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Cherry: My favorite thing about working for kink.com is being surrounded by a diverse group of like-minded people. From the staff, to the crew, to the performers. I feel like they have one of the most inclusive hiring policies in the business, on and off camera. My least favorite part is when I have to work for other companies who are prone to living up to industry stereotypes.

Veruca: I love the people, on and off set. Everyone always makes me feel like a princess. Also, the diversity of the staff and performers is really something to be admired.
Least: Waking up at 5:00am to clean my butt and catch a flight :)

Cherry: Double ditto on the butt flushing.

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Cherry: It's incredibly difficult to date outside the porn industry in my experience. Men are incredibly fascinated with porn stars, but can never fathom actually dating one. The trick is finding a man who is confident enough to deal with you fucking other people and not losing his cool when his friends constantly ask him "Dude how do you deal with that?". You might end up lying to certainly family members potentially forever. Despite that I make it a rule to date outside the industry. The perks are my friends are incredibly hot and loose with their tits!

Veruca: I agree, men are always intrigued and want to ask a lot of inappropriate questions, but can't fathom how anyone would actually date a performer. I find that men forget all manners and social norms when porn comes up, they forget that we are still people and we still have boundaries and expect to be treated with respect in all conversations. Also, it's very hard to explain and understand the jealousy issue when you have never been on a set or performed. People assume it's random free fuck all the time and everyone just sits around waiting to be fucked. In reality, my coworkers and people I work with on set have always been the most respectful of my boundaries and my relationships outside of set.

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Cherry: I'm completely biased, but an awful lot of "Vanilla" porn, (meaning porn that's just about fucking) is influenced by "keywords". Teen, MILF, babysitter, interracial, etc it all becomes a little cookie cutter and can feel discriminatory to performers of color or just women in general. I can only hope Kink's philosophy wears off on others.

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Cherry: I was such a shy, introvert as a teenager, but somehow I loved to be an exhibitionist when it came to sex. I graduated valedictorian and studied pharmacology in the UK before I accepted my proper life as an outlaw. I had a few restaurant jobs when I was young, but adult work has been my chosen path since I turned 18. I enjoy being in control of my life, having no boss and only doing what I want to do.

Veruca: I have bachelors' degrees in accounting and finance and passed the CPA exam. I worked in public and private accounting before I quit and decided to start performing. I was very successful in my career, which was a catch 22 because that meant I worked harder and longer hours. I didn't want to slave away as a cog in the corporate wheel anymore, I wanted to wake up and not hate my job. I dabbled in performing, loved it and decided to do what I love most, have sex, for money! :)

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Cherry: I have always enjoyed scenes that are on the extreme side. I like gangbangs, because they bring some of the fetish intensity I like to a boy/girl sex scene. I enjoy being overpowered and feeling helpless. Everything I've done has been within my limits.