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Thank you SO much for "Master of None." As an Asian American, I think "Parents" has the best representation of our life experience ever seen on TV or film.

Was it an explicit decision to have Rachel be a white character or is that just how it turned out during casting?

Congrats again to you, and everyone involved. I hope you get to make another season!

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Totally! I'm Taiwanese too and it made me want to both laugh and cry.

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In a PATV episode you said you might end up leaving the company if someday Penny Arcade stopped growing. It seems that most of PA's growth has stemmed from Mike/Jerry saying something like "Hey, we should have a convention." Do you yourself have ambitions and ideas for how you would like to expand the company?

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Modern Naughty Dog games have been 3rd person games with shooting, melee combat and some stealth. These lend themselves to a certain type of story, but what other types of game mechanics (and by extension stories) are you interested in exploring?

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Question for SG_Josh!

I looooooove your effects and motion graphics work. It's so beautiful it makes me smile and cry at the same time.

What types of projects would you recommend to practice making such shiny looking graphics? A lot of times I feel like I can reverse-engineer graphics I see, but when I look at yours I feel like I don't even know where to start.

And if you have time for details, anything about how the Pyre title graphic was created would be amazing to hear.

Thank you!