My short bio: 2 YEARS IN AND STILL LOVING IT! My flat mate keeps telling me to do an AMA and I finally caved! So... What's up :)

My Proof:

EDIT: Going to watch Zack and Miri make a porno (good suggestion guys!) Will see you tomorrow and answer some more questions! Today has been fun! x

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HumbleDonkey4990 karma

Haha omfg. We had sex once, best night of my life. I was living in a place with a Fish Tank, and you and your friend came over and knocked on my door at 1am asking if you could see it. We stayed up drinking beer and snake bites, your friend fell asleep on my bed and we began to have sex right next to him.

I think about that night a lot. I remember your name but wouldn't share - but if you remember the way you pinned me down and said 'I want you to Fuck me, hard' and I proceeded to bite you and grab you by the throat and you moaned and said 'How did you know I wanted it like that?!'

BRB, I'm gonna go think about that night some more

Edit: Front page Best Of?! Come on guys it's just a drink....

AlessaSavage4594 karma

Verified. This totally happened.

HumbleDonkey2992 karma

Did your friend make it to work on time? Haha he must've woken up - seen us naked and thought 'what the fuck...'

AlessaSavage3367 karma

I think it scared him... I haven't seen him since.

I-am-Alpharius2083 karma

You should look him up, ask him if he wants to film your next shoot, starring /u/humbledonkey

AlessaSavage4468 karma

Think I may have to take donkey out for a drink. What do you guys think?

fairly_legal1054 karma

Will you come back and write about it? If yes, then yes. If no, still yes.

AlessaSavage2023 karma

yes. and pics.

4Sken221 karma

This will be the one time reddit got someone laid

AlessaSavage530 karma

Who do I think I am?.. rolling in here. Fucking the place up.

brandoss77214 karma

So uhh.. I was actually just on my way to buy a Fish Tank myself. Wanna swing by mine to check it out?

AlessaSavage575 karma

Actually I told him his landlord had posted his flat on a rent site and that I wanted to see it. Madness. Dangerous madness. Don't try at home.

Good sex though.

throw-quite-away129 karma

Fuck yeah.

This girl is lovely.

AlessaSavage166 karma

No you are!

Antir1sk1047 karma

We found the guy who gets laid here on Reddit. Honored

HumbleDonkey821 karma

I found the Fish Tank that let me meet Alessa!

Though it can't go without saying, that back then, it was salt water (pic is fresh water) as had uv lights and Uber exotic fish in it. The the landlord changed it to fresh water to lower maintenance.

I know that doesn't seem important, but as much as it would help the fish tank industry I don't want people getting their hopes up by buying a Dentist's display cabinet

AlessaSavage230 karma

It used to be all lit up!

m1a2c2kali42 karma

Still not sure how they knew you had a fish tank and that they wanted to see it?

HumbleDonkey260 karma

Well our landlord had to start selling properties to pay the mortgages on the other ones.

Alessa and her mate had been searching for flats, saw the fish tank, recognised the facade because they were local, and while out drinking one night decided to be mischievous and knock on the door at 1am to have a look.

I had been drinking port all day and smoking spliffs, and so I thought in my weird way 'Sure! Why the fuck not! Come in... Do you want a beer/spliff?'

And then it all moved on from there

But without stating the obvious - when I opened the door I was a little stunned. I always had a thing for tattooed girls.

AlessaSavage384 karma

We should totally get a drink tomorrow. Worlds end at 5?

AlessaSavage46 karma

Off the cuff party banter.

RemixxMG27 karma

Doubt it was the fish. Youre probably just hot.

AlessaSavage88 karma

It was literally the first time Alessa came out to play!

nate80053 karma

I soooo want this to be real.

AlessaSavage161 karma

Honest. It's mad as fuck.

ccnorman1803 karma

I just wanked to you how does that make you feel?

AlessaSavage2209 karma

I love it. Genuinley. It's a total turn on.

Mwahaaaa_The_French597 karma

Uhhhh... I have something I need to admit to you...

AlessaSavage2276 karma


TexasStarForever1510 karma

As opposed to US porn , do y'all fuck on the opposite side of the bed ? Lol

AlessaSavage2037 karma

I don't remember the last time I fucked in a bed.

BillionaireBob1420 karma

You retweeted a picture three hours ago of you getting fucked in a bed.

bristimes1075 karma

Well, dementia porn has to be someone's fetish

AlessaSavage2288 karma

I keep forgetting to shoot it.

reddithatesmee414 karma

AlessaSavage367 karma

You're probably right!

reddithatesmee289 karma

You're a mega babe, by the way. Boyfriend and I were going through the Twitter just like daaaaaaaaaammmmmnnnn. And I want you to know that linked picture did lead to some sex in our house this morning, so thanks!

