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Been reading the responses and it's pretty clear you're a great, down to earth person. Props to that!

Is there anything in the porn industry of which you think, if applied to the "normal" world, would make the world a lot better?

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That sounds kind of Jehova man...

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I don't think so. They're all there to help the democratic process, and when someone comes in for the first time, you let that person know that what he or she is doing is the fulfillment of a basic right. I'd think that the officeers think it's awesome that the person is there!

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Can you elaborate on why he is a bourgeois asshole for wanting to get people out of a country that they were forcefully taken into?

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Hey guys! Big fan of your work ever since I discovered Newgrounds so many moons ago. A few questions pop to mind:

  • Will there ever be a real Pico game?

  • It wasn't real; I know. But a Newgrounds mod posted a pic a LONG time ago of a fighting game where the Newground mods were the contestants. Would you ever consider making a Smash Bros. clone with Newground mods and / or Newgrounds mascottes? Green Knight beating up a Tankman would kick ass (huhh huhh i made a punny)

  • I was surprised that Castle Crashers didn't find it's way to the WiiU; I'd think that it'd be the perfect console for playing such a game with friends on the sofa. How come? Is programming for WiiU so hard?

  • Will you ever try to implement a system that uploads your gaming stats to your Newgrounds account? Ofcourse such a system itself is already in place with the current Medal system, but that's Newgrounds only.

As said, love your work. Here's a toast for still giving me the problems of the future, today!