My short bio: Hi, my name is Sarah Greenmore. I've worked in the sex industry for many years, but I decided to work legally in Nevada. I work at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch outside of Carson City. I see a lot of false information regarding what legalized prostitution in the U.S might look like given Amnesty International's announcement of Decriminalization support, so I'm offering up my first hand experience.

My Proof: I just recorded a short video for you!

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EDIT Holy crap, thanks for all your questions you guys! There was so much less hate mail than I expected! Also, when was the last time any of you took a sex ed class? Yes, you can spread STDs through oral sex! Use a condom or a dental dam! Ha, me, a lady of indecent persuasions, giving sex advice! What a novelty.

I really have to go bed now, but I'll be back around 1 pm PST to answer more. If your question isn't answered, please read through the extensive collection of comments, its likely to have been answered already.

No bareback, ever. Yes, even with STD papers.

No clients never get my phone number. I don't date clients.

Nope, I'd never say hello to a client on the street. Discretion is a must.

Thanks everyone!

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Eventhorizzon2132 karma

I am physically disabled and have greatly considered setting up an appointment there. Is it very common for disabled people to do so? I have a few things i would need guaranteed (bed height, willingness to work with my physical issues to ensure everything goes great.) I have been reluctant to go, due to my worries of how accommodating places like this would be.

SarahGreenmore1922 karma

We're really willing to work with people! We do have many physically impaired clients or clients with caretakers as well.

Eventhorizzon1101 karma

Good to hear. Thanks for replying! I may be seeing you soon lol.

SarahGreenmore1305 karma

Sounds good! You can see all the girls on our website, and feel free to email them. :)

treyisajedi931863 karma

Do many virgins who are trying to have sex for the first time go to brothels or is that a myth?

SarahGreenmore1995 karma

Yes, we get many virgins :)

spitdragon2541 karma

Do you feel guilty about destroying so many potential wizards?

SarahGreenmore1427 karma

I don't know if I understand this reference :p

anto128942338 karma

It's an Internet meme that guys who are still virgins on their thirtieth birthday become a wizard with magic powers.

SarahGreenmore1100 karma

Ohhh! Haha, I had no clue! haha

Agentreddit564 karma

What's the fastest ones finished?

SarahGreenmore1430 karma

Personal life: 20 seconds, tops, in my "ultra slutty, what's an STD? lol" phase I gave a guy a BJ at a glory hole.

Professional: Minute and a half?

pavpatel568 karma

Where was this glory hole? How did you come upon it?

SarahGreenmore829 karma

Portland, Oregon :p

vigilantepro321 karma

I'm in Portland. Please elaborate.

SarahGreenmore380 karma

It was someplace on the east side I think. 82nd? Idk. It was no joke like 6 years ago.

SarahGreenmore1503 karma

I just booked an appointment. Be back in a few hours. Thank you!

food_monster1469 karma

What's your yearly take home? Best year? Worst year? How much time off do you take each year?

SarahGreenmore2294 karma

I used to work a month on and a month off and go back home to Portland. I'm now living in Nevada so I'm working 5-7 days a week.

I see that this is the highest rated question, so I'll give you guys ONE juicy detail. I worked 13 days in July and made 9,700 before taxes* edited

pedmex011183 karma

What is the one request you will not do at the ranch?

SarahGreenmore2421 karma

Bareback. Condoms are required by law, 100%.

There are a few others, like extreme bruising during a BDSM session, anything with needles, knifeplay, scat, etc. I'm very kink-friendly but I have limits as well.

sexquipoop69528 karma

could you elaborate on the types of kink you are ok with?

SarahGreenmore915 karma

No, because that would be a giant list, but I can direct you to me A-B-C list of fetish/kink that I have posted on our message boards

EDIT For some reason, this link isn't working on mobile. Please view on desktop or email me at [email protected] to discuss kink/fetish appointments.

TheGatesofLogic574 karma

I gotta ask is "financial domination" a common one? That particular one just makes me chuckle a bit

SarahGreenmore711 karma

I've never done it in person, only online, but yes, it is quite a large fantasy with male subs.

AwkwardChimp1114 karma

What's the most tiring part of this kind of job?

SarahGreenmore2516 karma

Riding cowgirl after leg day :p

I think the questions tour groups can ask can be really tiring/dehumanizing, we're sex workers and we're also real people. Having incredibly personal questions like "Have you ever been raped? Is that why you're here?" "When your looks fade and you get old, what are you going to do then?" asked on a daily basis can wear you down!

PainMatrix1294 karma

tour groups

I'm confused by this, do you literally mean that your brothel is a stop on a tour and that little old ladies and the like get out to look around or am I missing something?

