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You seem genuine and badass. What's your goto method for preparing your asshole for anal?

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Read lots of your replies. You have a badass, optimistic personality. Never change, bro.

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Who pays you to write, how much, and where do you find work? I've tutored college level English for the last five years, and I often write for fun; however, I've never considered it possible to make an income off of it. Direct me, dear friend?

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Tracy! Let me tell you: I love the way you deliver a punchline. It's a work of art, brother. Question:

At which point in your life did you begin to take yourself as a comic seriously? At which point did you say to yourself: "shit, I'm hilarious, and I know others think I'm hilarious. I can do this shit." Was it natural? Did you just do it? What's the reasoning like? Or was it something you just wanted to do really badly?

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This is either intentionally or unintentionally hilarious.