Morning, David Krumholtz here...

I've been acting since I was a kid, your grandmother knows me from my work on "Numb3rs" on CBS, those of you with younger moms know me from "10 Things I Hate About You" and "Harold & Kumar..."

Now I'd like to introduce you to my latest project "Gigi Does It" on IFC. There's no mystery. I play a 76 year old Jewish widow living in Florida who has recently come into some cash and the shenanigans that ensue as she checks off her bucket list.

I'm up for it all and I am here to face you kindly asking that you'd ask me pretty much anything.

Gigi Does It:



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realdavidkrumholtz187 karma

is this thing working?

rachel1paris167 karma

Whenever my math teacher in high school didn't feel like teaching, he showed episodes of Numb3rs, and I know that's true of lots of other people at lots of other high schools. How do you feel about your impact on math education throughout America?

Also, separately, are you interested in dating a nice Jewish law student?

realdavidkrumholtz200 karma

It's rare to get the chance to educate people through prime time television. It was an honor to do so. My wife may take issue with me dating anyone, but I'll ask her just in case

iAmTheRealLange166 karma

I remember watching Superbad around Christmas time one year and thinking, "holy shit, Bernard the Elf is doing coke. He really fell off, huh?"

So I just wanted to say, thanks for popping up in random scenes and making my day every time.

realdavidkrumholtz182 karma

THANK YOU!!! I'll do coke on Christmas this year if you'd like!

zroschel141 karma

How angry were you when Jay couldn't swing you out of the hole in This is the End?

realdavidkrumholtz187 karma

dude. pissed.

psych00range115 karma

If you are ever in Niagara Falls, NY on a Tuesday, would you be interested in attending a Taco Tuesday event at my house?

realdavidkrumholtz123 karma


psych00range115 karma

My people will contact your people.

realdavidkrumholtz105 karma


nkleszcz101 karma

Hi David. You did a wonderful series of performances in the Santa Clause series. Do you have any insightful and interesting anecdotes in the making of those movies?

realdavidkrumholtz265 karma

Lots of fun. The youngest elves on set still believed in Santa, so Tim Allen and I had to pretend that we were our characters in between takes so as not to ruin it for them

xam2y95 karma

What was fighting thyroid cancer like? How are you doing today?

realdavidkrumholtz165 karma

Thanks for asking. You know, luckily, it wasn't so bad. the psychological aspect of having a disease like that was tough, but I'm doing great. Cancer free!!!

carriegood67 karma

Fellow thyroid cancer survivor here. Fortunately, like most thyroid cancers, mine was not too aggressive and the treatment has been more of an inconvenience than anything else. But I hated the way doctors kept telling me I shouldn't be upset, like I had won some sort of "cancer lottery".

realdavidkrumholtz93 karma

yeah. You should feel how you feel. Glad to hear you're doing well

probablyhappened80 karma

How do we get a parallel story about you and eddie's characters quest for hot dogs in Harold and Kumar? Needs to be told.

realdavidkrumholtz93 karma

we came so close. But there's a H & K cartoon in the works, so maybe that will pan out after all

brak6050 karma

Hi Mr. Krumholtz, Every time I see you in something, my first thought always goes back to your character's actions in your arc on ER. Is there one specific role you've had that you think will always stick with you or do you think it's still in your future? Thank you.

realdavidkrumholtz73 karma

I loved playing Charlie Eppes on Numb3rs. That will always stick with me, and playing Gigi on my new show Gigi Does it is something that, for better or worse, I'll never shake

realdavidkrumholtz47 karma

Okay all. Thanks for your questions! Can't wait to do this again!!

Frajer45 karma

is Gigi based on a particular Jewish grandma from Boca or is she a composite?

realdavidkrumholtz75 karma

composite of my mom, grandmother, and a little bit of my dad

SkaboyWRX40 karma

First I loved you in 10 things I hate about you. My question is what was it like working with Heath Ledger, did you know he's go on to be such a big star even then? Oh and what's a Bogey Lowenstein??

realdavidkrumholtz52 karma

Heath was a shooting star. He was awesome and I'm glad I could call him a friend.

That's the dude who golfs off the cliff

GuineaPigLover8839 karma

Does Gigi use the men's or the ladies' bathroom?

realdavidkrumholtz202 karma


I mean she uses Depends. ;)

Sopa2437 karma

Hey! my first question here on an active AmA so please be gentle. What was the most enjoyable aspect of your work on "Numb3rs"?

realdavidkrumholtz56 karma

working with the cast and crew. We became a family. I miss them all.