SarahGreenmore1624 karma

Yep, absolutely. We're famous from the HBO series Cathouse. Brothels are only legal in certain counties of Nevada, so its a bit of an oddity. We get old ladies on tours all the time :p They're the best tippers! haha. We get bus tours and also just people stopping by for tshirts, etc, or a drink at the bar.

PainMatrix539 karma

Weird. So is it encouraged/mandatory to interact with these tourists?

SarahGreenmore883 karma

If we're picked, we take them around, otherwise, no. :) They're not paying us, we don't need to do anything.

anuragdidit1039 karma

What do you do when customers are really bad looking? How do you do it?

SarahGreenmore2403 karma

People are always really curious about this. Its not hard, this is my job. This client is paying to have my company. Its not about my pleasure, its about his. His attractiveness isn't quantifiable to the level of service I'm going to provide him. Making people feel good is my job, first and foremost.

sexquipoop69875 karma

would you say that you have a deeper ability to see past appearance as a result of this? That could be a very profound positive side effect of this type of work.

SarahGreenmore1699 karma

I would say so! I think you learn to look past looks as you mature. I've had some very attractive clients who were absolutely the worst, they feel entitled because they've been treated well by society. That's not how it works here. :p

tmonai992 karma

Have you ever had any female clients?

SarahGreenmore1419 karma

Yes, indeed! We don't get many, as women are much less likely to purchase sexual services/engage in the sex industry as consumers than men, but we do get them :) They're not always looking for sex, they just want to be intimate or have fun.

_tx969 karma

What is the average career length in the legal sex work industry?

SarahGreenmore1350 karma

I've seen girls last a few days. There are women who have been working for ten, fifteen, twenty years. I know a lot of women in Bunny Ranch who have been there for 4-8 years.

nayiro1274 karma

Is Air Force Amy still there?

SarahGreenmore1022 karma


isotaco940 karma

honest question (from a woman..) do you get, um, sore? i think i would.

SarahGreenmore1391 karma

Yes. I use lube that has Hyaluronan in it which helps repair skin cells. :) Its Pjur Med Repair Glide

MitchNYM789 karma

What's the most insane thing a client has asked you to do?

SarahGreenmore1631 karma

Ask to let him fuck me bareback. Never, ever! Why would you want to do that? What if I did that for every client?

My safety, and my clients safety take priority over your orgasm. End of discussion.

Aldrai554 karma

On that note, have you ever had to stop mid-coitus because a client removed the condom and refused to put it back on? What happened afterwards?

SarahGreenmore2394 karma

I did have one very drunk college boy pull off the condom. He pushed into me once, from a position I couldn't see. I knew immediately. Someone who's been using condoms for so long, I know what a raw cock feels like. I instilled the fear of god in him.

He tipped me $400 as an apology.

Aldrai598 karma

Thanks for the reply! Have you ever had to kick anyone out for doing stuff you have on a no-no list?

SarahGreenmore1774 karma

Yes, one man who tried to eat my pussy, which I don't allow. He was so mad. I gave him multiple warnings.

He tried to bribe me with Ugg boots.

For real.

tryin2figureitout420 karma

Why don't you allow clients to perform oral sex on you? To personel?

SarahGreenmore1033 karma

You can spread STDs through oral sex. Also, bacterial infections. I'm just not into it really.

mrramblinrose777 karma

Hi Sarah. Its crazy seeing this AMA cause I live in Tahoe and have friends that have visited the brothel. Can you take me through a normal days work at the brothel?

SarahGreenmore1393 karma

Sure! I work at 12 hr shift, so I'm technically on 4 pm - 4 am on weekdays, 4-6 am on Friday/Saturday.

I generally wake up around 9:30 am, head to our private gym on site. We have a personal trainer 5 x a week that works with us there, but I prefer to workout alone.

11:30, I'm showering and getting ready. Shaving, lotion, self tanner, dancing around in my panties, makeup, hair, false eyelashes, etc.

1 pm - I'm generally ready for the "floor", there is a doorbell that rings through the house when clients walk in to greet us. We all lineup and introduce ourselves. The client picks one (or two or three ;]) ladies and we take him on a tour, talk to him about his desires, negotiate a price, and book an appointment.

So from 1 PM - 4 AM I'm going to lineups, hanging out with clients, taking a nap, hanging out with my coworkers, eating lunch/dinner, etc.

4 AM - Bed time! Take off the makeup, put ear plugs in, browse reddit for too long, eventually pass out.

idownvoteanimalpics705 karma

That's a long ass shift... how dtf are you at 3am?

SarahGreenmore2386 karma

Coffee! And throwing money at me makes me DTF 24/7/364 (I'll never work Halloween. Halloween is for shenanigans!)

theprettychillguy81 karma

Wait, so people come to the brothel on Christmas?

