My short bio: I came from Syria and currently living in the U.S. I was 16yo when I left my family to study for the summer in the U.S., I got the student visa and went to NYC where my brother lives. After spending the summer and about to go back, my brother was moving to Chicago, so I went with him to see the city before I go back to Syria. I fell in love with Chicago, so I asked my parents if I can stay to finish high school here, and they said yes. After couple weeks, I got a call from my dad telling me that the Syrian government was looking for me and that I shouldn't come to visit them (I was planning to visit them in the winter break). It was the biggest shock to me, but I guess I handled it well.. My life completely changed here in the U.S, after years of being closeted, I was finally able to be open with my sexuality here in the U.S., but I'm still fearing that people back in Syria will know, and my family will stop supporting me financially. And for the asylum part.. It takes years to get the interview, which is really depressing, and what resulted in me having two panic attacks (hospitalized for 2 days).. I miss my family. I miss how simple my life was. So much responsibility was put on me at the age of 16, now I'm 18 and still going through this life. I'm open to any question you have for me :)

EDIT: I'm not a muslim. I was, but after what I've been through, I don't believe in anything anymore. EDIT2: For those who think I'm seeking attention.. I'd have linked this to my facebook and mentioned my name in here so I'd be known by many people or whatever. Just wanted to share my experience. My Proof:

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What do you wish more people knew about the refugee crisis and/or what people are fleeing from?

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Many think that refugees will turn their country into an Islamic state, but that's hopefully will not happen. ALL of my friends (same as my age) who moved to Europe are trying to fit it so bad that they are actually turning into non-religious, open-minded people, which is a good sign that the next generation won't be as bad as the old generation. Take me as an example(not religious at all, even though, I came from a very conservative family).

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I'm in a sports club (Germany) where one of the five refugees that joined us a while ago posted a video on facebook called "How the Islam will rule the world by 2050". Below the video he wrote "Super. Reality is reality."

And that got me curious so i looked up the other four refugees and all of them have been posting islamic propaganda and how they will turn their host country into an islamic country just by a high birthrate.

They never talk about stuff like this when they play with us. They mostly seem pretty nice.

This makes me lose all my sympathy for anyone posting shit like this as it is as disrepectul as it gets, so i wonder: Is that common? I know that most muslims take their religion way more serious than most christians do (in europe) but those five guys are guests in our country. We took them into our custody when they needed it most, gave them free shelter and food without any expectation of redemption and they thank us with wanting to take over our country, eliminate our culture and get rid of christians? This is beyond ridiculous.

I'm sorry if i develop prejudices but i'm so sad and angry because of this.

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Many muslims have the 'we should spread our religion'. It is really upsetting how people are still trying to feed you their religion because they think it'll get them to heaven. I suggest that you let the government know about your concerns about those guys.

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You are like the golden example refugee. But from experience I can tell you that most of them don't want to learn the language or learn anything about the host country. All they want is welfare and bitch about how the free food is not 100% halal and how horrible the free living conditions and free health care is.

ihatebrainfreeze6 karma

Thank you. I totally agree, they have to loosen up their traditions cause they're refugees not citizens of other countries.

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Not to be rude or anything but

"I left my family to study for the summer in the U.S."

"After spending the summer and about to go back"

"so I asked my parents if I can stay to finish high school here, and they said yes."

"I shouldn't come to visit them"

"my family will stop supporting me financially"

All sounds more like you're just a student studying in US while your parents, obviously not fleing from war and terror since they're working (I assume?) and financing your studies in the US? And you planned to go visit your parents back in syria? To me, if you flee a country during war you don't go back there "to visit" nor does the people work and have the finances to send their kids to study in the US. If the country is at war you try your best just to survive and get food for the day.

ihatebrainfreeze4 karma

I came from the Syrian coast where war isn't actually happening. But the government is everywhere there. And if they're looking for you, they will get you.

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Welcome to America! Seriously, I'm very glad that you're here.

