My bio I'm a Kurdish Syrian, 18 years old, came to Germany 9 months ago and applied for asylum which was granted to me 2 months ago. I'm doing this AMA to help you get another perspective on the Syrian situation and the refugee crisis in Europe.

My Proof:


UPDATE Since there are many recurring questions, I'll address them here:

1- "Why did you leave your country instead of fighting for its freedom and culture..."

First, keep in mind this is a civil war, it's not an invade by a foreign nation, it's a civil war, who am I supposed to fight against in such a situation? who decides if I'm wrong or not, should I go and fight against some guy just like me on the other end of the battle? one of us will end up kill the other, which didn't change anything and won't stop the war in any way, but the country just lost one man who could've contributed to its future in better ways than holding a rifle. what saddens me the most is almost all of the people asking why I'm not staying and fighting don't know anything about the situation in Syria, and never experienced who bad a war can be, specifically a civil one.

2- "You come to our countries and take our hard earned money, leeching off the welfare system..."

I don't know how the welfare system works in you country, so I can only speak about the German one, here every refugee gets assistance after being granted asylum, they have to take mandatory integrating and languages courses, which qualify them later to find a job and live on their own, these courses take about 9 months, after passing them, they start pressing you to look for a job, if you couldn't find one, they look for one for you, and you have to work, you can't live off the system all your life, I imagine it's the same through the EU, read about your welfare system in country please.

3- "You are coming in mass numbers, you're backwards and will commit many crimes..."

Yup, many people came in mass numbers, but we won't commit crimes, why do you think all these people are criminals? if in Syria, where the judicial and executive branches are well corrupted, and poverty is wide spread, crime wasn't common at all, at least in my region, so why exactly would these people have a change of heart in a more welcoming and safe country?

4- "Are there ISIS jihadists among the refugees?"

Yes, that is quite a high possibility.

5- "Why does some people throw the food and water given to them by the people and police..."

Because they're assholes? but I'm sure they're just the vocal minority, we aren't arrogant entitled people, none of the people in Syria got something he didn't work for, and I don't think such people would throw food and water, be patient please, and get a look around to know that the majority are grateful and nice people.

6- "We should kick you away because you're invaders and will ruin our continent..."

Nope, you shouldn't. First of all you're kicking human beings, not dolls or rocks. Secondly, you fear these people will invade your continent with Islam and backward traditions, while the truth is, returning them back to Syria, or somewhere on the borders will be the best thing ISIS dream of, these people will have to provide to their families and are more vulnerable to radicalization in such a situation, so basically you're providing manpower to ISIS, deny an entire generation of children from school, a generation that will be the new manpower ISIS relying on in the next 10 years, so no, if you're really concerned about Europe and fear ISIS, then you should keep these people.

7- "Why does people leave Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria even though it's quite safe there?"

Because they want a better life, I know it's such a bad excuse but that's reality, and I think western Europe take them, not to fulfill their dreams, but to ease the burden on these countries, which can't possibly manage such huge floods of people, specially in their current economic environment. Does everyone deserve to go to western Europe? nope, personally If I got to Hungary I would definitely stay there, because leaving the country for Germany would be a huge insult to the people of Hungary ( it's like telling them I'm better than the whole 10 millions of you! ), so take the families from these countries, ease the burden on your neighbors.

8- "Why do you speak such a great English?"

Honestly, that's a great compliment. I've never considered my English bad, but never occurred to me that some people my accuse me of being a fraud because I speak it well. People are weird.

9- "Are you the devil?" No, I'm not.


Please keep in mind what you see on the media is not the whole truth, hell if we should believe every video or report then with some luck I'll convince you that Fred is the best football player in history, if you want to know what kind of people your country is accepting just go to a nearby camp and talk to the people there, it may not be easy for them to integrate but they are trying, and don't read random numbers and believe them, the Syrians are just a fraction of the people coming to Europe.

As I won't be able to answer anymore questions, please read the AMA, I've answered so many ones and you'll probably find your questions among them.

Obligatory thank you for the gold, even though this is a throwaway, but thanks :)

Disclaimer Please keep in mind that no matter how much I know, I'm one person after all, I may have got some false/misleading information, so feel free to correct anything wrong you see for to further the discussion to the better.

EDIT: Awesome, on the front page now :)

Signing off for the last time.

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m_o_n_s_t_a1434 karma

In the years to come I expect we will see Syrian restaurants and take-aways appear in the EU.

What are good / unique dishes we can look forward to? Any good vegetarian dishes?

