My short bio: I'm a young guy from Indianapolis, IN. I've been involved with casual Pokemon since 2007, and went to a competitive level in 2013. An all-around nerd.

I came to the Pokemon World Championships this year not as a competitor (unfortunately didn't make the cut), but I participated in side events, watched friends play in the tournament, and helped run an invitational tournament for some of the best players in the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) at the Pokemon Card site I happen to work for.

Since there was a bit of controversy over this year's World Championships (with the gun threats over Facebook), I thought I might create an AMA to answer your questions regarding the event, as well as answer any questions you guys have about Pokemon. The competitive scene, how it's grown over the years, etc.

My Proof: Here's a photo of my World Championship playing mat I bought at the event, a playing mat with various competitive players autographs, and my deckbox along with the deck I used at the event

Edit: Thanks everyone! I've never been on the front page, and this is exciting for me both as a player and redditor! I would keep on answering, but I've gotten extremely tired and need to get some sleep.

If you missed out, just leave your questions below and I'll sift through them tomorrow morning.

Edit 2: I'll be logging off now, but if you're still late, I'll see about answering some over the next few days. I've had a ton of fun answering your questions!

Just a few links to the Pokemon curious:

r/pkmntcg (A subreddit dedicated to the Pokemon Trading Card Game)

The Worlds 2013 Finals Match in Masters, One Of My Favorite Series Of Pokemon TCG Games On Video

Pokemon's Official Site

I've gotten some questions about fansites, so I'll leave links to some of them if you want advice on deck building or fancy reading (or watching) more about Pokémon.

Team Fish Knuckles

The Charizard Lounge

A Roll Of The Dice




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ExceptionHandler782 karma

How much unintentional ass crack did you see?

ThePokemonMaster123687 karma

Over all the tournaments I've been to? More than I want to admit.

Anjz217 karma

Are you yourself guilty of the unintentional ass crack?

ThePokemonMaster123433 karma

I am very glad to answer this question with a no.

joanish667 karma

I'm a 30ish mom with a 6year old obsessed with Pokemon. I don't get it, but I want to. What is a good place for me to start learning? All the YouTube videos I search for are just too fast or teach with an assumption that I know what the fuck is going on (clearly I don't). I learn by doing so the instructions that come with it don't help me, believe me I tried. I just want to play a legit game of Pokemon with my kiddo.

UPDATE: thank you everyone for all the great suggestions!! I talked to him this morning and we are going to look into the online Pokemon TCG online, I have found the parental page on, and then checking out a few comic book stores today. He was so excited to hear that we are going to further explore this together. What a wonderful community, thank you again for being so helpful.

UPDATE 2: we spent the whole morning playing Pokemon TCG online and it was so much easier than I thought it would be. We already know so much more! He's with the grandparents now, but I see a lot more games in our future.

UPDATE 3: GOLD?!?! Amazing!! It's my first ever, thank you u/LaraCroftWithBCups and really everyone for so much help.

ThePokemonMaster123387 karma

What an awesome story!

The best place to go is the official Pokemon website. They have the official rules sheet (it was easy for me to follow when I started), as well as online tutorials to teach you how to play.

I wish both your child and yourself the best of luck in this game. I want him to be getting that 25K school money next year!

chrislopez_597 karma

Serious question have you ever been laid thanks to being a Pokemon pro?

ThePokemonMaster1231177 karma

Serious answer: no.

badITcareeradvice389 karma

How has the TCG changed over the years? I haven't played since Base/Jungle/Fossil.

ThePokemonMaster123279 karma

Not that much. A few new mechanics here and there, but you could pick up the game right now, and feel like it's still stayed the same.

sanfrancisco69er35 karma

But there must be so many more cards/pokemon right? That it would be overwhelming to get back into? Also, what are some of the best combos right now? Like I remember Sneasel/Dark Energy/Murkrow or something was banned because it was too good, is there anything like that currently?

trojankiller40 karma

Wow, things sure have changed since the old TCG days when you had to Bill/Professor Oak/Energy Search the shit out of your deck to get enough Water energy for Blastoise's Rain Dance.

