IamA Professional Video Game Player With Tourettes, AMA!

Hey Reddit! I am Riley Unzelman also known as Incon, the captain and support of AFK Gaming, a top team in North America, and I have Tourettes!

Tourette's is a condition where I can not control my body sometimes and it 'tics' or more commonly known as twitches. The main part of my body that is affected is my eyes, and I actually played a full game at a LAN with one eye closed because of it!

Professional gaming is currently my full time job. It is how I make a living along with streaming on twitch(Worlds cosmic joke that I stream on a site called twitch) and Youtube videos!

Feel free to ask me anything from Pro gaming, tourettes, Smite and anything!

If I do not get around to your question for any reason, feel free to follow me on my social media platforms where I may be able to answer better!

Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/runzelman
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AFK_Incon
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/billybobjoewilly1Incont

Proof: Reddit AMA date in description! https://youtu.be/WWATVfvVpy8


Edit: Long day of answering questions! I enjoyed answering them!

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Tucana6625 karma

Which game(s) are more apt to trigger your Tourettes?

Incontinentia199434 karma

I find that gaming takes me away from my twitches. The more distracted I am, the less likely I am to notice them. They do not stop, but it does give my mind a break!

xAshXD24 karma

How do you feel about Cyclone leaving AFK and making Team Anohana?

Incontinentia199426 karma

If I recall correctly, cyclone is playing for every team in the SPL now

shrtstff18 karma

What type of donut is your favorite?

Incontinentia199426 karma

Good ol classic Glazed

Badass_Bunny13 karma

Can we get a chart of Scream-To-Evasion ratio? Also when will you unleash Fenrir in SPL?

Incontinentia199415 karma

Fenrir is super risky. And screaming increased evasion by 50%

LostEzekiel12 karma

How come you're so awesome? (in all seriousness, I love your content!)

Incontinentia199412 karma

Thank you! I love producing content!

two_off11 karma

How often do you type your outbursts?

How much do you make from your Twitch channel?

Incontinentia199417 karma

Never, no verbal tics right now.

A decent amount :D

Cabrakan11 karma

Why don't you play Cabrakan support? Do you love hurting me this way?

Incontinentia199416 karma

He is not good in support :(

res30stupid11 karma

Do you suffer from coprolalia or subconscious twitching? How do you adapt it to your playstyle?

Incontinentia199416 karma

I do not notice my twitches unless I am actively discussing them! I find that I have learned to predict player movement better since I have my eyes closed sometimes :D

Xenon1549 karma

What do you think went wrong for you guys in the SPL summer finals, and do you think you have what it takes to make it to worlds/win worlds ?


Incontinentia199411 karma

We did not adapt. Honestly, we were all super tired. It affected us, it truly did.

ThePerfectPrism8 karma

Is mogee REALLY joining the AFK roster or the joke still lives ?

Incontinentia199413 karma

No mogee is not joining the AFK roster. Yes she is a wonderful person :D

Houghbert7 karma

who's the best support in the game and why is it isis? Kappa

Incontinentia199413 karma

Athena has been and will continue to be the strongest until she is nerfed!

TheCapedCampaigner7 karma

Favourite game that's not smite?

How many hours on smite have you got?

Whats it like telling people you play games as a job? How do they normally respond?

What toppings do you have on your pizza?

How did you get into the competitive smite scene?

Has your Tourette's ever prevented you from playing in a competitive match?

What was your first 'Tic'?


Edit: Tic, not tick.

Incontinentia19945 karma

Smite is all I play now! Thousands. They say, wow how lazy he does not have any social skills. Meat. Got too number one on the ranked leaderboard. No, but I have had eyes closed in matches. Eye twitches.

TheJourneysEnd7 karma

What's your favorite "non-traditional" support? I want to learn to play the role, but I'm just no good with guardians.

Incontinentia199411 karma

Fenrir. He has some really good and some really bad matchups. He destroys XB

sterling_marcher6 karma

Do you like Chang'e?

