My short bio: Greetings, Redditors! We are The Behemoth. We've been making games for over 10 years and we've just released Castle Crashers Remastered on Xbox One! We're here to answer any questions you might have for us for any of our games, as well as giving out all kinds of prizes. Bring us your words!

Answering your Qs on Reddit today are:

  • Dan Paladin (Co-Founder / Art Director)

  • Tom Fulp (Co-Founder / Programmer)

  • Emil Ayoubkhan (Project Manager)

  • Ian Moreno (Production Coordinator)

  • Megan Lam (Community Captain)

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Update - We are still here answering questions and giving away free codes to Castle Crashers Remastered. I dare you to ask us a question. I dare you!

Update 2 - 3:35PM PDT - We're officially closing the AMA. Lots of Pit People development to continue on with, but feel free to continue leaving comments. We'll do our best to check them out later! Thank you for stopping by!

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GoldenApplesHD70 karma

Hey guys! First I'd like to say Battleblock Theatre is my favorite co-op game of all time, and wish there was a sequel! Any plans?

TheBehemoth76 karma

First off, awesome! As for the second thing, no plans at this time. We don't really do sequels in general for various reasons. One of those being if we made AH 2, Castle Crashers probably wouldn't exist. If we made CC2, BBT may not of ever existed... aaand so on. Now, having said that, you never know what the future holds... -Ian

Jacob005054 karma

So who came up with the hilarious pooping animals in Castle crashers?

TheBehemoth143 karma

This happened in the middle of the night when Dan and I were working on the forest level. I think the owl was already there and we were talking about foreshadowing that some big monster was coming... So then it was like, "What if you have this really scary stomping noise coming and the owl just poops everywhere instead of flying away" and then it was like, "What if a big scary bear pops out of the bushes but instead of fighting you, he ends up pooping himself when he hears the giant monster coming." and then "What if one of the players randomly ends up riding on the pooping deer?" Good times.


TheBehemoth33 karma

By the third one we were laughing to tears, I'm pretty sure. We were so tired and slap happy and I feel like it shows there :) -Dan

palaceofflyingllamas41 karma

What differences will there be between the Remastered and original versions of Castle Crashers?

TheBehemoth56 karma

taking these directly from our blog posts, but here's a list. I probably forgot some items, but this covers most of it.

-New multiplayer mini-game called Back Off Barbarian -Five times larger texture sizes than the original! -Twice the framerate of the original! (60 frames per second) -Performance updates, gameplay tweaks -Online multiplayer performance updates -Ability to find games easier and quicker online

All previously released character packs are now included in the game as well. Those include:

King, Open Faced Gray Knight, Necromancer, Cult Minion, Blacksmith, Pink Knight, Alien Hominid, Hatty Hattington

Pelter, Dragonhead, Golden Whale


Shlano61333 karma

Who is your narrator and how do I get him to narrate my life?

TheBehemoth82 karma

Our narrator for BattleBlock Theater and Pit People is none other than the illustrious Will Stamper. Here's a fun clip of him in the sound booth doing a take for a BBT scene:


LordPigthe3rd30 karma

Castle Crashers is one of my favorite games of all time, and I sadly haven't beat BattleBlock Theater yet. But I am curious, are y'all going to continue changing genres? (CC Beat em up, Then a platformer, and whatever the heck pit people is?) Will you ever return to that straight up beat the heck out of pandas type game?

TheBehemoth31 karma

It would be fun and challenging to continue changing genres, but it wouldn't be out of the question to revisit a genre we've already done. We've joked about doing a dating simulation game...or was it a joke??

You should check out Pit People though! It's our fast-paced, turn-based, co-op adventure :)


lemonzombie25 karma

I'm sure this will be/has been asked but any chance for a Castle Crashers Remastered fro PS4?

TheBehemoth2 karma

It isn't out of the question, but there are no current plans for it. We'd love to be on every platform but we can only focus on a couple projects at a time based on the resources that we have and what makes the most sense at the time. Currently, we're developing for Pit People and for Castle Crashers Remastered for Steam. -Megan

TheBehemoth21 karma

FREEEE?! Castle Crasher Remastered codes for Xbox One!! (Please let us know when you've snagged one so that other people don't break their fingers trying to get it)



devoirz15 karma

So...what was the deal with the clown in Castle Crashers?

