My short bio:

Hey guys, Mike Shinoda here, from Linkin Park. I like long walks on the beach, short walks off long cliffs, and medium-length intros about what I’m about to be doing.

A little bit about me:

  • I can’t touch my shoulders with my hands unless I cross them (right hand can’t touch right shoulder, left can’t touch left).

  • The only bone I’ve broken is my pinky toe, which I happened when I slammed it into a wall while turning a corner too closely because I was running to the bathroom.

  • I started an NES gamer club in junior high called “NINTENDOL, where the only rule was that you be able to finish any NES game you played in 7 days or less from the time you opened the package. We all drew the letter “L” on our consoles in red.

  • I drew and painted obsessively growing up, and invented my own casts of characters for Mega Man, Metroid, Super Mario, and a handful of Dungeons and Dragons characters (shout out to Jeff Easley).

  • I can’t do a safety float on my back in the water; my legs sink and I go under far enough that my nose is submerged.

  • I once made a demo tape of joke gangsta rap songs called “Pooch Pound” that included a song called “North Coast Killa” where we executed all our Canadian gangsta rivals.

  • Lastly, I have a side-project called Fort Minor, and I recently released a song and 360 video called “WELCOME”.

I’ll be answering your questions for the next 60 minutes, so ask me anything about music, tech, drawing, painting, snowboarding, basketball, Music For Relief, or whatever else comes to mind. Excited to talk to you guys!

My Proof:


Hey guys, thanks so much for all the great questions. We leave for Europe this week, see you guys at the shows. And thank you for supporting Linkin Park and Fort Minor. And thanks for the support on WELCOME: (make sure to watch on your phone in the YouTube app for the 360 experience)


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willyumv31975 karma

What does it start with?

m_shinoda2391 karma

one (usually)

Pizzaboy21668 karma

What inspired you to bring back Fort Minor? I'm a huge fan Mike!!!

Edit: Oh and the new song, Welcome is fucking great!!

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Pizzaboy2764 karma

Oh my fucking god, being called great by Mike fucking Shinoda....You've made my week!! Meteora was nice but i bought Hybrid Theory twice! The Hunting Party was amazing too!

jalalienation457 karma



m_shinoda577 karma

Agreed, well done

jedberg1346 karma

Hey Mike, thanks for doing this AMA! Here are my questions:

  1. Do you remember the time in sixth grade when we had to set up a shop at the school’s “renaissance faire” and we decided to make masks, and you did all the art and I did all the menial tasks because you had talent and I did not?
  2. Which of the 12 Mike Shinodas on Facebook is actually you?
  3. Are you coming to the reunion (one of our mutual friends asked me to ask you this)

Sorry for the personal nature of the questions — I’ve been trying to get in touch with you for 15 years and failing, so this seemed like the best way! Feel free to PM a response. :)

m_shinoda1164 karma

HEY! Hope you're well! Yes, I remember that. That was back when I was volunteering to do all the art for things, because wasn't everyone's "art bitch" yet (for those who need more backstory, I eventually became the go-to art person for everything in high school, so I was basically constantly inundated with art tasks like football game posters, talent show programs, and yearbook crap. Some of it was fu to do, some, not so much).


Frajer1023 karma

did you know that your name is fun to say to the tune of My Sharona?

DeithWX986 karma

Hi Mike! I love your work both in Linkin Park and Fort Minor! Here's my question: do you have that one small hobby that you cherish most but don't tend to speak about?

m_shinoda2079 karma


kpmaher15983 karma

Hey Mike, huge fan of all your work.

I've been a fan of LP since the beginning, and I never remember hearing about or reading about any kind of animosity or even a simple argument between the 6 of you. How is that possible when you've spent just about every day with the same group of guys for almost 20 years now?

m_shinoda2897 karma

Fuck those guys.

ferengiprophet790 karma

Hi Mike

Where'd you go?

I miss you so

Seems like its been forever

That you've been gone

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humanracedisgrace317 karma

Oh, I see, you're a Universe A guy...

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jalalienation787 karma

If Reddit got together to write you a rap, would you rap it?

m_shinoda1227 karma

That's a great idea. Let's do it right now.

TheArbitraryUsername586 karma

Hi Mike, I recently started to listen to Linkin Park and I love it, but I have a small question.

Why did Linkin Park capitalize all the song titles in LIVING THINGS?

m_shinoda1198 karma

Artistic license.

