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Somebody from above beat me to posting the question I was going to ask, so I just want to say I really enjoy your work, and it's been great following you on Twitter.

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Hi Mr. Krumholtz, Every time I see you in something, my first thought always goes back to your character's actions in your arc on ER. Is there one specific role you've had that you think will always stick with you or do you think it's still in your future? Thank you.

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As a minor league ump, I'm assuming you're working a lot of two-man crews. What are the benefits and detriments of that set up? Have you worked a four-person crew at all? Does it seem like a relief or do you think it takes you out of the game feeling-wise?

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It is possible that I may be pushed into administration soon at the department head level (for a variety of reasons that are too detailed to go into here). I'm still a young faculty member, but for me, that is the essence of turning my Ph.D. (which, alongside teaching, is a labor of love) into a job. Do you have any advice on how negotiating an administrative contract different from negotiating a teaching faculty contract? Thank you.