ThePokemonMaster12360 karma

Oh, the game's absolutely exploded.

Remember that card Energy Search? Yeah, we have a card called Professor's Letter that put's that one to shame.

Zaiteria203 karma

How would you compare Pokemon TCG to Magic/YGO (if you've played them)? What drew you to Pokemon over these?

ThePokemonMaster123262 karma

I can't speak for Yu-Ghi-Oh!, but I've played a tiny bit of Magic, so I can talk on those terms.

There's 2 big differences between Magic and Pokemon; your hand and the way you attack. In Magic, your hand doesn't change over the game (you draw your cards, keep your hand), but in Pokemon, while you draw and have a hand, it is constantly being shuffled back into your deck, changed, etc. There's a lot more variants to change your hand and its size over Magic.

As far as attacking, in Magic, your Manna cost to attack can apply to anything. In Pokemon, your Energy (the equivalent of Manna), is attached and can only be used by 1 of your monsters in play. There' s a lot more management in that regard.

Pokemon is also quite passive. Magic turns happen to "overlap", but in Pokemon, when your turn is done, it's done.

Why Pokemon? The community is hands-down one of the best I've ever been a part of. It's niche to the point I know a lot of people and have quite a few friends, but big enough to still feel like theirs a lot of freedom. I love being in this awesome group.

mister_sleepy97 karma

Most of your points about magic are right, except your second. Mana doesn't actually let you attack directly, it just lets you summon things that can attack. In this way, it's more a game of resource management than resource allocation like in PKMN.

ThePokemonMaster12381 karma

Yeah, It's been ages since I sat down and played Magic. Soy if I get a few things wrong about it.

ptd163154 karma

Have you ever saved the world by playing a children's card game?

And what do you think of the seismitoad deck dominating the meta?

ThePokemonMaster123133 karma

Nope. But one day, all the children in the world will thank my contributions to this game.

Oh wow! You actually follow the competitive scene! Personally, I don't mind Seismitoad too much. He's annoying, but he's really fun to play with.

ptd16354 karma

You actually follow the competitive scene!

I wouldn't say I follow it so much as I watched the world championships on Twitch and save for a few people everybody was playing Seismitoad decks so it was an easy deduction.

A follow question: Why Pokemon? Why not other TCGs like Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic?

ThePokemonMaster12346 karma

Oh, well I'm still glad you watched. Seismitoad has done a bit of damage, but he's been ironed out, and feels much more fair.

Why Pokemon? The community. It's one of the best I've ever been a part of. Everyone cares about the other person, and I've met some of the nicest, funniest people playing this game.

letstrythisagain329 karma

I swear every single one of your posts raises more questions than it answers.

Why was Seismitoad OP? How did it get nerfed?

ThePokemonMaster12343 karma

Seismitoad stopped you from using items. You couldn't use them. They would slam you with Poison and Sleep from Hypnotoxic Laser, and it would create a dull game where all they would do is use Seismitoad's Quaking Punch attack.

They nerfed him slightly after they banned a card called Lysandre's Trump Card.

Consecro104 karma

In your opinion, what is the best or maybe 3 best pokemon out of them all?

ThePokemonMaster123152 karma

  1. Lucario
  2. Genesect
  3. Porygon-Z

These are just some of my personal favorites.

Consecro80 karma

I appreciate the answer, but instead of your favorites. What are your objective best. In your opinion?

ThePokemonMaster123153 karma

The best? That's a constantly shifting answer. The metagame wheels around, and cards we thought were no good turn out to be some of the best the game has ever seen (this happened this last season with a Donphan card).

If you want the best cards currently... M-Rayquaza-EX Raichu Seismitoad-EX Blastoise Crobat Line (This is one that needs to be paired with its pre-evolutions Zubat and Golbat)

thenoob11724 karma

Wow, I haven't played pokemon tcg since I was 12, those cards look insane!
Post some more!

ThePokemonMaster12321 karma

Sure! Just give me a sec, and I'll put in some!