SarahGreenmore117 karma


Mr_frumpish245 karma

Sounds like you don't have a lot of time to yourself on work days. How many days a week do you work?

SarahGreenmore432 karma

I currently work 5-7. I can work as much as I like, minimum of 5 days.

Wulfwinterr752 karma

What's the smallest Johncocktoasten you've seen, and what's the largest? Were you intimidated by it's enormousness?

SarahGreenmore1556 karma

The biggest cock I ever got to see I never even got to play with. :( I got to touch it with my hands, but then went to get a magnum from my girlfriend next door, and when I came back he only wanted to talk about how much he hated his kids and his wife... for 90 minutes.

The smallest was a micropenis, probably about 2 inches? I don't have condoms for penises of that size, so we cuddled, used toys, massage, I gave him a handjob.

goatcoat877 karma

he only wanted to talk about how much he hated his kids and his wife... for 90 minutes.

I could deal with that.

SarahGreenmore1541 karma

Emotional labor can be very exhausting.

Ocrachled335 karma

Why was he interested in continuing the conversation for 90 minutes? Are you an exceptionally good listener? Do you find yourself listening to people talk for longer periods often?

SarahGreenmore706 karma

Our appointment was 2 hrs, first thirty minutes in the hot tub with my girlfriend, all heavy petting, etc. She left after that and we were alone and he unloaded... emotionally.

Remigus366 karma

If what I hear is true this sort of thing happens fairly frequently with in both sexual and nonsexual companion services.

Is that sort of thing true? Or just a fable in your experience?

SarahGreenmore2516 karma

Nope, it happens a lot. We're therapists who also maybe touch your weiner.

Duskish831 karma

but then went to get a magnum from my girlfriend next door.

I was confused why you stopped to get an icecream. What does that say about me?

SarahGreenmore602 karma

Mmmm double chocolate with caramel

load_more_comets333 karma

Wouldn't that be a fingers job though? or maybe a palm job? how do you even do that with 2"? I'm only asking so I know what to expect when I get there.

SarahGreenmore294 karma

Palmjob? PJ? haha

goatcoat735 karma

How do you ring up sex acts?

Do you have to train all new employees to memorize PLU codes like 4901 for anal and 8657 for balloon popping in high heels, or is there some kind of plastic laminated sheet by the register with little photos or clipart next to scannable bar codes?

SarahGreenmore1309 karma

:) We negotiate that in the room, then we simply write down an amount of time of our time cards.

"7849?" "Oh, no! I said 7489! I don't even have a fist sized dildo with me!"

Mr_Potamus640 karma

Strictly speaking, in terms of service, which sex acts do you prefer to give? For example do you prefer having intercourse vs. giving a handjob or a blowjob?

SarahGreenmore1256 karma

I LOVE to give blowjobs. I love it. In order: sex, blowjobs, handjobs, playing with toys, strip tease, riding cowgirl after leg day

ridemyfacepls618 karma

NSFW tag so I'll ask the NSFW question :)

Do you allow men to cum on you? Is it legal?

P.S. Ever pegged anyone?

SarahGreenmore797 karma

It would take A LOT of money for you to cum on me, only on my feet, legs, stomach, boobs, back. Never on the face. I prefer you cum in the condom from my oral/pussy skills :p

Not pegged per se, but I have done prostate massage/plugs, etc.

slowbrochill18245 karma

Do you feel there is an inevitability with you and the girls with contracting something in your line of work? Even with condoms, as these things aren't 100%

Is this a real fear/concern for people in your line of work?

If so, how do you deal with it?

SarahGreenmore349 karma

Not really. I try not to stress about things that might/might not happen.

eddycase603 karma

Are you considered an independent contractor, thus responsible for your own retirement savings and tax reporting, etc... ? And is there such a thing as "average annual income" for those who share your profession, or is it a wide span from person to person?

SarahGreenmore750 karma

Yes, all the working girls in Nevada are IC status. We do our own taxes as 1099. We are responsible for all our own taxes, credit, retirement, etc.

There is no average. Everyone makes different money and there's no average among the girls or houses.

Sssiiiddd787 karma

there's no average among the girls or houses

Well, that's technically not true...

SarahGreenmore579 karma

Haha, well, ok you got me there :p But as far as questions go "What can I expect to make?" No clue! That's up to you. My money is different than the girl I'm standing next to. Its about your looks, charm, hustling ability.

noopp263 karma

Please rate your looks, charm, hustling ability on scales of 1 to 10!

SarahGreenmore2045 karma

over 9000

I'm sorry, I'll go back to 2006

Martymarplv587 karma

Does Airforce Amy still work there? I remember she was hot shit back in the day on that cathouse show.

