I’m here to chat with you about Dick… a character in my play What About Dick? which just came out on iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/what-about-dick/id998786777) as well as any other interesting and/or mindless tidbits.

Proof: https://twitter.com/EricIdle/status/646033767555985408

To help those of you who haven't a clue What About Dick is, I have posted a synopsis of the play on my blog. http://www.ericidle.com/blog/?p=549

Well thank you all very much for your kind and interesting questions. I hope you enjoy What About Dick, and The Writer's Cut and I think you are all great. Check me out on Twitter as I do try and answer genuine questions.

Tomorrow I’ll be doing a Twitter chat with @EddieIzzard at noon PST / 8 PM GMT, send us your questions using #WhatAboutDick

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montreux838 karma

Hi Eric! If you could go back in time and bitch-slap any historical figure, who would it be and why?

EDIT: I get it, people. I should've written "fish-slap."

Eric__Idle2002 karma

Dick Cheney, for all the harm he did to America,

suaveitguy745 karma

Ever get tired of telling the Python history for new audiences in the various specials and docs?

Eric__Idle1797 karma

Utterly. We now only have memories of things we said in answer to previous questions.

Mush92724 karma

What was the funniest moment you can remember with the rest of Monty Python?

Eric__Idle1629 karma

Kicking over Graham's ashes at The Aspen Comedy Festival

Diiigiii643 karma

Hello! Have you got a comedy scene of yours you're most proud of? If so what is it?

Eric__Idle1607 karma

I like Not to Leave the room in Holy Grail, which is all one take. Written by Michael.

shivan21576 karma

How was it working with Robin Williams?

Eric__Idle1495 karma

Almost as good as being his pal.

seismicor565 karma

How much did you enjoy voice dubbing Rincewind in the Discworld videogame? Would you do it again?

Eric__Idle664 karma

It was fun. Sad he died

conundrumbombs399 karma

Mr. Idle: Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre was an integral part of my childhood. You wrote, directed and narrated The Tale of the Frog Prince, and starred in The Pied Piper of Hamelin. How did you become involved with this series? And do you have any on-set anecdotes involving Robin Williams?

Eric__Idle546 karma

We were friends with Shelley Duvall. For Pied Piper Bowie pulled out so she called in tears so I flew to Canada next day, to the great disappointment of the man who hand made his jock strap.

seismicor398 karma

What is your favourite Monty Python movie?

Eric__Idle910 karma

Holy Grail

suaveitguy382 karma

As Python's songwriter, you are far and away the wealthiest member these days?

Eric__Idle698 karma

Bollocks. I'm the 4th!

dsgm1984370 karma

Hi Eric!

What's your favourite Monty Python song?

Also, where did the "Sit on my face and tell that you love me" song come from? It's brilliant!

Eric__Idle532 karma

Sit on my Face... it come from an English song called "Sing as We Go"

ken27238235 karma

Is the song banned in the UK?

Eric__Idle254 karma


nwilbur95370 karma

Hello Mr. Idle,

Any plans to adapt Meaning of Life into a staged musical? I would love to see that.

Eric__Idle967 karma

Tried. But it has no plot.

whatthehellisup351 karma

Do you still see Dan Harmons mother at all?

Eric__Idle877 karma

Oddly he had no mother. He was the result of a virgin birth and too much alcohol.

suaveitguy316 karma

Ever meet Jimmy Savile? Did he come across as a weirdo?

Eric__Idle942 karma

He was the weirdest twat I ever met. There was never any doubt that he was a creepy predator, as he would take a caravan to his gigs.... The depths of his depravity however, surprised even me.

seismicor293 karma

Do you watch Game of Thrones?

Eric__Idle782 karma

Yes. But I don't understand it.

lysdexic__271 karma

Hi Eric! I bought What About Dick? back when it was first released on the website. What happened between then and now to motivate the move to iTunes for the show?

(P.S. I thought it was hilarious and am grateful you got it out there. Plus, the reading was a lovely and refreshing format to experience.)

Eric__Idle573 karma

We mistakenly put it on our own site and people thought it was a porno site so we sold four. Three of them to Pimps.

RainingHellfire244 karma

Hey Eric, I actually own a copy of Burn Hollywood Burn (yes, I'm the one). What are your thoughts about it being listed as one of the worst movies ever made?

Eric__Idle533 karma


Fox248228 karma

What's your favorite book?

Eric__Idle458 karma

The Great Gatsby

Hype1998214 karma

Hey Eric, you’ve always been my favourite member of Monty Python and you’ve given me a lot of entertainment: my three favourite films of all time; the live show; and of course flying circus. My questions are these:

What should I do if I see you in the street?