StraightOuttaSyria1064 karma

Look for "Fatte" "فتة", it's great

Typesalot1012 karma

Do you hope to return home some day?

StraightOuttaSyria1739 karma

Hope? Yes.

Will that actually be possible? I don't think so.

beautifultomorrows777 karma

What has been your biggest culture shock since arriving in Germany? What was the toughest thing to adapt to?

Forgive me for making an assumption but would it be fair to say that you were in a privileged position compared to many of your countrymen? You've arrived by plane months before the recent exodus, you type in fluent English, are educated etc. Would you be able to speculate on what the biggest cultural challenges facing this recent wave of refugees will be?

StraightOuttaSyria968 karma

That's a great question.

I didn't get shocked by many things, I knew a lot about the culture and lifestyle of Europe before coming here thanks to the internet and media. But the most shocking thing for me was that people aren't voting, like I met many Germans, who don't vote, this was the most weird thing I encountered here.

For the second part of the question: Yes, I'm coming from a middle class family of a single income, what made the difference for me was I was the only one who needed to get out of the country, so yeah I think I'm privileged somehow.

So. Many. Things. The two societies are way far from each other, so many normal things would be considered a no-go in Syria, with these big numbers of people, and the slow integrating process, it'll take time to start tackling this issue

johnnymetoo463 karma

so many normal things would be considered a no-go in Syria

What things, specifically? (as a German, I'd like to know)

StraightOuttaSyria991 karma

  • Public drinking
  • Relationships ( female - male )
  • General acceptance for LGBT
  • Sex-Ed in school? Good luck with that
  • Shared Showers
  • ...

johnnymetoo366 karma

Oh. OK. So, do you approve of those things, or do you frown upon them?

StraightOuttaSyria962 karma

I don't find anything wrong with those things.

tomato_water416 karma

Is you acceptance of these things normal for Syrian youth, or are you just a very liberal individual?

StraightOuttaSyria737 karma

between those points the only one not so accepted yet is the LGBT one, and it's because of the religion, the other ones are mostly normal among the youth

thefooIonthehill671 karma

What do you think of the claim that most refugees are actually trying to abuse the European welfare system and won't try to assimilate in the country, preferring instead to just live out of government assistance?

StraightOuttaSyria1127 karma

It's obvious, many refugees look for the country with the best welfare system, but I don't think it's a big problem, here in Germany for example, they'll give you assistance until you finish learning the language ( 9 months on average ) after that you have to start looking for a job, so it's not like they'll live off the system forever.

EDIT : Clarity

Tomatocake219 karma

Speaking of welfare, did you consider moving on from germany into Scandinavia (denmark, sweden, norway)?

It's really a hot, depressing, debate in /r/Denmark at the moment, but I would like your(or if you know other syrians opinions) thoughts on these places, and why you didn't go there, if possible.

StraightOuttaSyria420 karma

I doesn't really matter for me, here in Germany or a Scandinavian country, I can work and provide for my own, and that's I suppose is the stand of many young guys, the people who would prefer Scandinavia over Germany are those with families.

kenbw2174 karma

they'll give you assistance until you finish learning the language

Is there a defined requirement for this? Like, what prevents people from flaking the exam?

StraightOuttaSyria612 karma

it's not one exam, they have regular exams, and of course the notes of the teacher on the students, it's not easy to go to school for 9 months and act like an idiot after that :D

and most people try to learn the language to be able landing a job and live on their own, I don't know about your country, but living off the welfare system can't be a lifestyle.

HXTY642 karma

How did you learn about and then chose the route you picked to join Europe ?

StraightOuttaSyria945 karma

That's a great question.

It's quite easy actually to pick a smuggler, it's not like they are hiding or something, go to Istanbul, and ask anyone to take you to Europe, and they'll take you to someone they know to explain the step by step process and ta-da you're en route to Europe.

zero_fool438 karma

How did you finance your trip? How much did the smuggler(s) ask for?

StraightOuttaSyria810 karma

sorry didn't notice your reply.

I had an internet cafe in Syria which brought in very well, and my Dad completed the necessary amount, which was around 11000 euros.

Legendoflemmiwinks272 karma

Did your internet cafe require goverment compliance. Did you have to allow them to install a monitoring system? Were you aware of such things going on that relates to this?