WassDogg304559 karma

How did the mash up with Jay-Z come about? Also I loved seeing your moonshine posts on Instagram when you were in West Virginia (my home state)

m_shinoda892 karma

Jay Z and MTV came to us asking "if we'd jam together."


joliss26453 karma

How did Fort Minor first meet/get back together? Also, will you be going to see Straight Outta Compton this Friday?

m_shinoda627 karma

1- I just started making songs. Styles Of Beyond were friends from back in high school days

2- YES

LinkinPlayground430 karma

Hey, Mike. Big fan. Since the release of Linkin Park's The Hunting Party, I've been wondering, was it intentional that the riffs to Victimized and A Line In The Sand sound similar? If so, why did you do it?

m_shinoda615 karma

Not intentional...but Victimized was a bit of a precursor to THP album in a way, so it makes sense. Sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees...

axis105392 karma

What's your favourite Nintendo game?

m_shinoda1037 karma

1.) Mega Man 2 2.) Metroid 3.) Super Mario 2 4.) Legend Of Zelda 5.) Mega Man 3

Yurieff365 karma

Which is your favorite brand of beer?

m_shinoda522 karma

Sapporo, Modelo, Kroenenburg (misspelled, I'm sure)

braffschein190 karma

What about Asahi tho?

m_shinoda298 karma


Ali812274 karma

Hi Mike! First of all I have to get it out the way and say I’m a HUGE fan of both Linkin Park and Fort Minor. I’ve been a fan since I was 10 years old when I first listened to Hybrid Theory. It’s my 24th birthday today, could I get a birthday shoutout from one of my favorite musicians?!

Some questions:

  1. “Welcome” is a great song and seeing Fort Minor back has easily been the best surprise for me this year. Can you explain the motivation to release a new FM track and could we possibly see more coming in the near future (not necessarily a full album, perhaps a 3-5 track EP)?

  2. It’s no secret that Linkin Park is always willing to try new things when making music. Do you have a general idea as to which direction the band will head to and what you guys will try out when recording your next album?

  3. I’ve recently gotten a lot into EDM and your collaboration with Steve Aoki played a huge role in that (he dropped A Light That Never Comes during VELD Music Festival and I can’t describe in words how awesome it was). How did this collaboration come about and are you open to collaborating with other EDM artists?

  4. Would you fight 1 horse-sized Brad Delson or 100 duck-sized Brad Delsons?

m_shinoda386 karma

Happy birthday. Thanks for the FM love. When I write a song, I usually don't think about what it's "for," I just write something. And so, when I wrote WELCOME, and listened to it back thinking "this sounds like a Fort Minor song", it was kinda shocking. I hadn't put out a FM song in like 10 years, so I had to take a moment to decide if it was something I actually wanted to do!

To answer the Steve Aoki question: we essentially met on Twitter. The world is a weird place.

4- Best question so far. Isn't Brad already almost duck-sized?

Bulliwyf261 karma

Since Chester broke his ankle, do you guys have any plans to return to Canada for the shows that were cancelled? Specifically Edmonton?

Loved seeing you guys at Sonic Boom a few years ago, but I was working so I didn't get to stay for the whole show (only the songs media was allowed to record).

Thanks for all the great music!

m_shinoda302 karma

I love Canada and can't wait to come back

pankakemunky244 karma

Hi Mike! Another huge fan here! Do you have a plan if the zombie apocalypse happens? If so, what is it?

m_shinoda878 karma

Why isn't everyone mad that the people from The Walking Dead never just find an island? Is that already a thing? The zombie's can't even get over a fence, they definitely can't swim well. So get a fucking boat and get out on an island already.

NickJD183 karma

Hey Mike, what music, new or old, have you been jamming to recently?

m_shinoda351 karma

I have public playlists on Spotify and Apple, follow me there! I'm always putting new music in.

thatwabba181 karma

Hi Mike, you are amazing. My question is: How do you feel about the next generation of rock/metall?

m_shinoda227 karma

Who do you think is great?

DanteDMCX166 karma

Mike what you recommend to get the success in the music industry???? (i love all songs of LP and tell chester that his screams make my wife cum)

m_shinoda859 karma

Awesome, I recommend staying true to your artistic vision and always focusing on how you can improve.

How's marriage counseling going?

FinalMasquerad3162 karma

Hi Mike, I'm a huge fan of Linkin Park, I have over 100 songs on my iPod... My questions are: would you ever go back to having red hair? Does it annoy you that some people think you're in "Wake me up inside" when it's 12 Stones? Who is your favourite Pokemon?

m_shinoda434 karma

1- not likely, I'm a grown ass man 2- I'm glad that's not actually something people think 3- Charizard EX is arguably the most powerful Pokemon.

CricketFairy127 karma

You realise the irony in this sentence right? Right??

m_shinoda363 karma

Cmon, give me more credit than that.

FMG_Ransu140 karma

Hey Mike, do you and Chester do any special preparations when you perform at high altitude locations like Colorado or are you two used to it?

Also, what are your favorite pizza toppings?

m_shinoda746 karma

Funny, my favorite pizza toppings are ham and pineapple, unless I'm in Colorado, in which case my favorite pizza topping is more oxygen.

humanracedisgrace126 karma

Hi Mike Shinoda,

I'm not too familiar, but how come is it that I remember your name?

m_shinoda385 karma

It's just math, really.

