Cherry Torn and Veruca James star in Kink's new horror porn, Deception. Ask them anything!


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TaiCrimson26 karma

What are your favorite/least favorite things about working for Kink? I went on the armory tour for my 18th birthday and am thiiiis close to submitting a model application!

CherryVerucaKink36 karma

Cherry: My favorite thing about working for is being surrounded by a diverse group of like-minded people. From the staff, to the crew, to the performers. I feel like they have one of the most inclusive hiring policies in the business, on and off camera. My least favorite part is when I have to work for other companies who are prone to living up to industry stereotypes.

Veruca: I love the people, on and off set. Everyone always makes me feel like a princess. Also, the diversity of the staff and performers is really something to be admired.
Least: Waking up at 5:00am to clean my butt and catch a flight :)

Cherry: Double ditto on the butt flushing.

1tudore11 karma

My least favorite part is when I have to work for other companies who are prone to living up to industry stereotypes.

What are some examples of that?

Do you think Kink and similar companies (are their similar companies in terms of employment standards?) can help raise the overall standards/change the norms of the industry?

CherryVerucaKink30 karma

Cherry: I'm completely biased, but an awful lot of "Vanilla" porn, (meaning porn that's just about fucking) is influenced by "keywords". Teen, MILF, babysitter, interracial, etc it all becomes a little cookie cutter and can feel discriminatory to performers of color or just women in general. I can only hope Kink's philosophy wears off on others.

1tudore7 karma

Thanks for your answers & doing this AMA.

Do you discuss these issues with other performers often? Do you feel you can change the industry by acting collectively or is it too hierarchical an industry to allow for bottom-up change?

CherryVerucaKink16 karma

Performers do talk about this often, particularly the racism our industry tolerates in regards to performers of color and interracial movie themes. There was an excellent article about this recently you can find via my Twitter.

I think it's important to be vocal as performers within the industry, because changing the fan's expectations is as important as the establishment.

JohnWad21 karma

Cherry, have you ever met Rip Torn?

CherryVerucaKink13 karma

Ha! No, but I love that sassy bastard.

Daddyloveshislittle14 karma

Both of you have done a few gangbang scenes. Was this always a kink/fantasy for you? Did you enjoy being used that way? Is there a particular scene that you feel was a little too much, too rough or left you overwhelmed?

CherryVerucaKink18 karma

Cherry: I have always enjoyed scenes that are on the extreme side. I like gangbangs, because they bring some of the fetish intensity I like to a boy/girl sex scene. I enjoy being overpowered and feeling helpless. Everything I've done has been within my limits.

CherryVerucaKink18 karma

Veruca: I have always had a fantasy about being GB'd. My first one was pretty intense and I really didn't know what to expect, but I ended up loving it. I felt like I had accomplished a huge challenge when it was over. My most recent one, the Willy Wonka one, was a huge fantasy fullfillment for me bc I really got to play myself and while the GB was me being overwhelmed, I still fell like I was also challenging the guys to challenge me, which was really cool

Verntessio2212 karma

Is it hard to date outside of the adult industry circle? Are most men cool with it, or do they shy away?

CherryVerucaKink32 karma

Cherry: It's incredibly difficult to date outside the porn industry in my experience. Men are incredibly fascinated with porn stars, but can never fathom actually dating one. The trick is finding a man who is confident enough to deal with you fucking other people and not losing his cool when his friends constantly ask him "Dude how do you deal with that?". You might end up lying to certainly family members potentially forever. Despite that I make it a rule to date outside the industry. The perks are my friends are incredibly hot and loose with their tits!

Veruca: I agree, men are always intrigued and want to ask a lot of inappropriate questions, but can't fathom how anyone would actually date a performer. I find that men forget all manners and social norms when porn comes up, they forget that we are still people and we still have boundaries and expect to be treated with respect in all conversations. Also, it's very hard to explain and understand the jealousy issue when you have never been on a set or performed. People assume it's random free fuck all the time and everyone just sits around waiting to be fucked. In reality, my coworkers and people I work with on set have always been the most respectful of my boundaries and my relationships outside of set.

NorbitGorbit10 karma

are porn actors eligible for SAG or some other representation -- how does that side work?