StraightOuttaSyria423 karma

I opened it after the war started, there's no internet connection, or any telecommunication for that matter, there's no goverment where I was, no I didn't monitor anyone.

fuck_with_me577 karma

internet cafe

no internet connection


StraightOuttaSyria826 karma

hahhha, there was no internet connection through ADSL or 3G, so I bought a satellite subscription and opened my cafe, sorry for the confusion.

Drakkorro215 karma

11000 euros

If the average salary is about 200$ in Syria, how did you managed to save 11000euros? I wish'd i could replicate this in Europe

StraightOuttaSyria617 karma

seize the opportunity, in a time when there is no internet connection or telecommunications, I was the guy who had an internet cafe.

PoutinePower124 karma

What was the influence of the internet to your customers in Syria?

StraightOuttaSyria329 karma

it was a much needed service for many people, kept people in contact with each other and the world.

Fidesphilio456 karma

What exactly turned for the worse all of the sudden, that has so many Syrians fleeing? It seems like in the past few weeks there's suddenly floods of refugees when you never heard about it before. Was it always like that and the media is just now catching up, or what?

StraightOuttaSyria702 karma

The open invitation Frau Merkel gave!

Plus the bad situation in Turkey

Really, if you want to solve this crisis, ask Turkey to give the people there a legal status, where they can work and go to school ... etc

xexm413 karma

What do you think would have happened to you if you had remained in Syria?

EDIT: also I would love to know, what is your opinion on countries like the UK and USA carrying out airstrikes against ISIS?

StraightOuttaSyria689 karma

Getting recruited in a one of the sides fighting right now or getting kidnapped. The former is the direct reason I left the country.

Reply to the Edit: It's awesome, like really it's the best thing that happened since the start of the revolution and civil war in Syria.

xexm182 karma

Thanks for the reply. When you say you could end up 'getting recruited into one of the sides fighting right now' does that include ISIS? Meaning you would be forced to join them or die? Are there lots of people fighting for ISIS who do not want to? Good luck in Germany!

StraightOuttaSyria431 karma

If you're in an area under their control you'll have to go on with their rules, you're not forced, but eventually you'll have to provide food to your family that's why some people join them ( they pay for your service :/ )

MrBThatsMe195 karma

Please excuse my ignorance, but the impression I've been given is that ISIS are ruthless and will kill anyone who do not have the same beliefs as them, meaning if you were living in an area where they were, you'd be killed without hesitation if you did not show that you were willing to fight with them and follow their beliefs.

How wrong am I about this?

StraightOuttaSyria434 karma

Great question.

They have very strict rules you need to follow, but generally they try to keep the population under their control "comfortable", because they wouldn't be able to fight an inside war and expand their "Caliphate" too, actually, the regions under ISIS control are the regions with the most access to water and electricity in Syria.

so yeah, so many rules, very strict rules, but if you follow you'll live ok.

m_o_n_s_t_a161 karma

Do you think, or do many people think the revolution was a mistake ?

Apart from those loyal to Assad?

StraightOuttaSyria422 karma

The revolution wasn't a mistake, but the way it rose was a mistake.

Murgie111 karma

Do you think things would have gone better had the US not began their program of supplying arms to rebel groups a few years ago, or do you think they would have been stomped out were it not for that intervention?

StraightOuttaSyria320 karma

They may have backfired, with no arms to defend themselves Al-Assad would have killed many more people much easier, which would've put a much bigger pressure on him from the international community, which in its turn may have led to him getting thrown out, unfortunately the minute the rebels held weapons they gave him an excuse to keep going on with his barbaric ways.

wham2bam371 karma

There has been a debate in Israel for some time now about accepting Syrian refugees. Would you or your relatives flee to Israel if you had the option?

StraightOuttaSyria521 karma

Hell yeah, this may seem odd, at least I'm sure my family would've gone.

MorrisM328 karma

Why are no women between the current wave of reffugees?

StraightOuttaSyria931 karma

Because the journey is hard, most families prefer investing their money in the father which bring his family after getting his asylum ( Family Reunification Law ).

Salmonandsteak321 karma

How have you been treated since arriving in Germany?

StraightOuttaSyria566 karma

Very well, as I've written in another reply, I couldn't have asked for anything better, the people are friendly, the authorities are helpful, didn't face any racism ( except for one time which was a rather funny one )

Buxton_Water249 karma

What was the funny one?

StraightOuttaSyria824 karma

It was with a old man in a pub, I was watching a football match with a German friend, the man noticed I was not from around, and said something in German, I didn't understand but my friend started laughing, apparently the man said we come to Germany for their beautiful girls.