What are your parents' plans? Are they staying in Syria, and if they are, are they okay?

Also, are you still in Chicago? If so, I hope you like it, and I hope you're a Cubs fan, haha.

ihatebrainfreeze43 karma

Thanks! :) My parents are staying in Syria as it is safe in the city they live in. They weren't able to visit me because the US embassy isn't issuing visas for Syrians. And yes! I've been living for year and a half in Chicago (It's super cold!). Not a sports follower but go Cubs! :)

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With countries that are hesitant to allowing refugees to enter their country, In your opinion is ISIS invading a refugee country an actual threat?

ihatebrainfreeze47 karma

Yes, if you read the news, you can see that real Syrian citizens are using fake passports to get in. Why would they use a fake one if they have a real Syrian passport?

AdilB10118 karma

What would you do (for Syrian refugees) if you were in charge?

ihatebrainfreeze108 karma

If I was in charge of a European country who's admitting Syrian refugees, I'd let the Syrian refugees in but in a camp, and hire many people to do background checks and make sure that they're really Syrians refugees and not migrants.

oldholborn210 karma

How do you feel about the war going on in your home country?

Are you able to stay in the US without much VISA problems?

How is the relationship with your brother? And with other American people?

ihatebrainfreeze22 karma

I feel confused because I have no idea what's going on in there. I left Syria before ISIS was a thing, so I don't really know (just feeling sad how Syria came to be).. I am a legal resident, so no problem :) My brother treats me really bad and keeps threatening me of kicking me out. And people don't really know that I'm not from here cause I don't have accent at all :)

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ihatebrainfreeze16 karma

It's completely different, people are open-minded and very accepting to new things, unlike Syrians. But life is really hard. You have to do everything by yourself.. I was planning on going back because the city where I came from is safe and the government back then wasn't looking for me. And yes, I am a full-time college student :)

Mernerak4 karma

Why is the Syrian government "looking for" you?

ihatebrainfreeze42 karma

I was involved in protests against the government. And I didn't do the military registration.

frankiemc1234 karma

What city or general area are you from?

ihatebrainfreeze18 karma

I'm from the coast


How do you afford college?

ihatebrainfreeze2 karma

Community college. Yes :)

sbetschi122 karma

But life is really hard. You have to do everything by yourself..

Out of curiosity, what do you mean by this? How is life harder, and what things do you have to do for yourself in the USA that you would not have had to do for yourself in Syria?

ihatebrainfreeze2 karma

Everything, from food (buying and cooking) to dealing with immigration papers by myself. Never thought that I would have my own lawyer.

ModernPoultry7 karma

Can the Syrian men's basketball team beat the Lakers? My gut says yes

ihatebrainfreeze11 karma

Not a sports fan here. But I'm pretty sure they won't :P

tastes_like_chicken_6 karma

What is Syrian food like? Can I get it in the US?

ihatebrainfreeze19 karma

It's tasty! but honestly, I have gone to many 'Syrian' restaurants around the US.. and none of them tasted like the real Syrian food, not even close to how the food is actually made in Syria :(

Synchro_Shoukan6 karma

Hello, sir. How are you? When did you know about your sexuality and why couldn't you come to terms earlier?

ihatebrainfreeze21 karma

I knew around the age of 13. And I wasn't able to come out because the punishment of being gay in Syria is death.

keem_behr_lay6 karma

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

ihatebrainfreeze7 karma

Hopefully, I'll be living in CA, after graduating college, with a stable software development job.

campoanywhere6 karma

Born and raised in CA here - if you ever come out this way PM me and I can help you out.

ihatebrainfreeze2 karma

Thank you! :)

PenisInBlender-40 karma

You want to move from one shitty desert to another?

ihatebrainfreeze7 karma

Ever heard of El nino?

DontGiveaFuckistan5 karma

Why are Syrians not going to other arab countries, instead want to go to Germany or England?

ihatebrainfreeze8 karma

They see European countries as a better opportunity for them, as they hear that Germany and other countries are giving them benefits for just going there. Also, Arabian countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, and other countries) aren't accepting any refugees.