Would you ever consider doing more Monty Python or working with the other members again?

Eric__Idle348 karma

I am touring the East Coast with John Cleese in October. See CleeseandIdle.com

RamsesThePigeon207 karma


I'm sure this is a request made of you all the time, but I'd be honored if you'd humor me:

What piece of advice would you give to someone who has endured some things in life which, if viewed from a certain point of view, are bad? Things that might make one swear and curse, as it were?

The thing I'm asking here is, what perspective would you suggest that I adopt if I were to be confronted with the feeling of "chewing on life's gristle?"

Eric__Idle378 karma

I remember having to sing that last year on one of the worst nights of my life and the irony bit me on the bum.

shivan21153 karma

Hi Eric! Can you tell us in a few sentences how did all of the Monty Python's came together?

Eric__Idle859 karma


scrubzork153 karma

Hi Eric! Thanks for coming back! I have two questions:

So I've had "Do Wot John" stuck in my head and I've always wondered: was that song directed towards Cleese?

Also: Baron Munchausen is one of my favorite films because it convinced prepubescent me that movies didn't have to be cartoons to be fun to watch. Was working on that movie really as much of a clusterfuck as all the stories I've read about?

Thanks again

Eric__Idle248 karma

I would rather go back to Boarding school than Munchausen! Six months of hell.

theSurgeonOfDeath139 karma

What do you think about modern comedy?

Eric__Idle395 karma

I'm in favour of it. Lots of funny people - Garfunkel and Oates, Who's Live, etc etc

shivan21135 karma

How was it to work with all the guys from South Park?

Eric__Idle215 karma

They were fun

nopointhangingaround133 karma

Why narrated by a piano?

Eric__Idle296 karma

Because it made me laugh. The idea of a piece of furniture narrating a play...

Zudane125 karma

I invited you to my wedding last year! I actually also invited a few others from the group, but only heard back from you and Michael Palin. Thank you!

Anyway, what do you think about the current US Presidential election field? Nothing in-depth, but seems like it would be great fodder for skits if Flying Circus was still going.

Who would play Trump?

Eric__Idle405 karma

I hate the fucking US Election process. It now seems to last longer than the term of office. It is sooo teduious and dull. I am going to go and live in Fiji till the whole thing is over in thirteen months or more.

ajlposh119 karma

Huge fan! Thanks for doing this! You appeared alongside Don Rickles in the animated movie Quest for Camelot. What was working with Don like?

Eric__Idle160 karma

I loved him. And he me.

armypantsnflipflops113 karma

Hi Eric, are you and the rest of the Monty Pythons doing anything for the 40th anniversary of The Holy Grail?

Eric__Idle511 karma

I believe we sent Terry Jones to Atlanta, but unfortunately they sent him back...

HeatherChapman68103 karma

One of my favorite parts in the show was when you threw your script over your shoulder. What was your favorite?

Eric__Idle160 karma

That. Eddie was goading me, by improvising for a very long time!

Power-Girl101 karma

Who's your favourite superhero?

Eric__Idle454 karma

George Bush

Sneoples-Government95 karma

Hi, Mr. Idle! Huge fan of your stuff. I wanted to ask: What is your fondest memory of Graham Chapman?

Eric__Idle214 karma

Holding surgery as a Doctor, for the extras and crew after filming all day as Brian.

iwazaruu94 karma

What's the best advice your father gave you?

Eric__Idle391 karma

Not to join the RAF. He was killed in 1945.

Maddie_N89 karma

Were there any songs you wanted to include in Spamalot but couldn't?

Eric__Idle160 karma

We wrote about fifty in the end!

Jeremy_Alberts86 karma

Hello Eric!

What has your romance with Brian Cox been like? I love the stories of how Brian would correct and do back-of-the-envelope calculations for the Wonders of Life song. Are there any other interesting stories with him? (I'm sure there are)

Eric__Idle154 karma

It's a bromance. Nice to be able to learn at dinner.

JazzyTheJazz80 karma

Hi Mr Idle, huge fan of you and the Python crew. I don't have much to say other than you are quite the legend to me. But since this is an AMA;

What is your favorite tea?

Eric__Idle169 karma

I begin the day with Lapsang Souchong, I proceed to Buddha's Cup, then Genghis Khan and so on. Try Chado, they have great teas...

obedienthoreau79 karma

What do you think of the recent David Cameron scandal?

Eric__Idle261 karma

I still don't understand it. He's a pig right?

lordmiley75 karma

Hey Eric! Big fan of your work here. What would be your first order of business if everybody on earth besides yourself suddenly disappeared?