CherryVerucaKink17 karma

No they are not. There is no union for performers, the closest thing we have is APAC the Adult Performers Advocacy Committee.

TexasStarForever9 karma

Is hairy pussy making a comeback ?

CherryVerucaKink9 karma

Fuck yes.

CherryVerucaKink8 karma

Thank you so much guys for participating in this AMA! We had so much fun answering all your questions and make sure to check out Deception, right now for 50% off (24 hours only!) !

alqevqe8 karma

What's the craziest thing that happened on the set of Deception?

CherryVerucaKink10 karma

Cherry: The craziest parts of shooting Deception were the long, LONG hours and dragging an entire crew up the side of a mountain with everything we might ever need. For me personally the most challenging was the final climax and confrontation. I won't ruin it, but it definitely gave me a change to flex my acting skills.

Veruca: the STUNTS! We did all of our own stunts, and let me tell you JP is not an easy man to take down! Also, we filmed one crazy scene when it was pitch black outside and we basically were dragged through the leaves, branches, etc. That was the most real fear/anxiety I've ever felt, it was AWESOME!

zielu6 karma

Mayby obvious question, why you both choose this line of work? Did you work anywhere else before your cereer? Iam not saying its wrong choice, just being curious ;).

CherryVerucaKink20 karma

Cherry: I was such a shy, introvert as a teenager, but somehow I loved to be an exhibitionist when it came to sex. I graduated valedictorian and studied pharmacology in the UK before I accepted my proper life as an outlaw. I had a few restaurant jobs when I was young, but adult work has been my chosen path since I turned 18. I enjoy being in control of my life, having no boss and only doing what I want to do.

Veruca: I have bachelors' degrees in accounting and finance and passed the CPA exam. I worked in public and private accounting before I quit and decided to start performing. I was very successful in my career, which was a catch 22 because that meant I worked harder and longer hours. I didn't want to slave away as a cog in the corporate wheel anymore, I wanted to wake up and not hate my job. I dabbled in performing, loved it and decided to do what I love most, have sex, for money! :)

pepsmint6 karma

Where was Deception filmed and was it weird to shoot and do bondage in the woods?

CherryVerucaKink11 karma

Veruca: We shot at Naughty Pines in northern california. It was definitely an INTERESTING experience shooting bondage in the woods. I really hate bugs and bugs definitely get on you when you are naked in the woods. But I love public nudity and sex, so I was surprised that it actually added more thrill than torture to the experience.

Cherry: Shooting outdoors was a dream. It's so rare to get an opportunity to be so secluded you can be completely naked and scream bloody murder all day and night. I can only imagine what some of the neighbors must have though if they heard our screams in the dark. I've lived in SF and major cities for so long at this point grass is a luxury.

WeTheKinky6 karma

How much of your scenes are acting and how much are honest (as in you truly enjoy it and wouldn't have it any other way)?

P.S. Between the two of you, I think you cover 50% of my porn collection.

CherryVerucaKink14 karma

Veruca: I don't think I could give an actual percentage. I would say the majority of my scenes are truly genuine. Every once in a while a scene comes up that doesn't have the best circumstances for various reasons (someone is having a shitty day, someone is sick, the location sucks, it's too hot/cold, someone is hungry, you get a flat tire) basically performers are still people with normal lives and we have normal experiences that effect our scenes, but that does not make them less genuine.

Cherry: I am pretty stubborn when it comes to making my scenes as honest as possible. The real question is: How often do we make things look way easier than they actually are? EVERY DAMN TIME.

Thanks for being such a dedicated fan!

pepsmint5 karma

How is it working on Hogtied shoots? Was Deception different than other Kink shoots?

CherryVerucaKink4 karma

Veruca: Deception was hugely different, mainly due to shooting on location. Also, when you are dealing with the elements of nature and not an isolated and controlled set environment you have to be able to go with the flow even more than normal. Also, Deception's focus was the storyline aand it was iintended to make sense with the story. I.e. the BDSM aspects were made to be organic based on the setting. Scary man in the woods dooesn't carry an extensive collection of nipple clamps around with him.