NellyBell42121 karma

Hi Mike! I’ve been a huge fan since Hybrid Theory and I was an original member of the Linkin Park Underground. I also love the work you did with Fort Minor.

Here’s my question: As a long time fan, I often get asked if I prefer “old Linkin Park” or “new Linkin Park”. I always respond by saying that nobody is the same person that they were ten years ago, and I love ALL Linkin Park. You yourself have acknowledged that you are not the same person who told us “to forfeit the game”. How do you feel about the change in your music style, and what do you have to say to people who don’t appreciate your evolution?

Thank you so much for doing this!

m_shinoda275 karma

Our career isn't linear. Some people think of albums as an "evolution" which can be true. But for us, each album is its own microcosm, it's own experiment. And we're just trying to make the best songs we can at that moment, in whatever style is most exciting to us at the time.

oskarr66112 karma

Hola Mike, greetins from Ecuador. My question is: Hablas Español?

m_shinoda287 karma


4n4jaL8r103 karma

What do you think of lpfiction?

m_shinoda350 karma


By_Myslf97 karma

Dear Mike,

Thank you so much for doing this IAmA. I have these questions for you:

1) Why was the song A.06 (A-Six) excluded from Meteora album, and why was only the instrumental released? Can we expect A-Six with full lyrics to be included on some of the next LPUs?

2) Why were songs Part of Me and Carousel (from Hybrid Theory EP) never played live?

m_shinoda140 karma

A.06 was a demo we tried to flesh out, but never really liked the longer version.

We played those songs a ton when the band name was "Hybrid Theory," and once we had a whole album to play, those kinda just went away.

JRT_99981 karma

hi Mike, thanks for doing this AMA, Big fan :p

MY Question: LP is kind of known for its large spectrum in music-style. Is there a change LP will make an album that is heavier than HT or meteora?

See you at Pukkelpop

daddd79 karma

What's the darkest most insane early 2000's record label scum bag story you have? Honest question. I love hearing shit like this.

m_shinoda241 karma

I don't have a lot. I once knew a label guy who bought his wife fake boobs as a pre-wedding present so she'd have them for the wedding. Needless to say, that didn't last.

wreckages69 karma

I've never been this early to an AMA before! Long time fan of both LP and Fort Minor so thank you first!

What's your go-to sandwich?

m_shinoda246 karma

Tuna or beef dip. Unless I'm making it, then I usually do a ham on bagel. This is weird; I just realized how nonsensical that sandwich decision making is. Like, I should just make tuna or beef dip. But I don't. Someone fix me.

JaySeg69 karma

Hi Mike! Long time listener of LP. Here's my question:

  • I recently heard on the radio that you guys are "Free to be creative on your new album, as finances aren't hold you back". Can you elaborate on that?

m_shinoda182 karma

I have no idea what that means. I guess it's true, especially when compared to the first album. On our first album, we were struggling just to get a new guitar and a bass amp.

RiverFinn63 karma

What inspires you the most when painting/drawing? And where do you get all the great ideas?

Also, if you could, for one day, be someone else who would you be, why? :)

Keep up the good work :)

m_shinoda99 karma

I'll let you guys choose. Who should I be?

d_lcs63 karma

Do you prefer Spotify or Apple Music?

m_shinoda132 karma

I like Beats One a lot. I like Apple Connect, but it's not as vibrant as it can be. I like collaborative playlists on Spotify a lot. Both have decent recommendations. Sonos supports Spotify at this point.

awesomeasfuck62 karma

Hi Mike,

You have done a lot with your creative life, from music to art and I am sure you have learnt a lot along the way. What advice have you learned from your experiences that you could share with us all? You know stuff like how do you manage your time, all your ideas and demands and everything you want to do to ensure you actually get shit done and make it a reality?

p.s I have your signed skate decks from Glorious Excess on my wall and a signed hunting party vinyl from an LPU meet + greet on my walls, my most prized possessions! Thank you! :)

m_shinoda181 karma

Read Tim Ferriss' Four Hour Workweek. And his blog.

I don't really watch TV, I don't follow any shows, I don't read pop garbage magazines and don't care about reality TV. I've met a few of the Kardashian clan, and I didn't have anything to talk to them about because I don't know anything about them, and everyone else in the world does. They (Brody and Kim) were nice, BTW

1sand158 karma

I was born in 1999 and listened to hybrid theory on release. The next time Linkin Park comes to the UK, can I play guitar on a few songs? I would also like to know what your favourite cake is.

m_shinoda132 karma

Thanks! We already have a guitarist, but if he's broken, you can fill in. Favorite cake is this one: (Thank you /u/stormsky )

bozobozo50 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur?