SarahGreenmore645 karma

Yep, she's still here! She's hilarious.

DenebVegaAltair507 karma

How many clients is a typical worknight for you?

SarahGreenmore801 karma

There's no typical! Sometimes its 0, I think the most I had in a day was 7.

Barry_the_UPS_guy314 karma

After the 6th are you just tired of it and wanna quit or are you okay with it and can just keep going?

SarahGreenmore718 karma

I wanted to stop, but everyone that day wanted to fuck me, ha. I made good money that day, I was down to roll with it.

Bomail276 karma

7?! Do you have an ice pack after that?

SarahGreenmore491 karma

I was thankful I didn't have any appointments the next day.

Cold wash cloth, yes.

peonsassemble91 karma

If you've had enough of it before your shift is over, do you get to decline or go home?

SarahGreenmore124 karma

I'll ask my on-shift manager, generally yes.

chrislopez_498 karma

What's the kinkiest experience you've had with a client?

SarahGreenmore1032 karma

98% of my clients are super vanilla, so I don't get a lot of them!

Ex-football player comes in, declaring up and down he's a good Christian boy, I'm giving him a handjob dressed in all satin and he wants me to make him cum on his own face... He had a bit of a belly and totally missed his face... and so thus was coined the "scoop and flick" method of cum distribution. :p

mlkelty370 karma

super vanilla

So you're telling me they wear a cape?

SarahGreenmore366 karma

I wish! I love dress up/roleplay :p haha

bozobozo458 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur?

SarahGreenmore621 karma


mlkelty333 karma

Jurassic Park or biologically accurate giant chicken with feathers?

SarahGreenmore537 karma

Jurassic park :( That kitchen scene is forever burned into my mind.

reddogg1430 karma

Why/how did you choose this career path?

SarahGreenmore714 karma

I worked in the beauty/spa industry before this, and it wasn't paying what I needed to support my lifestyle. I have done sex work on the side for many years (webcamming, porn, panty selling) to suppliment my income. Being innately sexual and being myself/my sexual persona is far more gratifying than feeling like someone's servant at a day spa.

I decided I would rather do the part time job I enjoy as a full time job instead. I decided to work at the brothels in Nevada as it is something unique, I like the community aspect of the brothel and although I feel it is over regulated, I like the safety as well.

jpe77283 karma

What are some of the burdensome / annoying regulations?

SarahGreenmore737 karma

Weekly STD testing is my main one. Its shown in Australia that sex workers there had a lower STD rate than the general population. I think it reinforces the stigma that we're dirty and spread disease. There hasn't been a case of HIV reported in the brothels in Nevada since regulation started in 1972. I've worked here over a year and never caught anything, neither has anyone I've talked to.

dunkindoodles414 karma

Hi, Sarah! I'm curious about the application/ selection process for working at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch (or any brothel, really)- do you have to be recommended for it and/or have previously worked in the industry? And are there requirements (aside from a clean bill of health) for qualifying?

SarahGreenmore776 karma

You have to pass a background check with the Sherrif's office. You cannot be a felon to work legally. You pass the STD check, and then every. single. week. for the next however long you work here.

You pretty much just apply online, and if they like your look, you can accepted. They don't cover your travel costs or your start up fees. You gotta have, on the low end, $500 to start between licensing, STD costs, condoms, lubes, toiletries, drivers fees to the offices etc if you didn't bring a car. That's not including your airfare, lingerie, heels, makeup, etc.

No experience necessary. :)

Big_Gulps_Mitch357 karma

If my wife and I came to the Bunny Ranch to party with you could we?! Also thank you for the AMA! You are so gorgeous!

SarahGreenmore314 karma

Yes, you certainly could!

rnbwpnt337 karma

i worked for a while in the adult entertainment industry (not as a performer), and i learned that the vast majority of people in the industry -- performers, producers, website operators, distributors, whatever -- are just working stiffs like me trying to make the mortgage and feed the family. most of them fell into sex work and went for it as the best of available options, just like i did. i found that the jesus loves porn stars people were remarkably ignorant of that fact ... my attitude dealing with them became, lock yourself in a closet and pray for a hot dog and see what happens.

while i was pretty private about my work, when it did become public, i found a lot of people were pretty dickish about it, despite the fact that what i did was 100% legal, with only of-age performers in fully-consenting scenes, and it supported a family of five without public assistance for multiple years.

have you ever been "found out" by someone with whom you wouldn't ordinarily discuss your work? what's the reaction you get? have you discussed it with your family or close friends? without naming names, who are the biggest dickheads you've had to deal with?