TheAlmightyice94 karma

Have you ever used the pick up line: "Let me get a Pikachu,"?

ThePokemonMaster123236 karma

No, but I have used what is the best joke to all of humankind.

"How do you get a Pikachu on a bus? You POKE HIM ON!

RedstoneRay83 karma

Why do you prefer trading card games over video games, is it the game itself or the people?

ThePokemonMaster123108 karma

I prefer the TCG mainly because I'm more versed in it, and it helps create a more physical, real atmosphere. I'll always pick an actual match between a friend in mine with cards over the video games.

The people themselves, regardless which side you pick, are incredible. I've met some of the nicest, closest friends through this game.

LaboratoryManiac18 karma

Do you follow the VGC at all? I know the events for both are held together.

ThePokemonMaster12321 karma

Not really. I can understand the games in progress, but I know very little about the metagame besides the clear favorites (like Mega Kangaskhan).

zimmermanguy81 karma

Um, who is this? We probably know each other. I'm Dustin Zimmerman.

ThePokemonMaster12387 karma do I put this without saying my actual name...

Dustin, feel free to PM me. You know me for sure. :D

scag31558 karma

Is Raindance still the best deck on the scene? Used to crush with it waaaaaaaaay back when the cards still came out. Just sold a bunch of shadowless and 1st editions on here recently.

ThePokemonMaster12394 karma

Funny you say that, because YES! Very recently, the surprise winner of the World Championships in the Masters division (helmed by a guy named Jacob Van Wagner), was a Blastoise deck that has the same ability as the vintage Blastoise. Keep in mind, that Bastoise was rotated out the game a long time ago, but they made a pseudo-reprint of the card. And it's really effective!

Edit: Words

peep29554 karma

Did you ever play the old Pokemon Trading Card Game on the gameboy? If so, how did it stack up to the actual game?

ThePokemonMaster12346 karma

I am actually looking at a copy of the game right here, but I haven't played it yet. I can assure you, however, that the actual card game back then is pretty much the same now. Just higher HP and damage output, along with new mechanics.

sophrosyne1150 karma

My friends call me Snorlax. I googled it and all I found out is that he/she is blue and huge. I have no idea why they call me such because I'm not fat (and obviously not blue). What are the basic, human-like characteristics of Snorlax?

ThePokemonMaster123116 karma

He sleeps a lot. Do you sleep a lot? :D

TheAlmightyice40 karma

[SERIOUS] Have you ever showed up to a Pokémon tournament with Digimon cards?

Edit: Added "serious"

ThePokemonMaster12368 karma

No. But golly, I now have a prank I should pull sometime...

reddhead433 karma

Let's assume people have a bunch of old cards from growing up. Should we throw them away or send them to you?

ThePokemonMaster12374 karma

No, don't throw it away! Send them to me! :)

Just an F.Y.I." Most of the old cards you might have at your parent's house, or under your bed, aren't worth all that much. If their 1st Edition, or the occasional collectible, they may be worth something, but not that many are worth more than a couple pennies.

BoxOfDemons19 karma

How much is that "ancient mew" card I got from I think BK years ago?

ThePokemonMaster12331 karma

$5. Sorry man.

IamUltimate17 karma

How much is a borderless charzard worth if its not first edition? Any idea?

ThePokemonMaster12317 karma

If you took some pictures, I might be able to get an idea.

fakename2310 karma

How about a normal first edition charizard

ThePokemonMaster12315 karma

About $20, as long as it's in good shape.

youreyeslikespiders5 karma

Simply untrue. Pokemon "bad card" prices have never been higher. Excepting energy (and shipping), every card is worth at least 6 cents. Rares are 10 cents, holo rares more than that. Prices for low end cards have never been better.

ThePokemonMaster12312 karma

6 cents an energy isn't what I call breaking the bank. And good luck trying to find anybody at a tournament/in the community willing to buy bulk energy like that. You'd be lucky to make $10 off a large box of energies, and that's if you find a buyer.

phantomkicker29 karma

Since I have no idea what happened with the championship, what is your favorite Pokemon?