AlessaSavage329 karma

YAY! Good! This makes me happy!

LurkingLurker451126 karma

do you have sex as a pornstar?

AlessaSavage1333 karma


honest-ed873 karma

If I private-message you a photo of my cock, would you rate?

AlessaSavage1042 karma

anytime baby!

mcelsouz1539 karma

RIP her inbox.

AlessaSavage1563 karma


buzzcutr798 karma

What do you dislike most about the industry, and what would you do to improve it?

AlessaSavage1796 karma

Honestly, the bitchiness. There's too much unnessacary jealousy and hate between people. Everyone should just fuck, make good content and have fun!

morallyharmful132 karma

That philosophy can easily apply to all areas of life. Well said!

AlessaSavage285 karma

I'm a little hippy stoner love child at heart.

xystin707 karma

Ive never seen any of your work. Which one should i watch first?

AlessaSavage924 karma

My first scene was for fake taxi! Maybe start there if you wanna see my debut to the porn world! I'm wearing gym clothes :) Maybe my pascals sub sluts scene if you like it brutal.

ayushman-singh523 karma

What does his face look like?

It's funny how irritating it is to see the male pornstars' face in other videos, but for FakeTaxi, I just want to know.

AlessaSavage785 karma

He's super hot

Quelandoris673 karma

Any opinion on the greatest wrestler of all time, MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE? OOOOH YEAH!

AlessaSavage1262 karma

I gotta go Hulk Hogan. Purely because he once wore a shirt that said 'It's not a bald spot, it's a solar panel for a sex machine.'

fruitpunched622 karma

Fuckin... What's your favourite dinner?

AlessaSavage736 karma

Something with loads of meat and carbs like beef stew with dumplings and potatoes. I fucking love Caesar salad with lardons and potatoes too. Always potatoes.

fanofyou524 karma

You must have a bit of Irish in you. If not, would you like some?

AlessaSavage724 karma

No Irish heratage here. Only ever been with one. He used to make me roll joints while he fucked me.

Ghejt57 karma

Are you sure you're not from Russia?

Caligullama80 karma

She said potatoes not onions.

AlessaSavage224 karma


AlessaSavage186 karma

My kinda guy.

Scarletfapper43 karma

You now have a special place in my heart just because you used the word "lardons".

Did you pick up a bit of French along the way?

AlessaSavage56 karma


MsNewKicks600 karma

How much actual time/sex is involved in the average, say, 10 minute shot?

I actually enjoy the BTS parts of DVDs and sometimes see the sex stops between filming and some light sex to keep the male talent aroused.

AlessaSavage626 karma

Probably about an hour... it's really hard to say though. I love the bts parts too though!

MsNewKicks295 karma

How do you deal with the start/stop aspect of filming?

AlessaSavage773 karma

You know when you're fucking and you think... 'I could do with some water and a timeout for a min' but you can't because the other person might get offended? Well we just take the break :) I think the start stop is more of an issue for for some guys really.

deathbybears570 karma

You seem genuine and badass. What's your goto method for preparing your asshole for anal?

AlessaSavage1562 karma

Don't eat. Douche. Pray.

bmault462 karma

Should England get out of Ireland?

AlessaSavage410 karma


bmault463 karma

I made a porn star laugh. I can die happy

AlessaSavage837 karma

Don't die dude.

Relickey447 karma

Have you seen the Netflix documentary directed by Rashida Jones "Hot Girls Wanted"? If not, the whole documentary is shout the rise of "amateur" porn, by getting good looking girls on Craigslist to do these pretend amateur scenes, and that studios tend to not book the same girl more than once or twice, until they're forced to do increasingly more brutal porn which many seem like they're not really okay with. Obviously you've been in the scene for a longerror amount of time than these girls, docommentary said typically they stay for 4-6 months if they catch on quick, but do you see this happening at all? Do you ever feel like the industry is amount meat grinder looking for 18-20 year old girls just to get them to do 10 scenes and kican them out?

AlessaSavage664 karma

Ofcourse it is! It's the same as any entertainment industry. Music, Film, Modelling. You'll get chewed up and taken advantage of if you're not careful, but if you come at the industry with a proper business mind it's possible to make it work for you.

RamDomOne421 karma

Something I never understood in the porn industry. When you get cummed inside of, what prevents you from getting pregnant? Are all porn stars on some type of birth control? Does it always work?