Incontinentia19948 karma

Aye yeay yeay

marv_renald5 karma

What sold you on being a pro smite player rather than some other game?

Incontinentia199410 karma

I love MOBA's. I was a huge Dota 2 fan and league of legends. What sold me on Smite was the aimed auto attacks. With auto attacks being aimed it really put the skill cap super super high.

Urque4 karma

Why was Domination considered "unbalanced"?

Incontinentia19946 karma

It was a game mode that really did not have a player base. I think that was the biggest problem. Too many resources for too little usage.

-Ropeburn-4 karma

Your opinion on Bellona support? I know you were kind of wish-washy about it a few months ago, but now that paradigm had so much success with it, have you reconsidered?

Also, how come you never play Ymir or Ares in any of the tournaments? With your aggressive-ish playstyle, I would think they would be perfect for you.

Incontinentia19947 karma

Still think Bellona is better off in different roles, she is too strong in solo and jungle.

I have a ping issue online. 100+ ping makes chains so hard to land!

ApolloIntheSky3 karma

Do you ever get sick of playing smite? Just not feelin it?

Incontinentia19944 karma

Honestly, no. I love my life and this game!

Sedrise3 karma

Can you give me some tips on playing smite, as well as what some of the terms mean in the game?

Incontinentia19945 karma

I recommend finding a role that you enjoy, then mastering the top 3 gods in that position. Get really good at them so you can switch through rotations to not get bored, and kick butt and win games!

odombones943 karma

Who would win in a strongman competition, you, or Lassiz?

Incontinentia19946 karma

Lassiz has me beat on sheer strength. Man is beastly.

Ninjatastic013 karma

I've asked you this in stream like 400 times but i'm gonna ask again. When can i buy one of those bad ass AFK hoodies that Allied is always wearing.

Also how do you decided what actives to buy now that HOG is borderline useless?

Incontinentia19945 karma

No AFK apparel store yet, but hopefully soon!

Basically it comes down to creeping curse or blink and heavenly agility and beads. Choose situationally depending on team composition and opposing team.

dolli853 karma

how do you carrot?

Incontinentia19944 karma

Prefer spinach :D

MurrayJ3 karma

I always want to keep switching gods. Any tips to stick with fewer gods but still have fun?

Incontinentia19943 karma

Mix up the roles you are playing them and the builds. Find ways to maximize effectiveness!

DuckTalesThemeSong3 karma

Have you tried Smite on Xbox One, and if so, how is it? I'm trying to get my friends who aren't PC gamers into it, and want to know if it's still worth playing not on PC.

Incontinentia19947 karma

I have seen it go from pre-alpha stages to where it is now, launching! If you enjoy the PC version then you will love the console version. It feels very natural on the console.

AnInnocentBunny3 karma

This is kinda obvious but let's roll with it, what are your top 3 favorite smite gods?

Incontinentia19945 karma

Athena, Isis, Arachne

Hartenberg3 karma

Why do you let Allied steal your purple buff, and your kills? :P

But really, just wanted to say thanks for producing some awesome content, and being one of the realest people in the community. Good luck in the spl, and keep up the good work my man!

Incontinentia19945 karma

Thank you!

Moxxface2 karma

Nice AMA so far, you're responding to everything!

Would you ever do an arena tier list?

Incontinentia19942 karma

I would not have the experience in Arena to make a proper list. I could guess what is strong, but I would rather not lie to anyone pretending that I knew.

DJ9K2 karma

Have you ever had a bad case of Tics that actually caused you make a misplay, or even lose a game before?

Second to that; when playing a support, what are the 3 biggest things I should focus on mechanically speaking?

Incontinentia19942 karma

Not really, I did play a game against TSM at LAN with an eye closed because of it.

Making sure you are rotating for XP. Making sure you have mid harpy control. Make sure you have your team with you before you initiate.

eggquisite2 karma

Hi Incon! Played a ranked game once where you supported me, it was pretty cool (although it was a 4v5 in our favor lol). I remember you played Sobek. Got any Sobek tips to share?

