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Hey, man, I'm sure this will get buried, but I'm a perfusionist; I'm the one who runs the heart-lung machine. A perfusionist will be the one taking over the function of your heart and lungs (hence, the name of the machine), cooling your body, and just taking care of you/your body throughout the surgery. We are well-trained and only the best are allowed to work during surgeries like yours. I've done about ten surgeries like the one you'll be getting (with deep hypothermic circulatory arrest; we cool you down and stop your blood flow temporarily), and I've been doing this for only about three years. I'm sure you'll be in great hands. Good luck, sir.

Edit: link for the lazy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perfusionist

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Side note: I love how Riccar's website is slow as fuck after seeing that he recommends them for Americans.

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This is an amazing answer.

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Haha, I know how that is! I work in heart surgery, and my family asks me about any sort of shit they've got going on, (like joint pain). I always tell them to go to a goddamn doctor, haha.

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Hey Veruca, do your family members bug you for tax advice every year?