In his defense I was cheering for Bayern Munchen in a pub cheering for the other team, that may have provoked him.

and I got to quote Harvey Specter when explaining to him that we do have beautiful girls in my country, and no sane man will travel 4000 km for beautiful girls.

thehalfling371 karma

I liked you right up until this response. Don't be a plastic Bayern fan man! In all seriousness I'm kidding, and this AMA has been a great way to provide a nice face on the crisis. I really appreciate it.

StraightOuttaSyria426 karma

Haha, well I've being cheering for them since 2001, and I was 6 4 years 10 months old at the time, so it's not easy to let go of them :)

uduak2 karma

I don't remember this quote. Have a link?

StraightOuttaSyria2 karma

ah no this is not the quote:

it was when he confronted the judge who accused him of having an affair with his wife

I didn't quote him directly, just in the spirit of the quote :)

thegingerduck288 karma

How did you learn English? Did you learn while in Syria?

StraightOuttaSyria537 karma

Movies, TV-shows, books, music, youtube, internet in general.

thegingerduck194 karma

Are you doing the same for german?

StraightOuttaSyria463 karma

Yup, the radio and tv are always on, discovered some great German bands and singers, can't read books now but will asap.

OgGorrilaKing546 karma

It's Rammstein isn't it? You've been listening to Rammstein.

StraightOuttaSyria685 karma

I've been listening to them even before coming to Germany :D

Toasterstrudel11189 karma

Do you think that the rest of your age group is willing to integrate as well?

A lot of people are anti-religious and especially anti-Muslim. Are the refugees aware of this?

StraightOuttaSyria196 karma

They have to, the language and integration courses are obligatory.

Toasterstrudel11164 karma

Fair enough but what about those that don't or fail the test?

StraightOuttaSyria158 karma

They have to keep taking it until passing the exams.

nomad80236 karma

Given some unrest over the migration, Would you be upset or understanding if your host country offered amnesty with reduced social benefits (not at par with citizens) ?

StraightOuttaSyria555 karma

Yes, it's totally Ok

As long as I'm allowed to work I don't see a problem with that.

And that will be a great way to differentiate those who really need safety from those who are coming for the welfare.

balagopalkv213 karma

Why did you choose to settle in Germany in particular, as opposed to the country you first arrived in after exiting Syria?

All the best for your new life!

StraightOuttaSyria251 karma

That's a great question!

I'll start with the second part of the question. When I decided I must leave the country Turkey was my only option, but unfortunately after arriving there I knew that there is not much of a difference and knew that Europe was my last option.

Now why Germany in particular, well I didn't decide it, the way I used to get to Europe determined that ( it was either Germany, or the Netherlands ) on random

Beakersful144 karma

Is turkey unsafe for you? I know there has been a few bombings in cities and the American airbase in the south east now getting active in the fight means trouble is coming. So what exactly was the problem in turkey for you?

StraightOuttaSyria583 karma

Well, I had to enter Turkey illegally, so my first encounter in Turkey was with a boot of a soldier, I got beaten up, jailed for three days, then returned back to Syria, one week later I payed ( via a smuggler) some soldiers to let me in Turkey, they took me to the nearest police station where I got a piece of paper with my name on it as an ID card, the town was a majority Kurds, who support PKK, I couldn't leave the town because that "ID Card" was just for that town, couldn't work or rent, and they didn't accept me in the camps on the borders because I'm a single guy ( priority for families and single mothers ), so here's me, no place to sleep, not allowed to work, can't go to a school, in the streets, so I decided that Europe was my last solution.

instaklaus181 karma

Erstmal, willkommen in Deutschland :) Ich hoffe, es geht dir hier gut, wo kamst du in Deutschland an, bzw. wo war dein Asylwohnheim? Und wie findest du die deutsche Kultur bis jetzt?

StraightOuttaSyria249 karma

Danke für die freundlichen Worte :) Alas, that's all my German for now

I came from Turkey, and stayed in Saarland until I got the approval for my asylum application.

It's nice, I like the seriousness, the beer ( obviously ), and the country side ( you have some great natural views ).

instaklaus187 karma

Good thing you're already learning German It may not be the easiest language, but it's always so much easier to adapt to a new life in a new country without language limitations Good luck for the rest of your life here and as I said welcome to Germany and dont let anyone of those 'asylum critics' tell you that you're unwanted, because you aren't

StraightOuttaSyria333 karma

Thank you very much.

I hope I can do as much as I can to repay this country for everything they did for me.

Murgie58 karma

Out of curiosity, is English your first language, or did you learn that one too?