TheBehemoth19 karma

That's a... Tricky question. -Tom

Mastirrian1715 karma

Hey, I remember during the making of the original Castle Crashers, Toms beard became a sight to behold, you're the whiskers looking after the remaster?

TheBehemoth17 karma

At any given time my beard is 0-9 days old but that's about it. Dunno if I'll be doing that again!


DeLuca240012 karma

Tom: When's Pico's School 3 coming out?

Eveyone: Favorite game growing up and why is it Gunstar Heroes?

TheBehemoth19 karma

I still need to make Pico 2! It's on my bucket list, when all the other work is done I will make Pico 2 in my retirement.

Gunstar Heroes is my favorite because everything about it feels so right and it was a huge inspiration on how I want my games to be. Everything by Treasure delights me and makes me want to make better games.

I loved the run and gun of Gunstar but also how you could grab and throw guys, or do slide melee attacks. It was a game that made me feel like I was figuring out fancy bosses but never made me get frustrated and give up like so many games of that time. I beat it over and over and over again and never stopped enjoying it.


JohnJRenns11 karma

Will Pit People have more story than other games that you've previously made?

TheBehemoth13 karma

There seems to be a trend of attempting more narrative in our games with each new release. With the amount of quests and crazy ideas we have floating around in the game right now, it's probably safe to say it has the most from any other title we've done. -emil

Aperture_Kubi11 karma

Yeah I have a complaint about the Castle Crashers figures you guys put out a few years ago.

Apparently some time during the night they made their way over to my desk from my coworkers' and assaulted my Valkyrie. I brought some friends to help protect him the next day, but the poor guy's still traumatized from the experience.

So with the remastered release of Castle Crashers, am I going to have to worry about another wave of figures invading my desk?

TheBehemoth17 karma

Oh, ya. Those barbarians can be relentless! That's why you've got to avoid them like "Back Off Barbarian"!

As for more knights coming out, they're already here but in plush form. Don't let their adorable demeanor fool you though! I'd still keep them away from your coworkers' desks...

(To add to this shameless plug, our online store has a 15%OFF Sale for all Castle Crashers merch until 9/16/2015) -Megan

Bronson1511 karma

Been playing CC since launch on 360. Love it to death. Love Alien Hominid. You guys rock, but here are my requests/questions! When can we expect Castle Crashers for iOS? Also, can we ever expect an update for Alien Hominid: PDA Games on iOS?

TheBehemoth10 karma

All of these requests sound like super fun! Alas, we are but a small team and although we would like to have our games out on every platform, it's just not always feasible in terms of resources (I think that was a run on sentence). We're still have our existing iOS games are on our radar and want to make sure they are compatible with latest hardware. But yeah a new level pack sounds like fun, right? hmmmmmm - ian

Tom_4410 karma

Hey guys!

Was an avid flash game player years back when I first learned of you guys, and my friends and I are huge fans of Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theater! So thanks for all the great games!

Question: Battleblock Theater had the wonderful talents of Stamper as the narrator and that really made the game a step up for me. Are there any plans in the works right now involving other stars I may know of? Or don't know but will probably enjoy as much as Stamper?

TheBehemoth14 karma

I don't think it's possible to enjoy anyone as much as Stamper at this point. Having said that though, I hate him.


TheBehemoth11 karma

LoL, Emil!!!


TheBehemoth9 karma

Two more CCR codes!!



(let us know if you end up grabbing these in time and redeeming them)

SRD_Grafter8 karma

Seriously, where did the idea come from to make "eating a sandwich" result in making your character become beefy?

Have you put any easter eggs into any games that have yet to be found?

TheBehemoth15 karma

I think we considered other items but don't remember what made the sandwich stand out. I do remember wanting to play the "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" song at Comic-Con and giving out PB&J to everyone to make them Beefy but there are rules about serving food at cons.

It's also weird because we have the Chicken Chaser mode where you eat chickens to turn beefy... So maybe all sorts of food can make you beefy.

There is at least one easter egg in Castle that to my knowledge no one has ever found / posted about.


Duramax20035 karma

Did you enjoy PAX this year? How did it compare to other years/gaming conventions?