Eric__Idle238 karma

I would try to stop smiling. I love being alone.

MPSoulEye75 karma

What do you consider the single most heartopening/heartwarming moment of your life?

Eric__Idle212 karma

Easy. Birth of my children.

nkleszcz71 karma


Do you have any anecdotes about your famous Saturday Night Live appearance, where you were very sick, and they had you do your monologue in a stretcher? (Brilliant!!)

Eric__Idle215 karma

I was really sick.

shivan2168 karma

Do you have some future projects on your mind?

Eric__Idle239 karma


gilbert_at67 karma

The album "Monty Python sings" is the only album I know all the lyrics by heart (ever). Were you guys dead serious when you wrote those songs, or drunk and/or stoned? I barely remember the 70s and only some of the 80s, but I have a hunch...

Eric__Idle96 karma

That was a collection of songs, made by me, so they weren't all written together but over a period of time. We did owe Arista an album which is when I first suggested the guys write songs, some fine ones too, like Michael's Finland.

dayofthedead20462 karma

Hi Eric,

Thanks for doing another AMA, I’m a huge fan.

My question is if you improvised any of your lines as the TV talking character Wreck Gar in the original Transformers Movie?

Eric__Idle93 karma

I couldn't even understand them!

JackBrittle62 karma

What is your favourite memory With George Harrison?

Eric__Idle233 karma

When his face lit up when I came in the room when he was dying. Man said Keltner that's the first time he's smiled all day. Got to stop it makes me weep.

RodRescueman61 karma

Do we know who owns distribution rights to Rutland Weekend Television? (So I can start an online petition to them to release it, and we know those things always work, right?)

Eric__Idle111 karma

Nobody does. The BBC own the tapes and I own the rights.

aldonaldo57 karma

I went half across the world to see your comeback shows in London. I would do it again. Please do it again?

Do you have any plans for more shows?

Eric__Idle115 karma

No. Michael Palin turned down all offers to tour America, Canada, Australia, and South Africa, so John and I are touring Florida!

jhurley9853 karma

How did the killer rabbit idea come about ? Must be the funniest thing I've ever seen.

Eric__Idle165 karma

I don't recall. probably John and Graham because they usually used animals and cruelty...

robinsky152 karma

What was the best thing about working on Monty Python?

Eric__Idle143 karma

We had total control of the writing, the acting and the editing.

Michelle12321152 karma

Hello Mr. Idle, it is nice to see you here. I have one specific question. Would you recommend Pembroke College, Cambridge?

Eric__Idle169 karma

Absolutely. They even have ladies now.

HeatherChapman6849 karma

I'm hoping to make my first step towards reaching my dream sometime next month. Do you have any advice you'd be willing to give for an aspiring stand up comic?

Eric__Idle190 karma

Persistence and honesty. Read Patton Oswalt's book Silver Screen Fiend...

Jeremy_Alberts47 karma

Hi Eric!

Of course, you're a bloody big name in comedy - but who tickles your Johnson- sorry, funny bone? I personally find the best material for Television and Stand Up lies here in the UK, and America pulls it's lard arse in weight with films.

Some of my favourites are Vic and Bob (Shooting Stars) and Bill Bailey (any of his material).

Oh, and what about Dick?

Eric__Idle156 karma

I love Bill Bailey. And Dylan Moran, and of course Billy Connolly.

DrJawn46 karma

Eric, the Rutles is one of my favorite movies. As a Monty Python fan and Beatle nerd, there was nothing cooler for teenage me than the Rutles.

What is your best memory of filming the Rutles and what's your favorite Rutles song?

Eric__Idle132 karma

It was all fairly cool, being dressed as a Beatle and visiting all the places they filmed, like the same staircase in Hammersmith. One day George Harrison came to the set and I was dressed as Paul and Neil as John and they pushed George aside to get our autographs!

liamquane41 karma

What is the best thing a director can do for you on set? :~)

Eric__Idle132 karma

Fire me.

Vectorbug41 karma

I think I saw you and your wife at Seattle International Airport a few years ago, around 2012. I mean, I'm pretty sure. I have a really good idea of what you look like. I didn't stop to bother you because I'm sure its old by now.

But I've always wondered, did I see Eric Idle at Seatac airport?

Hope you're well, thanks for all the laughs.

Eric__Idle74 karma

My daughter was at College in Walla Walla so we would always go through that airport and eat Fish n Chips.