Incontinentia19946 karma

Plucking is scary. Don't pluck unless you know that if you miss, you will still be safe.

Heimdallar2 karma

Pen boots on Sobek: Yes or No?

Incontinentia19943 karma

Yes yes yes

Calandracas6662 karma

Is Baba Yetu with you?

Incontinentia19942 karma


madog63732 karma

What makes you decide between curse and blink at the start? Also how does God choice effect this decision?

Incontinentia19942 karma

Curse if we have kill potential from slow or if they have healers. Blink if I am prepping for a level 5 fight or if it could lead to kills.

HungLikeJung2 karma

Whose flexes are better, yours or Mattypocket's? Also whose Kumbha is better?

Incontinentia19943 karma

Mine clearly :) he can have kumbha though

Shazamwiches2 karma

Can you ask Cyclone to give me his anime list?

Incontinentia19943 karma

I think that is literally all of the anime

beatlesboy672 karma

What do you think of the new C9 roster? Do you think that Baskin will be able to push the team past the potential it had with Omega?

Which team do you think is the strongest in NA and EU? (Feel free to say in the world) and no, you can't say AFKw

Incontinentia19943 karma

TSM has proven they are the team to beat.

jdanielg912 karma

When are you going to make Cyclone change his name to CycloneSpine?

Also, have you and Allied ever thought about switching roles? (Be it with each other or within the team itself)

Incontinentia19943 karma

One time we tried switching, but allied is not so good at support lol

OGreatFox2 karma

This may seem like a really dumb question, but I have full body twitches rather commonly and involuntarily, if I happened to be diagnosed with an actual medical thing, would it significantly help? Did it for you?

Incontinentia19942 karma

I take medication and it does help! Go to a neurologist and they can help diagnose you! It is a nervous system disorder.

Eleglas2 karma

To flex or not to flex?

Incontinentia19942 karma

To flex

Releventcomments2 karma

Most fun god and least fun god?

Incontinentia19942 karma

Most fun Athena. Least fun Kumbha

noSOULsmugofMordor2 karma

Have you ever tried Ah Puch support? Its hilarious, especially pre-nerf.

Incontinentia19941 karma

It would not work in competitive so no I have not :)

RoSoDude2 karma

I first want to say that I'm a huge fan of your work, from the videos and the stream to how you do as a support and captain for your team. AFK has been my favorite team from when it was SNIPE, and it's been great to see you guys rise up.

My question is, do you think the fact that you are still one of the best supports/players despite what is sometimes a potent handicap indicates that there's still a lot of room for the the level of competition to improve? I'm really impressed with your abilities, attitude, and intelligence, but you'd think that there should be others who are just as skilled but don't have to hit Ares chains while looking away from the screen. Or is Incon just that much of a gawd?

Incontinentia19943 karma

I think the skill cap for Smite is extremely high. I have had the opportunity to put thousands of hours into the game. As the E-sports scene is growing and more money comes into the scene, more and more players will get better and better.

miander2 karma

I have 17 year old twin brothers who have tourettes, they're from a small town and a small school, so kids have known them forever and they rarely have to deal with teasing because of it anymore (it lost its appeal early in middle school) (their tics are more verbal grunts, nose twitching, things like that.)

They recently tried to stream Smite as a tandem, but found the twitch community excessively brutal about their affliction. They aren't thin-skinned, but they were pretty shocked by the behavior. It's too many steps over the line for people to begin whispering them to encourage them to kill themselves, in my opinion.

What advice would you give them? I can't encourage them any more than a person who doesn't experience that kind of adversity can.

Incontinentia19944 karma

From my personal experience the people who hated were far and few in between a bunch of supportive people. I would tell them that the good people are out there and will support you! But there will always be bullies, always.

liamxf2 karma

Strange question. Ive been watching you for awhile and im not sure. Every time hear you say have a twitchen day i always wonder to myself are your referring to your tourettes or twitch?