ThePokemonMaster12344 karma


If you were wondering what exactly happened at the Championship, I suggest reading through some of these news outlets (thought they happen to twist it far from the truth).

phantomkicker23 karma

Lucario is pretty freakin awesome. My favorite is Feraligatr.

Crazy to think that a couple guys would shoot up a Pokemon competition. But as you said, news outlets definitely just want to spice it up.

ThePokemonMaster12340 karma

Trust me; they did not come to shoot everyone up. This was a big fabrication from the media.

If people are interested, I can try to give the un-edited version.

Edit: Words

mrmanatee9924 karma

Yes that would be preferable.

ThePokemonMaster12395 karma

Alright, here we go.

The media happened to lie/casually look over a few things that happened at the event.

1. Stumbo and his accomplice came to shoot everyone This is a pretty jacked up statement for multiple reasons. I don't believe Stumbo had the intent on going out and killing people.

He was respected in his craft, as he not only had an invitation to compete in the World Championships (something that requires multiple good showings at tournaments, which also requires extensive travel), but won a State Championship. I don't know how large his particular State's was, but it's not easy to win one from my personal experience.

My point? You'd have to be a massive idiot to go to the trouble of getting your invite (the hundreds of dollars spent on competitive cards and hotel stays, the man-hours behind testing your decks strategy and skill using it, etc.) to throw it all away at the last minute and say you want to shoot up a convention center.

I'd also like to mention how difficult it would be to actually go about doing this in a physical sense. Read any news article talking about the event. Notice how not one of them talk about the architecture of the convention center?

The tournament itself was on the 3rd floor, while registration, security, and side events took place on the 2nd. Had Stumbo went in to kill, there would be no way he'd get to any of these area's without breaking through the front doors, or somehow managing to smuggle his AR-15 and shotgun through security.

Was the Facebook post incredibly stupid and hurtful? Yes. Were the weapons he had in his car illegal? Yes. Did he go all the way from Iowa to Boston to ruin this event? No.

2. They made a complete debacle of our community None of the interviewers focused on the typical, 16-25 age Pokemon players. Nope. They focused there efforts on parents who know extremely little about the competitive scene. Or complete idiots wearing Pikachu hats acting like they're life was in danger that entire weekend.

A large group of what I would call actual players happened to be near a local TV news broadcast about the event, and we were all laughing and in tears at the end of the report. They completely twisted the facts, made us look like idiots, and couldn't even get there "easy" facts correct (one lady from pre-recorded video happened to call The Pokemon Company International, the head of Tournament Organization in the US, the "Pokemon Organization".)

There's a whole lot more I could get into, but I think this is long enough as it is.

Edit: Words

psychyness23 karma

So, it sounds like these guys were trying to be "cool," and didn't realize how stupid they were actually being? Did I get the gist of it right?

ThePokemonMaster12330 karma

Pretty much. They thought it was a big ol' joke, and didn't realize the mess they had got themselves into.

blacktigr9 karma

They really thought they'd get away with this? As someone who was trying to move during the lockdown after the Marathon Bombing, I believe those guys should not have brought guns to the city if they didn't want trouble.

ThePokemonMaster1239 karma

Once again, I'm not saying what they did was smart. Bringing weapons of that kind to this event (permit or no permit) is incredibly stupid.

psychyness3 karma

That's shitty. I can totally see that happening, and I just feel bad for the kids. Yeah, it was stupid, but I really doubt they had any intention to use them. I hope they don't get too fucked over for this.

ThePokemonMaster12311 karma

Throw them in jail for a few months, give them some community service hours. They'll learn a lot more that way than locking them up for the next 10 years.

thachicoo25 karma

Do you want to be the very best?

ThePokemonMaster12349 karma

Like no one ever was!