TheBehemoth6 karma

I had a lot of fun at PAX this year. In the early years I always felt a lot of pressure to stand by the booth but we have so much help at the booth now that I've taken to roaming the floor a lot more and I'm trying to make it a point to play more games and talk to more people.

I try to check out ALL the indie game activity so I roam the Indie MEGABOOTH, the PAX 10 and all that other goodness on floor 6, which expanded this year. I still get shy around the really popular indie games for some reason which I know is silly. So my regrets this year are not talking to EVEN MORE people and not trying any new Oculus stuff, which I normally try at PAX.


Duramax20033 karma

Thanks for the answer, if you feel so inclined to answer a second one, I'd love to know what your favorite Indie game you played this year was!

I also have been sporting your Behemoth lanyard at work to hold my name badge.

TheBehemoth5 karma

We had the most fun with Zarvot. Inversus was also a cool VS game. I'll also take this opportunity to plug Super Chibi Knight!


DEATHmagic5 karma

For those that have made their own indie game, what suggestions would you give for marketing it and profiting off of their product? Was that hard to do when you guys made Alien Hominid?

TheBehemoth15 karma

This is a tough one because it is always changing / evolving. With Alien Hominid, the hard part was actually getting the OK to EXIST on console. The press came more naturally because it was an exciting story at the time. Nowadays it is a lot harder to be heard in the sea of information. Rami Ismail made something called presskit() that I haven't actually used but it looks really helpful.

Personally, I learn about most new games by following indie devs on Twitter, so being active on Twitter and looped in with other devs is probably a solid way to build awareness. It still happens where lots of devs are buzzing about a great game but it doesn't become a commercial success... There are parallels with film, where you have the critical darlings and the blockbusters and it doesn't always make the most sense how things pan out.

Then there are Lets Players, who drive MASSIVE amounts of awareness that can translate to sales. I don't know the best way to get in contact with individual Lets Players but I would maybe try something like Tweeting a really compelling animated GIF directly at your favorite Lets Player. No clue if that would work or if they even check their feeds that closely.

I never know if any of this info is helpful but hopefully something is!


Borg-Man5 karma

Hey guys! Big fan of your work ever since I discovered Newgrounds so many moons ago. A few questions pop to mind:

  • Will there ever be a real Pico game?

  • It wasn't real; I know. But a Newgrounds mod posted a pic a LONG time ago of a fighting game where the Newground mods were the contestants. Would you ever consider making a Smash Bros. clone with Newground mods and / or Newgrounds mascottes? Green Knight beating up a Tankman would kick ass (huhh huhh i made a punny)

  • I was surprised that Castle Crashers didn't find it's way to the WiiU; I'd think that it'd be the perfect console for playing such a game with friends on the sofa. How come? Is programming for WiiU so hard?

  • Will you ever try to implement a system that uploads your gaming stats to your Newgrounds account? Ofcourse such a system itself is already in place with the current Medal system, but that's Newgrounds only.

As said, love your work. Here's a toast for still giving me the problems of the future, today!

TheBehemoth7 karma

Hi Borg-Man!

  • I hold on to the intention to make a real Pico game some day but it is in the far off future.

  • If you want NG characters to fight, NG Rumble is a classic. As for a Behemoth Brouhaha I'm not sure what the varying opinions are on that but I think it would be cool some day.

  • I've had tons of fun with the Wii U this past year and agree Castle would be a good fit. Most of the time it comes down to resources and who is working on what and what everyone wants to be prioritizing.

  • Are you thinking of Xbox Achievements for example? That's something we've talked about in the past but nothing is currently in the works there. Our latest API is in beta and that does have the ability to integrate with ANY game on the developer side, although I'm pretty sure console games aren't allowed to integrate with foreign APIs. It could work with mobile and downloadable games though if they wanted to tie in to our current features for medals, score boards, cloud saving / sharing, etc.


Borg-Man1 karma

Thanx for replying!

  • Awesome. You just make sure you leave your notes somewhere where someone can find them. Wouldn't want to get bummed out of an awesome game because you're too busy with the kids ;)

  • Behemoth Brouhaha... I like the tone of that!

  • Ah, prioritizing...

  • I think so yes. I don't own a current gen console but I think it would be like that yeah. Can't stuff like Achievements be seen by whoever has access to the network? A workaround wouldn't be too difficult in that case...