SarahGreenmore1299 karma

I came out as a sex worker to all my family and friends. Friends were very supportive, Family not so much. I didn't expect my mom to say "Yay! You're a hooker! Lets have cake!" and things have gotten better in time, but its still a very stigmatized occupation.

My friends just wanted to know I was safe, happy, treated well, could turn down clients I didn't want, etc. I have a very small friends circle. They're all wonderful.

My little sister and I have had a bit of a falling out, she thinks I've changed, but any young person in their twenties is going to change. I think she might be slightly jealous of my life, not to sound like I'm full of myself.

The biggest dickheads are SWERFS. Sex work exclusionary Feminists. They tell me that I'm a piece of meat to be bought and sold, I'm perpetuating violence against children and encouraging sex trafficking. No one has ever said such horrible things to me as the people who think sex workers don't have human rights. Tumblr is ablaze with SWERFS freaking out over Amnesty International's choice to support decrim of sex work. If they actually listened to sex workers, they'd get a better understanding of what we need, but they're caught up on scare tactics and faulty reports, misleading statistics.

bluutack305 karma

Have you ever had a condom break with a client?

SarahGreenmore451 karma

Only once! We caught it right away.

oreesama304 karma

outta of curiosity what rates you charge?

SarahGreenmore785 karma

Its written in the legislation that I cannot discuss pricing online or on the phone or by carrier pigeon, at all. Its solicitation. All the ladies are independent contractors, so we all set our own rates. Rates also fluctuate, which is why we call it "negotiation."

We have activities for every budget, and that's all I can legally say. I know that's a huge question and everyone wants to know for curiosity or for planning, but I cannot publish my rates online.

say_or_do221 karma

Does the place you work out of have a percentage cut or rent type deal?

SarahGreenmore432 karma

The house takes 50% of our fees, plus daily rent. :)

aakksshhaayy75 karma

What's stopping you from buying your own house and getting a couple girls over and only taking 25%? Seriously, is there some regulation or something?

SarahGreenmore154 karma

It costs 100,000 to open a brothel, minimum. Licencing, a building, upkeep, laundry, advertising, housing, food, staff, etc. There is a lot that goes into owning a brothel.

I love my job, but I would never want to own a brothel and contribute to what I think is a flawed system.

Mecha_Wizard280 karma

Do you accept virgins and if so would you recommend a virgin have there first experience at a brothel?

Do you usually have regulars? What kind of relationship do you have with regulars? (If you have any)

And lastly how many women in this industry are in it because they want to be? Are most of your co-workers there on there own accord?

BTW: I totally respect your-line of work and i'm fully for legalization of sex-workers for the safety of clients and workers alike. Keep being awesome!

SarahGreenmore494 karma

Yes, I take Virgin appointments. If you'd like to pay a courtesan to take your virginity, do it. We're all very friendly.

All the women in the brothels in Nevada are there on their own accord, completely. I cannot speak for the industry outside of it. Most sex workers are not trafficked, they are trying to support themselves in a business that they feel fits their needs best.

I have regulars, we have a good relationship. It doesn't extend outside of client/provider, however. We generally can work out a weekly or monthly budget meeting price. Frequent flier, ya dig?

Push for decriminalization. Legalization only works for a small majority of workers and leaves out those who are most in need of legal protection.

vehementi179 karma

Push for decriminalization. Legalization only works for a small majority of workers and leaves out those who are most in need of legal protection.

Can you elaborate on what this means?

SarahGreenmore585 karma

Transgender women cannot work at the brothels. People with felonies can't. It takes lot of money to work here to start, and it can be likely you don't make a lot. You have to have a certain look about you, that takes time and money and grooming skills that aren't accessible to the poor/working poor. People with mental or physical disabilities turn to sex work because it allows them the freedom to chose their own schedule. At the brothel you're on shift 12-14 hours and that would be nearly impossible for someone who might normally only see one client a week working independently.

Sex work is an option for a lot of people whom don't have access to traditional means of employment. Making it 'legitimate' takes away a lot of that access from those who need it most.

PM_ME-UR_PANTIES_0271 karma

Do you orgaism with each client? If not how many times do you fake it and can the client tell?

SarahGreenmore391 karma

No, I don't orgasm with each client, but sometimes.

Bigpapajayy2258 karma

Is there a limit to the time a customer could pay to spend with you? For instance, could they book an entire week?

SarahGreenmore386 karma

If you've got the money for that, totally! We can travel anywhere within Nevada as long as its paid for at the brothel :) So we could go to Vegas for a week!

Foreseti124 karma

How does it work if you leave the brothel with a client? Are they allowed to hire you and take you to their hotel room and do the dirty there? That sounds a bit more unsafe than doing it in the more controlled enviroment at the brothel.

