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Ive heard that real Dutch and Amish Dutch are very different. Have you ever heard real Dutch and do you think you'd be able to speak to an authentically Dutch person?

Pennsylvania Dutch doesn't really have anything to do with the "Dutch" spoken in the Netherlands. The PA Dutch originally emigrated from southern Germany and northern Switzerland. To this day, local Swiss dialects refer to the language they speak as "dutch" and not "deutsch," so the misunderstanding likely comes from a faulty translation of the German and Swiss dialects. (Also, to anyone who speaks Swiss German, I know "dutch" probably wouldn't be the most phonetic way to spell "Schwyzerd├╝tsch," but it's hard to use text to explain a dialect to people who have never heard it spoken.)

Source: I was born in raised in south central PA and had many Amish as neighbors--as close to being neighbors as you can get when you live in the middle of nowhere--and I now live in northern Switzerland.

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Do you have a really good recipe for a gluten free pastry?

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But life is really hard. You have to do everything by yourself..

Out of curiosity, what do you mean by this? How is life harder, and what things do you have to do for yourself in the USA that you would not have had to do for yourself in Syria?