Incontinentia19943 karma

It is a funny term that I use for both. Have a Twitchin Day just refers that I will literally be twitching the rest of the day :D

retardcharizard2 karma

What kind of mic do you use and why do you prefer it over the mics that attach to a headset?

If you could make a Smite dream team out of superheroes (DC or Marvel), who would it be, what positions, and why??

Incontinentia19941 karma

I use the yeti snowball, it is simple and effective.

BomberBallad2 karma

Mercury, my favourite god, sucks so bad. I have no idea how he can be fixed though :(

What do you think should be buffed about him for him to be relevant again?

Incontinentia19942 karma

He is very very hard to play and that is because of his kit. Buff his numbers and he is too strong, otherwise he is incredibly hard. He can't really be budged directly, perhaps item changes.

Swissyo2 karma

You said in the video how you don't have a tick at that time that you used to have, do ticks just kind of come and go?

Incontinentia19943 karma

Varieties come and go with different age and stress level! Some have stayed with me for as long as I can remember, but some come around...some really nasty ones I hope never come back!

itwashimmusic2 karma

Would you prefer people view your achievements as in their own right or would you prefer to be known as a professional who champions a particular cause: ie Tourette's acceptance, pro gaming acceptance, differently abled pro gaming acceptance, people who willingly play Smite...?

I kid about Smite, I've never played.

Incontinentia19944 karma

I have been known for my tourette's my whole life. They are a vital part of me. We are one and the same :D

TheGreyFencer2 karma

IF you were to play any other game(s) at a competitive level, which would you play and why?

Incontinentia19942 karma

I would like to get back into Dota if anything. I really enjoyed the craziness of it!

KotreI1 karma

Do you like big butts?

Can you lie?

Other than Smite, have you ever played any other games at a competitive level?

Incontinentia19942 karma

I played some MMO's in pvp at top level, warhammer, lotro, conan but nothing that was super esports like

ninjarager1 karma

Who is your favorite assassin, and why is it fenrir?

Incontinentia19941 karma

Because fenrir is amazing

potentialnamebusines1 karma

Do you have a recommendation for a jungle Athena build?

Incontinentia19943 karma

Bumbas, pen boots, breastplate, voidstone. Then situational!

blaze77361 karma

Do you ever regret playing Smite?

Incontinentia19941 karma

Not at all

Lilpu55yberekt1 karma

Will you win worlds?

Incontinentia19941 karma

We can only hope

voozersxD1 karma

So when will I see you guys at the lounge? =P

Incontinentia19941 karma


HHakla1 karma

If they switched Kumbha's Groggy Strike to a stun do you believe he would be more viable?I realize a problem is his wave clear is his 1, but this change would turn him into a more aggressive support, and less tiresome (pun intended).

Incontinentia19941 karma

His lane clear being his get away and his lack of hard cc is the problem.

Mr3571 karma

What's been your favorite part of going to LAN's?

Incontinentia19941 karma

Meeting fans. That is the best experience!

YahooYoshi1 karma

How much do you hate Allied?

Incontinentia19942 karma

I love him

Tyranostar1 karma

Hi Incon, huge fan of you and AFK, would you mind telling me a little of your story in competitive Smite? Like which teams did you play with and some of the players you've played with in previous teams? Thx in advance, also I know you asked a while a go but a "Killing Lassiz" might be a fun next series

Incontinentia19941 karma

I came into the scene first with cognitive gaming which at the time was shing,omega,MLC(I replaced),JaJa, and Allied.

Basically it was Snipe until it started forming into the current roster.

Calandracas6661 karma

Who is your smash bros main?

Incontinentia19946 karma

I am going to level with you....I have only played smash like three times.....All I know how to do is throw pancakes

BraveTomat01 karma

Why do you think kumbha's mesmerise is a bad cc? It sets up the strongest ultimates and forces beads easily!

Incontinentia19941 karma

In the middle of a teamfight, it is not even half as strong as say a geb knock up

thederpyguide1 karma

Can I get a flex from might incon senpai?

Incontinentia19943 karma