In all seriousness, I've grown a bit dis-interested in becoming the World Champion, or winning loads of tournaments. I've instead started to gravitate toward wanting to be a judge, as well as helping out at the Pokemon card site I work at. I want to focus my efforts there ATM, but who knows. Maybe I'll have a real good 2015-2016 year.

fishcircumsizer23 karma

Are certain pokemon considered overpowered? Are any pokemon banned?

ThePokemonMaster12344 karma

They're are certain overpowered Pokemon that lot's of people use, but lately, they're trying to even out the game and not make a certain card to OP.

They have banned cards. Recently, a card called Lysandre's Trump Card, and Shiftry from a set called Next Destinies, were banned for being too powerful.

fishcircumsizer14 karma

Do older generation pokemon still compete with new generations?

ThePokemonMaster12335 karma

As far as cards? No, not at all. The game has hit WAY higher numbers in HP and damage output since the first few sets.

Very-Sandwich9 karma

But like, could someone play a card from older generation sets if they really wanted to?

ThePokemonMaster12325 karma

If it's been reprinted in a newer set, yes. If it isn't, you cannot. It's against the rules.

Very-Sandwich12 karma

Ah, okay! I was just dreaming of someone ending the tense moment before they draw by slamming down an original series jigglypuff or somethin'. The rules against that happening prove that cooler heads than mine prevail xD

Anyway, thanks for this AMA, it's all very interesting!

ThePokemonMaster1236 karma

No problem!

promefeeus6 karma

How do they balance the game? In video games they release patches fairly quickly....that seems a lot more difficult to do with trading cards. Basically it seems like once they decide to fix something, every card that came out before it would be obsolete. Is this the case?

ThePokemonMaster1237 karma

No. TPCi has actually gotten to a point were they're giving out bans to cards that are far to powerful, and are ironing out the game considerably. The competitive scene is rocked every once in awhile, but we still manage between TPCi and clever rouge decks.

promefeeus4 karma

Is it frustrating when you buy new cards only to have them banned? I guess this would be less of a problem for professionals if they get their cards for free, etc.

ThePokemonMaster1234 karma

Not really, since Pokemon is a pretty cheap as far as TCG's go. The 2 recent banned cards (Lysandre's Last Resort and Shiftry) didn't go higher than $5 (so long as you knew where to look).

Noy222217 karma

Squirtle, Charmander or Bulbasaur?

ThePokemonMaster12330 karma

Charmander! (In the best Super Smash bros 64 voice I can muster.)

poochbrah16 karma

Can you explain to me how the competitive side of it works please?

For example, is it a case of using a move that causes damage such as tackle over leer? and why would anyone use leer?

ThePokemonMaster12324 karma

In competitive games, we have things called "archetypes". Basically, it's a well-known, widely used, effective strategy. It is a system used by both the TCG and the Video Game competitive scene.

You happen to be asking a question, however, about the Video Game scene, which I don't know a lot about. But I can answer your question by saying there are moves like Tackle and Leer that everybody uses; offensive and non-offensive moves. There's a place for both of those kinds of attacks.

SirWinstons16 karma

How much money have you spent for competitive pokemon?

How much money have you made off of it?

ThePokemonMaster12334 karma

Spent? Between purchases, and hotel costs (and all the gas money I've used off other people)...maybe around $2,000?

That sounds like a lot, but I could sell most of the stuff I have for Pokemon and make around $500 if I need the money.

I've don't make money. Any packs I win I just tear open or try to trade with other people.

Strider080008 karma

how much would your deck cost if you sold it? (or just your best cards)

ThePokemonMaster12315 karma

I could sell my current deck for around $175.

TangoZippo12 karma

I played a lot when I was a kid. I was in a league, and I remember being pretty good. I believe I played until around the time Team Rocket and Gym Heroes was released.

I still have my old decks. If I were to show up at any kind of competitive play would I have a chance? Or has there just been so much power drift that I would get wiped out?

ThePokemonMaster12317 karma

The power has drifted very far from the old days. You would have to build all-new decks. Not to mention a lot of those cards in those decks have long rotated out of competitive play.

However, the games barely changed in rules since the early days, so it would be pretty easy to pick up again if you have a burning desire to get back in.

readyp110 karma

What was it like to be at such a large, world-famous event?