TheBehemoth2 karma

I think you can integrate Microsoft Passport to let people pull their achievements into a third party website, although I haven't looked into that in a while. Not sure what options Sony has. -Tom

samwise09124 karma

On a more personal note, what are your favorite films?

TheBehemoth11 karma

I have a hard time with these because movies move up and down on my list. RoboCop has always held up though so I'll put that in the top spot. In college I was really into Trainspotting and Run Lola Run and those probably hold up well. And Fight Club. Also Army of Darkness, Starship Troopers, The Raid: Redemption and Cabin the Woods are all fun.


TheBehemoth9 karma

Ooh, yeah, Fight Club! I finally saw Fight Club earlier this year and it was great. I have a weird range of films I like but I'll always be down to way Big Hero 6 (always makes me cry), Moonrise Kingdom, and God of Gamblers.


TheBehemoth7 karma

I forgot Ghostbusters.


Renegade_Meister3 karma

How did you all come across Waterflame when choosing a composer for Castle Crashers' music?

TheBehemoth3 karma

We found him on the Newgrounds Audio Portal! Waterflame on NG -Tom

Cpottzy3 karma

Dan and Tom, you both co-founded The Behemoth. What brought you together to make a game company? We're there any game ideas near the beginning that never gained traction?

Awesome trailers for BBT by the way. Had me in tears the first time I saw them. :)

TheBehemoth9 karma

We met on Newgrounds and made some web games together, including the original web version of Alien Hominid. About a year later, the game company Dan was working for shut down and his co-worker John said we should form a company and make a console version of Alien Hominid. So here we are!

During Castle dev we dabbled with a side scrolling shooter featuring the red cardinal animal orb. It sat on the shelf for years and then Angry Birds came out and everyone started associating round red birds with Angry Birds so we just dropped it.


TheBehemoth3 karma

I saw Tom's work on Newgrounds over the years and was always impressed with the variety, fun, and wacky nature of Tom's work. I decided I'd shoot him an email even though I expected nothing back (he gets a lot of email!). Tom was on board and from there we made a few flash projects.

We cover each other's weaknesses pretty well and play off each other's strengths even better, I think. Often we'll have 2 different ways we want to try something and have a bit of a convergence into an idea that is different than either of our ideas, making the "best" idea that makes us both happy. One of the greatest things about working with Tom is that he'll play off of the designs the whole way with cool details and always be up for making something silly. -Dan

xpsykox3 karma

I love Castle Crashers! Just finished the Steam version a few days ago.

While I understand that you guys develop for several platforms, what's your view on the current and future state of Flash? Lots of people are saying it's going to die a slow death, with better alternatives out there.

TheBehemoth10 karma

This is always a tough topic for me since I've been a Flash guy since 1998. I'm well aware of the winds of change and on Newgrounds we've taken lots of steps to prepare for that. I will say though, we have HTML5 games from two years ago that no longer work in web browsers, while the Flash games from 1998 still do. That's pretty darn impressive. I wish Flash had evolved differently over the years and going open-source could have won it more love in the browser community. As far as WEB games, Chrome ended support for the Unity plugin this year so the future is either Flash or HTML5, with HTML5 showing the most promise despite taking its time to get there. Unity3D has an HTML5 WebGL export option which will keep improving.

Flash is still a great tool for animation and I think many animators will continue to use it, although I hope Adobe is listening to the requests animators are making for features and brushes.

Flash also remains great tool for 2D game development and it's a bummer it hasn't addressed things such as export for console the way Unity3D has. There are exciting projects going on such as OpenFL so I wouldn't count it out.

I'm not comfortable with the idea of support for the Flash plug-in being dropped in the near future. A lot of people are demanding that because they want to get rid of "Flash Ads" but I don't think they realize that ad companies will still be rushing to produce rich media ads in whatever format possible. There are already signs that the switch to HTML5 ads is resulting in even more bloat and performance issues. I hope that before the plugin goes away, there is a valid way to run SWF files via something like Shumway or Web Assembly. Then we could still have our SWF content but without the plugin and related security concerns.


TheBehemoth3 karma

CCR CODE!!!!!!



Fraggled3 karma

Hey fellas!

