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Favorite scene from the show?

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Hey Mike, what music, new or old, have you been jamming to recently?

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Weirdest thing I've seen an employee do: I worked with this girl who was OBSESSED with Peter Pan. And either she didn't know that Peter Pan isn't real and was just an actor, or she didn't care. She would stalk the poor boys who played Peter Pan. She would come to the park EVERY day either before work or on her day off and wait in line to see him. Every. Day. I once saw her chasing one of those poor guys through the tunnels. She said she wanted to marry Peter Pan. Crazy. It got so bad she was actually put on a list of people to watch out for by the entertainment department. No idea how she wasn't fired for that kind of behavior. Weirdest thing I've seen a guest do:One night I was walking by Pirates of the Caribbean when I got a call on the radio asking for assistance in the bathroom nearby. I went on over and one my co workers was there and just told me that I "had to see this". There was man, a full grown man, crawling under all the stalls. Just going back and forth. I have no idea what he was doing or trying to do. We just stared and watch him do this for a good few minutes, until he finally stopped at one. Then we stayed in that stall for a good half hour. I am not making this up. When he came out, he just strolled on out. We checked the toilet and it was completely clogged up. Super disgusting. Maybe he was deciding which toilet would best be suited to contain his two ton megashit, but that doesn't explain why he felt the need to crawl along the nasty floor to get from stal to stall. To this day I have no idea what it was all about.

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Surprisingly, yes.

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Tinkerbell is on a wire during the fireworks.