AlessaSavage640 karma

Nothing is 100% effective and it's a calculated risk that we all take as long as we are fertile. I am incredibly careful with both birth control methods and sexual health.

TonySoprano420222 karma

Do you know anybody who has gotten pregnant during a shoot?

AlessaSavage430 karma

Not personally, no. I don't think it's something people would really shout about.

laosausage400 karma

Why pornography?

AlessaSavage723 karma

I dunno! It felt like a natural progression for the modelling I had been doing. Plus. I love being naked.

Numb_Nut34381 karma

What happens when you can't stand the guy you're filming with or if he's just bad at it?

AlessaSavage615 karma

That's when you have to remain professional and remember it's a job, it can be hard.

AlessaSavage498 karma

saying that, it's never actually happened to me, I think I've been real lucky!

Dan2896425365 karma

What do friends/ family think of you career choice?

AlessaSavage601 karma

It's strange for them because it's still quite new but they continue to love and support me and my choices.

ShadowMercure340 karma

Are you as savage as your name implies ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ?

AlessaSavage711 karma

Wait for my BRAZZERS scene to come out. I got concussed I went so hard lol

chasealex2442 karma

That's super bad for you y'know.

AlessaSavage494 karma

Aware. Just about.

Wobewt2 karma

Which actor is it with ? Danny D I hope :)

AlessaSavage4 karma

Yeah! He fucking near killed me.

vedder44318 karma

what 5 things would u try to experience if u could be the opposite gender for a day?

AlessaSavage902 karma

Doing the windmill with my dick. Doing the goat. Kicked in the nuts. Get a blowjob. Pee in things from really far away.

LordMuffington166 karma

But who would you choose to give you the bj?

AlessaSavage305 karma

Now THAT'S A question! I've gotta think!

AlessaSavage276 karma

What movie should I watch?

r_n_b241 karma

Will you be doing more fake agent/fake taxi scenes with ANAL?

AlessaSavage427 karma

Is this the Taxi driver? He really wants my ass! His cock is SO FAT though! It's scary! I shot an anal scene with Monty Cash for MontysPOV though. The only one!

TurnMeOnline420238 karma

Thanks for the AMA. My last name is Savage and I was wondering how you came up with that stage name? Assuming that's not your real name

AlessaSavage364 karma

I have a friend who's last name is Savage, I started telling people it was my last name years ago to wind him up and it just stuck!

TexasStarForever218 karma

Spider pussy ? Lol

AlessaSavage560 karma

ONE THAT MAKES YOU GO GOD DAMN! and slam your laptop shut.

D_K_Schrute169 karma

Kill it with fire!!!!

AlessaSavage253 karma

Them ones.

hahajokeee198 karma

Do you bang regular guys?

AlessaSavage315 karma

If I get time! haha

iMasterX173 karma

What's your favorite dinosaur?

AlessaSavage1838 karma

The 'Doyouthinkhesauras'

I have a lot of public sex.

DirkDiggler469166 karma

I live in America and not really exposed to British pornstars. Besides yourself, who are the best pornstars Britain has? Who are your favorites to work with and why?

AlessaSavage272 karma

Chessie Kay is a babe, she's on tour in the USA right now actually! She's just on another level to most of the girls over here. She's also one of the sweetest girls. Carly Rae Summers is cute. Stoner like me. I've posted a video here somewhere of us smokng.

helloryan164 karma

It seems a lot of porn stars drop out of the industry within a year or so. How long do you see yourself doing what you do?

AlessaSavage290 karma

Until it stops being fun.

ElTioLoco149 karma

What kind of work you should be doing instead of porn?

AlessaSavage366 karma

some sort of spy work or contract killer maybe?

harry5050146 karma

if u had a character in a down and dirty mortal kombat-style fighting game, what fighting moves would you have?

AlessaSavage376 karma

A hadouken style squirting special move would be sick!

FlintBeastwould130 karma

Just checked out your twitter.

How did that custard taste?

AlessaSavage205 karma

Pretty good actually. Especially out of Chessie Kays ass.

TexasStarForever119 karma

Is hairy pussy making a comeback ??

AlessaSavage259 karma

I rock it both ways. Ella Hughes has got a good bush. So does Ava De Lush. As long as its a groomed bush its cool. None of that spider pussy shit.

adawg58133 karma

More like Ava de bush amiright?????

AlessaSavage72 karma

oh oh... I see what you did there!

Alka_Pone112 karma

Does size matter? :D

Alka_Pone149 karma

Almost every mans dream response :D

AlessaSavage177 karma

It's the truth!

