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Hi John. I saw your recent talk in Dublin. I completely agree with what you say about confirmation bias, so I thoroughly enjoyed it.

On that subject, are you aware of tools like 'DuckDuckGo' - an alternative to Google that explicitly does not tailor its results to what it thinks you personally are most likely to click? How do you educate yourself about view outside your 'bubble'?

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Hi Terry. I was at the showing of The Zero Theorem in Dublin (constructive opinion: I really enjoyed it. Easily your best film since Fear And Loathing, and then it gets into pretty hefty competition).

At the Q&A you glibly described the upcoming Monty Python shows as 'five old men telling old jokes'. Given the huge unexpected response based largely on the Monty Python name, I'm sure a few of you are worried that it will flop, with people's expectations set unreasonably high.

I'm not actually trying to psych you out; my question is: are you looking forward to it or dreading it, or is it just like any other project?

My hope is that you all enjoy putting it together. You're funny guys, and you work together well. Do your own thing - like you did all along - and do your best not to die (in more ways than one).

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You can take the Monty Python out of the man, but you can't take the man out of Monty Python.

edit: Except Graham

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Hi John. Although I am personally against Brexit, I've genuinely enjoyed reading your reasons for supporting it... it's been hard to find rational discourse on the subject from either side.

As I understand it, it comes down to you seeing the EU as a failed experiment. What realistic changes would you like to see happen to the EU? Do you think it should be dismantled and rebuilt, and if so, what can we learn from 'Mark I'? (Given the strong German influence, maybe we should call it 'Deutch Mark I')

Please answer in 50 pages or less.

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Hi Eric. I've missed plenty of your exploits over the years, and I'm not a big fan of twitter. You don't post much of that kind of thing on your blog.

Where's the best place to hear about your upcoming misadventures and creations?

Incidentally, it was nice to reminisce about your Dick today, and I plan on watching it in action again later.