SarahGreenmore205 karma

Yep, its called an outdate/outcall. You have to arrange it in person at the Bunny Ranch, they take your ID, your address, etc, where we'll be and what time. They are on the higher-end of pricing activities, so if someone wanted to hurt me I don't think they'd pay lots of money to do it first.

Sammie_SU253 karma

What's the scariest situation you have ever found yourself in?

SarahGreenmore650 karma

Magnum dong with no magnum condoms.

SarahGreenmore354 karma


yelowpunk219 karma

How do you deal with having to work with people that you're not only unattracted to, but actively repulsed by. (Whether it's looks, hygiene, or political leaning.) Is there some kind of 'guarantee' given at the front desk that you are bound by?

SarahGreenmore337 karma

I'm honestly not actively repulsed by any of my clients. If I was I could decline the appointment. I have turned down clients due to hygiene concerns. We do a visual inspection before accepting money, so if there's anything going on I can avoid that.

I'm not sure I understand your second question about the guarantee, could you elaborate?

Sthepker568 karma

We do a visual inspection

I'm just hearing "Ocular Pat Down"

mlkelty57 karma

Cuntry Mac?

SarahGreenmore130 karma


yelowpunk39 karma

You answered it unknowingly, it seems. There's no guarantee the frost desk will take their money (thus guaranteeing service), and there's no guarantee that his choosing you means you have to roll with it.

SarahGreenmore62 karma

Right. A client comes in, they see all the ladies working, they choose a lady, the lady takes them on a tour, they negotiate a price for time and activities together. She preforms a "DC" (dick check) and is he passes, they go to the booking window together and book the appointment.

yelowpunk39 karma

okay... mandatory followup:

what's a dick check? to make sure it's there? I imagine for health reasons but there are many asymptomatic illnesses that may bring harm to you...

SarahGreenmore79 karma

To make sure I don't see pus, sores, scabs, smell, creepy crawlers, rash, etc indicating disease. If their foreskin is covered in smegma, I turn them down.

LC_Music218 karma

I have an interest in taking part in services like this however (single and busy, like sex, no time for a wife/girlfriend), I am very shy about it. I look into it, but never actually make a call, mostly because of the legality issues, and I'm not sure what to say or not say and so on

Do I have anything to be nervous or shy about?

SarahGreenmore297 karma

Not at all. We're all STD tested weekly, background checks, working in a clean and safe environment. Everyone's here because they want to be, we want to make our guests feel good physically and about themselves when they leave. We have guests from all age brackets, all economic backgrounds, all walks of life. Its totally normal to be nervous, but we're pretty good at calming you down! :)

Downundermonkey210 karma

Have you ever fallen for a client? Or wanted more from the visit?

SarahGreenmore364 karma

I've worked in the adult industry for many years and have been able to keep work and private separate. I don't like to mix business and personal.

I have had clients I've met that I would have liked to go out on a date with, but that's very rare and I would never act on it. I can get fired if I'm found to be meeting clients outside of work.

kissingbernsass188 karma

Should I come there? I know everyone's views are different, but if you didn't work there would you recommend people patronize the business?

SarahGreenmore261 karma

I totally encourage everyone to check out the brothels in Nevada. They're all different, but its something unique to Nevada, so if you're in the area, stop and check one out! Pick a lady and tip her for her time if you're not planning on doing an appointment and would like to just ask her questions (but nothing super personal)

kissingbernsass102 karma

Thanks for your response.

Can the average Joe really afford to take in the actives though?

SarahGreenmore156 karma

We have activities for every budget.

gBudddz179 karma

What type of client is the most common? Strangest request?

SarahGreenmore294 karma

Most requested is a "Half n half" just straight into blowjob and vaginal sex :)

ridemyfacepls167 karma

Is there a rewards program?

SarahGreenmore390 karma

Haha, some of the ladies do have punchcards! no joke.

CaptainCantaloupe162 karma

Do you have regular clients? And if so is there one that you can't stand?

SarahGreenmore237 karma

Yes, I do have regular clients and thankfully I'm blessed I enjoy all their company :)


Do you or the other sex workers kiss clients on the mouth?

SarahGreenmore149 karma

It depends on the worker, and it depends on the client.

Sometimes, but not always.

Popensquat81 karma

How long do you think or plan on staying in the business? Is there an age where older women get replaced?

SarahGreenmore213 karma

I plan on doing this for some time. I love my job. I want to go back to school to study human sexuality, psychology, sociology, couples counseling, sexual health. I would love to have Dan Savage's job. I've done radio and podcast interviews, webcast interviews, I love to talk and spread information. Like this AMA! My dream job would be to teach people how to be better people, better lovers, etc.

kati_e_67 karma

This is super duper late, but do you have any sex tips you can share? Like do you have any little known blowjob tricks or stuff you've learned along the way about reliably making people cum?