LoveandSausages36 karma

What was it like working with Peter MacNicol on Numb3rs after working with him on Addams Family Values?

realdavidkrumholtz38 karma

Peter is SO funny, so much fun to be around. It was an honor

realdavidkrumholtz30 karma

Who's been watching Gigi Does It on IFC? Watch tonight at 10:30!

Lidia-Getmanskaya29 karma

Also, I really loved Dr. Jacob "Jack" Habib on The Newsroom. I can't even break him into features that I like or not. It's all this ocean of feels. Would you like to play someone that calm as him, or you'd prefer a more "spicy" character (as Gigi)? I'd love both.

realdavidkrumholtz29 karma

I love it all. Playing psychologists is alot more fun than it looks. Especially because I know several psychologists all too well!

JeffRyan129 karma

Who do you get confused with most often?

realdavidkrumholtz65 karma

Jake Johnson, Oscar Isaac, Max Casella

tophrman28 karma

Hello, Mr. Universe. Are you one of the millions of fanboys that want to see Firefly come back?

realdavidkrumholtz53 karma

Yeah. As long as they bring my character back to life!

imthatguy2528 karma

What's your favorite movie that you were in?

realdavidkrumholtz60 karma

Slums Of Beverly Hills

kweeche104 karma

Oooo... I'm so sorry. Serenity. The answer we were looking for is Serenity.

realdavidkrumholtz48 karma


balagopalkv27 karma

What are the main differences you see behind the camera now, compared to when you started acting?

realdavidkrumholtz47 karma

Well, of course everything is digital, so alot more is accomplished in a short time. But I just shot a movie with the Coen brothers and they still use film

carriegood25 karma

I saw Gigi yesterday, and I sat there with my jaw dropped the whole time. Amazing. Are all the people in it actors? The ones interviewing for the assistant job seemed to be genuinely unaware of the joke.

realdavidkrumholtz36 karma

The show is a hybrid scripted/reality show, so each week I deal with real people and also actors. Glad you dug it!

Ahojlaska21 karma

Hi David! So, I have a weird story for you. A few years ago my Mother in Law gave me and my wife a small stuffed cat when she was visiting us. We were in Austria at the time, so we named him "Kitten Krumholtz", you know...after the German word Krummholz. So we traveled a ton with the little kitten taking pictures with him everywhere and letting him write the captions (he's kind of a dick actually). This was fiveish years ago. About two years ago we started watching Numb3rs and Kitten Krumholz recognized you as his Daddy. So now we set up the computer and let him enjoy Numb3ers or any other show that you (his father) are in.

Right, a question. does it feel to have a small stuffed cat baby?

realdavidkrumholtz30 karma

hahahahahahahahaha! That's amazing. I always wanted my own stuffed kitten offspring!

lavalampman19 karma

Hi David, loved your small role in The League, what was it like working on that job?

Obviously you've known Seth Rogen since Freaks and Geeks and it says on Wikipedia that you were going to be in Knocked Up but couldn't because you were going to star in a Woody Allen flick. What can you tell us about that whole experience? and how disappointing was it not to work with Woody?

realdavidkrumholtz35 karma

The League is so much fun. All improv, and working with Seth is a blast.

Woody things was traumatizing, it took years for me to get over, and sometimes it still really bothers me

jayqwelin18 karma

How was it working with Tim Allen for The Santa Claus?

realdavidkrumholtz32 karma

Tim was great. I felt for him because being in that makeup was very tough. Especially because we shot the first movie in the summer.

Sirnando13816 karma

Hey David. thanks for doing this AMA! we are the same age and i have been a fan of yours since you locked down Wednesday Adams and you became my hero. also, i have been looking forward to this cool show of yours for a while now. how did it get concieved? was it your idea, or were you approached?

realdavidkrumholtz17 karma

Thanks!! Gigi Does It was conceived after I had performed the character on a website called We created the show to expand the character and it was created by myself, Ricky Mabe, Zach Golden & Dan & Ben Newmark.

conundrumbombs15 karma

How did you get the part of The Cereal King in Life with Mikey? Any great anecdotes about Michael J. Fox, Nathan Lane or Cyndi Lauper?