Cherry: I especially love working for Hogtied, because it is truly a back to the basics website for real bondage fetishists. On other sites you might adapt the bondage to make certain actions easier, but on Hogtied there are no concessions made. Deception was completely different from a standard Kink shoot. It was shot on location with only tools that were relevant to the movie as opposed to the fully stocked toybox we usually work from. Check it out:

LiteraryBoner5 karma

Hey gals. Couple of questions!

If every porn fan could do one small thing to make the industry better what would it be?

Cherry, what's your favorite scene youve done with Kink?

Veruca, favorite scene youve done with Burning Angel? Any crazy stories about Joanna?

Thanks, you chicks rock.

CherryVerucaKink12 karma

Cherry: The most important thing fans can do is pay for their porn, and encourage others to do the same. Plus remembering to pay attention to your favorite performer's clip stores and personal items. We don't receive royalties or different pay depending on how successful a movie is, so that close fan interaction is more important than ever.

It's hard to pick a favorite Kink scene, so I will pick an era if you will. Basically any movie I shot with Claire Adams is pure art and magic. Including our desert feature, also for Hogtied.

CherryVerucaKink10 karma

Veruca: Tie between my very first scene with Mick Blue and the group scene I did with Joanna Angel, Dana DeArmond & Tommy Pistol in Evil Head. We had a little zombie orgy. It was actually horrible to shoot, but came out so bad ass I'll always love it!

richmana3 karma

Hey Veruca, do your family members bug you for tax advice every year?

CherryVerucaKink7 karma

Veruca: Luckily my family knows that I never did tax accounting :) I specialized in audit, I don't do my own taxes. Lots of people ask me and my advice is always, hire a tax accountant.

alqevqe2 karma

Cherry: You've done a lot of BDSM work in your career as a sub, hows it now being a domme more often?

CherryVerucaKink5 karma

I wouldn't trade my years as a sub for anything, and I still love to indulge my masochistic tendencies when I get a chance, but I LOVE playing the top. I get to use all of the BDSM and sex skills I've learned over the last 10 years and corrupt the innocent one at a time.

ravyrn2 karma

Veruca, I've seen some comedy skits you've done with Steve Greene on Youtube. Which one was the most awkward?

CherryVerucaKink3 karma

Veruca: The most awkward one was when the guy was totally going to go along with fucking the male actors. He pulled his pants down and bent over and we kept going with with it. We were all looking at each other wondering who was going to call cut! hahaha I think Steve said the "safe word" was banana, so he just kept yelling BANANA, BANANA, BANANA!

WeTheKinky2 karma

What are your thoughts on the KinkLive buyout? Will you cam on the "new" KinkLive?

CherryVerucaKink9 karma

Cherry: I am actually thrilled about Kink Live moving to Flirt4Free. I was the very first Kink Live model back in the day when they would literally chain us to the bed. The platform has grown and evolved over the years, but with this partnership they are massively increasing the available features and most importantly traffic. Now that I am primarily Femdom the phone sex and cam-to-cam options are the only things that would bring me back to KinkLive. So, yes you will be seeing me.

talkback281 karma

Is this your first time working on a horror/porn? What were some challenges versus shooting a "regular" porn shoot?

CherryVerucaKink3 karma

Veruca: I have worked on other horror/porn. The biggest challenges are the stunts and the special effects makeup. Having zombie makeup and contacts that you can't see through make for very interesting sex. In Deception, it was a totally new experience working with the supernatural aspects to the scripts. It's not totally easy or natural to act without anything real to feed you lines or reactions.

Cherry: Deception wasn't my first horror/porn experience, but it was definitely one of my favorites. The challenges of simply shooting on location are significant regardless of the horror aspect. Just the coordination of moving a crew, models and everything to a remote location is an ordeal. You miss the comforts of a professionally stocked and lit studio real fast.

LuisNara1 karma

Is "weird" for your family and friends know what you do?

CherryVerucaKink8 karma

Cherry: My family is Southern and religious, but surprisingly tolerant of my colorful life choices. I've been the odd duck since puberty, so I'm used to it. I do find it weird if I think too hard about a family member creeping on my Twitter.

Veruca: everyone has sex and everyone knows that everyone has sex, doesn't mean it's a topic of regular conversation. Anyone close to me knows me and understands that my on screen character is not the sum of my personal character.