Serengeti1105 karma

This AMA has gotten my body ready. which one of your pornos would you recommend me?

AlessaSavage139 karma

My latest fake taxi scene is pretty hot!

TheCarterIII95 karma

Have you ever smoked weed while getting fucked?

AlessaSavage301 karma

Baby, I do everything while smoking weed. ;)

locomofoo39 karma

Are you into any sport? Support any clubs?

AlessaSavage87 karma

Fucking is my game of choice! I used to love football and gymnastics as a kid though.

bmault38 karma

you prefer cut or uncut?

AlessaSavage123 karma

Uncut is easier to play with un-lubed but it doesn't really matter tbh.

ccnorman32 karma

So, errr.... . Do you like cock?

AlessaSavage81 karma

hahaha! Fuck yeah! and pussy too. Just put it all in my face :)

phiony24 karma

Anything you can recommend to the boyfriends of girls that want to get into porn? My boyfriend and I have an open relationship, and he's pretty cool about that, but I'm afraid he won't be too keen about me wanting to get into porn.

I don't want to cuckold him, but this is something I've really wanted to do for a long time. I love getting hotwifed, but this might be too much...

Any suggestions? Thanks

AlessaSavage40 karma

I've actually been in this situation, I had a boyfriend that I lived with when I got into porn. I just discussed it with him honestly and openly and he was fine with it, but I didn't get into it because of some kind of fantasy. Yours sounds like it is and that's totally different. Maybe try fet life and work it into your personal life, he may be more comfortable with that as it's private. Its a hard one though because it's going to be entirely different for all couples.

krishnabass17 karma

I'm just going to go ahead and get the circlejerk out of the way: Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or 25 duck sized horses?

AlessaSavage42 karma

I'm pretty confident I could take out 25 teeny horses with a good barrel roll.

krishnabass6 karma

That's a pretty solid plan. I honestly didn't expect an answer. Have a great afternoon and enjoy your AMA.

AlessaSavage13 karma

Its a solid question :)

aiike16 karma

Hey Alessa, whats the funniest thing happened to you on a set, shoot? OR someone you know?

AlessaSavage78 karma

Sometimes when you're shooting you'll look up and they'll be some random person with they're dog or some old lady just wandered in from some warehouse next door. That's pretty funny.

TheCarterIII4 karma

Do you ever smoke weed before your scenes?

AlessaSavage26 karma

I smoke when I cam at home but as fun as porn is, it's work. I'm not about to turn up and waste someones time and money cos I'm high. It would be really unprofessional. But dude, that first joint after we finish is the ONE!

imturningintoazombie3 karma

Never heard of you but now that I see what you look like I'm gonna bust some nut to you later. Do you do personal bookings?

AlessaSavage3 karma

Via skype and streamate x

snapphanense3 karma

You hear people talking a lot about length being the most important thing about the dick, but how about width? Assuming the guy knows how to handle it, do you think length or width is of greater importance?

AlessaSavage9 karma

Width (Girth) is more important by far! The G Spot is only an inch or two inside the vagina on the upper (front) wall. That's the bit you wanna hit. SCIENCE LESSON.

lazykoala2 karma

You have like the cutest sexy smile. Anything interesting about yourself you would like to let a big fan like me know? <3

and uh hi!

AlessaSavage2 karma

Thanks honey :) That made me smile. Erm... I'm a really good cook, It's a massive passion of mine. I love to feed people! Also, I have a dog called Mrs. Raggamuffin Rodrigez von Fluff.

TigerDaddy2 karma

Since everything is bigger here, do you plan on visiting Texas?

AlessaSavage2 karma


deadmeat0071 karma

Does being a pornstar ever get in the way of life?

AlessaSavage2 karma

Not that I have noticed.

Mehzera1 karma

Have you ever been approached by any anti-pornography movement, and if so, what was that like?

AlessaSavage2 karma

Nope. One day it'll happen lol

Mehzera1 karma

Do you have a full set of responses ready for that day?

AlessaSavage2 karma

I like improv.

DarkangelUK1 karma

I'm in North Scotland, how quickly can you get here?

AlessaSavage1 karma

Flight takes 2 hours I think.

Mothafuka1 karma

Which was your toughest porn shoot? And why?

AlessaSavage2 karma

THE ANAL. But 3 hours and half a tub of coconut oil later you got your scene!

Sophosticated1 karma

Got any sex tips? What turns you on?

AlessaSavage8 karma


piratesas1 karma

Have you ever had any cosmetic surgery done?

AlessaSavage1 karma

Nothing apart from braces on my teeth as a kid.