What do you think of local co-op as a dying genre? Why is it important to you guys to make local co-op games?

TheBehemoth7 karma

I wouldn't say it's a dying genre; there's a lot of people making great couch co-op in the indie game space. I suppose it did take a back seat in the AAA space to full-screen FPS with network play, though.

In an age where we spend so much time looking at our phones and computers, it's nice to sit next to friends and share an experience on the same screen! Besides my best gaming memories from childhood being local co-op, my best memories from gaming conventions usually involve playing local co-op and meeting new people in the process.


TheBehemoth4 karma

hey speaking of local co-op. Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime is now available on Xbox One !!! check it out. it's made by Canadians! -Emil

TheBehemoth3 karma

random free CCR code. please let us know if you grab this and redeem it so the next person doesn't waste their time. enjoy!


GeneralFailure03 karma

Based on the ending of BattleBlock Theater and what we've seen of Pit People so far, there seems to be some direct continuity between these two games.

Do you tend to think of all of your games as existing in the same "Behemoth Universe", or is this relationship unique to BattleBlock Theater and Pit People?

TheBehemoth6 karma

So this one is multi-faceted, much like the multiverse. I don't want to spoil anything and we've never officially outright said it's a shared universe so to speak. Here's the thing, when you own all your IP it opens up a multitude of fun things you can do. But those things have to make some sense or not. When you have Dan Paladin creating all the visuals for all the games there's obviously this thread that runs through the fabric of all games. So you'll always seen things manifest or re-manifest as the tapestry grows. You can always expect to see some cameos. To go back to the continuity bit, there is obviously an interconnected "event" with what you mentioned and that was something that came about that again, made sense and was fun to us. Also, it's a nod for the hardcore fans who can spot such things which makes it even more cool. I don't think I really answered anything, but it was fun ranting :) - ian

avocadoclock3 karma

Hello Tom and Dan! Congrats on your continued video game developments and successes. I thoroughly enjoyed your inclusion of CarrotClock in Castle Crashers. However, did you know that StrawberryClock is king of the portal?

TheBehemoth4 karma

We met that guy! It was weird. I never expected to meet SBC. -Dan

TheBehemoth3 karma

I believe I've heard that is the case! -Tom

YourIGNHere3 karma

Hey, thanks for doing this AMA. You guys are one of, if not my favorite developers, and I've noticed that your studio is pretty close by. Is it possible to swing by and say hello or purchase some merch or something of the sort?

TheBehemoth3 karma

thanks for the kind words. unfortunately we don't do tours or sell merch directly like that. you can always visit our online store for that kind of thing, and as for meeting up with us we'll be at a bunch of shows next year

SneakySniper2 karma

How did the RTX booth go? I didn't get a chance to stop but it looked really cool.

TheBehemoth2 karma

Yeah, it was really cool. :) We didn't have a gift shop this year because we focused on showing Pit People off for the first time at RTX. Our debut of Pit People (formerly known as Game 4) was at PAX Prime 2014, which was right after last year's RTX. We did do some raffles and contests though! Here are pics from this year:


TheBehemoth2 karma

Oh man, it was great! -ian

theumm2 karma

when are you guys going to make another alien hominid?

TheBehemoth4 karma

doesn't seem like a super high priority for us at this point. we're working on our new game, Pit People and that's taking up all of our time and effort.


calstin8982 karma

How was working with Mega64?

TheBehemoth3 karma

The Mega64 guys are awesome. We originally got to know them because our booth was across from theirs at Comic-Con in 2004. Also Rocco came with us to the Tokyo Game Show in 2008 and made this video. I feel like Rocco is a great childhood friend even though I barely ever see him or talk to him.


TheBehemoth3 karma

Those guys are the best. We met them our second year of San Diego Comic Con when their booth was directly across from ours. We've all been friends ever since. As for working with never know what they're going to say or do and that's part of the fun. Most of videos we've done with them were unscripted and sometimes even unexpected. -Megan

DjRanjit2 karma

Hey will there be eventually more figures coming out for castle crashers or any of your other awesome games ?