StraightOuttaSyria150 karma

I did learn it on my own. movies, tv shows, music, books, and of course the internet :)

GentalGenitals167 karma

Was there a certain event that led you to flee? Best of luck, you will be in my thoughts.

StraightOuttaSyria382 karma

The mandatory military recruitment for most of the fighting sides.

Typesalot122 karma

Does the mandatory recruitment mean that whoever is controlling your area recruits you to military service, even if you wanted to stay neutral?

StraightOuttaSyria380 karma

Neutral? No one can be neutral there, if you didn't take a side life will be very hard for you

The Govermant and the Kurds have mandatory recruitment, the Rebels and ISIS have people join them because they don't have other options ( to live of ).

Alka_Pone163 karma

What is your view on the possible outcome in Syria?

StraightOuttaSyria258 karma

I think a separated three countries will be the best thing, but I don't think it'll happen, and I don't see it getting any better in the next 10 years.

1980sumthing153 karma

How are Turks treating Syrians in Turkey?

StraightOuttaSyria301 karma

Sorry didn't notice this.

Some of them are taking advantage of them, specially because the Syrians can't work legally, which makes them susceptible to abuse in the work environment, I saw some guys working 14 hours a day for 15 euros a day.

purple_sage2151 karma

Do you believe that ISIS terrorists are disguising themselves as refugees to get into Europe and the US?

StraightOuttaSyria189 karma

It's a quite big possibility, but hopefully the authorities run a good background check before granting anyone asylum.

redditor401376 karma

but hopefully the authorities run a good background check before granting anyone asylum.

No offence to you, but judging by the way you got in, I don't think that's really happening, lol.

StraightOuttaSyria212 karma

yeah, you're right about this one, but I waited 5 months to get my application approved, so maybe they were investigating about me ?

DucktorDick138 karma

What are your thoughts About how the EU should manage the refugee crisis? Glad you made it welcome to germany.

StraightOuttaSyria226 karma

Obviously I'm happy many people can get a chance for a better life.

But the way it happens now is wrong, mass numbers will hurt the people before the host countries, and eventually will lead to more troubles.

There are many way they can help the people and get everything under control, as I've said couple of times, get them legal status in Turkey, then sort the people who need to get to Europe, and pick them from the camps.

These are some of the simplest ways.

owenmpowell135 karma

Could you give me a step by step process of your journey?

StraightOuttaSyria486 karma

That'll be a bit hard, so in short:

Got a fake Italian ID card, practiced English with an Italian accent, some high-end clothes and hairstyle, got a plane ticket to Germany, and got here :)

wendymechel124 karma

What is your opinion on the surrounding Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia and Arab Emirates not taking any refugees? Would you have preferred to have gone there if welcomed?

StraightOuttaSyria250 karma

They're bad, I really don't remember the last time they united over a good cause.

I would have settled for any country gave me a legal status.

So yeah, it's much easier to continue your life from there, because of the language and culture.

Brutus_Caurus122 karma

What part of Syria did you emigrate from? How were the conditions there?

StraightOuttaSyria203 karma

A city called Qamishli, in the north-east of Syria, it's relatively safer than other areas but the living conditions are a bit hard ( food, water, electricity... )

Brutus_Caurus80 karma

Thank you for replying. How is the relationship between syrian kurds and turkish kurds?

StraightOuttaSyria112 karma

Depend on your political leaning, each one of them lean to another political party, which makes some troubles every now and then.

abyigit107 karma

Have you had any difficulties or did you suffer as a refugee in Turkey?

Here, in Turkey, there are about 2 million refugees and they are mostly disliked (by the racist part of the country though, they dislike everyone anyways so no one cares) and not treated very good unfortunately.

Btw, good luck with the new country, new culture, new life :)

StraightOuttaSyria255 karma

It was bad, and that's why I left the country for Europe.

Seriously, Turkey is a beautiful country with a very developing economy, but man do you have a bad and corrupt goverment.

Thank you for the kind words.

ShynessEst100 karma

Do you have family still in danger? If so do you have hopes/plans of them escaping?

Congratulations on making to to Germany!

StraightOuttaSyria151 karma

Thank you.

Not really, my father and sisters are in a relatively safe area, and there is food, water, and electricity to a certain level, so no one feel the urge to leave the country.

ShynessEst78 karma

Is your father in danger of being conscripted??

StraightOuttaSyria193 karma

No, he is over 60, and they go after the young men between 18-30

Milkywayne99 karma

Hi! Welcome to Germany. My question is, what do you do in your everyday life?