SarahGreenmore160 karma

I just posted about BJ tips on Tumblr!

Blow job tips!

It’s not all about the neck. I use a lot of tongue. A loooot of tongue. I try to keep my head as stationary as possible to avoid neck strain.

I like to have music on in the background and I think timing movements to music can add a lot of depth to your oral work. I prefer house or techno if it’s younger clients, because that’s what I like personally, and the 4x4 timing works out well to make them finish. Older clients I put on Stevie Ray Vaughan or their preferred (usually classic rock.) There’s a lot of drama in the music, you can get some excellent tongue/music combos going.

I start by rolling down a condom with my mouth. Show how far you can take their penis into your mouth, that initial “oh shit, she can deepthroat” impression gets them really excited. I then quickly try to figure out their weak spots so I know how to push them to climax; where the head meets the shafts on the underside, rolling my tongue around the flare of the head, the base of their cock, tickling the balls with my hands, etc.,

I prefer to have them laid back, with me kneeling/laying in between their thighs. I put my hair up usually. One hand in generally holding the base of their cock and the condom (and keeping blood contained in so they maintain an erection), the other either playing with the testicles or often holding their hand (older men love when I hold their hands when I’m giving head). I’d get the OK before testicle play because everyone is different and some are highly sensitive or ticklish and tickling is like an instant bone killer.

Experiment with depth, pressure, and timing. I’m often nodding my head, flicking my tongue up the shaft and massaging testicles all at once in a fluid movement.

Eye contact is a big turn on. Spit strands are a big turn on. Young guys like gagging but most older guys ask if I’m ok… lol

Ask your partner what they enjoy, maybe if you’re always facing them a certain way, try a different angle… I also like to make my mouth a very small opening, and push the cock through between my lips with lots of pressure/suction, and then envelope the entire length with my mouth/tongue.

BlackFenrir47 karma

What is the best sex you've had with a client?

SarahGreenmore202 karma

mmm. Ted. Business man. Always dressed like he just fired someone. He smelled like expensive. Expensive what? I don't know, just money. He fucked me like I was the girl he let go in college, he said. He was your dad that was more attractive than you and could steal your girlfriend. He couldn't exchange contact info. I miss him. He was at the first brothel I worked at near Vegas. I'm up near Reno now and have no way to tell him where I went.

bestbizzle647 karma

How often do you change the sheets and the outfits you wear?

SarahGreenmore99 karma

The bedding is mine and washed weekly. We put a flat sheet over top, and I take all the pillows off the bed. The flat sheet is put into laundry after each appointment.

I do a "ho bath" - a rise/wash from the tits/pits down after each client. Sometimes I change my outfit 3-6 times a day depending on what everyone else is wearing, what's doing well in lineup, how I feel that day (lil belly pooch or big belly pooch?)

cynikalAhole9938 karma

I appreciate your working career - it is a job and a job that you must enjoy doing. If someone was to visit - can you explain What is it that makes a great fun customer you hope to see again, and what is your worse customer you hope won't ever return? Is it how they treat you or what they spend or what? Do you ever meet guys who just want to talk etc?

SarahGreenmore69 karma

Fun customers are ones that know what they want! Finding out what you're interested can be like pulling teeth. Are you into toys, roleplay, anal? Or do you just want to chill by the pool, have some hot "traditional" sex and have fun?

Don't patronize me. Don't ask me about my childhood, if I have a boyfriend and if he's ok with this, etc. Just have fun and live in the moment! Those questions are so personal, I don't think you'd ask that of the person changing your oil or making your coffee.

I have had a few clients that just want to pay to have me sit at the bar and get a drink together and talk.

Majinboox32 karma

So, in most countries this career is illegal, what do you think about that? some ppl say it's because it's protection to the woman's rights and others say it's just a violation to your freedom to do whatever you want with your own body.. what are your thoughts on this?

SarahGreenmore81 karma

I think that decriminalization of sex work is best for workers. Legalizing sex work can leave out a lot of workers who are in sex work because of their minority status - poor, POC, disabled, queer, trans, etc get overlooked in the legalized world. In Nevada you have to be a cis-woman, you gotta fit into a certain mold, you have to be able to afford to come here and pay out of pocket a lot of start up costs.

Keeping sex work in the black market gives clients the power. Keeping it in the black market encourages power dynamics that are unfair for workers.

KroganBalls22 karma

How many brothels/ranches are run by women? Have you or any of the other women ever considered striking out on your own and starting your own business?