TheBehemoth6 karma

So we have regular figurines and mini-figs which can only be purchased via our Chonku (capsule) machines at shows. Those are officially done. We did a special run of those years back and sold through the lot. Crazy. As for the regular sized figurines, we're still making those, but there are currently no plans for more Castle characters at this time. That doesn't necessarily mean we're not making any in the future, just means no plans at the moment. As for our other games... if you look at the merch lines over the years I would definitely expect some newness on the horizon :) -ian

kickinthehead2 karma

Do you have any examples of something you spent a lot of time designing (for any of your games) that you spent a lot of time on, but when implemented realized it totally didn't work?

TheBehemoth3 karma

One thing that comes to mind is the entire original version of Castle Crashers, which we showcased at Comic-Con. The knights were twice as tall, the play field was 1/3rd as deep, all art was different, you pressed a button to toggle between weapon and magic, most of the enemies were completely different and there was a boss. People really liked it but we ended up throwing it all out because Dan's new design looked better.


SoulLover332 karma

Do you guys hate cats or just think of them as evil beings?

TheBehemoth2 karma

There are actually quite a lot of cat owners at The Behemoth. And to be fair, they get characterized in different ways over all the games. Many of them cameo in the games like the Castle arena one for instance is one of Dan's old cats. And if we thought of them as evil we wouldn't of made a giant Cat Guard statue!!! -ian

Raleth2 karma

You guys are going to get Stamper to do more things for you right? His performance in BattleBlock Theater was legendary.

TheBehemoth9 karma

Two words: Pit People

TheBehemoth9 karma

one word: people

TheBehemoth7 karma

one letter: p

DrIdiotBoy2 karma

Why couldn't you be the band Behemoth?

TheBehemoth8 karma


DnBcore2 karma

Are we ever gonna get a Castle Crashers 2?

TheBehemoth5 karma

Maybe. If we feel we can make the 2nd significantly better and it sounds fresh to us we'll do it. As of now I think it'd just feel like more of the same to a certain degree. Alien Hominid's old enough that I feel we could make a much better version. Castle Crashers is getting there. People say we don't do sequels but I'd say while that's currently correct it's not entirely out of the picture for us.... -Dan

TheBehemoth4 karma

Just make the sequel Dan. Stop making excuses.

adthree2 karma

Hey Behemoth crew! Last year you graced the Portland Retro Game Expo with some cabinets, any chance we'll see them again this year? BTW, Pit People was a blast and worth the wait at PAX! Those little survey cards were brilliant, hopefully you guys got tons of feedback.

TheBehemoth3 karma

That was a super fun show! Unfortunately, there are no plans to exhibit this year. Although we'd love to go on tour, there's a finite amount of shows we can exhibit at without spreading ourselves too thin. Again, that show was super rad so you never know what the future holds... -ian

AfraidOfReddit2 karma

Are you hiring?

TheBehemoth2 karma

We don't have any open positions at this time, but we're always looking for awesome and talented people. You can send a resume and examples of your work (portfolio, demo, etc) to "jobs [at] thebehemoth [dot] com". If anything opens up and your skills fit the need then our "HR department" will contact you. -Megan

TheBehemoth2 karma

We're not currently 'hiring' but we might do it anyway if your skills are strong. Jobs at the Behemoth dot com, apply today!! -Dan

religionman01 karma

I remember in an AGDQ Speedrun for battleblock theater they had Dan and Stamper on Skype, which was awesome! I think Dan mentioned that they were working on a Battleblock Announcer pack for Dota, is that still happening?

TheBehemoth2 karma

It's getting there. It's a bunch of work and often we need something for our main projects -- but we haven't forgotten and it still moves forward. Sorry! -Dan

Nairby1 karma

I know that you've confirmed CCR will eventually come to PC, but can we expect it sometime next year? There have been a few exclusives for Xbox One that tempted me to cave and buy a new console, but CCR might just be the straw that broke the camels back honestly.

I absolutely adore all your games, and am incredibly excited for Pit People. Thanks for the many hours of entertainment, and many more to come.

TheBehemoth3 karma

CCR for Steam should be out by the end of the year. We'll have more updates soon about this. Thanks for your comments and we are equally as excited for Pit People!

bozobozo1 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur?

Also, when will us PS3ers get our chance?