StraightOuttaSyria403 karma

Thank you.

Well, 5 days a week I have language courses in the morning, table tennis 2 days a week, football two days, and I convinced a carpenter to let me work with him as an intern two days a week.

Weekends usually spent watching football or hanging out with friends.

chubbyfats90 karma

How many will return to Syria if this conflict is resolved in the near future? Were there job opportunities to be had prior to the beginning conflict?

StraightOuttaSyria180 karma

Many of people aged 45 and over will go back, because no matter how much they stay here, it'll still be a strange place with a strange culture for them

Yes, to a certain level, the public sector had many opportunities, but even then live was hard because many families were living off one income

SEND_ME_tiny_BREASTS83 karma

What would you want us to do better for refugees? What's something which can be improved?
How can a guy like me help most? Should I just walk to the refugee houses with my backgammon box and ask someone to play?

StraightOuttaSyria142 karma

Hahhaha, well thank you first, second, not quite like that, just if you have time to play football or table tennis, go to a camp and see if anyone wants to join, just show them that some people care, that's one way I can think of.

canadienne-67 karma

How much German do you speak right now? Did you find it challenging to learn?

Hope you/your family are doing well. All the best.

StraightOuttaSyria135 karma

Not much, but the vocabularies are similar to English, so hearing it is not hard, I'm going to school now, so I think I'll be able to speak in the next 4 months.

Thanks for the kind words.

Bacon_Bitz60 karma

Is it common to learn English in Syrian schools?

StraightOuttaSyria152 karma

it's in the curriculum, but you don't get anywhere with that if you don't work on it on your own.

reinhart_menken67 karma

What do you think about refugees and immigrants that enter a country but doesn't follow/adapt to the country's customs, even wanting to maintaining customs that the host country would deem extreme?

Do older refugees/immigrants want to maintain their customs no matter what and not integrate?

I'm not saying that's what you're like just want a view from a young person. I'll be honest all I know of refugees I learn from the Internet.

StraightOuttaSyria143 karma

It's they don't want to integrate, it's just not easy for someone over 45 to scrap everything he learned through his life and start from zero.

Now the younger people need and have to adapt, they are not obliged to forgo their traditions, as long as these traditions don't cross over the law.

wacher59 karma

Dane here, great AMA.

My question is: What do you think of the 'ad' Denmark has been putting in other countries newspapers of how we treat refugees to "scare" them from travelling to Denmark? I personally think it's a big joke. Have you had any discussion with other refugees or immigrants about that?

EDIT: link to ad translated to english

StraightOuttaSyria68 karma

I think it's a quite good idea, except the point about not being able to bring your family, anyway I think the EU should build a website putting all the news and decision related to the refugees on it, so they'll know what they're getting into.

obeseclown58 karma

Thank you for this AMA! What do you think of the Peshmerha, YPG, and PKK? How easy was it to travel between Iraqi, Syrian and Turkish Kurdistan? How are Kurds received in Germany (similarly to Arab migrants or different)?

StraightOuttaSyria127 karma

Peshmerga and YPG are great institutions, without them the Kurdish areas would be under ISIS control now, on the other hand I'm totally against the way PKK operate in Turkey.

The same as any other ethnicity, but it's easier for us because there is already a good number of Kurds in Germany.

unrighteous_bison57 karma

do you regret the "Arab spring" movements to remove the government?

StraightOuttaSyria109 karma

Nope, It was needed, they didn't do it right, but at least they did it.

shanetargaryen37 karma

A video recently went viral of refugees arriving in Germany and throwing free water and food onto train tracks. What would you say to the people viewing this that are skeptical of refugees?

StraightOuttaSyria73 karma

It takes 10% of a group to behave bad to make the whole group looks bad, just be more patient, not all of them are like that, give them a chance to prove themselves then build your opinion

TheLowSpark33 karma

Seems like you're pretty settled after nine months. How often have you interacted with newly arrived immigrants? Are you able to help them?

StraightOuttaSyria57 karma

Not so much, as I'm still learning the language and I can't help them much, but usually just tips on how to interact with the people, what to do when they need something, and how to go around in general.

shivan2126 karma

Do refugees realize that it is still harder to take in so many people and that capacities for them will be exhausted soon?