ThePokemonMaster12333 karma

While I wouldn't call it "World-Famous", it was continually exciting, because I was around people who all cared about the same thing I was. They announced the new Pokemon Wii U game in front of everyone (the biggest part of the whole event), and I didn't shake off this sense of childlike giddiness during my time there.

An_Lochlannach9 karma

Do all of the competitors have exactly the decks they want, or are there super rare cards that only some have?

Assuming the former, is there much of a variation in decks, or is there an accepted "best" deck?

I haven't given thought to pokemon TCG in about 15 years, but this thread has given me flashes to the same people always winning simply because they had the best cards.

ThePokemonMaster12315 karma

There are no super rare cards in the game anymore, because competitors will pay any price for any card if it means creating a powerful deck.

We have what we call "archetypes" (powerful, widely accepted strategies), and these devolve into common decks in competitions; Blastoise decks, Seismitoad decks, etc. Some lists come close to each other in what they play, but even within one archetype, there is a whole lot of variants and different ways to play something. Changing as little as 2-3 cards can create a different deck in it's style of play.

So, in other words, yes, we do have standard decks people play, but they include plenty of variation suited to different playstyles, and what the current metagame is looking like.

kirthasalokin9 karma

I'm a Magic player and have been for a long time (mid 90s).

Recently, my son got interested in Pokemon so we learned to play together. We have fun with it and it's nice to take a break from Magic, where I'm super competitive, and just enjoy kitchen table fun with my son.

My question: So I've noticed that in each pack of Pokemon cards there is a code for a virtual pack for Pokemon Online. I use MTGO (Magic Online) to test for tournaments and try out new decks. Do you do this with Pokemon Online, or do you just play in person?

ThePokemonMaster12311 karma

I've been wanting to use the online program for awhile, but I haven't got around to using it enough.

It's a fantastic resource for a budding player though, so let your son run wild on it and see where it takes him.

I prefer testing physically with other people. I also test with myself form time to time.

Simplexity888 karma

What's your opinion of Hearthstone? Have you played it?

ThePokemonMaster12310 karma

I heaven't played Hearthstone a single bit. I'm so involved in Pokemon I'd rather not try to start getting into other TCG's. I'll get around to playing it one of these days.

FallzIsLife7 karma

Best Meta so far?

ThePokemonMaster1238 karma

Best year of play, or best deck in the metagame?

KelticKnight7 karma


ThePokemonMaster1239 karma

I'd say the current champ in this metagame (saying were still Boundaries Crossed forward) would be the recent winner of the World Championships, Blastoise/Keldeo-EX/Archie's Ace In The Hole.

Best year I've played was the nationals format last year. I loved the mixture between Virizion/Genesect, Yveltal, and Plasma, with little touches of other smaller decks. Plus, I really enjoyed playing Yveltal.

Tsukimizu7 karma

I wish I had been here earlier so I could have given a shutout from /r/Pkmntcg!

I guess I'm a bit late, but my question is what region are you from, and what do you think the most competitive region in the country is?

ThePokemonMaster1234 karma

I'm from the Midwest area (Indianapolis, IN), but in the US, Flordia is very competitive. Lot's of good players in that area.

girouxfilms7 karma

Hey, I filmed the event! I was in charge of the Pokken Sizzle reels. My proof.

Did you get to try out Pokken? What were your thoughts on it? How do you feel about Pokemon trying to separate themselves from that project completely, although having to advertise it at the event? Congrats on the invite to World Championships. Ill see you at the next. :)

ThePokemonMaster1236 karma

Wait a minute..wait a minute...

I saw you there! And I played Pokken! Yes, I loved it. Very easy to pick up for a fighting game. They did a good job of respecting Namco without putting too much forefront to it.

If you remember a tall guy heading in there with a The Last of Us Ellie T-Shirt, or a tall guy with a big "Indy Eleven" scarf, that was me.

shadowseller916 karma

What did you play and what did you place?