DontGiveaFuckistan6 karma

Why do you feel is their reasoning for not accepting refugees?

ihatebrainfreeze5 karma

Maybe they're afraid of ISIS getting in their countries?

palbuddy12345 karma

What would you want to tell Americans about the Arab world? What was the biggest adjustment for you?

ihatebrainfreeze17 karma

Most people have no idea where Syria is. They think of the middle east as a country called 'Arabia'. And, I had to take care of myself (my brother doesn't help at all), such as, cooking, shopping, having my own lawyer, etc.. Other than that, I got used to life in here really fast.

palbuddy12347 karma

Thanks for replying! The US can be unforgiving sometimes, everyone is out for themselves! Best of luck to you, I'm sure you've had some hard days.

ihatebrainfreeze11 karma

Thank you! yeah, life is hard. But it'll get better :)

tacosgrandes3 karma

You have to do everything by yourself.

In Syria did you have maids, gardeners, drivers?

ihatebrainfreeze2 karma

I had my parents who did everything for me. That's how it's like in Syrian families.

PenisInBlender-22 karma

Most people have no idea where Syria is. They think of the middle east as a country called 'Arabia'.

Well that's no true. I've never heard of someone calling the ME "Arabia", but sure thing

ihatebrainfreeze13 karma

I mean, not everyone.. But I have encountered people who say 'Arabia'.

domemvs5 karma

Assuming you are going to stay in the states, how are you going to describe Syria to your Children?

ihatebrainfreeze10 karma

I hope by the time I have children (in 10 years), Syria will become a free country where living there is safe and people are liberated enough and open-minded. I wouldn't want to tell them that Syria is under an ongoing war..

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I am truly sorry for everything your country is enduring, but I'm going to be the dickhead and ask this question. How do YOU feel knowing that my government is more keen to help you and your people before the tens of thousands of homeless people we have in our own country to begin with? I'm asking because this is a huge topic at debate right now and am just curious how you feel about it. Let the downvotong begin.

ihatebrainfreeze3 karma

I wish that was true. But the government gives me NO money or anything. Many asylum seekers in the US are homeless. And remember that I'm a tax payer, so we're pretty much equal. But for those refugees (not asylum seeker like me), who come to the US to get a home and everything, they wait 2 years to get their papers processed. And the US isn't the only country that accepts refugees, it's an international law.

lovesandhatesyou3 karma

What flavor ice cream do you like?

ihatebrainfreeze10 karma

Chocolate and pistachio :)

ButtsexEurope2 karma

What can we do to help Syrians?

Also, did you know any Yazidis or Druze in Syria?

I hope you qualify for asylum. Just telling them you're gay should be enough.

ihatebrainfreeze9 karma

I'd say donate, but make sure you're donating to a trusted source (so it wouldn't go to terrorists) :) And I've heard of Druze but really I don't know much about them. And yeah, I'm hoping to get asylum! Thanks!

Knightfall222 karma

Is there any way regular people can help refugees in our area?

ihatebrainfreeze6 karma

If you'd like to donate: And if you think you can help Syrian families, maybe calling the US immigration department will help (USCIS). Thanks for your help :)

The_Papal_Pilot-40 karma

At what point do you plan on going back to Syria to fight for the future of your country instead of weaseling out to a cushy developed nation and leaving the fighting to those who lack the resources to escape?

ihatebrainfreeze26 karma

I don't have the ability to even get inside Syria, and my job isn't to fight. Being born in your country doesn't mean you have to fight for it. I see my future as a software developer, not a fighter.

123748010 karma

In your opinion, should the Europeans who came to America to escape oppression have gone back and fought for their European countries?

ihatebrainfreeze7 karma

I honestly don't really know what happened to Europe before. Not everyone wants to fight, and that's their choice. Note that many people are fighting for their countries (including Syria), so no need to force anyone to get into the fight.