TheBehemoth3 karma

Can't speak for the others, but my fave dinosaur is Grimlock from the animated 80s transformers movie. -ian

notaguyinahat1 karma

Hi guys, I have been a fan of your work for what feels like ages now. Congrats on the release! My question is actually regarding what you plan to do next now that the remaster is finished? Do you intend to make some cool new franchise soon? A sequel to one of your current IP? Here's hoping we see whatever you're working on soon!

TheBehemoth9 karma

We are currently working on our next game, called Pit People.

It's like a game with things and then you enjoy it.


TheBehemoth3 karma

Next up is Pit People! It's a fast-paced, turn-based co-op adventure.


SecularPaladin1 karma

I love you all so much.

Castle Crashers is my favorite game of all time. Will there be a pc port of the update?

How about a sequel in the not-too-distant future? I'd buy three copies on principle alone!

TheBehemoth2 karma

ILU2, but I cannot really promise anything or answer those questions as they don't cover anything we've announced. I think you'll be partially happy, though, so maybe I can promise you that :) -Dan

ClockFaceIII1 karma

Approximately how many cups of coffee wen into the production of Castle Crashers?

TheBehemoth3 karma

Whatever 3.5 years worth pans out to, I guess. Then 1 more for remastering. -Dan

TheRealBabyCave1 karma

When's the next Construct 2 gamejam? That was a ton of fun!

TheBehemoth3 karma

We try to host one each year on Newgrounds! We need to do an all-formats game jam soon, I keep putting it off.


theth1rdchild1 karma

Did you guys ever comment on the obvious (to me and a few others) similarities between the PDA games and Little Big Planet? Those games with a multitap on PS2 filled a lot of hours for my friends in high school, and upon first holding triangle to grump ourselves into oblivion in LBP we started to realize some familiarity.

Obviously they're very different games but it just felt like they got some inspiration from you guys.

TheBehemoth2 karma

I've noticed similarities but I don't actually know whether or not it was inspired. I remember we had to come up with a word for exploding yourself which we eneded up calling "Relief" which just happens to be their word for it as well, and because of that it did cross my mind how closely it was looked at. Part of this whole process, though, is making games that sort of move genres forward and force some evolution, so it's kind of nice to know we may have possibly had a teeny tiny part in doing so. Especially with their well regarded game! I always like to think our games have the ability to sometimes spark some change to where games are going as a whole, which is part of why it's exciting to do this job! It'd be like changing history a little, though I suppose at the heart of it you're never really sure if you did or not. -Dan

CynicalElephant1 karma

How was working with stamper?

TheBehemoth3 karma

Like everyday is xmas. No, seriously, he decorates the office on a daily basis when he's here. -ian

TheBehemoth3 karma

great 7/10

fish5001 karma

Hiya, This is for Dan. I've been a fan of yours since back in the early days of your SYNJ website. It has been a pleasure to see your career progress and seeing you get the recognition you rightfully deserve.
That's basically all I wanted to say but I have to ask a you remember when you had the SYNJ message board and there would be like daily topic or theme for everyone to animate, remember one was a "monster chasing a child" and I posted this?

TheBehemoth3 karma

Thank you!!!! It's so surreal to have gotten here.

I believe I remember that. I have a very bad memory so maybe I'm tricking myself here, but I am fairly sure I remember :) For some reason or another that baby reminds me of the bully guy from PeeWee's Playhouse. Probably the nose lol

fripperp1 karma

Man, I just gotta tell you, playing Alien Hominid on the web, and then later on my Gamecube with my brother are some of my best gaming memories of all time, thanks for existing, guys. Big fan of all your games.

Anyway, here's the question: is the PDA game in AH the reason BBT came to life? If that's the case, what was the thinking process like? Did you one day after the release of CC just realize that the PDA game could be good as a bigger and more advanced game? Or was the first sketches of BBT made as far back as when AH was first released?

TheBehemoth2 karma

BBT is the "spiritual successor" to PDA Games. We saw how much fun people were having with PDA games so it became a regular discussion during Castle development to revisit / improve on that concept. -Tom

santaman1231 karma

What's the craziest thing that happened during the development of any of your games?