ThePokemonMaster12311 karma

I didn't play in the main event (as I posted in my description).

Double_A75 karma

What is your rarest card? What is your most expensive card?

ThePokemonMaster1235 karma

I have a Pichu stamped with Nintendo World 2005 I was given when I went to Nintendo World in New York years ago. It's not valuable, but I've yet to find somebody in person with a copy.

drsteam2 karma

I don't follow the tgc scene too much, (I stick more to vgc) but enough to know about the top tier decks per year. My questions are: what's your favorite replacement for N (is Birch's observation good enough or is there something else I'm unaware of) and I made Pooka's Medicham deck, how would that fare in the current meta? Are there any cards from ancient origins you'd recommend I look out for to add to it?

ThePokemonMaster1233 karma

The replacement for N is still up in the air. I don't like Shauna or Birch, and while I could put up with Ace Trainer, I still would prefer N. My decks will probably devolve into 3 Ace Trainers, and a Birch for good measure during testing. I'll be testing and listening to what other people have to say before I make any final calls.

IMO, Medicham is too inconsistent for the current Meta. It also doesn't stand much of a chance against Colorless M-Rayquaza-EX, so I'm not sure if it will be competitively viable in the next few months. As from what to add from Ancient Origins; fool around with Ace Trainer and see where it takes you.

ThinkingWithBortles2 karma


I have a friend who goes to these tournaments occasionally, and has told me some wild stories about some of the people there. Two who come up often are Jason Klysinsky(sp?) and Tomas Medina. Any stories about the two of them, or other characters that show up often?

ThePokemonMaster1235 karma

I believe you mean to say Jason Klaczynski.

Jason is pretty much the best Pokemon TCG player ever. He's won 3 World Championships (2006,2008,2013) as well as the US National Championships (this year,2015). He's a lovable guy, and a goofball at tournaments. He plays spyball with an inflatable Pokeball, does jokes, runs drafts, etc. ' He's an incredible fellow, and I still remember being very excited when I first got to talk to him awhile back.

As for Thomas Medina...I've never heard of that name. It's possible I've heard of hiim, but maybe you just have the spelling wrong. Are you sure it wasn't Tom Doezel?

Bearded0011 karma

Has the amount of players joining the community slowed down over the years or is the community still growing at quite a pace?

ThePokemonMaster1235 karma

It's grown a whole lot these last 2 years, and I still feel like were getting bigger. Anybody who says Nintendo is dead needs to be shown into the Pokemon US Nationals hall.

Nintendo64Cartridge1 karma

Best Machamp EX deck for standard? A Crawdaunt Toad deck wrecked me this past week...

ThePokemonMaster1232 karma

I'll break the bad news to you; Machamp EX isn't that good. I'd count your losses and start from scratch. :(

brownsd4201 karma

i wish they stayed with, the original 151 pokemon

what are you're thoughts on the ever growing, list of pokemon?

and how many pokemon are there now?

ThePokemonMaster12333 karma

I've gone through the same phase when they announced Generation 5 and 6 and added more Pokemon. Hated the new designs, played the games and cards, found myself getting attached to the new designs, and eventually "accepting" them into the universe.

After the shock of a new generation, I get used to them and eventually find myself liking the new designs (though I still prefer the designs before Gen 5).

Oh, there are currently 721 confirmed Pokemon in existence.

GoredonTheDestroyer1 karma

How did you feel about the threats of violence over the event?

ThePokemonMaster1232 karma

If you scroll up, I happen to answer that in a very long text post.

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TitoMPG7 karma

I need more proof you are actually a bot.

ThePokemonMaster1232 karma

I need more proof: Are you actually a troll?

Hoopadayla-5 karma

Why would anyone use leer?

ThePokemonMaster1235 karma

Because it lowers a defending Pokemon's defense by 1 you dummy! :)

TheAdmiralCrunch-24 karma

Is there a medication for autism, or do you find it interferes with your game?

How much money do you save on condoms?

ThePokemonMaster12313 karma

Sorry, my mommy told me not to feed the trolls.