StraightOuttaSyria80 karma

The governments and media is to blame, these refugees don't know anything about the situation in Europe, all they read are posts from reddit and some fake news websites, I think the EU should build a website putting every decision and news about the refueeges in it, so they can find some place with authentic sources and know what they're getting into

BobLawblawed20 karma

What is the general attitude toward foreign intervention in the conflict from the local population? For example, would locals like ISIS to be dealt with then have foreign forces leave Syria alone or stay to ensure peace???

StraightOuttaSyria40 karma

Depend on who you ask.

The government supporters won't accept that ( unless it's from Russia like it's happening now )

The Rebels would prefer logistic aids and training I think.

And the Kurds prefer the intervention as long as it's just to stop the war and supervise the period after that.

shivan2118 karma

There was a survey on Al-Jazeera site asking people if they support IS. 80% of them answered "yes". Does this correspond with reality? It would explain why the League of Arabic State and Turkey doesn't intervene...

StraightOuttaSyria49 karma

Even if they don't support them, they don't condemn them enough, there is no mass protests against them, no big campaign against them... etc.

GuessWhatIGot13 karma

I watched on the news today that many Syrian migrants are being put into "camps" and are refused to leave, they are treated (and I'm quoting the news station here) "like animals in a cage", the guards throw food to them in bags and are generally unkind.

My questions are, did you spend time in one of these temporary living situations? If so, was it anything like it's being described on the news network? What do you plan to do now that you've made it to a safer place?

StraightOuttaSyria28 karma

Fortunately no, I landed in Germany directly, and I don't think I could have asked for anything better than what I got from the German authorities and people.

I learning the language now, planning to go to the university after that.

pepic8 karma

I work with Syrian refugees and they say how they were mistreated along the way by the police in Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Hungary but they say they had no issues in Serbia. They also say locals were quite friendly in Macedonia and Serbia. What was your experience along the way in this regard?

StraightOuttaSyria11 karma

I can't really answer this, because I came on a plane and didn't come through these countries

GroovyPasta7 karma

What are your plans for the future? Do you plan to continue your education in Germany? If so, in what field?

Thanks for doing the AMA, OP. Good luck!

StraightOuttaSyria23 karma

Learning the language now, and yes university is the next step, computer science hopefully.

Thank you :)

mokarbroj6 karma

Did you ever think of going to Bosnia, since its major religion is Islam and people have some cultural similiarities?

Good luck on your new life and may this AMA clear some right wing nationalists decisions toward this situation.

StraightOuttaSyria18 karma

I'm not a Muslim actually, so the culture and major religion doesn't matter for me.

Yeah hopefully, I did this AMA just to shed some light on the other end of this crisis.

Thank you

macncookies7 karma

If this question is too personal, I wouldn't mind you not answering. I take you used to be a Muslim (joining Al-Qaeda or ISIS wouldn't really be in question otherwise), but now you're not. Have you given up on religion or converted to Christianity? This is coming from an (ex-muslim) atheist, also an immigrant (university student) in Germany.

StraightOuttaSyria9 karma

No actually, I wasn't raised a Muslim, my father is an atheist and my mother didn't care a lot about religion, so I didn't convert to anything because I didn't have anything to start with.

Euphetar5 karma

Do you plan to find a job? If so, what will it be?

StraightOuttaSyria6 karma

If I got one now it'll great, I've a simple background in network maintenance, but anyway I'm planning to go to university first.

ohwhatstha4 karma

What is it like for you to see the huge wave of Syrian refugees currently streaming into Europe? Do you feel like it will impact your status as a refugee in Germany in terms of how the local people treat you? What are your plans for the future in terms of your family in Syria and your school/career plans, etc? Thanks for doing the AMA!

StraightOuttaSyria4 karma

It may affect who the people look at immigrants, but I think as long I'm good with the people around me there's no reason they wouldn't be too.

My family are in a relatively safe place, no need to leave the country now.

I'm learning the language, and getting into university will be the next step.

TwoBirds4 karma

I am so sorry for your hardships. What was your trip over to Germany like? Will you remain there?

StraightOuttaSyria12 karma

Thank you for the kind words. Well, my trip was much easier than other people, I got on a plane from Turkey to Germany directly and applied for the asylum in the airport. Yes, I got the residence permit, I'm learning the language now, and hopefully I'll be able to go to the university.

ZeWhip4 karma

What were your expectations (if you had any) after reaching a country where you could stay and perhaps live your life? And also regarding the current political situation around immigration in Europe, have you had any thoughts on how that might affect you?

StraightOuttaSyria7 karma

Quite low actually, getting a legal status was my priority, other things come on their own.

