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Not to be rude or anything but

"I left my family to study for the summer in the U.S."

"After spending the summer and about to go back"

"so I asked my parents if I can stay to finish high school here, and they said yes."

"I shouldn't come to visit them"

"my family will stop supporting me financially"

All sounds more like you're just a student studying in US while your parents, obviously not fleing from war and terror since they're working (I assume?) and financing your studies in the US? And you planned to go visit your parents back in syria? To me, if you flee a country during war you don't go back there "to visit" nor does the people work and have the finances to send their kids to study in the US. If the country is at war you try your best just to survive and get food for the day.

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I still don't think that it would be called a refugee. Refugee is someone fleeing for their life or trying to escape some life threatening disaser. Not someone that still has the ability to stay at their original place without any major threat to their life (since he was thinking about going back there "to visit").

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You gave my dick nightmares with your (most fameous?) clip (meme thingy?)! Did you read (and probably laugh?) at comments regarding that clip?

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Can you bite through a steel wire as in James Bond? If not, do you plan to upgrade your jaw further so you can do that?