SarahGreenmore31 karma


I don't think I'd want to run a brothel. I feel like, although I work in one, brothels are exclusionary and limiting to the type of workers they can employ. I wouldn't want to be that person with that power.

MyNeighb0rTotoro18 karma

First of all, you are a beautiful woman! Second, so what's my damage if I want to see you for an hour?

SarahGreenmore26 karma

Its written in the legislation that I cannot discuss pricing online or on the phone or by carrier pigeon, at all. Its solicitation. All the ladies are independent contractors, so we all set our own rates. Rates also fluctuate, which is why we call it "negotiation."

We have activities for every budget, and that's all I can legally say. I know that's a huge question and everyone wants to know for curiosity or for planning, but I cannot publish my rates online.

curiouspursuit17 karma

On the logistics of working... do you have a private/personal bedroom or other space that is just for you? Or is your personal space also functioning as work space?

You say you can decline work, but also that you are working 12 hour shifts. Are you able to quit early? Like you have already had a few clients so you just don't feel like working any more.

SarahGreenmore23 karma

My bedroom is the room I work in and take appointments in. I decorate it with my own bedding, lighting, curtains, etc to give it the feel I want. We have VIP suites which we can do appointments in as well.

I'm required to do my shift, but if its an hour until my shift ends and I don't get up, they're not going to be mad at me. I can request off if I don't feel well or if I'm really sore.

Thraeryn17 karma

What made you choose Moonlite Bunny Ranch over other brothels?

I've heard stories of doors at some places being locked down during certain hours of the day, and of places that basically drop women at the front gate in the middle of the night for serious rule infractions. Have you experienced anything like this?

SarahGreenmore27 karma

I saw the HBO show Cathouse when I was a teenager and thought it looked like a lively place! I knew about other brothels but I wasn't sure what the working conditions were like and there is very little information online about it. I decided to go with what I knew and work at one of Dennis Hof's houses :)

The big thing about the brothels is that unless you have worked somewhere personally, all you hear is rumors. I have heard things about brothels not allowing personal laptops, cell phones are restricted, you're told what you can/can't do during the day (ie, you have to stay in the bar or parlor during your shift, you can't go to your room unless with a client)

I'm treated really well at the Hof houses. I've heard from women working elsewhere that we're treated the most fairly, not like children being babysat.

Lampshade_express16 karma

What's the age range of the women who do this work? Are there older women who do this? Do any clients go in there seeking Cougars?

SarahGreenmore23 karma

Generally early twenties to mid 40s. :)

Yes, we have mature women for those who seek "cougars"

Rocker23214 karma

What is your best experience and worst experience?

SarahGreenmore51 karma

It is really hard to choose just one good client! There are so many. I think having one of my clients who was a virgin, taking him through the steps of intimacy and sexual touch, teaching him some flirting skills, having sex with him was really fun. We laughed, a lot. It was just great because he was super nervous when he came in, anxious energy and I was able to calm him down, make him feel incredible about himself. Its not just about sex, its about being comfortable with someone and trust, etc. Those types of appointments make me feel really good about my job.

Worst experience are clients that don't respect boundaries. I've only had two "bad clients" out of many, and those were two who were not respecting the laws on condom use and tried to sneakily have sex with me without a condom on. Condoms are legally required in Nevada for all penetrative acts, including oral sex.

faisal7khan3 karma

Sarah you are the main source of earning for your family ?

SarahGreenmore15 karma

I don't have a significant other or any children. My blood family is self-sufficient. I want a cat though! Or ten Siberian Huskies.

Majinboox2 karma

Do you ask or the brothel asks for his civil status like married or something? if yes, was it even hard to accept someone else was cheating their mate with you ? or not at all ?

SarahGreenmore3 karma

No, we don't care about your life outside of here, if you're married, kids, or not. If you want to disclose those details, you can. I won't ask though. I have no qualms about being with married clients.

saxah_1 karma

How would one even begin to inquire about getting a job there?

SarahGreenmore6 karma

Most brothels have websites where you can get an email address for the Madam. Submit photos and that's about it. Here's an FAQ I wrote on if you want to be a Brothel Worker

tom584737581 karma

Are you friends with Heidi Fleiss?

SarahGreenmore2 karma

Nope, I've never met her.

JetBlackSunrise1 karma

How much extra for anal?

SarahGreenmore3 karma

Its written in the legislation that I cannot discuss pricing online or on the phone or by carrier pigeon, at all. Its solicitation. All the ladies are independent contractors, so we all set our own rates. Rates also fluctuate, which is why we call it "negotiation." We have activities for every budget, and that's all I can legally say. I know that's a huge question and everyone wants to know for curiosity or for planning, but I cannot publish my rates online.