Edit: How many times did you have to eat that crap?

realdavidkrumholtz26 karma

I was lucky enough to be performing in a Broadway play which was next door to a musical directed by James Lapine. He was set to direct Life With Mikey and he saw me in my show, and gave me a shot at auditioning. Michael, Nathan, and Cindy were all so awesome and lovely to me. I was only 14 and it was my first film. I was in over my head, and they made me feel like I was special.

nollette13 karma

Do you give yourself the manicures when you play Gigi? What is your technique? I'm impressed.

realdavidkrumholtz27 karma

Had acrylics done by a Nepalese lady. Sucked.

Quijanoth11 karma

I've always thought you were a fantastic actor. Particularly loved Slums of Beverly Hills. Any insight as to what exactly happened to Natasha? One day, she's on the path to a pretty strong character/indie acting career, then all of the sudden she's tabloid fodder. Then, next thing you know, she's back to acting and seems really together. Did she struggle with the post-child star mania, or was it something deeper?

Also, you seemed pretty well prepared for stardom. What do you attribute that success to? pretty much always comes down to you and Jason Schwartzman, right? Have a great day!

realdavidkrumholtz23 karma

We all have our demons, problems, skeletons in the closet. Natasha is clean, sober, and KICKING ASS!

My family kept me grounded, always self depricating

Schwartzman doesn't have to audition anymore, but I still do!

Le9gaggger11 karma

Hi David! As a kid I always loved your character in The Santa Clause. I wanted a friend like Bernard. How did this role help shape your career and how was working with Tim Allen near the beginning of your career?

realdavidkrumholtz23 karma

It was awesome. Made me feel like I could be part of something that would last a lifetime. Influence generations. Great experience

Andrew11534310 karma

What was it like working with Michael J. Fox? Also, how did you get to play Gigi, were you picked for it or did you have to audition for the part?

realdavidkrumholtz12 karma

Michael was so kind to me.

My friend Ricky Mabe asked me to play the part for and then we developed the TV show together from there.

Telecast3r9 karma

Hi David,

How has recovering from cancer changed the way you live, work and connect with people, if it has changed you?

realdavidkrumholtz14 karma

Well, I try not to let it change me, but I suppose it has. I suppose I'm just that much for grateful.

Lidia-Getmanskaya8 karma

What do you do to "get out" of one character to be able to work / think about another? Like theater, reading, music? // My idea: crazy funny character talking strange dialect. :)

realdavidkrumholtz16 karma

It's all about mindfulness. Being present. Flexing new muscles you may have never flexed before. I try never to cover the same ground twice.

workisterrible8 karma

What's your favorite place to eat in nyc?

What's your favorite vacation spot?

What's your favorite thing to cook?

realdavidkrumholtz17 karma

Right now, I'm vibing on Rolf's a small german restaurant I make killer fried chicken Italy

LiterallyOuttoLunch7 karma

Do you still have the Your Vagina Smells Like Doody tee-shirt from Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle? If so, on what occasions do you chose to wear it?

realdavidkrumholtz11 karma

Unfortunately, no.

Wuzzie7 karma

Hey.. Don´t knock Numb3rs. I liked it. And i´m a guy in my 40´s. What was the cause of cancellation? Are you still in touch with the cast from the show?

Are people in the street bugging you about calculations?

How IS Peter MacNicol as a person really? He´s always portraiting these haphazard wound up characters (Ally McBeal, Numb3rs etc).

Any thought on bringing the show back?

realdavidkrumholtz15 karma

The show just lost steam unfortunately

sometimes people think I'm a real mathematician

Peter is a wood sprite. A mystical creature from another world. He is QUITE the character. He's on tonight's episode of Gigi Does It.

The show is over. We all miss it, but it probably won't come back

heavyirishpepper7 karma

Hi David! One of your first roles was on Broadway; would you go back? What current play would you wish to be a part of?

realdavidkrumholtz15 karma

ABSOLUTELY. 1000%. Would love to play Bloom in the Producers

johnnynoname126 karma

Have you ever been asked to read for the role of a guy with a, say, Irish last name?

To tag that question have you ever went to your agent and say "can I just play,like, a Italian for once" ?

realdavidkrumholtz9 karma


HolySimon5 karma

How hard was it for Nectar Rose to maintain that blank robot face? Did you and her crack up a lot and ruin takes?

Can't stop the signal!

realdavidkrumholtz9 karma

Nectar was AWESOME. No easy task to stay straight faced.

BlinkKittyBlink5 karma

How long can you hold your breath?

realdavidkrumholtz10 karma

a good 45 seconds.

john11025 karma

Hey David! Thanks for the AmA!