Shinryu5246 karma

Mike! I've seen Linkin Park live on stage several times. You guys are great. Keep being daring with your music and you'll always have a fan in me. My questions:

1) Who were your mentors, how did you find them, and what big lessons did you take away from them?

2) What advice do you have for people trying to find success in artistic fields like music or video production?

3) Are you still doing work in Haiti? Are there opportunities for us to help you in your side projects like that?

4) When LP was just getting big with Hybrid Theory and you used things like Instant Messenger to connect with your fans, did you ever use a screen name of SunggleFuzz something or was somebody just pretending to be you and trying to kill me?

m_shinoda66 karma

1- Rick Rubin is a genius. 2 - Do what you love 3 - My involvement in the recycling project had to come to an end, but I'm really pleased that the effort is still ongoing and there are a ton of people able to support their families because of the work of SRS 4 - vaguely, but I'm not sure. Thank you for dropping by (then and now)!

_Rogue_Shadow_33 karma

I'm a huge fan, Mike! You're a huge inspiration for many and an awesome guy. I absolutely love all of your work, and Linkin Park will always have a special place in my heart, as it was the band that got me into music. Anyway, enough of that - this is an AMA. Here's a few questions.

  • What are your all-time favorite songs (of yours - LP and FM - and of anyone's)?

  • What was your favorite album to make?

  • Is it easier to make a solo album like The Rising Tied (because you have to do everything yourself), or a LP Album (because everyone has to be happy with it)?

  • How has being part Japanese influenced your career?

  • Why do you think that there is such a stigma surrounding the band? It seems like every time I tell someone that I listen to LP, they instantly call it "screamo" and complain that all of the songs sound the same (which is hilariously false).

  • If you had to choose a color to represent each member of the band, what would they be?

  • What is the strangest thing anyone has ever asked you to sign?

  • Which song do you think is the hardest for you to perform?

  • What was your favorite concert ever to play?

  • Are there any new and upcoming bands that you would recomend listening to?

  • Who do you really look up to, as an artist and as a person?

  • What advice would you give to an aspiring musician?

Also, any hints on what the upcoming album will be like? ;D

m_shinoda182 karma

So many questions! I'm going to answer the "strangest thing to sign"--the answer is: a real live baby.

ITguitar51472 karma

Better than a dead baby..

m_shinoda282 karma

In the immortal words of 2 Chainz, "truuu"

dushybushy32 karma

Hey Mike! Great to have you doing this AMA.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. If I recall correctly, you mentioned in an earlier interview that you guys (Linkin Park) don’t really jam when coming up with new music. How, then, do you start conceptualizing a new album, especially considering that every record (aside from Meteora, arguably) has been a significant evolution from the previous one?

  2. A Thousand Suns was a drastic step away from Hybrid Theory, Meteora, and Minutes to Midnight, and was therefore received with both praise and criticism. Similarly, Living Things and The Hunting Party both had their individual themes, causing many listeners to separate the “old” LP from the “new”. After reading all the reviews and fan opinions, how do you guys react to it? Do you change the way you approach the next album? How do you manage a possibly divided fan base and attempt to unify it again?

Again, thanks a ton for this AMA. I’ve been a fan ever since I can remember, and love you guys because I can never predict how your music will change. I also hope you manage to make it to India some day!

m_shinoda130 karma

1 - I'm constantly writing--on my phone, laptop, in my studio. From hundreds of demos, a handful of songs stand out, and we flesh those out. They can start from anything--Lost In The Echo began with an iphone recording of a children's cat keyboard toy, which I put in iMaschine (an iPhone sampler app), then took to the studio. I might even sing something today, into my phone in the car, that becomes something.

2 - Can't please 'em all! It's not our job to unify the fans. It's our job to make the best music we can, improve our craft, stay inspired.

pacur30 karma

Hi Mike, Any plans of making another art show like Glorious Excess in the near future?

m_shinoda75 karma

Not to fear, good friend, I shall paint again. Some day.

NeverAugmented16 karma

Hi Mike! Big fan!! I'd like to ask a tech-related question about music: How do you think music production will change with the rise of online collaborative platforms like Soundtrap? Do you believe in 100% virtual bands?

Thanks for the AMA and thanks for reading my question (If you actually did. If you didn't, thanks anyway for having have read it, if you've seen it, assuming not seeing it would've been the only reasonable reason for not answering it).

m_shinoda41 karma

I'd LOVE to see a virtual band succeed. I'd also love to hear a 100% AI song.

rickovsin3 karma

Hey Mike, thanks for doing this!

Do you and Linkin Park plan on doing an European tour?

Also, the 360 music video for "Welcome" was awesome.

m_shinoda14 karma

European dates are up RIGHT NOW:

dianalp2 karma

I'm preparing a flag for the FM show in Berlin. Is there any chance that you will use it?

m_shinoda5 karma

Always a chance!