TheBehemoth2 karma

I think there's a lot of crazy stories, but I'm not sure if I can or should share any of them for all sorts of different reasons. Every day is pretty different here. I remember a homeless guy peeking into the windows by standing on our AC unit. He was also taking off his pants and stuff while I was talking to him and calling him "mom" for some reason which seemed to encourage him more. -Dan

xgamedev360noscopex1 karma

When's the castle crashers dating sim coming out? Also Megan - what's your favourite drink at the unicorn?

TheBehemoth1 karma

Is this Justin from Katana Zero?! My favorite drink there was actually coconut rum with pineapple juice, but I know what yours was... -Megan

redditsucksundersack1 karma

Why is castle crashers STILL $15.00 on x360? Isn't there plenty of DLC to make money on? Wasn't the game originally free and a flash game? Isn't it the OLDEST game on xbl arcade? Aren't you releasing a superior version that will make the old flash-game-looking castle crashers obsolete???

TheBehemoth3 karma

  1. Because that's the price
  2. Is there?
  3. Nope
  4. Nope
  5. Never was a flash game.

Thanks for your questions!


maryotter1 karma

I wasn't able to play the new game at RTX, but it looked amazing cannot wait for it to be released!

Battleblock is my absolute favorite game and it was great being able to play with my friend even though I wanted to kill her every time she pushed me into the raccoon. Are we ever going to see a return of Hatty?

TheBehemoth3 karma

Did you play BBT on the cabs we had there? Anyhow, return of Hatty... well, Hatty now resides... wait, that's spoilery for non-BBT players. Gah. All I'm gonna say is watch the intro of Pit People online when you have a sec :) -ian

MrPurpleNinja1 karma

Dan: Your artwork has caught my eye ever since I played the original Alien Hominid flash game on Newgrounds. I sincerely appreciate everything you have done for the indie community.

That appreciation extends to the rest of The Behemoth as well!

Now for my question: I have been an avid listener of the Sleepy Cabin podcast since its inception, and unless I am totally mistaken, I think I heard Stamper saying he was working on a new game with you guys. Is this the famed Game 4 RPG title that I have been hearing about?

EDIT: Okay I have read through some comments and found the website for the new game, Pit People, and I am ecstatic! I can see that Stamper will return as the narrator, so I have another question. I believe I read somewhere that these games all loosely connect to each other, or at least the end of Battleblock Theater connects with the beginning of this new game?

TheBehemoth2 karma

Thank you MrPurpleNinja!

Yes, Stamper is indeed the narrator for Pit People. I think this blend is even stronger than our last because he takes a more direct role in the game, and, SPOILER ALERT yes this does in fact connect with the end of BBT!!!!

why-clef-green1 karma

hey guys! i'm a huge fan of all your work, especially battleblock. i'm super excited for pit people! do you have any sorta estimate of when it's coming out? thanks!

TheBehemoth3 karma

Nothing official in terms of dates or windows. I can only say that things are moving along pretty fast... -ian

pm_me_ur_idiocy1 karma


TheBehemoth2 karma

Scratch is recommended as an early-learning tool for future programmers. You can use it to make games with drag and drop logic - planning to try it with my kids when they are a little older.

Other more advanced tools that use drag and drop logic are Construct 2 and Stencyl.

These will hopefully get him off to a good start! If he needs a free tool to create art, he could try GIMP.


Gamecrazy7211 karma

Man, Castle Crashers was my childhood. I remember beating the game on hard mode for the first time. I also remember every single pet and weapon location. I also managed to get my hands on some weapon that you can't get normally.. I don't really know how. I also remember grinding the bee level on hard mode, getting the king to die to drop his scepter (before the dlc was out; someone ended up just giving it to me). I also remember some shield glitch later that level to cycle through all of the sprites in your item menu, and then I slowed it down on my computer and was like OMGZ CHANESAWW.

Great times. You guys are awesome, and you're great at what you do. What are you all currently working on? A new game, perhaps?

TheBehemoth2 karma

Wow you really hit it hard! Hearing stories like this is great motivation for putting in lots of strange obscure easter eggs, though.

I said it in another reply but will say it again, next up is Pit People, a fast-paced, turn-based co-op adventure!


Dark7770 karma

will Castle Crashers Remastered come to pc?

TheBehemoth1 karma

To quote a previous reply: "CCR for Steam should be out by the end of the year. We'll have more updates soon about this. Thanks for your comments and we are equally as excited for Pit People!"