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Why narrated by a piano?

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It reminds me of the talking swamp mattresses of Douglas Adams :)

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How do you make such lovely drawings like this: https://twitter.com/abstractsunday/status/544108974120124416/photo/1 - do you paint the ink with a brush? Probably a very silly question, but I've never tried doing that and I love trying new art forms all the time.

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Hello, thank you for taking the time to do this.

My question is, is morality objective? If it is, where does the objectivity come from? If not, how can we base our actions on opinions; we may feel that one action is better than the other, but one of the key points made in any argument is that belief and truth are not the same thing. I believe that my thoughts have value, but that does not make it so.

We can see the evidence of our actions, doing action a makes someone happy, action b makes them sad; but this says nothing of the innate value of either action. What evidence is there that we should value action a or b? Isn’t the evidence our feelings?

In which case, what’s the difference (in amount of evidence) between someone saying their opinions matter or someone saying that God exists? To me, whether or not someone matters (or their opinion) is an external reality, a binary fact of life (true or false), much like whether or not reincarnation exists.

Not a philosopher, so I’m sure this is all fallacious, but I’d appreciate your opinion. Sorry if I’m asking you things you’ve already answered (I’ve read some of your work, but not all).

Good luck with the philosophy bus tomorrow! (couldn’t get time off work to come, unfortunately)

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Other important question; are you growing a beard to compete with Dan Dennett's? Because you've got your work cut out for you if so!