakei759 karma

Neither. It's like asking Trump or Carson.

Maddie_N138 karma

How is Broadway different than the countless other forms of media you’ve been in?

RealGeorgeTakei331 karma

It is the immediacy of Broadway that makes it wonderful. At the end of Allegiance, when we take our bows, the standing ovation is the most beautiful sweet sound that an actor can hear. That can't happen on TV or the movies.

philckd127 karma

What has to be your favorite Broadway play? Any Leonard Nimoy stories you remember the most?

RealGeorgeTakei396 karma

Disgraced. It was terrific.

When I did Equus, Leonard came to see me in it. He'd played the same role on Broadway. When he came backstage to congratulate me, he smiled that mysterious Spockian smile, and "You were better." Which was preposterous.

Harry_Renquist122 karma

Does Brad ever get mad that you talk poorly about his body on Stern Show? Oh myyy!

RealGeorgeTakei238 karma

Yes he does! And I get the Silent Treatment for a while. But it's not as long as it used to be.

theArnoldFans1119 karma

What did you do for Halloween and what was one of your best costumes over the years?

RealGeorgeTakei299 karma

I had a show. And there were Trekkers in uniform.

I used to wear my ST costume and give out candy. I also had a great kabuki outfit.

jenia34788119 karma

Does your own personal experience make your role easier/better in "Allegiance"?

RealGeorgeTakei247 karma

My personal experiences do make me feel more rooted, and for the first time as an actor I am able to use my life experience as a basis for my work. The impact is tremendous for me personally. Every night is a tribute to my father.

tshiar118 karma

What do you think of asian male pornstar Keni Styles?

He played Sulu in one of the Star Trek porn parodies.

RealGeorgeTakei188 karma

I'd like to see that. I've not seen him.

theArnoldFans1117 karma

How do you feel opening night went with 'Allegiance' (can you critique your personal performance) and do you feel Howard Stern is helping you with promotion for this play?

RealGeorgeTakei179 karma

It was magical, and I love the fact that Howard, Robyn and Gary were there and shared that experience. They have been enormously helpful getting the word out. Now, all you Stern fans, get cracking. There's a line starting to form at the Longacre Theater for tickets.

Snowbank_Lake108 karma

Hi George! Big Star Trek fan :-). Did you realize back in the 60s what an impact the show would have and how strong a message it would send? Congrats on your new project!

RealGeorgeTakei214 karma

My thought was that because it was a quality show, that we wouldn't last very long! All the great shows always got canceled. It wound up having a much bigger impact than what I'd predicted. Next year is the 50th anniversary!

roxtoby90 karma

Hi George! I've loved seeing your Facebook updates over the years regarding Allegiance. What has been the most challenging aspect of bringing the show to the Broadway stage?

RealGeorgeTakei168 karma

Lack of real estate! The number of theaters available is smaller than the number of shows trying to come in. We had to wait in line for three years.

SaintNattygrumpo61 karma

Got any juicy tales from your past that you would share? Also I love you and all the good you do in the world. Thank you

RealGeorgeTakei223 karma

I was at summer camp, 14 years old, and there was a blond camp counselor who was very tanned and good looking. His t-shirt was rolled up, and the hair on his forearm glistened gold. I made comment, and that was enough to cause him to visit me in the cabin. Oh myyy...

Muted_Post-Horn45 karma

Who are some of your favorite contemporary Asian playwrights we should be checking out?

RealGeorgeTakei61 karma

David Henry Hwang, Philip Kan Gotanda, and Jay Kuo (who wrote Allegiance)

RealGeorgeTakei50 karma


UnimatrixZeroOne21 karma

Hi, George! Thanks for doing this AMA. I’m a huge fan of Star Trek and so I’m super stoked.

What was your favorite moment while working on Star Trek? What did you think of the character Hikaru Sulu?

For anyone who knows me, it would be crime if I didn’t ask you something about food. What is your favorite food? If you could only eat one specific food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Cheers!

RealGeorgeTakei57 karma

My favorite moment on the TV series was my fencing sequence in the episode Naked Time.

ZombieZara12 karma

Hey George! Zara here all the way from Ireland! Just wanted to ask if you have if you've tried the new 'George Takei "Oh My!" Cocktail yet that is buzzing around the country over here? 'George Takei Cocktail' - "Oh My!"

RealGeorgeTakei22 karma

Not yet. I will investigate.

that-writer-kid10 karma

Mr. Takei, thank you so much for everything you've done to promote equality for everyone. There are very few people (much less celebrities) that I agree with on every issue I've ever seen them bring up, but you're one of them.


  1. I know you've given us volumes of information on this, but if someone was to know only one thing about your experience in the internment camps, what would you want them to know?

  2. Similarly, what's one thing you would want them to know about your experiences as a gay man?

  3. Obvious biases aside... Kirk or Picard or Janeway?

  4. My girlfriend and I (also female) just moved in together. Any advice on being a likely-to-get-married-in-the-future queer couple?

  5. Have you visited the Udvar-Hazy Smithsonian museum in Virginia? My dad works there and they have the original model of the Enterprise in their restoration hangar right now. I feel like you should do something with that.

Thanks again, Mr. Sulu Takei! For the AMA and everything else you've done for the world.

RealGeorgeTakei47 karma

I'm going to answer just question 3: I admired Kirk. But not necessarily the actor who played him.

pylon5678 karma

Have you seen "The Martian" and if so, what did you think of it?

RealGeorgeTakei23 karma

I thought it was a terrific film but the middle part got a bit slow...

Cult_of_Pineal5 karma

What's your favorite decade?

RealGeorgeTakei15 karma

1770s America.

shivan214 karma

What do you enjoy more: classic acting or voice acting? Do you meet other voice-actors often when making dubbing?

RealGeorgeTakei9 karma

Classic acting (meaning in person) is prefered. I often don't meet other voice actors. For example, I did Mulan with my current co-star in Allegiance, Lea Salonga, but never met her while doing the film.

theArnoldFans14 karma

Hi George, are you still in a feud with Arnold Schwarzenegger and have you noticed that his Twitter and Facebook pages shows Arnold with the gay-support rainbow colors? Do you think Arnold has grown stronger with his gay support since he was Governor?

RealGeorgeTakei24 karma

I never was in a feud with him, but I was angry at his veto of the marriage equality bill in CA.

PostNobSlobKiss3 karma

Mr. Takei who is your single greatest role model?

RealGeorgeTakei3 karma

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thatguyimetonce1 karma

How did you get involved in the Community Halloween episode? Did Dan approach you? What other cameos did you most enjoy doing?

RealGeorgeTakei3 karma

My agent booked me that one.

Fox2481 karma

Do you read any comic books?

RealGeorgeTakei4 karma

I used to. Currently, no time for such pleasures. But I did read Kevin Keller, in which appeared. And next Sunday I'm in Dick Tracy.

Fictitious_Pulp1 karma

What song is currently stuck in your head?

RealGeorgeTakei3 karma

With You from Allegiance.

Sporxable1 karma

What's your greatest achievement?

RealGeorgeTakei4 karma

Allegiance on Broadway. My legacy project. You'd all better get tickets.

clawclawbite1 karma

On Celebrity Apprentice, why did you not suggest Excelsior instead of Enterprise?

RealGeorgeTakei4 karma

Because I spent more time on the Enterprise than the Excelsior.

AlexaTheRaichu1 karma

Hi George! What's your favorite random encounter you've had with a stranger?

RealGeorgeTakei4 karma

Out in nature. Near twilight. Something that would have gotten me arrested.