What has been your most memorable moment of your career?

realdavidkrumholtz9 karma

Lots. But working with the Coen brothers is probably the most memorable.

Lidia-Getmanskaya4 karma

What do you like and not like about twitter? Do you find something useful in it for your work? (Do I bother you with fangirling? Sorry if I do! :) )

realdavidkrumholtz13 karma

Twitter is a thorny bush. I love making people laugh, but promoting there, and reading people's stupid tweets bothers me sometimes

Mutt12234 karma

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

realdavidkrumholtz12 karma

Cinnamon Bun by Ben & Jerry's, althought lately I'm into that Ginger cookie thing by Haagen Dazs

Lidia-Getmanskaya4 karma

Hello, David! I love your work!!! Can you say how you do it?! :) Is it the words of the dialog that you like, or the story, or an interesting feature about the character that makes you start thinking about playing the part? How was it with Gigi? Thank you.

realdavidkrumholtz12 karma


You're awesome!!

I look for a nuance in the writing first, then I approach it with as much respect for the writer, director, producers as I can give. They've typically lived with a project way longer than I have, so I don't want to mess it up for them with a renegade or rogue performance.

GuineaPigLover884 karma

Hi, David. Can you tell me about your failure to communicate your feelings of resentment towards your wife? Also, what are you wearing right now?

realdavidkrumholtz14 karma

I'm terribly frightened of my wife.

socks. Knee highs

Ka1eigh3 karma

Do you know where wales is? (Without googling)

realdavidkrumholtz5 karma

Of course. In Great Britain!

crane833 karma

What's the one role you didn't get that you reallllly wish you had?

realdavidkrumholtz18 karma

The lead role in Midnight In Paris

crane833 karma

How about roles that you did get that eventually you wish you didn't?

realdavidkrumholtz15 karma

ha! No regrets!

PuffTheMagicDragon923 karma

What do you think of the new comedy Benders on IFC?

realdavidkrumholtz3 karma

Love it

yeahwellokay3 karma

Do you prefer cake or pie?

realdavidkrumholtz10 karma


Jessics3 karma

Hello David! I'm obsessed with GiGi. You and Ricky are a great team. Are you single?

realdavidkrumholtz14 karma

married. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

erosa632 karma

Hey David, I've really only seen you in Numb3rs (my girlfriend got me into it), and I've always wondered: How come the look of your hair changed so much throughout the series??

realdavidkrumholtz4 karma

We had several different hair stylists and I got that good hair, so we decided to play with it, switch it up a bit.

erosa632 karma

Oh! Sorry, one more question from me! When you were in Addams Family Values, do you remember ever having any inkling that you'd be working with Peter MacNicol again in the future?? I was watching that with my family, and it blew my mind recognizing you two in that!!

realdavidkrumholtz4 karma

I love Peter dearly.

It's simply by Kizmet alone that we've gotten to work together so often. He is my acting soul mate I guess

Lidia-Getmanskaya2 karma

I really love Numb3rs. Math was never so close and inspiring. And human relations are very believable to me there. And those dialogs! And those tiny things in the space of scenes! I want it to be continued very much!!! Do you think it would be interesting for you to play in this continued show or is it a boring idea? I know you didn't like it in the last year's interview. But.

realdavidkrumholtz6 karma

No. What's done is done. Sometimes it's best to let thing lie. All good things must come to an end.

nfleite2 karma

Hello David. How was to participate in Law & Order? How did you prepare for the role?

realdavidkrumholtz4 karma

Well, i was 15 when I shot my first L&O. Just kinda dove in head first. That was one of my first gigs, so I really didn't know how to prepare

AlexatRF211 karma

What's your IN N Out order?

realdavidkrumholtz3 karma

Flying Dutchman

tacofuckers1 karma

May I fuck your dirty shit pipe?

realdavidkrumholtz3 karma


tacofuckers3 karma

Sweet! Do you have a big thick cock?

realdavidkrumholtz4 karma

ask your mama

dustballer1 karma

I love your work especially in Big Shot. Do you ever get any good northern exposure stories?

realdavidkrumholtz4 karma

I was not in Northern Exposure. That's Rob Morrow. But he didn't share alot of stories from that set

death_to_islam2-3 karma

Why do you play in only such shitty movies? Can't you do something more than barely memorable comedies and trash tv?

realdavidkrumholtz4 karma

Love you.