Smugasaurus39 karma

Hello Mr. Idle, I bought and watched WAD when you had it on a separate site and enjoyed it a lot. It felt like you were trying to conjure up a bit of radio play/ Goon Show atmosphere there as well, is that true?

Also, what is your opinion on the BBC in general?

Eric__Idle70 karma

It was really based on Round The Horne, a very funny radio show written by my friend Marty Feldman (and Barry Took)

Eric__Idle131 karma

I cannot believe the Brits are trying to get rid of the BBC. Without them we would never have existed.

curlygirl8638 karma

What is your favorite charity/cause you want reddit to know about?

Eric__Idle79 karma

I support The LA Free Clinic, and my son has a Tibetan Medicine Clinic in Oz.

lillyringlet37 karma

Ahhh! Hello hug fan!

What was your favourite character to play in Monty Python?

I love Spamalot ( find your grail is one of my favourite songs to sing!) so can't wait to see what about dick!

Eric__Idle56 karma

Mr. Badger

Power-Girl37 karma

What's your favorite color?

Eric__Idle147 karma


Trompwn31 karma

Hi Eric, how do you unwind after a long day?

Eric__Idle71 karma

Well if I'm on holiday several bottles of pink wine, but when I'm working like now I go totally sober and get fit....

HeatherChapman6831 karma

Hello Eric. Where was the video for What About Dick recorded?

Eric__Idle59 karma

At the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles California

Eric__Idle49 karma

2012 April.

Eric__Idle45 karma

At The Orpheum Theatre in downtown LA

danperegrine26 karma

Hi Eric - Thanks for everything.

Are there any plans to bring the video to other services besides iTunes (such as Google Play, Amazon, YouTube, Netflix, etc)?

Eric__Idle32 karma

Hope so.

Frajer24 karma

who came up with the dead parrot sketch ?

Eric__Idle59 karma

John and Graham

zachintyre21 karma

Do you prefer Hot Dogs or Hamburgers?

Eric__Idle98 karma

Neither. I don't eat meat. For 38 years.

Noims20 karma

Hi Eric. I've missed plenty of your exploits over the years, and I'm not a big fan of twitter. You don't post much of that kind of thing on your blog.

Where's the best place to hear about your upcoming misadventures and creations?

Incidentally, it was nice to reminisce about your Dick today, and I plan on watching it in action again later.

Eric__Idle33 karma

Twitter is the only place really.

ChuckEye20 karma

It was 23 years between the publication of Hello Sailor and Road to Mars. Can we expect a new novel from you in 2021? Sooner would be fine, too, if you'd rather.

Eric__Idle38 karma

Well as it happens yes: if you click on this link you can pre-order The Writer's Cut which will be downloaded to you on October 5th. New, funny, and filthy... http://www.amazon.com/dp/B015HKFNEU/?_encoding=UTF8&camp=1634&creative=6738&linkCode=ur2&tag=canelo-21

hoodwatcher19 karma

Hi Eric, what's your opinion to PM David Cameron's genital allegedly being inserted into a pig's oral body orifice by said Prime Minister?

Eric__Idle63 karma

I am amazed and disgusted. Surely he could find a kosher animal to abuse....

nerdfighter884219 karma

Hey Eric! Happy 40th Anniversary of the Holy Grail!

I've been a fan of Monty Python for several years. Here is my question: how often do you quote yourself/the other members of Monty Python in day to day life?

Eric__Idle38 karma

Only very very rarely...

supervanilla18 karma

Hello mr. Idle! How was like to host SNL in the 70s?

Eric__Idle40 karma

Somewhat scary and under-rehearsed.

moosethebig15 karma

Hey Eric, Long time fan, first time caller..

What was the environment like while making sketches for MP? Was it fun or stressful?

Eric__Idle35 karma

As it was England it was cold and damp.

Mutt12237 karma

What is your favourite flavour of ice cream?

Eric__Idle12 karma


suaveitguy4 karma

I would love to know what you think of SCTV and Kids in the Hall, due to the format similarities are they more Python's heirs than SNL?

Eric__Idle8 karma

Thought they were funny. So many funny people came out of Canada, including SNL folk.

mr_majorly4 karma

Hello sir!

What promopted the removal of the lyrics "And his Penis Split" from the ending of the Brave Sir Robin song in the movie? Intentional? Real lyrics? Timing?

I went to look up the lyrics online and ended up getting directed to a book called "Memoirs of Black Gay Men". I hope it wasn't targeted advertising.

Eric__Idle7 karma

I thought it was there?

shivan213 karma

Do you think it would be possible to make such politically incorrect as TMPFC show nowadays?

Eric__Idle8 karma

It's not very incorrect.