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They portrayed it the way most of their viewers imagine it to be, I imagine. These people (like Kirk Cameron for example) are experts at getting every cent out of Conservative Christians. It's all a way to get money.

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John-117 has recently lost Cortana, his AI companion He is reunited with his old Fireteam, the legendary Blue Team. On a routine mission, John has a "vision" of Cortana ask him something of him. Against direct orders, he follows the signal to find out what has happened.

ONI Agent and Spartan, Jameson Locke, is sent with his new team (including legendary ODST Buck) to track down Blue Team, and return them home.

At the opening of the game, Locke's Team (Osiris) is partially involved in the civil war on Senghelios. After (quickly) ending the civil war, Osiris is deployed to a mining planet to follow Blue Team's freshest tracks.

They make their way into Forerunner ruins and find Blue Team doing something odd. Locke and Chief have a scuffle, Blue Team gets away. Osiris follows.

They end up on a Forerunner shield-world (think Dyson sphere). Covenant Remanent forces are there as well.

Eventually, Blue Team makes contact with Cortana. She asks to them join her new plan which equates to genocide of all live on a galactic scale. Chief says no, she kidnaps them.

Osiris eventually rescues Blue Team, and it is revealed to the UNSC that Cortana is not only alive but repaired and now malicious.

The big plot points are:

•Cortana has joined the Domain. A massive network of Forerunner knowledge and data. (There is much more, including who created it but unless you plan on reading the EU further, there is no reason to go into it.)

•Cortana is evil now.

•Chief has sided against Cortana.

•Osiris is established as certified badasses.

•The Guardians are established as powerful WMDs.

•Senghelios is mostly peaceful and the Arbiter is now the established leader of his people.

•Covenant Remnant has no leader and should be finally vanquished.

•Halsey is back in UNSC custody.

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I'll just point it out there that's it's pretty much proven he just hired the other guy to do it and he didn't actually do it himself.

Does that deserve the death penalty? I'm not user but we really need to focus on the fact he hired someone and not just did it himself.

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They aren't getting paid to enjoy it. They are getting paid to make sure you enjoy it.

She also said they can turn people away if they are "uncomfortable".

Also, unless your weight is caused by a disorder or a medication, the process of loosing the weight would help you find a gal that doesn't require a few hundred dollars.

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My cat does that too. I used to work for a feline vet that has had a few cats that did that.