It may make the people less friendly with the immigrant, but I think as long as I'm good with who is around me there is no reason they wouldn't be too.

L0d0vic0_Settembr1n13 karma

German here, welcome to our country. I have neither much time nor much money, but what would be a little but helpful thing I could do? It seems like some things are donated in greater numbers than are needed but maybe some other not so obvious things are still sought after. Or some other non-material support?

StraightOuttaSyria4 karma

I've said it in other comments:

if you play a sport and have free time, go to a nearby camp and ask if anyone wants to join you, it's not much, but will make them feel welcomed.

thank you :)

xXLupus85Xx2 karma

Hey man, let me say this on behalf of the majority of Germans - welcome to our country. I hope you find peace and safety here.

How do you experience our country so far? Do you get much hatred or xenophobia? I hope not.

StraightOuttaSyria10 karma

Thank you, I really appreciate that.

No, people are friendly, maybe I'm just lucky, but didn't face any racism or hate.

overall I'm happy, I like the way society and the culture, it's much different from what I imagined it, so everything is pretty good.

hadronhunter2 karma

What support would you like to see European countries provide for refugees? Also what are your opinions of other countries potentially sending troops to Syria?

StraightOuttaSyria9 karma

As I said in another reply:

Pressure Turkey to give the Syrians there a legal status, so they can work, go to school, access to healthcare.. etc

That'll be a step one, now step two should be stopping the war, so I think sending troops there will be a good idea ( even though I can't imagine why should a foreign soldier die for my safety :/ )

Work-After2 karma

I hope I'm not too late to this AMA.

Syrians are the biggest group fleeing to the EU. But another group who have made the news are Eritrean refugees, particularly because of the drownings in the mediterranean as they leave Libya.

Do you have any interactions with them? Maybe in your German classes? What do Syrians think of them, and how have interactions been between the two big refugee groups?

StraightOuttaSyria1 karma

Met two of them, they flee because of the terrible human rights condition there, so we have common problems and can understand each other.

but btw, the people from the Balkan countries are one big group too ( at least hear in Germany ( and they travel visa-free! ) )

queenchanel2 karma

Hey! Did you go to germany alone? If so, why? Will your family reunite with you?

What are your thoughts on other countries offering Syrians asylum? I've seen on the news recently that a lot of countries in Europe, Oceania and even the Americas are opening the doors to refugees.

Last but not least, What do you miss most about your country(food, activity, etc) that you can't get in Germany? Thank you! and I hope you're doing well in Germany! Pd: Sorry for my english! I actually speak spanish so I apologize for any mistakes.

StraightOuttaSyria4 karma

Yes alone, because I was the only one who had to leave, do I want to reunite? Yes, absolutely. Is that necessary right now? I don't think so.

The hot weather :D Germany is not cold, and we had a hot summer here, but still, the weather is weird, can be sunny for a moment, then raining for another :/

axelhansson2 karma

(According to you of course) How do you feel people view immigration in Germany?

StraightOuttaSyria5 karma

Which people? Syrians?

VerumInInanis-11 karma


StraightOuttaSyria10 karma

So many questions.

1- That's one of the things people need to pay attention too, the Syrians are just a fraction of the refugees coming to Europe, the Balkan countries have so much more ( and they travel visa-free!! ).

2- I think it's the authorities fault if they let such people take advantage of the system

3- Many of these guys are educated, so they see the western women as any women in the world, you know, like women, human being

3.5 - Nope, first I'm not a Muslim, second Nope, no way, I'm not feeling one country because of those people to let them come here and sabotage this country and society.

4- Even though Syria was a bad country overall, the education was pretty good compared to the neighboring countries

Clay2162-14 karma

Are you an able-bodied male? Do you feel like a coward for running away from your country's problems instead of fighting to fix them by any means?

When you go to sleep at night in a bed that someone else has paid for, do you think your ancestors would have been pleased that you have fled the homeland that they built and fought for, for thousands of years, to live somewhere else? (As you do nothing to contribute to fixing your country's problems)

This is a serious question and I would be delighted to receive an answer.

StraightOuttaSyria4 karma

How exactly to fix the problems? Hold a rifle and kill whoever doesn't agree with me?

Actually I bought my own bed :) and no they wouldn't be, because they know I had to leave to stay alive, and btw, I had a little business in Syria, that is still going good, hiring 2 guys, and helping a poor family in our neighborhood.

I hope you're not a troll, because if you went to Syria for one week now you'll know why so many people are fleeing from there.