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The DNC is already discussing the 2020 primary debate schedule.

How can we, as regular citizens, ensure that the 2020 debates will not be limited as they were in 2016? How can we make sure they're more small-d democratic and more focused on policy than the horse race or soap opera?

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(1/2) To increase turnout by easing participation, would you support encouraging or requiring states adopt vote by mail1 and coordinating elections2 ?


(2/2) Based on the 2000 election, would you support nationally requiring we move to score voting (a.k.a. range voting)3 4 5 to prevent another Bush-Gore/Nader spoiler problem?

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Disabled Rights

(1/4) Will you please abolish the sub-minimum wage for disabled workers1 ?

(2/4) Will you please support the Disability Integration Act 2 ?

(3/4) Will you please abolish asset caps that trap disabled people in poverty3 ?

(4/4) Will you please commit to making sure your site is accessible to disabled voters4 ?

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Do you have a link?

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This answer has no specifics on what executive actions you would take, or what actions you would rescind in exchange for Congress giving in.

We need specifics to evaluate the likelihood of success. We can help you iterate and provide new ideas if we know what plans you've already developed.

Could you give us one example of something you would do?